Lian Yan Jing Mo, he knew that the emperor said it was something. Lian Yan Hong ascended the throne for so many years, and the issue of inheritance has always been something for a willing heart. Now the imperial concubine has at least given birth to a big emperor.

But it can also suspend the situation. Once something happens, it is still the emperor’s short board.
Lotus Yan Hong looked at Dong Ling, who was stupefied. "I don’t want anything in my face today. Please show me if it is destiny takes a hand or someone is secretly bad …"
It’s not that the emperor hasn’t checked any clues about this matter.
"I know you’re worried about things like rest assured. I will naturally give you enough benefits to avoid others. Not everyone can ask you to treat you then." Lotus Yan Hong added a chip.
Indeed, what Dong Yuling is most worried about is that she, a civilian with a little power, can order her to see a doctor, seek physical support and have children, so will she refuse?
A child in a big family is a woman. If all the chips are raised by her, it will not be a tragedy!
Since the emperor promised so much, Dong Yuling would no longer refuse to raise his hand and build the emperor’s wrist.
Although it is no good to know much about this royal secret, she is already riding a tiger.
Besides, Dong Hong-ling’s view of the emperor is not like that of history, so he slightly worried about himself.
If she really wants to save her family’s life, she can still do it, even if the other party is an emperor.
This time, Dong Yuling took the pulse for a long time and scanned the emperor several times, and finally let go of frowning and meditation.
See dong ling such emperor and lotus Yan jiing didn’t presume to disturb is slightly worried glances quietly waiting for the verdict.
"What did the imperial doctors say?" Dong ling slightly puzzled mouth asked
"All the doctors say that I am in good health." Lianyan Hongnai Institute can’t find the cause and root of the disease.
Is it difficult to say that you are not sick? It seems that the Lian family didn’t have such a legacy. For example, when the first emperor Lian Yanhong ascended the throne, ten emperors and seven princesses were still alive!
Since all the doctors say that Lian Yan-hong is healthy, is it a woman who has a problem?
If it is modern monogamy, it must be this and that.
But the palace doesn’t make sense. One or two women have problems. Maybe all women in the harem have problems?
No wonder Lian Yan-hong will wonder if there is anyone behind this …
After understanding these things, Dong Yuling was even more puzzled because she diagnosed that the emperor was in good health as the doctors, and he was healthier than ordinary people after practicing martial arts.
However, Dong Yuling knows that the problem may really show the activity of the emperor’s tadpoles, but she can’t know how this is caused by taking the pulse. After all, she doesn’t know much about the emperor
"How is your brother’s health?" See Dong Ling don’t talk Lian Yan Jing can’t help but ask.
In fact, he is more worried about his body than Lian Yuhong.
"The physician is right. The emperor’s health is fine." Dong Yuling said frankly.
Lotus Yan Jiing frowned and glanced at her disappointed brother. "That …"
"Is it really destiny takes a hand?" The emperor’s voice was empty and his expression was sad.
"Since there is no reason for the body, there are many situations that cause this phenomenon." It is really difficult for Dong Yuling to explain to the two big men what the concept of activity and inactivity can be the simplest solution in words. "I hope I can pulse his imperial concubine once if I can."
Seeing that the emperor was somewhat listless, Dong Hong said a key, "In addition, my daughter hopes to observe the emperor’s basic necessities for a while, which means that she has some habits with the emperor on weekdays."
"Your brother has been very disciplined since childhood and has no bad habits!" Lotus Yan jiing said some don’t want to.
Dong Yuling is going to observe the emperor’s food, clothing, housing and transportation, so he can’t be close to his body. The palace can be so close to the emperor, except the maid-in-waiting or the princess-in-waiting. I feel sad to think about it.
There are still some lost emperors who are amused by his brother’s reaction. Although it is not obvious to ordinary people, they grew up together. Can you not know these subtle mood changes?
"You mean there’s still salvation?" When the emperor saw that Dong Yuling didn’t tell the story to death like his healer did, he didn’t falter and couldn’t tell clearly how much his heart was, and he still hoped that Chapter 15 Chapter 15 Chapter 150 hadn’t eaten it, okay?
Dong Fengling nodded. "I think it’s that a little emperor can still make the imperial concubine empress have a big emperor. That representative won’t be unable to observe for a while and maybe find out the reason."
Moreover, in recent years, besides Yu Guifei, there are also palace princesses who are pregnant, but they have not been able to keep them.
That proves that the emperor didn’t die completely, but his activity was too low to be pregnant.
Even the key training of the harem beauty emperor casting a wide net can be seen.
So when the carriage stopped at the entrance of Wangfu, the emperor got the letter from Dong Wei, and somehow relaxed his mood, and anyway, he didn’t expect to be disappointed so much, so he wouldn’t be too hard.
Moreover, the emperor expressed great interest in the rare reaction to the world, and he was still in the mood to ridicule.
"You usually don’t give your back to others, so this girl can help you push the wheelchair?" The emperor raised his eyebrows and smiled thoughtfully.