The woman held back her fear and stared at the sky before her.

Imperial heaven is to look at the female in her twenties and hold the proud hand tightly. This man is the proud lady, that is, the proud mother, and Demonbane is the peeping object.
Yutian smiled coldly and watched the Chiyou sword turn into mummified body after drinking all the blood. Demonbane said indifferently, "My sword is like this!"
Proud lady held back her fear in one leng. "This is a magic weapon, and it’s a peerless magic weapon."
In a word, the human-god sword has disappeared with a wave of his hand.
Chiyou sword disappears, and the vision of heaven and earth disappears.
Yutian steps forward and goes directly to the sword worship villa in front of him.
Proud lady one leng has emerged in the heart of panic against the sky, so proud lady dare not stop a Demonbane has scruples about a sky is even more reckless.
A shocking war disappeared and several people recovered their momentum for a change.
Several people feel that this battle, especially those who have the sword, seems to feel a change in one move and one type.
Blade master is one of them.
Blade master closed his eyes with a hint of excitement. "The sword prison has passed through a good sword prison, and the emperor has honored to kill the sword and gave birth to the world. This is a master sword haha …"
Blade master exultation bowed down in the distance is exclaimed "uncle as today …"
Blade master went straight into the cottage without saying anything, "Go back!"
Blade master walked into the cottage and realized that the sword was twenty-three. blade master felt that the people in the Imperial Sword Prison felt that there was still room for growth in their’ Holy Spirit Sword’.
Blade master closed his sword name, but here he is galloping.
The name is heavenly sword, understanding heavenly sword, and perceiving this world war I in the heart. "The emperor respects killing this man. It’s really a day. The wizard’s killing sword is powerful, but it’s hard to control it. It’s not good to directly enter the magic road. This man understands the emperor’s sword. It’s a pity that this man is still in danger, especially the peerless magic soldier."
Ming said driving a fast horse to worship the sword villa.
Baijian mountain villa
Proud lady’s heart is bumpy and she stares at the main throne.
Proud lady is under the control of Demonbane, and now Demonbane has been killed by the Imperial Heaven, but the Imperial Heaven has come to worship the sword villa.
Proud lady said that she would take a sip of green tea carefully. "Proud lady, rest assured that I am not Demonbane. I came to worship the sword villa just to cast weapons and slay Demonbane, which is also a reward."
In a word, the proud lady was surprised. "The public casting weapon is the best in the world!"
A proud lady said that the Imperial Heaven shook her head. "The casting technology of the Sword Worship Villa is also famous. In recent years, it has cast a peerless sword, and it is also called the first sword of the day. I am also admired for coming here."
At first glance, Mrs. Luo Ao has said that the Sword Worship Villa is casting a beautiful sword, and the beautiful sword is about to succeed. Now there are more people in the Imperial Heaven who have changed somewhat.
The Imperial Heaven shook his head. "There are some things that I still want to talk to the swordsmen. Please ask the proud lady to take me there."
Proud lady said that the purpose of Bai Yutian could not be stopped, so she smiled, "Please come."
Baijian Mountain Villa builds a sword-casting place by the mountain and then goes to the back hill.
Proud lady led one side with proud days.
The proud lady looked at the side of the Imperial Heaven and couldn’t help asking, "The public casting magic weapon worships the sword villa. It’s famous for casting magic weapons. Now a peerless sword is about to be born. You can come and win it!"
Said the proud lady, with a sense of expectation, knowing that this Jianghu is going to be in chaos. If there is no strong martial arts generation sitting in the Sword Worship Villa, how much can Demonbane deter the gangster and the like? Once Demonbane dies, the Sword Worship Villa will also be bullied.
In the original work, Demonbane died and a beautiful sword was taken away. It was death that directly destroyed the sword worship villa.
Now Mrs. Ao expects everything in her heart, and wants to give a beautiful sword to ask for help.
With magic weapons in his hand and more peerless swords, Imperial Heaven won’t have much to gain, and his son will still have a chance then.
Proud lady thinks about Imperial Heaven in this way, but she just nodded her head. "A peerless sword is a rare magic weapon."
A proud lady doesn’t know what Imperial Heaven means.
At this moment, a hot gas emerges from the Imperial Heaven and goes directly into the grottoes.
The grottoes are hot, but they are places for casting swords.
At the moment, an old man with a bridled eyebrow has a hint of surprise. "This man is armed with magic weapons."
A word with a surprise.
The swordsmen like to watch the magic weapon, and even more like to cast the magic weapon. Now the magic weapon comes to the swordsmen, so it’s natural to be happy …
Chapter 533 Casting swords
Sword worship villa is a casting family.
The Zhong family is a foundry family. The Zhong family has forged peerless swords for generations, and now the peerless swords are about to succeed.
The Zhong Mei Zhong Shi clan is also a peerless sword caster, and now Zhong Mei comes to meet him in person from the Imperial Heaven.
Imperial step to stare at the old Zhong Mei Zhong Mei suddenly a turbidity eyes send out sharp meaning.
"It’s like the Lord of Wan Jian surrounded by magic soldiers."
Zhong Mei has a natural eye, and a pair of eyes can see the sword.
Imperial heaven smiled and walked into Jianlu, even though it looked like a sword of light.
The dark giant sword is surrounded by chains, and the poor flame keeps burning. This sword is a peerless sword, and it is contained in the soul of peerless sword. This towering giant sword is the breeding ground of peerless sword and soul.
Even though there are several peerless swords erected, this is a sea of swords. Each handle of these swords is a sword. Once these swords are injected into the soul of the sword, they immediately become peerless swords.
Imperial day smiled and stared aside Zhong Mei "peerless good sword really deserves to be peerless good sword"
In a word, Zhong Mei shook her head and chuckled, "The peerless sword that you came here has not yet been born. If you come here, please wait a few years!"
Zhong Mei is a sword maker. The sword maker only casts weapons, and eventually he is made to find a master for the magic soldier. This is also the wish of the foundry.