"Is the master after them?" Stealth state Sharla Cheung asked

"No, someone will pick them up naturally." Duanmuming looked back at Wu Yueer and Beigongxue. The two women were really frightened. When Duanmuming looked back at them, their eyes showed fear and took a step back.
Duanmu Ming knows that this is because he just frightened them with his cruel performance, but this is what they have to go through. If they want to follow their bloody scenes, there will definitely be more and more. If they can’t accept it, they’d better leave early.
Shi Duanmu Ming didn’t realize that he unconsciously showed cold habits, as if the nature in his bones was more like a coat than the brand in his soul.
Duanmuming’s crossing the branch naturally caused a lot of dissatisfaction among "just people", and three or four people came out immediately.
"Young man, your hands are a little too hard. The other party didn’t return and molested the two ladies behind you. It was not malicious or intentional. How could you break his limbs so much!" This is an old man who said it was a bit of a lesson to the younger generation.
"Don’t be so fat when you do things. You should definitely leave yourself a way out. Don’t rely on yourself to have a little thing and you don’t know how to do it!" This is a young man talking and looking at my woman with jealousy in her eyes.
"Dead fat … you … I didn’t expect you to be such a person!" Listen to the sound to find three daughters of the Gongsun family, Lin Su ‘e and her escort. Her master brother not only joined their admirers, but also ran here. Several women saw Duanmu Ming’s expression and crushed the limbs of a living person without any hesitation or pity. A convulsive chill surged from the bottom of my heart. All the people seemed to have a lot of expressions, but their eyes flashed and stared at Duanmu Ming.
Duanmuming ignored these people’s noise, but planned to pull two women away from here. I didn’t expect that my hands had just touched Wu Yueer and Beigongxue, and the two women immediately retracted their arms and took a step back at the same time.
Duanmu Ming’s face sank, his brow wrinkled, and his anger in his chest was pressed again, but he heard the handsome boy slowly wake up behind him and roar, "Duanmu Ming, I will spare you! I must make your life worse than death! "
Duanmuming? The man who claim to have defeated that bloody evil spirit? Is to be recognized as a genius by the world power organization?
Most people’s first reaction is impossible. In their eyes, Duanmu Ming should be a handsome young hero rather than cold-blooded and cruel. Then they realize that if this person is Duanmu Ming, they will be famous immediately if they want to beat each other. This is a great opportunity!
If it weren’t for public, these people would probably hug Duanmu Ming and tear him to pieces. Even so, their green eyes made Duanmu Ming uncomfortable.
Duanmuming doesn’t care about their reaction, but it’s strange. Isn’t this guy afraid of death? How dare you say that in front of yourself? Duanmu Ming immediately understood his thoughts as soon as his eyes rolled.
"Well, since you are so similar, I will be you." Duanmu Ming turned around and walked to the handsome guy lying on the ground again
Just when Duanmu Ming had just moved two steps, two people stood in front of me and didn’t say that these two blind guys couldn’t have other ideas except to show off.
"What do you want?"
"What are you doing? I know you want to kill him, but this is a meeting place. No, you Hu Fei "spoke to that young man just now." The people in the health room are also your hands, right? I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless at your young age. What hatred does the other party have with you that deserves your cruel hand? You are not allowed to run wild here! "
Duan Muming flipped his eyelids. "What’s your name?"
"Oh … flying at such a time"
"Good name. I can tell you that these people have provoked me. If a woman dares to say no three no four words to my woman, she will be prepared by me."
"Young man, your thoughts are too extreme …" Another old guy in front of Duanmu Ming said earnestly to Duanmu Ming only to find that there was no figure in front of him and Duanmu Ming sounded behind them.
"Don’t you want to die? I’ll be you. "Duanmu Ming raised his right foot high and stepped on the handsome head of the handsome guy.
"Don’t!" I don’t want to watch Duanmu Ming turn into a murderous maniac. Several women shouted out together. Even Gongsun Re and Lin Su ‘e are no exception. The only thing that didn’t come out is Sharla Cheung and Duo Duo Duo, a hero. Those two people just turned around and Duanmu Ming’s feet have been stepped on.
It happened that when Duanmu Ming’s foot was about to fall on this guy’s face, this guy actually rolled on the spot and deftly avoided Duanmu Ming’s foot, but he never thought that Duanmu Ming had already prepared for his reaction. He rolled and Duanmu Ming kicked him flexibly.
Bang! The heavy sound rang again. This guy was kicked by Duanmu Ming and spilled some bright blood. It is impossible for people to stand by and watch Duanmu Ming kill so much, but they were horrified to find that it seemed too slow. Everyone seemed to move slowly. Duanmu Ming and the guy he kicked were normal. They didn’t stop it!
However, the change happened again when everyone recognized that the unlucky guy suddenly grew several tentacles. For a moment, everyone loved the handsome guy and became a monster with tentacles. In the center of the tentacles were a pair of eyes shining with green light and a big mouth full of sharp teeth.
Just now, the women who were fascinated by the handsome boy’s demeanor immediately screamed. Just now, they directly contacted Wu Yueer and Beigong Snow, and they were shocked. They realized that Duanmu Ming didn’t let this person go, and the cold feeling was because this person was a monster pretending to be Gongsun Re and Lin Suee, and looked at Duanmu Ming with complicated eyes.
Duan Muming stared at the monster beast Lvses (;
Chapter 22 Contest ()
"Duanmu Ming, you forced me!" In the middle, the monster was suspended and roared for a few times. The tentacles stretched straight and straight, and Duan Muming was still afraid.