"Ray?" Ji Dong’s eyes suddenly contracted. What does a ray represent? If it’s not a thunderbolt, then he can only make such a sound in his memory. It’s also a top-level killing skill, and the sound generated by the release is even more than the top-level killing skill. How can a senior brother do this if he doesn’t meet a strong opponent?

"Is a brother met a nemesis.
Let’s hurry. "At this time, Ji Dong has been unable to take care of many blue Bao Er’s hands and body instantaneous acceleration. With Teng snake becoming super flexible, the body releases explosive force like arrows and rushes into the first floor of the sacred island.
Blue Bao Er can clearly feel that Ji Dong is anxious at the moment, and there is not much to ask. Quickly gather magic to reduce Ji Dong’s burden as much as possible. It is a pity in her heart that Ji Dong was injured and had a metallic texture, but it was not half a point. It really felt like the sun, the moon, the double glow gloves and the monarch, the demon and the yin and yang armored armguards wrapped his own palm.
In a flash, the two men have reached the opposite mountain. Ji Dong paused a little and directly chose to climb the mountain. The mountain peak here is so high and the fighting there is so fierce. From the top of the mountain, it should be easier to determine the position of Frey and get there at the best. With the ultimate double fire and his own five-line array, Ji Dong is confident that he can help Frey.
Ji Dong Basket Bao Er’s two figures are just like a star pill jumping on that mountain, which is two kilometers long and shouting. For ordinary people, it will take several hours to climb it, but for magicians like Ji Dong and Lan Bao Er, they have gone beyond the mountainside to the clouds for a quarter of an hour, but at this time, they suddenly changed.
The whole mountain suddenly shuddered for a while, followed by a rumbling noise. Ji Dong and Lan Bao Er watched it not far from the top of their heads until the white at the top of the mountain suddenly shook, and tens of millions of tons of ice and snow crashed.
"Bad avalanche" The previous storm was too loud to shake the snow and ice roots of this mountain. It didn’t collapse until now. The dog’s natural force was exhausted. Bao Er couldn’t help but be shocked to see the snow and ice falling from the sky
Ji Dong’s reaction was faster than a fierce pull, and Bao Er put her in his arms and Suzaku became instantly released. At the same time, his body generate flapped into the sky with a strong golden red flame, and he suddenly rushed to this time when the avalanche was not finished. He did not want to hide his body.
From a distance, at this time, Ji Dong is like a big bird with wings soaring, spreading its wings like a rosefinch arrival, soaring into the sky with a golden red flame. At that distance, when the ice and snow came into contact with the extreme hot magic of Yang fire recently, it suddenly melted and directly transformed into withering steam. Before more ice and snow fell, the two men had already appeared behind Ji Dong, but at this time, the inscription had been replaced by Yang fire flying array.
Ji Dong’s arms are somewhat overbearing and make blue Bao Er uncomfortable and hot, but at this moment, it is such a hug that makes her full of security. Listening to the rumbling noise of her feet, blue Bao Er feels that her heart is trembling. If she is herself, she may have died in this ice and snow. Even the water demon master can’t stand such a terrible ice and snow arrival.
Ji Dong naturally don’t know what’s going on in Blue Bao Er’s mind at this time. His wings flap like a flaming meteor, pointing directly at the top of the mountain. Yang Huo’s soaring array increases. His flying speed is not inferior to that of flying class. The blink of an eye husband of Warcraft has reached the top of the mountain.
Until now, the avalanche power has been fully displayed, and it can be clearly seen that the mountain call has become a world of ice and snow. A large number of ice fog rises and rumbles, and the amazing power is endless.
Ji firmly landed on the top of the mountain with a broken ice. She looked at Blue Bao Er’s face in a loose embrace and whispered, "It’s okay." Blue Bao Er quickly nodded her delicate and charming sample and the panic in her purple eyes made people fall in love. She took a look at her slightly messy silver hair and whispered, "You saved me again."
Ji Dong shook his head and looked into the distance. At this time, he didn’t pay too much attention to the safety of Brother Lan Bao Er, which is the most important thing.
At this moment, there was another violent thunder and a huge noise. You can see from the high mountain where you are at this time that a blue-purple Lei Guang rose from the sky outside their three peaks, and the dark clouds in the middle of the school also lit up and flashed, as if Wan Lei’s prison rescue community had been bowed.
"Brother, we should hurry over there." Ji Dong pointed to the direction where Lei Guang appeared and was about to fly with blue Bao Er again when he was held by blue Bao Er.
"Ji Dong, you wait a moment. What do you think that is? … as he spoke, Blue Bao Er pointed sideways.
Ji Dong paused and looked in the direction of her finger. It was seven meters away from them. The solid ice on the top of the mountain seemed to have a person, a frozen ice middleman
The two people’s glances will be frozen. It’s obviously already a dead person here. It’s only exposed after the avalanche. I’m afraid I don’t know how long it’s been frozen here.
Ji Dong’s figure flashed before he came to the ice. He was surprised to find that the frozen ice turned out to be a woman wearing a dazzling golden body armor, and even her face was covered. Only a blonde hair flew in the air, and her right hand was raised in the frozen ice, but she couldn’t see the palm of her hand. There was a two-meter-long golden sword pointing forward, which seemed to be attacking.
This woman is slender and her height is even more than one meter, which is a little higher than that of Ji Dong now. Although she can’t see her appearance, there is no doubt that she is an outstanding female warrior. She should be Yin Jin, that is, Xin Jin Magic Division II. "What a beautiful armor!" Blue Bao Er can’t help but admire that gold, silver and jewelry are always the most attractive things for women, with few exceptions.
The armor of the female warrior in this frozen body is indeed dazzling. Although it is frozen, it still shines brightly. There are arc lines on the surface, showing dark golden golden body. Plus the flying blonde hair gives people a very strong sense of oppression.
Blue Bao Er said, "She’s poor. I don’t know how long she’s been frozen here."
Ji Dong said, "If you like this suit of armor, I will melt it out and give it to you."
Blue Bao Er quickly shook his head and said, "No, she’s Xin Jin and I don’t have the property."
Now that she has been buried here, don’t disturb her. "
Ji Dong smiled and said, "The avalanche has exposed her ice and snow. If we don’t make moves for someone else, I’m afraid we will directly smash her out of the ice. I’m afraid it will be even more miserable. Anyway, she is also a powerful magic teacher. Although we don’t covet anything, we will melt her out and wait until she is buried outside."
Blue Bao Er nodded. "That would be great. I really want to see what she looks like."
Ji Dong smiled slightly. "It’s easy for you to hide a little." It seems to him that melting the ice together is just a matter of lifting your hand and sticking it on the ice with your left hand. The Yin and Yang Corona transforms into a black Yin Corona, and the extreme Yin fire quietly puts a thick black flame on the floor and quickly covers the ice.