"Take this pill and I’ll find water for you." Cenluo grabbed her hand and her eyes were full of worries.

Liancheng kept his mouth shut and made no response to his words.
Cenluo tried to force the pills into her mouth, but raised his hand to put them slowly when he came into contact with her eyes.
"Take care of her and I’ll find water." Get up and look at Mo Wan with a complicated look. "If something happens to her, I won’t let you go."
He stamped his feet like a crane spreading its wings to detain him.
Mo wan looked at the direction in which his figure disappeared, and his eyes changed and then whispered, "I want her to die! I want her to die in the worst way! "
With a slight shake of her right hand, a delicate dagger suddenly appeared in her palm.
Put the dagger cover back to the ground. She approached Liancheng step by step, and her eyes were cruel. Before Liancheng, she squatted down and grabbed her collar and gritted her teeth. She asked, "Did you find someone to throw me on the street and then find those …" Recalling the past that made her feel miserable, Mo Wan was filled with hatred. "If you don’t talk, I will force you to say it!"
With a cold dagger reaching Liancheng’s face, she smiled fiercely and said, "If you don’t tell me, I’ll scratch your face!"
"You … you shouldn’t provoke me … you shouldn’t point the finger at my third sister because you can’t cope with me … I’m giving something back …" Slowly, with heavy eyes, Liancheng Chaos kept a little awake, and her vision was blurred and she couldn’t see clearly.
Mo wan’s face is ferocious and ugly at the moment, but she smiled lightly, just like a slowly blooming violet, from extremely elegant "I regret that I punished you too lightly, and a woman with a gloomy mind like you shouldn’t live."
The dagger plunged into her face, and she didn’t have a pit. She just looked at Mo Wan tilting her dagger across her face.
Bright red blood dripped down her cheeks, and her blue dress was like a piece of sad and sad red dying slowly.
It’s not that she doesn’t want to fight back, it’s not that she doesn’t want to resist, but that she can’t afford the slightest strength at this moment
Based on this, let alone fight back, even if she raises her hand and pushes Mo Wan, she can’t do it …
"If it is you, if it is you, you have caused me Gu Liancheng, you know? I hate you! I hate you for attracting Luo’s eyes and taking away my love! " Liancheng’s cheeks have been crossed by her, and blood trickled down her face. "What did you say you had?"? Huh? What did you say you had? Ordinary and pretentious, writing to Luo Hugh is just so unbearable, but you attract Luo’s attention and make him ignore me. I hate to see me … Chapter 1 Zhijian
"I like him. I love him more than my life … but we can’t be free together because of necessity. I can be with him. Without you, I can regain our old feelings with him … I met him very early, when he was a teenager … He was very embarrassed, his hair was disordered, and he was crying alone in the Woods, which was particularly depressing …" Mo Wan told the story that she and Cenluo had been together for a long time and closed her eyes as if she didn’t hear it.
Speaking at this time, her mind is very clear.
Ha ha! There was a weak smile on her lips.
It was the sharp pain in her face that made her chaotic brain clear. She knew that she had a high fever at the moment, how it caused it, and she knew that it would be run out of luck.
But she won’t give up living and hope until the end.
What can you do if you destroy it?
Even if she is ugly, her family and her lover will not dislike her.
She has this confidence!
So she wants to save Jun ‘er alive and take him back to Da Zhou and their home!
With a pill in your mouth, you know that this pill is definitely not a good thing without even thinking about it.
"You are a chess player or someone else’s chess player. When you are not, you will be destroyed by the chess player! You and I feel sad … "A faint sound came from her lips and teeth, and Mo Wan tipped the dagger into her abdomen directly." I’m a chess player? Who are you? Do you know everything? " She smiled, "when I have a great career, I will be the princess, and I will be the princess in the eyes of this day!" Chess? Even if I am used as a chess by my father, I am happy. Do you hear me? I am happy to be a chess player in my father’s hand! I’m not sad at all, but you’ve done so many great things since you returned to Beijing. What have you got? Say it! What did you get? You won’t die immediately, and I won’t let you die immediately. I’ll throw you off a cliff. If you are still alive, the pills just put into your mouth will make your life worse. There are no men in this deep forest. You can enjoy it and wait for the beasts to dance with you, and then you will be swallowed up by them and die! "
Mo Wan was very excited. She suddenly seemed to have great strength, and Liancheng flew away from the ground.
"I won’t die … I won’t die …" Liancheng language difficult intermittent way.
When Cenluo found water and returned, he saw blood in the moonlight. In an instant, he turned pale and suddenly fell off with a bamboo tube filled with water in his hand.
Find someone … He needs to find someone immediately …
The corners of his mouth shook, and there was a storm in his eyes.
Don’t lean … You want to die … You want to die …
If she …
I’ll cut you to pieces!
With fists clenched, he lifted his flying skill and jumped away.
"Two hundred meters east of the cliff …"
A delicate and charming sound rang in his ear.
The witch is the green skirt witch sound …
Galloping northward, the figure suddenly turned.
"Stop it …"
Mo Wan leans over the cliff, and Liancheng is about to throw it. However, when he hears a stereo behind him, he doesn’t even think about it, so he immediately lets go …
"Two young ladies …" It is such a coincidence that Yeluchen rested on this cliff not far from the shadow. When Cenluo’s mournful voice sounded, she suddenly opened her eyes from her lethargy and cried out sadly.
Yeluchen saw that she was going to the cliff like crazy, so she raised her hand and ordered her sleeping point again.
He doesn’t know what happened on the cliff. He wants her to be safe.
The misty mountain Huangfuyi just walked out of the desert of death and suddenly took a smoke at his heart.
A mouthful of blood gushed from his mouth.
"Report …"