Shuttle through one of the wagons, especially the gold-rimmed nanmu. There are tortoiseshell tassels on the top of the car, and golden flowers are carved on both walls. At first glance, you can tell that the people in the car are either rich or expensive.

But no one would have thought that sitting inside would be the queen of today.
Because there are many people in the street, the carriage goes very slowly
Night away some impatient.
"Do you think the neon spirit will have been born?"
"Nothing will happen, will it?"
"Zhang Shuo himself is a doctor too much. It should be fine to deliver the baby for Neon Ling himself."
Leaning in Feng Ying’s arms at night, she was surprised and talking to herself.
Feng Ying Mo Yuan held her in one hand and one in the other.
I couldn’t help laughing when I saw her like this.
"Why are you more nervous than when you were born in Nuo Nuo?"
"How can you not be nervous? How can I not be nervous because it has been so difficult for Ni Ling to have this child with Zhang Shuo for so many years because of the sequelae of Xiao Nvmu’s physical injury? "
"That’s Zhang Shuo’s sin. He’s the one who should be nervous."
Night away from hearing this, I was unhappy. "But I am a sister of neon spirit, and I am a neon spirit and not Zhang Shuo."
Feng Ying Mo smiled at her indifferently. "But no matter how nervous you are, it won’t help her."
After that, he shook his head with exaggeration and sighed, "Hey, is it true that once you become a mother, you will become a grandmother? Where did the calm night shop owner go?"
Night away with eyes Chen to him, "that’s your fault, too. I can’t be a mother if I want to. It’s all you."
"Yes, yes, yes, it’s all my fault." Feng Ying Mo smiled in a low voice and suddenly smirked close to "Nuo Nuo is five years old and it’s time for us to add a brother and sister to him."
As he spoke, he blew vaguely in her ear, leaving her neck stiff at night.
She has been using contraception for several years since she gave birth to Nuo Nuo.
Of course, this is her decision after consulting with Feng Ying Mo.
Because I want to open the age gap between Nuo Nuo and the second child
The reason is that I’ve watched too many throne fights and brothers and sisters, and I don’t want this to happen to their children.
Although this method can’t be completely eliminated, it certainly exists to some extent.
Little Nuo Nuo is an adult, and the second child is underage.
She and Feng Ying Mo thought it over that Nuo Nuo would be conferred as soon as he reached adulthood. At this time, other younger brothers and sisters were still children.
So there is less possibility of coveting.
There is tenderness and satiny. When the centrifugal tip comes from the ear bead at night, it shakes back and sees the phoenix shadow ink. Actually, it has already put its hand in it and rolled its lips and teeth to rub against her ear.
"Phoenix shadow ink in broad daylight?" The night is slightly breathing.
"What are you afraid of!"
Big hands took her face and wanted to kiss her on the lips and go outside. Chang’ an said, "The Empress Zhang Fu has arrived"-
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Mo Xuan Nuo went out of the palace in a vegetable delivery car.
After leaving the palace, he suddenly emerged from the food basket and scared the old man to death.
He asked the old man to send him to Zhangfu. How dare the old man be rich?
The old man has been delivering food to the palace, and he naturally knows the famous emperor, but it is the pride of the two emperors, and although this little guy is young, it is not easy to provoke a risk-averse.
To be on the safe side, he will go back where he took it out. The old man insisted on sending him back to the palace again.
Mo Xuan Nuo has never seen such a pedantic and inflexible person.
How can he go back so easily when he finally gets out?
So the springboard car ran away.
He trotted so fast that the stalls on the roadside disappeared for a moment.
The old man was so anxious there that he jumped straight up.
After all, the child is too young to be afraid of any accident outside the palace. Then he will have ten heads that are not enough to cut off. After thinking about it, the old man decided it would be safer to go back to the palace and leave.
This compartment devoted to Xuan Nuo hid in a cloth stall and guessed that the old man should go before he crawled out.
The old man really disappeared, but he regretted it.
Zhang Fu, who has been with his mother several times, naturally knows where it is, but it’s not a little bit far to walk to Zhang Fu from where he is now, and I don’t know when it will arrive.
Just now, I should have let that person send it.
The little head is trying to think about what to do, and he sees a very luxurious carriage coming this way in the distance.
A dark and liquid eyes turned his mind.
He wiped a handful of dust on his face and silently estimated the distance. When the carriage was not far away, he suddenly rushed to the middle of the road and stopped in front.
When the driver saw a child suddenly running out, his face changed with fear and he pulled the reins urgently.
The carriage stopped just a few feet away from Mo Xuannuo.
"Which children don’t look at the road? Get out of the way! " The driver tapering throat nu way
Devoted to Xuan Nuo is "wow" a big cry.
As soon as the coachman saw passers-by stop to watch him, he was even more angry. "It’s far from you and I didn’t bump into you. Why are you crying?"
Then a slightly heavy man came out of the car.
"What happened in Huo An?"
"Back to the ye a kid himself suddenly rushed to the middle of the road …"
"But hurt?"
"No, I probably cried."
The conversation between the master and the servant made Mo Xuannuo cry even more fiercely in his ears. Not only that, he also cried while holding the car curtain in his small hand before running, and begged the driver pitifully, "Uncle, save me!"
Huo An one leng, which is this singing?
Palpitation carriage door curtain was lifted from the inside by a white slender hand.
Abundant god jade man sitting in the car.
"What’s the matter?"
Devoted to Xuan Nuo upturned face looked at it and struggled to move the chubby little body to climb up.
Huo An was in a hurry. "Hey, hey, what are you going to do?"
The little guy ignored him, but held out his dirty little hand and caught the man’s skirt, eyes, eyes, red nose. "They’re going to sell my uncle and save me …"