In this way, after meeting Wang Yuyao and others, Liu Xuan found a solid elixir. Because of the dream simulation institute, the success rate of Liu Xuan’s refining fixed elixir is much higher than that of ordinary alchemist plus the yin and yang fruit in his hand. He has refined three furnaces of elixir, two furnaces of elixir and three in each furnace, a total of six solid elixirs. Otherwise, Wang Yuyao and Gale are both high-order gas condensate. I’m afraid he would have made them two advanced.

He will go back to Taiji Gate camp because he has four solid magic pills left in his hand, that is, four, even Liu Xuan. However, the first one can’t be guaranteed to be advanced there, and he swallowed the second one directly, but fortunately, he was lucky and didn’t even advance three like Ram Xueqing.
This is not true at all. Although tamarix chinensis lour Xuan and Ram Xueqing are both peaks of gas coagulation order, they are also peaks. Compared with Zhuhang, Li Zhi and Yang Yiteng, their repair is not enough. These three people are old-fashioned Tianjiao brothers. Five years ago, the peak repair of gas coagulation order was already carried out. If it weren’t for ten wars, they would have impacted the pulse order, and the only difference between them is this solid magic bullet.
Liu Xuan’s three solid magic pills created three teams to create a strong pulse, which saved Taiji Gate’s losing game, but they didn’t know that the external situation was much more tragic than they thought. Taiji Gate and the secret door had entered a white-hot stage, and all Xuanmen forces had paid attention to them and joined the war. On the contrary, the ten wars, which were called the first prosperity of Tianqin Xuanmen, lacked the attention of most people.
79, and war I.
If the Taiji Gate and the Tianji Gate merge in a big battle, choose the Taiji Gate Mountain Gate. If the Tianji Gate wins, this is the Tianji Gate, the new Shanmen Taiji Gate. All the power maps will be drawn to the Tianji Gate Map. If the Tianji Gate fails, it will be just the opposite. It will be fine if Taiji Gate needs to receive the power and clan property of the Tianji Gate.
Compared with Tai Chi Gate, the biggest weakness of a thousand-year-old secret door lies in the number of people in the top ten Xuanmen, and the number of a disciple is 10,000. There is absolutely no way to compare with the secret door. Just because the number of main personnel is far less than that of Tai Chi Gate does not mean that they are not opponents of Tai Chi Gate.
The top ten Xuanmen have sent their own teams to watch the battle. The opportunity like this is really rare for Tianqin Xuanmen. Fighting like this has also touched some people, whether it is for the gas coagulation stage or the pulse-changing stage, that is, Xuandan territory.
Gankun Cave, Ghost Valley and Taizong, the three clans closely related to Taiji Gate, have come from Duogankun Cave, and the name Xuandan Mountain Ghost Valley has also come. Although there are three Xuandan Mountain monks, the pulse order has come to more than a dozen. It can be seen that the importance attached to this joint war is not weaker than that of Gankun Cave and Ghost Valley.
Gankun Cave is both a war-watching and a war-facing. Because of Gankun Cave and its clan doors, neither side has engaged in any tricks such as sneak attack, but directly played the gongs and drums face to face, and they will play normally as soon as they arrive.
Tai Chi Gate is a standard monk versus formation, and the ground is a conation. There are ten teams, and each team is less than 500 people, just like fighting the Danes. Among these 500 people, there are some people who focus on defense, long-range and maneuvering, which is equivalent to shield soldiers, archers and cavalry among ordinary people.
In the sky, there is a gas condensation order. The gas condensation order is not as neat as the intentional order. After all, the gas condensation order can be used by the imperial sword, and the flight maneuverability far exceeds the intentional order. These gas condensation orders are gathered in twos and threes and also cooperate with each other. Generally, they are the main fighters.
The secret door is not. With the high-level gesture of the secret door, a robot soldier and a robot beast are placed at the Taiji Gate Mountain Gate. Almost every cat’s younger brother controls his own strength. At that time, Taiji Gate is crowded with people, but when you look closely, they are robots made of some iron wood.
Huangfuxing’s expression is quite dignified. In the Great Patriotic War, this battle became famous because it was an infant-level machine beast. The machine beast is not the same as a spiritual practice. I am afraid it will take hundreds of years from an ordinary person to an infant-level, but the machine beast is different. Since the cat door has the strength to manufacture the first machine beast, it is not impossible to allow the third and fourth machines.
However, it’s just resources that are needed for the secret door. In recent years, the secret door has been filled with big machines and beasts all over the world. Similarly, the secret door has collected a lot of money. If the resources allow the secret door to become a baby, I’m afraid it will far exceed the number of babies in Taiji door.
It’s even more so when you’re a baby. Others don’t know that in recent years, the top management of Taiji Gate can deal with the secret. The secret door Xuandan has twice as many machines and animals as the big monk of Taiji Gate Xuandan.
At noon, a melodious drum came from Taiji Gate Mountain, which means that it has already meant that Taiji Gate is a bit stiff. Since the secret door came out and fought, it is natural that they are sure that they will come from Taiji Gate Mountain with a shout of war drums.
"get ready!"
Hearing the roar of the mountain, some senior brothers in charge of commanding the battle have ordered that the master of the mountain can be seen through the layers of fog at this time, but he saw chariots driven to the mountain by him.
"No, it’s a siege gun!"
My brother, who practiced eye surgery, immediately saw what the secret chariot was. After those chariots, it turned out to be a siege cannon.
Looking around, there are so many chariots, and there are so many chariots.
You should know how powerful the siege cannon is. If it is attacked by siege artillery, it is absolutely not weaker than the gas condensation force. A blow is very comparable to the pulse-stepping attack.
"Bad can’t let them gun gas condensate order brother attack to stop the cat door gun"
I heard the high-rise Taiji Gate make my brothers take off one after another and fly towards the siege cannon of Shantianji Gate.
However, before they flew into the melee chariot, huge crossbows suddenly appeared, and a bowstring sounded. The younger brother of Taiji Gate immediately turned into a rain of blood. An uncle’s bolt came and hundreds of Taiji brothers were killed in the disorderly arrows, and they were all brothers of Taiji Gate.
This is a modern science and technology ancient cold soldier against Taiji Gate. Although it is snobbish, it didn’t play out at all. My brother who just attacked Qi Ning was immediately beaten back by the other side.
However, before the Tai Chi Gate can stabilize the array angle, a siege cannon exploded, and the whole Tai Chi Gate immediately turned into a sea of fire.
Because they live side by side in the Tai Chi Gate of the Great War, there is no guardian mountain array all over the mountain. Even if they are good at defending shield soldiers, they can’t bear the bombardment of siege artillery, which is equivalent to the power of gas condensation force.
As a result, the secret door spewed fire, and the Taichi gate immediately became a human hell. Although there were nearly ten thousand brothers in the mountains and plains, they could not withstand the siege fire attack.
"There is no problem with these people who control the giant guns."
Although the cat door fire disrupted the condition of Taiji door, the sneer at Erxian soon found out that something was wrong. Siege cannon, a heavy firepower weapon, was not much throughout Tianqin, not because it could not be built, but because it was not well controlled.
Generally speaking, it is good to have a dozen siege cannons in a ten thousand-man army. It takes more than a dozen ordinary people to control each siege cannon. This thing is not only heavy, but also extremely difficult to load. It often takes two or three people to complete a shell.
But the secret door is different. Look at the mountain siege cannon, and you can see that each siege cannon can be controlled by only three people, and it is also a chariot control, which means that there are only two people who actually control the siege cannon.
And live in World War II
"No, these people are not ordinary people, neither spiritual nor martial arts, and it seems that there are still some problems in their minds."
The top management of Taiji Gate soon found out that it was wrong. Only after paying a tragic price did they find that there were a lot of secret masters. These manipulative siege cannons and crossbows add up to five or six thousand people. Is this still a small clan gate outside the top ten Xuanmen? When did the secret door get so many people?
Seeing that Taiji’s younger brother was brutally murdered by the secret door, the top of Taiji’s door also changed his face. Even the always steady sneer at Erxian was impatient. The old man smiled at Huangfuhang. "Report to the owner that a large number of people have disappeared in Tianqin in recent two years because of Yanbei. Afterwards, it was verified that these things were related to the invasion of the northern army of the evil Hyderabad Shinto, but in the end the clues were broken. According to our verification, these missing people were catalyzed by some powerful drugs, which made them lack of spiritual catalysis. Although these catalytic people, However, there are some amazing strengths that can reach the strength of the martial arts. I think the ordinary people who control the siege cannon and the crossbow should also belong to the catalyst. It seems that these people should all be missing. The secret door is also involved in this matter. This time, the secret door dares to challenge me. Taiji door is to help them control the machine with the help of these ordinary people. Please ask the head to make a complaint to its top ten mysterious doors! "
Huangfuxing frowned and pondered for a long time. "This is an important matter. I can express my feelings to Gankun Cave in the future, but don’t expect too much. After all, it’s not because we find some special forces and personnel that we can cancel it. The most likely thing is that Gankun Cave agrees to investigate the secret door afterwards. At that time, let’s not think about these things in Taiji Gate. Tell Zongmendi that he will bravely move forward and kill the deserters!"
Huangfuhang’s order was quickly implemented and he fought back at Taiji Gate. Seeing that there was blood in Qianshan, there were some loneliness in his heart.
With the high-level command of Taiji Gate, many younger brothers who have deep feelings for Taiji Gate have been inspired. Some of them have poor spiritual strength. Seeing that ordinary attacks can’t produce big ones for siege cannons or destroying crossbows, they brazenly blew themselves up and exploded in the big secret door camp, which stopped the mechanical offensive of the secret door.
Seeing that the situation is slightly stable, the scar-faced old man waved his hand and moved the pulse steps on the mountainside of Taiji Gate. These pulse steps are the main strength of Taiji Gate. Compared with Xuandan’s pulse steps, it may not be enough to see, but the hundred-person pulse steps team is a force that dare not underestimate the pulse steps of Taiji Gate. When put together, there are more than 300 people, including the pulse steps of Taiji Gate, which are attached to the major families of Taiji Gate. The strength of the pulse steps of three hundred people is absolutely far beyond the damage caused by the thousand-name coagulation steps.
These pulse steps were immediately suppressed when they were attacked by the secret door. The strong ones in these pulse steps often went to a few siege cannons. In a short time, the siege cannons of the secret door had already been damaged. Nearly half of them saw the situation in front of the mountain gate stand firm and meet the peak of the day. The top of Taiji Gate felt a sigh of relief. If the pulse steps were dispatched and the secret door could not be suppressed again, then Taiji Gate might really be finished.
They breathed a sigh of relief here, but the secret door was not in a hurry. It seems that they really don’t care about the life and death of these catalytic people until these catalytic people disappeared and the secret door didn’t move again.
"This is the first wave of attacks …"
Taiji Gate just breathed a sigh of relief here, but a word from Huangfuhang changed everyone’s face.
Yes, this is the first wave of attack on the secret door, and it seems that the secret door has not even been dispatched by the real brother. Although the secret door has always been the mechanical owner, these catalytic people alone have consumed nearly one-third of the combat power of Taiji Gate, and the death toll alone has exceeded 1,000.
After waiting for more than half an hour, the drums rang again, and with the drums knocking on the earth, waves shook slightly, and huge black shadows slowly appeared from the horizon.
The main fighting force of the machine beast’s secret door has finally appeared. The so-called machine beast is a combination of mechanical puppet beasts. However, the puppet beasts are transformed from monster beasts, but the parts of the machine beast are all transformed from spiritual materials. Some of the main parts of the body of the machine beast are replaced by spiritual materials. The fighting power of the machine beast is not worse than that of the puppet beast, and the cost is cheap. However, the manufacturing process is too cumbersome and it is actually involved in several techniques such as runes, refining devices and array methods. Although the cost is low, it is not common spiritual practice.
There is a wide range of machine-beast refining, which requires not only refiners, runes, magic arrays and even a lot of manual assembly. Although it is not difficult to take these things out alone, it is quite difficult for a single spiritual practice to do it.