"Pa" A Luo Baguio suddenly earned a slap in Jingxiang’s arms and slammed her face. "Nothing would be so ridiculed by Tianyue if it weren’t for your princess?"

"Princess forgives princess forgives!" Shizuka felt a tingle in her heart, and her heart beat like a drum.
Luo Baguio, who is in the mood to pay attention to Shizuka, remembers that she was humiliated just now, and she couldn’t wait to drink Jun Yan’s blood and beat him! What is wrong with her, Princess Nangan, that he should be so disgusted with her! As everyone knows, she never thought of marrying Jun Yan, but it was altruistic to achieve her goal. As a result, marrying Xuanyuan Tianyue was unsuccessful, and she finally chose to marry Jun Yan as a last resort. Unfortunately, she became angry from embarrassment when Jun Yan refused to buy her account.
"You said that I, Luo Baguio, vowed not to report this revenge!" Luo Baguio looked at Haoyuelou in hatred, and the snowy figure had already passed several times in my mind.
Shizuka knelt down and didn’t dare to give a thought, but she thought that the more the day was, the more she helped Jun Yan. Is the princess going to let him go? But she dare not say it now.
I didn’t expect this to be too bad. Just now, there was quite an atmosphere in which they fought against the enemy together.
Chapter 64 Vast Mountain Covenant
On the second floor of Haoyue Building, a "man" in a snowsuit stands on the railing. His face is slightly dignified with one hand. If the stars are deep as the sea, it seems to be thinking about something.
I don’t know how long it took before a black figure approached and looked at the thin figure in front. A complex color passed through his dark eyes.
"It’s getting late, don’t rest!" The light sound suddenly came, and the snow-colored robe made a slight movement.’ He’ suddenly turned around and looked at the black brocade robe man behind him. He could not see the emotional change because she had already hidden it in her pupils.
Feng Jiuyou’s footsteps were slightly indifferent and said, "Didn’t you have a rest?"
"I just can’t sleep, maybe I’m not used to sleeping here for a while, but you don’t have to do your duty like this, and nothing will happen to me this big night. You should rest early," said shallow indifferently.
Not used to sleeping on the couch here? Feng Jiuyou looked at the beautiful face in front of him, which was the most beautiful face he had ever seen and the most camouflage face. From this face, she never saw any unnecessary emotions. She expressed her thoughts over and over again like a puppet without feelings.
But her words betrayed her. In the early years, they traveled all the way to the north and south to fight for the country. Most of the time, even in the cold winter, it was no exception. At that time, she never said that she was not used to it. She was never a coquettish person. Among them, she had the highest martial arts but the most injuries.
She has something on her mind-
She is more silent than before when she comes back from Yueguo. Sometimes he can see her alone in a daze. Her mood seems to be a little more than before. It should be said that she has never been so absent-minded. Is that person really so important?
"I just can’t sleep and walk around, but the full moon is coming again. Will it be okay this time?" Feng Jiu-you suddenly gathered his eyebrows, and a trace of worry passed under his eyes. Staying in a place like this on a full moon is easy to expose his identity, and things beyond their control may happen if he is not careful.
The shallow corners of the mouth smiled with confidence. "It’s just a full moon night. Don’t worry. Since I will come here, I am naturally prepared for everything. Now that the mountain appointment has arrived, those two people should also show up."
Looking at her face, she was confident and radiant, and her heart suddenly gave birth to some relief. At last, she was still angry. He was afraid that in the end, she was not like her. If he wanted to continue …
"Well, it’s getting late. I’ll go back and have a rest. You also have a rest early." Phoenix Nine You gave a gift and then turned away from the snowy figure and walked forward.
"Nine you come to me if there are other things? You’ve become more and more concerned about me recently. "Shallow look at the departing figure and suddenly say with a smile.
Chicken nine deep and remote footsteps don’t things … There are more heart for her? There was a panic in his eyes, and his hands could not help but hold on to this moment. The silence was beating like a drum.
"I know that although you are worried about Nan, you treat him as your own brother, even if you are afraid that I will blame him for advocating bringing your heart and being good at making decisions. I also want to thank Nan for being worried and showing up in front of others. It’s time for him to show up and let them show up today. It’s just a matter of trying to train them. Only when they are strong, Haotiancheng can go all the time and not be embezzled by other countries." Looking at Feng Jiu You indifferently, she said that it is impossible to be careful after all. She has been sheltered and grown up, and now she will train him into an eagle to spread its wings and fly to protect the land of Haotiancheng, so that even if she dies one day, she can rest assured.
Phoenix nine deep and remote eyes closed and suddenly turned around. The dark and keen eyes suddenly looked at the opposite figure and said, "What about you … are you ignoring this vast city?"
She? Shallow corners of the mouth slightly took indifferently and said, "Where is it that regardless of me, I will naturally watch carefully and carry forward this vast city. I am relieved that the four of you can not keep this vast city peaceful for a hundred years?"
"Don’t forget that my promise was aimed at you. If you die, I promise to automatically lift Haotiancheng. I naturally have no more work." Feng Jiu you snorted coldly.
Shallow silence means that she naturally knows that they have been risking their lives together for many years. However, if she wants to live, she must have such an opportunity. Recently, her health is getting worse and worse …
These days, she always dreams about what happened in the past, but it’s all a silhouette. Since the injury increased, the activities of heart-eating methods have become more frequent than before, and she is afraid that she will go crazy before the full moon night.
"After all, the heart is a child and needs your care. You are the most trusted people in my life. I will give him to you. I have already made arrangements here in Haotiancheng. If you really don’t want to pay attention to these trivial things, it doesn’t matter. You are a unruly person because you have been trapped by me for years. You are still the brightest when you leave Haotiancheng!" Suddenly, she turned around and looked at the horizon, and there was a trace of sadness in her eyes. Recently, I don’t know what happened. She was always depressed, perhaps because she knew where she was going to return … Does this mean that she is still nostalgic for this world?
A child’s heart is a child. What about you? You are only ten years old and one year older than your heart …
Phoenix nine you look dim and look at the lonely and thin figure in front of her. Over the years, she has resisted too many things and taken on too many responsibilities. Even now, she has planned them.
What she doesn’t know is that he always shines because of her. If it weren’t for her, he would just be an unnoticed young master of the Phoenix family. Maybe he would have died long ago. She became his place and he vowed to protect her all his life.
If you leave her, no matter how bright the phoenix is, it will fall instantly. It is like an oil lamp without a wick, even if there is more oil, it will not last long.
"I see …"
If it is true that he is here for anything tonight, he just wants to see her, hoping to see her more in that limited time, that’s all!
After a night’s rest, this boundless mountain appointment is finally coming.