Said the black dress person came to the front of Shimen and pushed the door.

Jun Xuan saw that there was nothing inside except a very big tripod furnace.
When I saw this tripod furnace, Jun Xuan crossed a little uneasy in his heart.
I always feel that this man in black will put him in.
Sure enough, as soon as he came up with this idea, he heard the man in black say, "Thyme Haoran said that he had found a person who decided to take good medicine, and it seems that you are the little devil. It seems that riki can be refined successfully tonight."
Said, and will lift your porch higher to put him in the furnace tripod "advanced to wash chapter 499, 499 must save him.
Jun Xuan struggled desperately and wrapped his arms around the men in black, hanging his arms like a tail bear, but refused to come.
"Come on!" Black dress person sink said
But if you listen carefully, you can still hear a slight smile in his voice.
Jun Xuan sipped his lips, although it was funny, but his face was stiff.
Jun Xuan knew at a glance that this cauldron was coming to refine medicine, but a living person came to refine medicine, and that person was himself, which made him if he was not afraid.
The man in black sneered at him. At last, his conscience found that he no longer teased him, but took a dress and put it on him to set him free.
At this time, there was a sudden "bang"
With this loud noise, an abrupt wall with a high hole for one person appeared.
A handsome figure appeared in front of two people after the choking smoke dispersed.
Jun Xuan cried out in surprise at the sight of her.
Shen Qiqi looked at Jun Xuan’s sparkling eyes when he followed the sound.
At that moment, all the memories poured out from the depths of Shen Qiqi’s mind.
"Dabao!" Shen Qiqi exclaimed at the sight of the black dress person wearing Jun Xuan’s face, and he rushed away without thinking much.
Black dress person kept your porch moving like a ghost and then drifted out of the room.
Shen Qiqi followed after the past and found that the black dress person was not far from the door but was looking at her with his head cocked.
While Jun Xuan danced and wanted to pounce on Nai in her direction. He was carried by a black dress person and could not move at all.
"Dabao, are you all right?" Shen Qiqi is in a hurry to come, but he is afraid of angering the black dress person and dare not get too close. He can glare at him. "You let him go or I will be impolite."
"I wonder if the virgin will be rude to me?"
Hear Shen Qiqi say that men in black don’t anger the smile asks with interest.
"Cut the crap and let the children go"
Shen Qiqi directly deceives his body, but when his fingers become claws, he will catch his hand.
The black dress person was surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect Shen Qiqi to move so fast that he would flash away from Jun Xuan. However, Shen Qiqi stopped him first as if he saw his intention, and at the same time, he grabbed Jun Xuan’s arm with the other hand and took him away.
Men in black naturally won’t let Shen Qiqi take Jun Xuan away so easily. When he sees Shen Qiqi pulling Jun Xuan, he will carry him to another direction and force him to pull.
Shen Qiqi is afraid of pulling and hurting the child so that he can let go.
Jun Xuan returned to the hands of men in black.
Shen Qiqi is short of breath, brandishing Emei thorn and flying, while the men in black take their time to avoid Shen Qiqi’s offensive and don’t attack. However, as for Shen Qiqi, he hasn’t even touched a corner of his clothes, which is like teasing her.
And Shen Qiqi didn’t dare to make efforts to fight physical strength with men in black because he was concerned about children.
It’s a pity that Shen Qiqi’s physical strength is far from that of men in black. Seeing that he is getting harder and harder, the men in black still easily know that he is not his opponent. Shen Qiqi’s heart is anxious to drag it away, but it is bad for him. She gritted her teeth and decided to cross the rubicon. Chapter 5 He finally became like her.
Seeing Shen Qiqi’s sharp angle, the black dress person was secretly surprised and took it seriously at the same time.
Shen Qiqi’s choice of angle is really tricky, but it is also very dangerous. If she fails to strike, it will be her own injury.
Seeing that Shen Qiqi is getting closer and closer, he is also dodging the men in black.