Feather anchor took Fluttershy and got up the courage to enter the "Liuxiang Pavilion" stairs.

All the way, the fragrance of singing and dancing is fragrant, and I feel as if I have really entered a dreamland.
A few coquettish girls surrounded the feather contact and Fluttershy, and kept greeting the feather contact, and Fluttershy reluctantly agreed with a smile and hid behind the feather contact with a blue face.
How to find the phoenix flying smoke? Feather Zhen secretly worried.
Just then, the madam came over and saw these two beautiful strange boys laughing like flowers. "Is this the first time for the two young men?" Do you want me to introduce you to a good girl? "
Feather beard brushed off the pimp and put on her slender fingers. Although feather beard came to the 21st century, it’s really strange to meet this situation for the first time.
Take a closer look at this pimp in her forties, dressed like a peony in full bloom, with a graceful figure. I think she was also a beautiful and charming woman when she was young. Seeing a big mole on her mouth in front of her, the image of a gaudy old lady is quite different. It seems that when she goes back, she must give advice to the director of costume drama. The characters can’t be made into faces.
Madam didn’t care at all and still smiled like a flower. "Don’t you already have a lover?"
Feather Zhen crustily skin of head and said, "I want to find Miss Feng Fei Yan."
The procuress looked at a feather and Fluttershy smiled and said, "Do you know how much gold you have to pay to see the phoenix flying smoke? And I think you two seem to be females? "
Feather and Fluttershy were taken aback. The procuress was so experienced that she saw through that they were disguised as men, but Feather stood up without weakness. "Why can’t a girl come to Liuxiangge?"
There was a stalemate when a little girl came upstairs and said to the procuress gently, "Mother Feiyan wants to see these two gentlemen."
It’s not good for the procuress to say that when she sees her baby cash cow. Throw a handkerchief and let my girl lead Feather Ao and Fluttershy upstairs.
My little girl led them into a quiet house and noticed that there was a signboard hanging on the door.
Walking into the refined house is like walking into a well-bred embroidered room. The room is elegant, exquisite and not tacky. On the south half of the wall, there is a huge shelf filled with various nationalities. By the window, it is an antique piano. A beautiful woman with graceful purple gauze is singing on the piano.
The melodious strings of the strings flow from the fingertips, sometimes high and sometimes sad, sometimes confused and beautiful, and the sound of the piano deeply attracts the ears of the feathers.
See feather Zhen and Fluttershy came in, purple beauty hands a stringed piano to a screeching halt, Tingting led the way, and the little girl closed the door and quit.
Feather gazed at the purple girl in front of her, her figure was light for ten years, and her eyes were as gentle as water and as pure and misty as the West Lake, which really made me pity.
I can’t believe that this fireworks field can produce such a stunning beauty.
Yu Zhen secretly thought, "If it is such a beautiful young woman with excellent piano and chess paintings in modern life, she must have been a sensational beauty and fashionable girl, but it is really sad that she has fallen into the mire in this era!"
Feng Feiyan also looked at her and Fluttershy carefully when Yu Zhen looked at Feng Feiyan.
Although both of them are now dressed in men’s clothes, the makeup and jade carving make them sharp-eyed and see through them at a glance. Both of them are girls.
Phoenix flies and smoke gently opens Zhu’s lips. "Are you looking for me?"
Feather Zhen was interrupted and smiled shyly. "You must be sister Feng Feiyan. I’m here for a long time, but I also want to find someone through you."
Feng Feiyan rushed to Feather and Fluttershy smiled and pointed to the chair. "Two girls please sit down."
She saw through her identity. Feather Zhen smiled awkwardly. She pulled up a chair and sat down with Fluttershy.
Feng Feiyan herself is as light as a cloud, and she sits opposite them, and the micro side of her face seems to wait for the feather.
After a silence in the house, the feather could not help but break the silence and she cleared her throat.
"Let me introduce myself first-my name is Lan Yuqian, and this is my sister Zhuang Fluttershy, Feng Feiyan. I wonder if you know a man named Mu Chenxing?" See the mountain from the feather gate.
Feng Fei, smoke, light eyebrows and slight frowning eyes, she smiled and nodded. "Yes, I do know Mu Gong?"
Feather is excited. This phoenix is really very frank. "Is he you …?" Suddenly realized that it’s hard to say things in person. Feather stopped the car quickly.
However, Feng Feiyan didn’t mind that she got up and walked gracefully to the window and looked at the moon and said, "He is not my guest, but he is my confidant."
Feather Qian said seriously, "Sister Feng, how can you be friends with such a person? Is he a thief or a pervert?"
Feng Feiyan "sloped" and smiled. She turned her head. "Sister Feather, you may have prejudice against Mu Gongyou. He is a gentleman and a good man."
Feathers pout angrily. Good guy? Hum!
This phoenix flying smoke looks really likable and gives people a very cordial feeling, but what about Mu Chenxing? Dare not compliment
Feather Zhen angrily thinking about face expression is very obvious.
"For the phoenix elder sister where can I find Mu Morningstar? He stole something very important from us, and I’m looking for him just to ask for my things back. "Feather Qi angrily.
"oh? Is this it? " Feng Feiyan turned around and took out a bag from the bed closet to put Lan Yuqiao and Fluttershy in front of him. At first glance, it turned out that he was really lost. The bag full of silver and silver tickets was full of those possessions.
"Mu Gong knew that you would come and specifically asked me to give it to you when you came. Anyway, this money is also for you to help the poor people. He is just joking with you." Feng Feiyan said airily.
Feather Qian happily wrapped up her bag, and she couldn’t help but sit up and take notice of Feng Feiyan. Such a large sum of property seems to be unworthy in her eyes. This famous prostitute in brothel really has something to offer.