Stay with the ninth-order Wu and see that Situhao has broken through the five elements to generate a sword all over the sky. Others are protecting the patriarch. He looks horrified and attacks the last wave of elemental swords. After that, he jumps back and flies with his sword in his hand. He wants to flee to Fengyun Jianzong.

However, at this instant, Situhao even sprayed three mouths of blood, and his forehead was pale and sweaty like beans. He looked hard to hide his painful expression, and his eyes and hair had recovered their normal color.
A nine-rank Wu is Bai Situhao, who is already a spent force. He must have suffered from the evil achievement method. The old man immediately flew the sword back to his hand from the ground with a long sword. His face was exposed and he smiled grimly. It seems that it is my turn to chop off your limbs and slowly torture you. I don’t need any ancient remnants. I want you to teach you ancient remnants, which is enough.
Laughing and talking crazily, the ninth-order Wu took the sword in his hand and forced it to Situhao step by step.
At this time, Situhao’s body was subjected to a powerful anti-itself force, which made his skin surface fluctuate greatly. Tianyuan magic tactic anti-itself force was crazy in his body, and his body bulged up one big bag after another, which could break through his skin and explode at any time.
Seeing that the ninth-order martial force forced itself to Stuart Hao to endure severe pain, the soul-taking technique was secretly put into use in an instant, and the sky cracked, the thunder blade and the halberd pointed to the sky, and the consciousness shouted loudly to the soul soldiers.
Situhao’s boss was taken aback when he raised his hand to crack the thunder blade. He was still dying and trying to get closer to his body. He couldn’t help but stagnate for a moment, but the strange scene of his footsteps was even more shocking.
Hundreds of swaying figures appeared around his body in an instant, and it was more horrible in the bright moon Yin Hui.
Kill SiTuHao reached such an order in consciousness. Hundreds of ghosts rushed at the ninth-order Wu Ben crazily.
At this time, the ninth-order martial arts was only white. Situhao’s display was the soul-absorbing technique, and the soul-absorbing technique had reached a very profound level. What surprised him most was that Situhao could summon hundreds of soul soldiers.
Hundreds of soul soldiers can’t reach this level even if they are the guardians of the evil spirit castle.
When the soul soldiers rushed into the ninth order Wu, he immediately waved his sword and made the fastest attack on the whole soul soldiers.
Nine-order Wu wielded a sword impenetrable, and those ghosts who were summoned rushed to the silver awning circle at the command of Situhao, regardless of life and death. One by one, the soul soldiers were killed and disappeared in the middle.
However, among these ghosts, they are also powerful. Although they can play half of their strength before their death, their opinions on various powerful techniques are not discounted at all. In that impenetrable sword waving, more than a dozen powerful soul soldiers actually found a sword waving and went straight into the sword awn to attack the ninth-order Wujin crazily.
Nine-order Wu waved the same round sword in a melee attack by more than a dozen powerful ghosts, and finally slowed down. Some ghosts took advantage of it to enter his melee and launch the fastest attack on him. Moments later, Nine-order Wu was torn to pieces by dozens of melee ghosts.
The ghost got the order from Situhao to kill the Ninth Order Wu. At this time, their life was completed and they immediately disappeared back to Situhao and became his soul guardian.
Hundreds of ghosts killed the Ninth Order Wu regardless of their lives. Although dozens of ghosts were lost in this attack, the number of ghost soldiers was more than 200, but when they desperately attacked the Ninth Order Wu, they were only killed in a moment and didn’t even arrive for two minutes.
Although the process of killing the Ninth Order Wu by the Soul Soldiers is very short, it is very long for Situhao. His body is experiencing the most powerful force to bite him. At this time, body form’s bag is getting bigger and bigger, and his blood is running very fast. Situhao can feel that his blood is boiling.
Situhao has been cross-legged on the ground at this time and wants egoistic force to suppress the huge self-eating force. However, his humble force is just some cannon fodder in front of the powerful self-eating force, and he has been defeated several times, and because of the force conflict, those self-eating forces have become more intense.
Longitudinal SiTuHao with very strong endurance at this time also don’t send a huge scream.
Tianyuan magic tactic itself is more powerful than when he was tortured by the method of insect jumping up. I don’t know how many times he screamed, and his body fell on the ground and struggled wildly.
The powerful self-eating force is getting stronger and stronger, and Situ Hao’s body is bulging and his bag is getting bigger and bigger, especially in his belly, which encourages Situ Hao to be pregnant with a pregnant woman in October.
Situhao’s clothes are bulging in his body, and he has collapsed into pieces of rags. He didn’t want a few Situhao’s body was already naked.
Situhao screamed again and again to vent his unbearable torture.
Arm muscles are the tightest. A giant bag encouraged Situ Hao’s right arm bag to burst, which made a loud noise. Blood was sprayed and shot straight. One of the broken flesh was shot to Lixu, and the ancient tree that hit a huge old tree kept swaying in the night.
The physical suffering did not make Situ Hao’s consciousness half blurred. On the contrary, his consciousness was unusually awake, which made him clearly feel that he was suffering from subtle pain.
Situhao witnessed his right arm bulging with a big bag and bursting into pieces, looking at the blood in a powerful self-repulsion, and he actually shot out a hundred feet away. This time, Bai Ji will die. Chapter 1 Advance to the sixth order.
The right arm was stirred up, and the big bag was smashed. Situhao had a split thunder blade in his hand and wanted to drop it. Although it was worth living and dying, Situhao didn’t want to lose this artifact. When the split thunder blade was about to fall to the ground, he immediately sacrificed it to his own knowledge.
At this time, it can be said that it is life and death. In Stuart’s mind, many people also flashed a lot of ideas.
Mother’s ghost is still in the abyss, and she hasn’t been repaid to her father yet. Now, although my grandfather is not as bad as before, his anger against him has not been dispelled, and several girls’ figures are rapidly emerging in his mind.
In fact, death is not terrible, people will be afraid of death, because death will make a person lose everything in the world, even if reincarnation, everything before will be annihilated in memory.
After these flashes in my mind, Situ Hao is full of longing for life, and there are still too many worries in his heart. He can’t bear to part with everything in this world.