"Elder brother, aren’t you going back to gian? Why are you still here? " Cheng Yuyang nothing good face asked.

"It’s me pestering my brother in Dongyang! I want to come to Xiuwen’s brother’s birthday party, but my mother won’t let me act alone unless Dongyang’s brother comes with me. "Si Tong was embarrassed to explain.
"Yuanyuan University, when the ancient professor said a word, how do you put it? Everything about my brother can’t affect other jobs. I didn’t expect to accompany the beautiful woman even to work," Cheng Yuyang said with a slightly sharp voice.
Silk tong leng a she is again silly also recognized Cheng Yuyang HuaLiYouHua.
"What are you talking about?" His eyes swept to the dance floor, Meng Yudong and Zhan Longhai talked intimately, and his mood was even worse.
"What am I talking nonsense about?" Cheng Yuyang looked at the silk tung looked at this koo expression for chapter 119 is not qualified.
"Your jokes are too serious. You see Tong Tong is scared by you." Song Yuanyuan grabbed Yu Yu and said, "Tong Tong, are you kidding your sister?"
"Let’s stop here and go in!" Jiang Xiuwen see atmosphere wrong horse said
Cheng Dongyang hugged Sitong’s waist and went in. Sitong didn’t say anything to Cheng Dongyang. "Brother Dongyang, I want to dance. Let’s go dancing!"
Cheng Dongyang spoiled her with a smile. "Let’s go dancing."
When he slipped into the dance floor with his arm around Si Tong, it happened that a new song ended. Meng Yudong was very tired when he came to dance with Yuanyuan and them. After dancing, he took a rest.
"Are you hungry? Let me get you something to eat! " Zhan Longhai asked very carefully.
Meng Yudong also not hungry nodded his head.
In a short time, Song Yuanyuan and Cheng Liuyu Yang also came to Song Yuanyuan to look for self-help. Zhan Longhai laughed. "Brother Aaron was quite careful. Why didn’t you find it before?"
"It’s not the case that men catch up with women like this." Cheng Yuyang looked at Meng Yudong’s reaction brother and came out with such a woman. She didn’t respond. "Dongdong, aren’t you angry? My brother is scared to think about it. What does my brother do?
"What qualifications do I have? Yu Yu, your brother and I don’t know at the moment. It’s a little late today and I have to work. I want to go back. "
"Eat something first!" Song Yuanyuan grabbed her. "You don’t need to be afraid of others in winter and winter. We are guests of Brother Arvino, regardless of others."
"Just watch Brother Lung bring you something to eat." Cheng Yuyang also held her down. She looked at her brother on the dance floor. The silk tong looked at how the underage brother got his hand!
"Brother Aaron, you won’t just take Dongdong alone, will you?" Song Yuanyuan came to ZhanLonghai laughed.
"Of course not. You know that I took three sets of tableware. You will eat first and then I will go to the endpoint." Zhan Longhai saw that they were together. It is good to chase Meng Yudong and win over Song Yuanyuan and Cheng Yuyang.
"That’s more like it." Cheng Yuyang divided the tableware for them. "How about eating first and then renewing the stall?"
"Come to my place. I live alone now," Song Yuanyuan said. "We can buy something to eat and be as crazy as we want."
"Dongdong, you must agree. Don’t forget that you still have a lot of things to tell us." Cheng Yuyang said before she could answer Qiangbai.
Dongdong smiled and agreed.
Three people talked and laughed and ate, and then Zhan Longhai joined in.
"Brother Lung, I asked you if you like winter and winter." Cheng Yuyang asked him directly when he sat down.
When asked, Meng Yudong blushed and said, "Yu Yu, stop joking."
Cheng Yuyang think Zhan Longhai is not much better than her brother. I don’t know how many women are not suitable for winter and winter.
"I’m going to wash my hands." Meng Yudong got up and said, feeling this strange atmosphere.
Do you know where to wash your hands? Zhanlonghai worried that she was strange here and asked.
"Aaron, maybe you have to wash your hands with Dongdong!" Cheng Yuyang hostile said
Meng Yudong really hurried away when he heard this.
When it’s time to wash her hands and look at herself in the mirror, she seldom wears makeup, let alone dresses like this. At this time, she feels a little strange in the mirror.
She washed her face and let herself look refreshed. I still can’t get rid of Cheng Dongyang and the girl together. That girl should be the Tong Tong in his words!
Such a beautiful girl is young, bright and moving.
She said to herself, don’t think that she is just a mistress from his wallet. She is not qualified to care who he came out of washing her hands with. She took her wrist by the other hand without taking a few steps.
"Come with me" Cheng Dongyang black face pulled her to the side lounge.
She consciously wants to open it and refuses to cooperate with "I’m going in"
"Meng Yudong, don’t challenge my patience." Cheng Dongyang said with one hand, and put her in her arms and looked at her beautiful little face. He suppressed the fire and burned more.
She has to compromise. Someone will come here at any time. She doesn’t want to be caught in such an embarrassing situation.
Cheng Dongyang took her to the lounge, locked the door and pressed the door panel. "I asked you how did you come?"
Somehow, she felt a little guilty and decided to answer honestly, "Aaron said to ask me to do him a favor and be his date."
"Aaron!" Cheng Dongyang is almost grind out this two word "when did you get so close to him Meng Yudong didn’t I warn you? I told you to stay away from him! "
Meng Yudong thought that he was so close and hugged another woman, and the two of them just danced with each other so tacitly. Her heart also said angrily, "Aaron saved me that night. He asked me to do him a favor and I couldn’t refuse."
"You can’t refuse to dress like this and let the whole world know that you are his girlfriend, can you?" Cheng Dongyang a listen to angry.
"This is just a misunderstanding. Aaron and I are ordinary friends." Meng Yudong didn’t want to talk to him again. "I have to go. Yuanyuan and Yuyu are waiting for me."
"Why didn’t you say Zhan Longhai was waiting for you?" Cheng Dongyang was so angry with her that he did not allow her to move according to her hand. "Meng Yudong, I repeat, you are not allowed to tell Zhan Longhai, do you hear me? I’ll call the driver to come and get your horse back. "
"I’m going to sleep at Yuanyuan’s tonight." Although she is so oppressed by him, she is in an absolute weakness, but Meng Yudong’s expression is still light and not afraid of his anger.
"Have you made up with Yu Yu?" He didn’t miss the three of them performing on stage, and she laughed at her songs, which made him move at this moment.
"Mayor cheng, would you please let me go? I think your partner will be looking for you everywhere if you disappear for so long. "Meng Yudong didn’t answer and wanted to earn him a bundle of chapter 1 lounge humiliation.