In those days, the emperor who crossed the country succeeded in founding the country, but he didn’t kill the donkey and birds. The title was entitled to riches and honour, and the holy father was a great party. Later, he didn’t secretly guard against it, so he took it back and rewarded the monarch, his subjects and the people at that time.

These heavenly beings have such a high reputation because they all see the saints in their eyes.
Now, there is still nothing left in the present family, and everything is stirred into the emperor’s struggle for position halfway, which was destroyed by the emperor who ascended the throne after taking the wrong position.
Therefore, it’s really not easy for Ping Guogong to remain the top family of the dynasty without being demoted.
"So someone wants to level the horse?" Dong Yuling wants to come, someone should be jealous!
"It seems that the flat frenzy has been too powerful for so many years and has not declined." Lian Yan Jiing rubbed his forehead. "At the beginning, I wanted to make a flat frenzy, that is, if the jade imperial concubine Taifei was too enthroned, it would be that today’s queen is too afraid that the flat frenzy will not give marriage. Today’s emperor and jade imperial concubine have a deep affection, which makes people pressure the jade imperial concubine to seal a newly rich imperial concubine Taifei."
"…" Dong Yuling thinks that this matter is bloody, that is to say, the imperial concubine is the emperor’s true love queen, or is it used by the emperor to restrict the imperial concubine family?
With a sigh, Lian Yan Jing called into the floating clouds. "The floating clouds took a trip to Ping Guofu for the world and told the uncle that the imperial examination fraud case was involved in the imperial concubine empress, so that he was psychologically prepared."
The expression of "Shi Shi" clouds makes the zombie face more expressive.
Princess Qin Ru’s palace is the first daughter of Pingguofu. If such a big event really happens to Pingguofu, Wangfu won’t be able to get it right. The most important thing is that Wang Shi Qin Ru is in charge of this case.
It’s not so easy for the culprits behind the scenes to frame it if they have their own means to prepare for it after all these years.
"Words imperial concubine empress this is jealous! There is a rich man surnamed Hu in my butterfly village. They say he is related to the imperial concubine? " Dong Yuling thought of that year when Hu Yi, the gruyter, often bullied the children in the village and almost strangled Dong Er-di. Isn’t it because of this relative?
A while ago, Yunshi wanted to marry her to de gruyter. Isn’t it true that de gruyter is also related to the world?
How do you think about this matter? Let her have a bad impression on this noble lady. If it weren’t for the world, she would definitely doubt this expensive first. Chapter 11 Chapter 110 Analysis and then repay it.
I have been paying attention to Dong Ling Ling Lian Yan Jing, and naturally I know which one she said was in a better mood when she saw her so hateful. "It’s just that I don’t know if I can’t remember my relatives."
The implication is that you can retaliate against the imperial concubine and the Wangfu if you want to do whatever you want.
Dong Fengling blinked and understood the meaning of Shiqian. He couldn’t help but smile.
Hu Jia, that is, relying on the people’s knowledge of getting into trouble, always speaks through the title of imperial concubine.
Now she won’t make this gruyter kneel for mercy. Her name is not Dong …
Look at Dong Yuling’s undisguised smirk. It’s rare. Lian Yan Jing Youzi doesn’t hang a Zhang Liangshan face when she thinks of a woman in a aristocratic palace who does bad things. It’s the first time I’ve seen bad facts like Dong Yuling.
"I guess behind the scenes, I want to draw a frenzy. I don’t want to be prepared in advance to prove the innocence of Yu Guifei." Lian Yan Jiing pulled the topic into the formal.
"Do you know what’s so special about April 6th?" Lotus Yan Jing eyebrow suddenly talked about this.
"What’s so special?" Dong Yuling wondered if everything Feng Ze encountered was special.
"It was this day that the emperor was inspired and wrote the scientific examination questions." Lian Yan Jing sighed.
Dong Fengling leng leng immediately to react "that is to say, the emperor didn’t write the exam questions until early in the morning, and someone took them out and sold them later? This move is fast! "
"Stop is fast, you should be ready for the transaction, and the buyers are all waiting for the exam questions as soon as they come out, and they go out to buy and sell step by step." Lotus Yan Jiing was impatient and turned to Feng Ze and figured out a lot of keys in one sentence.
"Well, there shouldn’t be a person with a huge network behind the scenes. If Feng Zeyi hadn’t overheard and found a southern medicine to write an article, things would be revealed after Huiyuan. I’m afraid that after the imperial examination, I wouldn’t show any flaws, so it can be seen that the secret kung fu is extremely perfect." Dong Yuling said his own opinion that many people are easy to spill the beans, but this behind-the-scenes is done too well
Lian Yan Jing nodded. "That’s true, but Feng Ze’s sixth day of April can narrow the scope a lot. There are far fewer people who can come into contact with the examination questions in this day than later."
Dong Yuling raised his eyebrows and smiled. "It seems that the world has a score in mind."
Look at that smile and you will know that Lian Yan Jiing should have locked the suspect’s past life. She loves to watch suspense mystery dramas, whether it’s Di Renjie or Bao Qingtian or a famous detective Conan. The expression is like this after the reasoning has the result. Now it’s hard to be familiar with it …
"The holy father once said that the justice of the earth is long and slow, but it doesn’t leak." Lian Yan jiing smiled without a word, but his face was inscrutable.
"…" Dong Yuling’s head is covered with black lines. At present, she is most afraid of hearing what the holy father said!
Talk about the topic of almost Lian Yan Jiing see Dong Ling anxious to return really want to go back to see Dong Er’s brother and just let him go. After all, it’s this girl’s brother, and he will never be cut off.
What do you hate most about your big brother and little brother?
After bidding farewell to the world, Dong Fengling hurried home and came to the village entrance. He took a lot of vegetables and meat from the farm warehouse and came back to Dong Gu with big bags.
Go to the door and see Dong Hanxuan looking around and looking a little anxious. After seeing her, raise a big laugh and meet her in a hurry. "Elder sister, did you go to Shengjing? Brother, I will be back before noon! "