Mo Yan clung to her lips to prevent herself from crying. She really had a bad time these days, but the road was to choose a day by herself, no matter how difficult it was, she had to grit her teeth and stick to it. She also wanted to go back to the past and spend a worrying day with Mo Yu, but she couldn’t go back. She couldn’t go back.

Just let her bear her grief! She doesn’t want Mo Yu to feel sad again! Therefore, she would rather be indifferent and hurt Mo Yu once and for all. She would rather let Mo Yu recognize that she is such a cold lover than let Mo Yu know her current situation and then worry about her day and night.
Mo Yu followed Shen Menglu and had a good day. That’s enough. Mo Yan is relieved to know that Mo Yu has a good life.
Mo Yan shed tears in the wing, and Mo Yu outside the wing was also in tears. She knew Mo Yan as if she knew herself. Mo Yan pretended to be strong and indifferent, and it made Mo Yu’s heart ache even more …
When Shen Menglu arrived at Anzhai, the night was already deep.
"Miss, you are here." Mo Yu has calmed down and saw Shen Menglu meet him excitedly.
Shen Menglu frowned when he saw Mo Yu outside the wing. "Where’s Mo Yan?"
"Inside" Mo language pointed to the wing.
"Like a Mo language, you should keep the door palace and talk to Mo Yan alone." Shen Menglu cast a deep glance at Mo language and then stepped into the wing. If she didn’t guess wrong, the former sisters must have left their hearts.
"Mo Yan has seen Mu Fei Niangniang!" As soon as Shen Menglu stepped into the wing, Mo Yan was greeted by her to inquire after her.
"Get up and let you wait!" Shen Menglu chair sit see mo yan so active it seems that she is also very anxious to see her "you also sit down! I asked you to come here today. You should be white, right? "
"It’s the maiden’s handmaiden!" Mo Yan humbly replied to the chair but did not sit down.
"Then tell the palace what happened to Taidian Taifei?" Mo Yan didn’t sit Shen Menglu and didn’t force her to meet the mountain and ask her questions.
"Before the empress handmaiden answered, the handmaiden had an unkind invitation," Mo Yan said and knelt down at Shen Menglu.
"Go ahead!" There is no lunch, and Shen Menglu is waiting for Mo Yan’s request.
"The handmaiden implores the empress to save the temple!" Mo Yan is almost humble with his head down.
"Mo Yan, you can ask Taiwai from the palace" to save Zhu Yinqi, even if Mo Yan doesn’t say Shen Menglu, he will do it.
"Empress wants nothing but the safety of the temple." Mo Yan smiled bitterly. No one understood the meaning of Zhu Yinqi to her. Zhu Yinqi in her heart was her god and her department.
"Mo Yan, if you plead with the Palace, you won’t say any more. Since the Palace intervenes in the Temple, it will help him." Mo Yan is infatuated with Zhu Yinqi and Shen Menglu. "You can tell the Palace what you know so that the Palace can come up with corresponding strategies to help the Temple."
"It’s empress! Thank you, empress! Handmaiden believe empress is narain people will say it "get Shen Menglu affirmative reply mo yan secretly relieved.
Shen Menglu frowned at Mo Yan’s remarks, but Mo Yan gave her a hat that seemed a little big, but Shen Menglu didn’t question it and waited for Mo Yan to speak.
"Empress actually injured Toffee, not the temple, but the handmaiden." The first sentence Mo Yan said surprised Shen Menglu.
"Mo Yan can eat indiscriminately, but he can’t talk nonsense. The palace knows that you are too affectionate, but no matter how you want to maintain it, you shouldn’t tell such a lie. You should know that you can’t afford the consequences." Shen Menglu looked cold, so Mo Yan’s accountability was not credible.
"Empress handmaiden didn’t lie, handmaiden said it was true." Mo Yan’s eyes were lonely and bitter, and all kinds of things happened in Taidong Palace last night were carefully explained.
Before going to bed, Zhu Yinqi, as always, ate the mysterious grass and hired Mo Yan to serve as a bedroom. Mo Yan just waited on Zhu Yinqi to lie down, and Wei Chengou came. Last night, it was particularly strange that Zhu Yinqi turned her away and said that she had disappeared, but she broke in despite the imperial secretary’s stop.
"Did the palace say that you can’t understand people?" The good thing was interrupted. Zhu Yinqi’s face was very ugly, and his attitude towards the captain was also very bad.
"The temple male and female servants have something to say to you." There is a trace of depression, panic and pallor in the face of Wei Da.
"Have something to say at this time? Don’t you see that the palace is inconvenient now? " Zhu Yinqi leans to expose bare Mo Yan to Zhu Yinqi.
"It’s very important for the male and female servants in the temple to speak … please … please give the male and female servants a little." Seeing that Zhu Yinqi was overwhelmed by Mo Yan, her heart was almost broken. She really understood what Zhu Yinqi would rather have an identity than even a maid-in-waiting woman, but refused to have her as a justified toffee.
"You want to listen to you in the palace, but the palace now gives you two choices. Get out and wait outside the temple. When the palace announces you, you can come in and say that you have taken off your clothes. You can say that while serving the palace." Zhu Yinqi looked at the palace, and his eyes were red and despised.
"Temple, if you want male and female servants to serve you, you can let her go!" Wei Lao is really fed up with Zhu Yinqi’s humiliation to himself. Today, if she had something urgent to tell Zhu Yinqi, she wouldn’t run to him again and humiliate herself.
Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu were extremely humiliated by Zhu Yinqi on the day before their wedding. It is clear to me that Zhu Yinqi was naive enough to tolerate and cooperate in exchange for Zhu Yinqi’s pity and attachment, but she was wrong. During that period, Zhu Yinqi was completely ridiculed and indifferent, and Zhu Yinqi’s self-abuse and indulgence also made him feel sorry for himself.
"Will reinvent the wheel! It’s not that you haven’t waited on me with her. You two will enjoy the palace together. "Zhu Yinqi pulled the corners of his mouth with a smile.
"The temple male and female servants today really have something to say to the temple temple you have to do this? Are the servants and concubines really so worthless in the eyes of the temple? " There were tears in Wei’s eyes. Zhu Yinqi’s humiliation embarrassed her and made her feel painful.
"How valuable do you think you are? Go back to your prime minister’s house with grievances! " Zhu Yinqi’s interest has been interrupted by the captain. He rolled over and sat up, and then ruthlessly ordered Mo Yan to "serve the toffee empress take off your coat."
Mo Yan was stupefied, then got up meekly, walked beside Wei Yi and said in a low voice, "The empress has sinned!" He said, he will begin to untie the clothes of the captain.
"unbridled! How dare you! " Wei Wei drank angrily and waved Mo Yan’s hand. "Is the humble maid’s palace untouchable like you!"
You’re a dirty bitch? ! A flash of pain flashed through Mo Yan’s eyes, and she hung her head and said how noble she was. At the beginning, she did things to please Zhu Yinqi a thousand times more than she did.
"Empress, should you touch the handmaiden or not?" Mo Yan’s low-spirited counterattack made his face suddenly change.
"bitch!" Angry from embarrassment, the captain raised his hand and slapped Mo Yan’s face hard.
Mo Yan was hit wide in the head. She buried her face in stupefaction and didn’t cry or cry. Today, the momentum was very different. This made Mo Yan very surprised to change to the captain. Even if she refused to accept Zhu Yinqi’s malicious humiliation, she would leave at best. She never showed her arrogance in front of Zhu Yinqi. Today, the captain is very abnormal.
"Wei Wei, did you come to the palace to run wild today?" The crisp slap made Zhu Yinqi’s face sink. Before he walked three or two steps, he held Wei Chengba without mercy. "What’s the matter? You don’t even care about the palace with the support of the Prime Minister’s Office, do you? Even the palace women dare to fight! "