Then he slammed the door and left.

Xuan Ming Xin sighed.
The Black Gate From Sarah, he knew that the so-called black gate was the place where prisoners were detained or the place where the demon king dealt with people who didn’t like him.
The whole castle is divided into nine floors, and there are three floors. The top floor is black area, gray area and brown area. The fifth floor is white area, the third floor is orange area, and the first floor is pink area, which is the private area of Lord Sarah.
The demon clan in the orange area or the white area where the guests live has been demonized successfully by the demon king warrior wizard. The stronger the ranking power, the higher the residence.
And that brown area are the temporary experimental fields of those demonize human beings.
Finally, the gray area and the black area are all human beings who failed to demonize in exile, but the black area is directly connected with the fault. Anyone who failed to demonize in exile to the black area was either swallowed up by the violent flow and left his soul, or ate his companions alive and mutated into ugly monsters.
On which result Xuan Ming will become, the lich king is very willing to see it, but he didn’t expect to kill a Sarah halfway.
If it weren’t for Sarah’s special status, the lich king would have killed Sarah and thrown the Xuan name into the black area.
However, it is not clear what Sarah is. Sarah means that she is special, but she is always vague about it.
Suddenly there was a door sound. It turned out that Sarah had gone and returned to see her. She vomitted to stick out her tongue. Hey, hey, smiled and took the bowl to persuade Xuan Ming to eat.
Xuan Ming seems that this girl named Sarah is sometimes just like a child, simply terrible.
When the last ray of afterglow of the sun sets and dusk falls on Xuanming, his door is knocked again.
It was Sarah who poked her head out of the door, but Xuanming frowned uncontrollably.
Whether to come or not, he closed his eyes tightly
Sarah’s fingers slowly caressed Xuan Ming’s chest, moving slowly from his collarbone to his lower abdomen, and deliberately lingered for a while.
Laugh in a low voice but cover up the sound. The owner is deliberately depressed and excited.
Her fingers slowly picked out the mysterious clothes.
Xuan Ming endured Sarah’s fingers with closed eyes to tease the smiling face of Night Feather, trying to ignore the disgusting touch brought to him by her wandering fingers.
Yes, it is, but every day when the sun goes down, Sarah seems to be a different person. Generally, she is no longer so naive. At night, she is synonymous with debauchery and charm!
"Hehehe, don’t be so tight."
Sarah’s finger poked at Xuan’s chest maliciously and then she bowed her head and licked her tongue.
Xuanming shuddered. Don’t misunderstand that it was goose bumps …
"Mmm … it tastes good."
Sarah licked the corners of her mouth. "I have a good eye. You are really delicious."
"I just don’t know if it will be as delicious later?"
She picked the Xuan robe with her fingers and bent down to lick it.
This mysterious name doesn’t panic. Sarah has been playing with his body with her fingers the other day, but this time …
"Well …"
I don’t know what she bought that made him feel cold and excited.
Xuan Ming bit his teeth so hard that he wouldn’t make a shameful sound
"It’s so cute."