"Oh, is that right? Has your first-class class been trained in actual combat? " This makes Feng Lan’s curiosity somewhat.

"No, I hurt myself when I was training." Zhu Zhihao was a little embarrassed to explain that at this time, a girl followed the wind, Lan Lan, and whispered a few words in her ear. After seeing these words, Lan Lan’s face became a bit weird, especially Zhu Zhihao felt that Feng Lan’s eyes made him feel like a joke. Generally, everyone knew what the girl said at this time, which made Zhu Zhihao even more embarrassed. She didn’t stare at the talking girl, but people ignored him.
"Miss Lan, shall we go to dinner together?" Magwu invited again, but this time he changed his name.
"Sorry, there are classmates waiting for me. I walked first." Then I took a few girls to the dining hall. After she left, Zhu Zhihao snorted with Magwu and went in.
"Princess, you don’t know that the new student is really fierce, holding the bench feet and desperately greeting Zhu Zhihao. If it weren’t for Wang Yujie’s tutor, I don’t know when to fight." Just now, the girl was excited and gesticulated to Feng Lan’s preacher …
"That man dared to hit Zhu Zhihao, but Zhu Zhie should not let him go," Feng Lan said, and then everyone chatted about some topics.
At this time, Gao Chen was doing all kinds of extreme exercises in the Woods. If an ordinary person did these exercises, don’t say how many times he did it like Gao Chen, even if he did it again, he would be tired of his bones. This made Gao Chen realize that after tens of thousands of years of development, how can he practice his body to the strongest? This world has been deeply studied. Gao Chen is now doing a set of exercises called extreme exercises that Gary taught him!
After finishing it for the first time, Gao Chen, who is already in Grade 19, was tired to the ground. But at this time, Gary came over and kicked him up and shouted at him, "You can’t stand it if you don’t eat. Get up and cook for me."
Gritting his teeth and sweating again, his clothes have been wet for a long time, but Gao Chen didn’t stop. It’s not that he didn’t want to stop, but that Gary would yell a few words of waste even if he wanted to slow down. Are you really a waste? I can’t stop being aroused by my temper.
Watching Gao Chen sweat continuously, Gary didn’t feel any pain. After finishing several sets of exercises, he kindly let Gao Chen rest for ten minutes. When Gao Chen just wanted to lie down, Gary said, "If you want what you just did to be more effective, it will be more effective to transport gas at this time."
Knowing that Gary won’t harm himself, Gao Chen is busy with controlling the gas operation. After a week of gas operation, Gao Chen feels that his body seems to be much better. The gas is running round and round, and the muscles that have just been pulled by exercise are healing quickly. It is strengthened that if others control the gas, the roots can’t think about other things, but Gao Chen is different. He can make the gas body run like a hang-up. Gao Chen hits his property panel, but this sight makes him dumbfounded and then it is a strong surprise!
Chapter 20 Attribute Point Increase
At this point, all the emotions of Gao Chen instantly make excitement instead of not knowing when the defense magic royal has added a little and life has added five points. Although this seems to be rare, it says a problem, that is, it says that the growth of his various attributes is no longer as much as it used to be by equipment and upgrading. This is a great good news. If this growth rate can continue or be faster, then even if his level is low, his attack and defense have gone. At this time, Gao Chen is finally white. Why can people in this world be so strong without equipment? But now it seems that it is not the reason.
"It’s time to take a break and continue to do the same move just now. This time it’s ten times." Ten weeks after Gao Chen’s luck, Gary’s violent voice brought Gao Chen back to reality from ecstasy.
Just now, Gao Chen just did it twice, and he was so tired that he was about to lie down. But now Gary actually said it ten times, which changed Gao Chen’s face. If you can say it ten times, even if it is a hundred times, the temptation to increase the attribute point is no worse than the grade. But just now, Gao Chen can’t do so much. It’s like letting a person who rarely exercises run 5 thousand meters. He may be able to finish it with difficulty, but what if you want him to run 50 thousand meters? One result is that you are exhausted.
"How do you admit that you are a waste? I can’t even do this. That’s how I practiced in those days. If you are a waste, then you don’t practice and don’t practice any lighter skills. It’s better to go home and do it. "Gary’s words are very vicious and don’t show Gao Chen any mercy.
"I’m not a loser who does it ten times, even if I’m exhausted, I’ll finish it before I die." Gao Chen was also angry. He knew that Gary’s words might not be true. Maybe he couldn’t do it once at that time, but there was no one else to do it. But Gao Chen cheered himself up and thought that he could add more attributes after ten times. Then do what Gary calls extreme exercise.
Come to Gao Chen’s clothes again and you’re soaked. Before you come to catch your breath, Gary shouted again, "Are you really a waste?" Are you a man or not? Do it quickly and don’t stop! "
If Gao Chen says he is not a man, it makes Gao Chen angry. Even if he is a waste, it is better to say that he is not like a man. But it is obvious that his anger has no effect on Gary. Gao Chen is annoyed and thinks that after one year, he must beat you all over the place. It is too arrogant and not a thing. Finally, he finished this time for the second time. He did it for the third time without any pause and did it faster than the first time. This is his angry power!
Gary nodded with satisfaction. Gary’s greatest wish in his life is to teach an outstanding brother. Because of this psychology, he is very strict with every student. As a result, he not only got the title of devil tutor, but also let him have no students to teach recently. None of the students he trained satisfied him. Of course, none of them were satisfied with what he did. He often regretted that those students were so blind and looked forward to having a student who could satisfy him until Gao Chen appeared. He felt himself. The wish has been realized, both in will and personality, which makes him very satisfied. Now Gao Chen is actually doing it faster and faster. When he finishes it three times, Gao Chen thinks in his heart whether there are other ways. If he does this, he may be really exhausted.
The body doesn’t stop at all, but the self-qi is running slowly. Although it doesn’t have the power to run so fast, it is also running. Every time this qi goes to a place, it instantly excites the tired muscles there. Without the slightest fatigue, he can do it faster and faster. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he can do it as long as he wants, but his body consumption is still too strong. No wonder Gary forced him to eat so much. It seems that this is not unreasonable …
"It’s not bad. You really didn’t let me down when you were exercising." Gary praised him with satisfaction. He was very satisfied with Gao Chen’s younger brother. It’s not because he has no students to teach more. It’s Gao Chen’s firm perseverance that satisfied Gary. Gary has always believed that whether he is an amazing genius or not, he can still succeed if he is willing to work hard, but now Gao Chen lets him know that success will be closer.
"Thank you for your praise. Is it time to meditate and nourish your spirit?" After a few hours, I finally finished it for ten times. Gao Chen stopped to thank him sincerely. Although Gary is very violent, there is no denying that he is really a responsible tutor, which of course makes his heart increase!
"Well, I went back after a week’s operation, so I’ll stop practicing today. I’ll go first. Remember to eat, and I’ll help you first." Gary said with satisfaction, ignoring Gao Chen, who was sitting on a stump, and left alone.
After running for a week, Gao Chen saw a property board. This time, although the defense magic royal didn’t increase, the health value increased by five points again. It seems that defense and magic royal are not so easy to increase, but for this point, Gao Chen can understand that there are more properties and equipment in the game. Everyone is willing to pay ten times the price to get it, so you know the property value of each point. Today, you have increased your life by ten points and defended a little magic royal. This is already a lot!
A man came to the dining hall and didn’t sit down when he saw that the place where they had eaten was full of food. Gao Chen curiously asked a young man next to that place, "Who are those foods?"
"Isn’t this what Gary mentor you point? Gary’s tutor said that if you don’t finish eating, you will go to the dean and admit that you are a waste. "The young man said with a smile on his face.
Gao Chen endured without getting angry and looked at him to change his eyes. The young man looked at Gao Chen interestingly and ignored his curious eyes. Gao Chen was depressed and sat down, and then he ate hard until half the time when a sound canteen rang.
"Look at this, it’s really useless to eat so much. Is he a pig?" Listen to this annoying pitch and you’ll know who the owner is. Isn’t that Zhu Zhihao who was beaten by himself? When he finished speaking, a group of friends with him burst into laughter.
"Don’t it hurt to be beaten early, or are you really so cheap that you always want to be beaten by others?" Gao Chen’s mouth stopped for a while, and he said slowly that he was loud enough for everyone around him to hear clearly. Seeing Gao Chen like that is definitely like a horse rushing over and beating him up.
"Gao Chen, I tell you, you don’t want to be so arrogant to offend me. It’s not as good as you." Zhu Zhihao was really a little afraid that Gao Chen would come again when he saw that. After all, now he has no advantage over Gao Chen in strength. He said that he would do it. Zhu Zhihao was really afraid that Gao Chen would come and beat him like this. Did he suffer or did his friends forget it? Did they really dare to make moves against Gao Chen? Gao Chen is a general who protects the country. They are not enough alone.
"Don’t disturb the big ye to eat, or hum you know." He made a fierce move and then buried himself in what Zhu Zhihao wanted to say, but when he remembered the crazy situation of early Gao Chen, he seemed to have a dull pain again, swallowed his words back and hated "We’ll see" and then walked outside the canteen.
Seeing him go, Gao Chen continued to deal with the things on the table. It seems that Zhu Zhihao dialect has no effect on his roots. Gary nodded with satisfaction in the corner of the dining hall and then went through another door. After eating, Gao Chen returned to his yard only to find that the yard door was open, which surprised him. It wouldn’t be a thief. Remember to leave the door. But isn’t this the Magic Martial Arts Institute? There will be thieves here, too?
Be alert and walk into the yard to see a woman with her back to him. Seeing this figure quietly there, Gao Chen shouted, "Aunt, why are you here?"
"Why can’t I come? I’m here to see you. "Isn’t this Gao Chen’s cheap aunt Gao Tengjuan? She turned around and whispered that there was a feeling in her ear that Gao Chen regarded him as an elder!
"When did my aunt come to sit in the first room?" Gao Chen said to his family, Gao Chen has gradually felt into it and cherished these relatives in his heart.
"No, I heard from your tutor Wang that you had a long time ago. Can you tell me what happened?" When I said this, Gao Tengjuan’s voice became serious. Maybe all parents do, and they don’t want their daughters to make trouble outside!
"There is nothing like this …" Then Gao Chen said it again after the incident, and then looked at Gao Tengjuan carefully. He was really a little afraid that Gao Tengjuan would be angry!
Chapter 21 Crazy practice
"I already know what happened. I want to know if you know what you do?" Gao Tengjuan quietly listened to Gao Chen and asked with a face of serious looking at Gao Chen’s mouth.
"Of course I know that aunt heart what should I do? Should it be that you don’t fight back and scold or talk back? I can’t do this. Since I decided to practice martial arts, I swore that no one can bully me at will. If I still tolerate it everywhere, I will learn what martial arts. You know, they are not bullying me, but they want to trample on our high expectations. How can I tolerate it? " Gao Chen Landao may have been with Gary for a long time and unconsciously said that he didn’t even know that his voice was amplified.
"Very well, we want to see if Chen Er is impulsive. Since you all know what you are doing, be an aunt, but can you still say what you are? Just be careful. You know that Zhu Zhihao has two brothers, and their strength is not weak. And now your strength is still too low." Looking at Gao Chen, Teng Juan seems to see the battlefield commander, a thousand troops, a father and a brother. Isn’t this momentum that the Gaos should have? Yes, as Gao Chen said, if you are afraid of your hands and feet, you must learn something. It is better to be one. Gao Tengjuan is very pleased but has to tell Gao Chen a few words!