Yuan Gungun picked up the glass and sent it to his mouth. He drank glug upside down and handed it to Yan Yanche.

Yan Yan Che took the glass and put it on the bed. She looked at her lips, and a funny milk stain reminded her of something …
"Why don’t you lick it?" he asked
Yuan Gungun paused. "Won’t you help me wipe my mouth?"
"What?" Yan Yanche provoked the knife-shaped eyebrows, not sure what she heard. What did she take him for? Who the hell is the servant?
Yuan Gungun held out small tongue and licked the milk stains into his mouth. He was so strange. He seemed unhappy when she licked it herself. This time she left it for him to wipe, he was still unhappy …
Yan Yanche got up and went to a nearby table to smoke a paper towel, then sat back and wiped her mouth rudely.
Yuan Gungun wrinkled her eyebrow because he was not gentle.
"Tell me how you got yourself into the water." Yan Yanche threw a paper towel and accurately entered the Hello Kitty doll trash can.
Yuan Gungun Leng Leng cried, "I went to get your watch, and on the way back, I met Sister Yao. We talked while walking, and then Sister Yao fell over me when she was unstable. I fell into the swimming pool when I was unstable. Later, Brother Ya saved me, and then you came."
Yan Yan looked at her coldly and shouted, "Why are you crying?"
Yuan Gungun got a fright, and his tears fell even more fiercely.
"Still crying?" He frowned with displeasure.
"Yes … I’m sorry I can’t do anything well … blare, you … your watch fell into the water with me … blare, I didn’t mean to … you let me go home … blare, I’ll let daddy compensate you … for you, okay?" Yuan Gungun suddenly burst into tears and said that tears were falling drop by drop.
Yan Yanche looked at her and reached out to wipe away her tears after half a ring. "You are so ugly."
Yuan Gungun cried and didn’t speak.
"I’m warning you to shut up. It’s noisy." Yan Yan frowned and put her in his arms.
"Blare … master … the water is so cold … and it keeps drilling into my body … blare … nose, ears, eyes and mouth … blare … I remember, but I can’t step on it … it’s terrible … it’s so uncomfortable … master … blare .. I’m dying … blare … I haven’t given birth to a baby yet and I haven’t eaten a lot of delicious food …
Yan Yanche didn’t speak but held her in silence.
I don’t know how long it took to cry less and less, leaving a little sob. Yan Che gently pulled them apart and looked at her face with tears and closed her eyes. Is this asleep? Crying yourself to sleep? Reach out and wipe away her tears, slowly help her lie down, help her cover up, and just watch her quietly.
In his sleep, Yuan Gungun took a nose and rubbed his eyes to continue his beautiful sleep.
Yan Yanche reached out and touched her white and tender face gently, so that he didn’t want to let go and stroked it back and forth.
Yuan Gungun, like feeling something, gently dawdled with his big hand like a coquetry kitten and gently called out "Master …"
Yan Yan was fascinated by her little face, and she gently kissed her mouth, and then quietly looked at her. The sunshine gently sprinkled on them, and the atmosphere was very warm for a while.
"Master Tyrannosaurus Rex …" Yuan Gungun, who slept in a daze, didn’t know what he dreamed of, and murmured a little.
Yan Yanche provoked the knife-shaped eyebrows to raise her hand and wanted to wake her up. Did she raise her hand and stop halfway? Finally, she let it go and wake her up. She was going to cry again.
In this way, Yuan fell asleep and watched quietly until it was dark, and someone got up and left.
The reason why the swimming pool was filled is that it drowned the watch. Everyone has confirmed the sentence, that is, "If you want to add a crime, just fill it in."
Yuan Gungun’s resilience is very strong, and she belongs to the type that she was "domestic violence" yesterday and forgot the day today, and she can continue to "domestic violence". If you want to say what impact this incident has brought to her, it is that she no longer dares to take a bath.
Let’s talk about Yuan Gungun’s four little babies, whose hobby is pestering beautiful women. Because they are very cute, maids are very popular. Every morning, they go out for a walk with their bellies flat, and at night, they drag their bulging bellies and come back with food taken late at night, which is very popular.
Little squirrel, little B, loves to eat like a pig, and likes to pester Yuan Gungun. Every time he is found out by Yan Yanche and thrown out, he never forgets to hold his hand tightly, Marie Laure Gigon.
A little white snake and a little white mother’s love depends on whether she likes going out.
Little Hedgehog Ball loves a mother’s love and steals money. Er … This hobby is a bit weird, but it does like stealing money. It likes to stab money and then wander around with’ Zhanli’ on its back. Finally, it hides them under the bed to see how caring and family-oriented it is.
Yan Yan Che is indifferent to the fact that they are jumping around, that is, if they don’t go into his room and don’t get tired of Yuan rolling, he will regard them as invisible, but once they get tired of Yuan rolling, he will get angry … According to Yas’s analysis, this psychology is called jealousy.
"Yuan Gungun!" There was a roar in the restaurant, followed by a miserable cry.
"Ah …"
Yan Yan Che Li grabbed Yuan Gungun’s ear and shouted, "Do you ignore my words? Isn’t it? "
Yuan Gungun stretched out his hand and gently pulled his arm with a bitter face. "I didn’t. It was Xiao B who got into his pocket. It was really not me."
Yan Yan put her ear and grabbed her tail in her pocket and threw it out.