"Don’t go, don’t you want to learn divination? Although you have a bad talent, I will teach you not to go and learn?"

"get out!"
The more Qianling clasped her head with both hands, she didn’t yell back, and I could feel a cold war involuntarily after such a long separation.
"Don’t learn to pull down"
Hearing the penetrating sound of Yue Qianling coming from the balcony, Xiao Lianshan came over with a plate of fruit and casually asked while eating.
"Elder brother you put qian ling zha again? Look at the gas. "
"It’s nothing. I just told her that I smelled the last dish. You don’t know that I want to vomit when I smell Mapo tofu. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten it in my life …"
I haven’t finished my words yet. Xiao Lianshan’s fruit bowl has fallen to the ground, staring at me with a face of shock and confusion.
"Elder brother … you … you smell it? !”
"Why are you reacting so much?" I pointed to Xiao Lianshan and asked tentatively, "Lianshan, you should … you shouldn’t buy it from Qian Ling. I won, right? !”
"Brother, my dear brother, why can’t you say so earlier?" I stamped my feet in a hurry
I feel greatly wronged and stand with a wry smile to answer.
"None of you asked me!"
☆, Chapter seventy-nine Destiny
The next day, the competition was arranged in the afternoon, and Qianling was a listless sample from morning till now. I knew it was far away from her.
Compared with yesterday, it looks orderly today, but it will be different from yesterday. There are a lot of stones of different sizes in the courtyard
There is no banquet in the courtyard, which is particularly spacious. Everyone sits at the front with green tea in front of their seats.
"I don’t know how to get so many stones today?" Xiao Lianshan stared at the pile of stones and asked curiously
"That’s jade, also called jadeite original stone!" After all, the more thunder, the more knowledgeable people look at the pile of stones and frown and say, "Yesterday was a divination to predict the name of the dish. Uncle Gu didn’t want them to bet on stones today, did he?"
"Bet stone? !” Xiao Lianshan was very curious and asked, "What is there to bet on?"
Gu Anqi explained to Xiao Lianshan.
"The so-called gambling stone is rough jade to gamble. It takes a lot of knowledge and technology to know the advantages and disadvantages of jade through its skin. Today, there is no instrument that can detect it. The raw materials of jade are excavated and covered with a layer of rock shell. What is inside the shell is still unclear. The process of judging jade is called gambling stone."
Lan Qing wanted to think, shook his head and said for sure
"It shouldn’t be a bet stone. The so-called immortal can’t break an inch of jade. Even if you take high metaphysics, you can’t see through what’s going on in the stone. There are five things in the competition. Yesterday is better than divination. Today will not be the same."
While others were talking, Gu Xiaotian and Kong Guanwei Yu sat in the courtyard to be quiet.
"It’s said that fortune-telling fortune-teller cheated for ten years. It’s no problem to say that it’s a few years or even more. No matter whether the fortune-teller reacts or not, he can’t find anyone." Gu Xiaotian smiled deeply and said, "So I thought of a way to see if the seven players in the field are Jianghu magic sticks or straight talk."
Kong Guan got up and walked to the front of the pile of stones and said with an expression
"This is jadeite jade, which was pulled from a mine in Myanmar without selection. It’s up to you whether there is jade or waste stone in this pile of stones."
"The rules of the competition are very simple. There are seven of you, but there are five people in the first round, which means that two people will be eliminated. For example, whoever chooses the most valuable stone will win and rank the last two out!" GuXiao day very calmly said
GuXiao day opponent nodded and soon came in front of seven people side by side.
"I’m afraid you seven people don’t know anything about gambling stones. It’s really hard for you to choose for yourself. So I’ve found seven experts for you. You are all hot people in the gambling stone business in front of you, and what you seven have to do is to choose people from these seven experts to help you gamble stones!"
I suddenly realized after hearing GuXiao words and smiled and said
"This arrangement is really clever. The second competition is the life of the five Taoist techniques!"
GuXiao day up slowly walked to the front of the seven people to participate in the competition unhurried said
"It’s said that fate determines how much money each person brings. You seven have long been doomed. Just look at their faces and see who brings the most money and who is the most prosperous today. Usually, it’s a funeral, and no one knows. Today, I’d like to see who you are. It’s a psychic."
The thunder still confused shook his head and said
"Even if you invite seven experts in the stone gambling business, you can never be sure of gambling. It’s too formal to bet on luck."
"This arrangement really has his profound meaning." I smiled and explained to Yue Lei that "it’s hard for a fairy to break an inch of jade to bet on a stone. It’s only luck that counts, but everyone’s fortune has its ups and downs. If a person chooses a jade stone, of course, he will have a big fortune. Even if he gives him a good jade, he may have nothing."
Kong Guan took out a sealed carton and put it in front of seven people, solemnly saying
"In order to be fair, whoever chooses first will choose later. There are seven numbers in this box. You can choose which number to choose together, and the first person will be resigned!"
Song Huixuan is number one.
Zhou fuxuan is number two
Lu yongxuan is number three.
Teng Guoyuan chose No.4.
Changle Yuanxuan is the fifth.
Ouyang chose number six by mistake.
When the first six orders were arranged, I saw Lanqing’s face was very worried. I looked as if nothing was wrong and held up the note in my hand with a so-called expression.
Number seven!
What is Bai Lanqing worried about in my heart? The six people in front of me are not ordinary people. The more forward I go, the better my chances of winning. I chose the seventh one, that is, there is no choice left, and others give up. It can be seen that the face left in the end will not be good!
When Gu Xiao gave everyone a wick, the incense on the table had burned by a third.
The first candidate was in the first competition before Song Hui, and his divination was divined at will, which is still fresh in people’s memory today.
Choose one of the seven people in front of you today. It seems that it is not difficult for Song to come back.
He walked back and forth several times in front of seven people, and everyone watched carefully and finally stopped and nodded meaningfully in front of the third person.
I think Song Huixuan was somewhat disappointed in his heart. Yesterday, Song Huixuan’s divination and divination were impressive and memorable. He was the best of these seven people, but after all, Song Huixuan’s attainments in daoist magic were far higher than his physiognomy.
He chose human life to belong to sheep, heaven and fire, five elements of earth and wood, sun and water, intelligence, intelligence, kindness, water and prosperity, dark face, clear language and thoughtful people, resourcefulness and great knowledge. This person was born in the official position of Wuji when he was born in the official position of Wuji, so he said that he was sitting in the official position of Wuji, and Chen belonged to the water bureau, which made C’s anger and life very expensive.
But today, compared with the day’s luck, this person is less than satisfactory, because those who love water like the north, but his position today is just northwest. There must be fire to help dry water, but avoid gold and more water, but the metal in the five elements is in the west. His luck today is not very good!
Song Hui chose a piece from the pile of stones to solve the stone, and the stone was cut in a few minutes in front of everyone.
I know a little about jade, but a green line has been cut into stones, which is about three or four centimeters wide. Unfortunately, it is not very thick. I can’t make a few pieces of jade at most, but the color of jade is very transparent and the value should be high.
People in the courtyard are amazed at gambling on stones. This business has always been mysterious and exciting, but most of it is a technical work place. There are fewer people in the underworld than gambling on stones. I can’t help but hear it today.
But it’s even more amazing for everyone that Song Hui didn’t understand gambling stones, but it’s not surprising that he was able to choose such a jade stone by looking at it.
The second candidate was Zhou Fu, who walked back and forth as seriously as Song Hui, and chose the first person on the left.
Zhou Fu, a man named Lan Qing, specially told me that he is a senior, but I am somewhat disappointed to see him choose this man today. This man is born in autumn, and he must have gold to help him avoid soil, water and wood, and fire. This man is sitting on a financial column, killing life and killing life. Although it is not a prosperous day today, his fortune is not low!
But Zhou Fu seems to forget what day it is today. On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, the cow is ugly and the sheep is washed. This person belongs to the sheep, which means that everything is not suitable today.
The stone has been solved, and Zhou Fu looks pale. It seems that he doesn’t believe that he has chosen people to choose stones.
There is a deep green crack in the stone before it is solved, and the color is soft, but it can be removed with one knife. There are many fine cracks in the green, and the root can’t be decorated completely, just like a waste stone.
☆ Chapter 10 Go against fate and change your life.
Before taking part in the competition, it was obvious that Song Hui was much higher than Zhou Fu in terms of axiology. At present, Song Hui temporarily ranks first.
The third appearance is Lu Yong, who chooses people faster than the first two. It seems that he has been optimistic for a long time and went to choose the last person in the queue.
When I look at Liu Yong’s candidate, I have to admire it. It seems that Liu Yong is really a hollow reputation. Let’s not talk about his candidate’s birthday list. There is a purple color in this life palace. I can be sure that this person will get money today. It seems that this Liu Yong is also a master of physiognomy!
Lu Yong selected a small stone from the pile of stones, and the stone-solver cut it across the board. A crystal clear jade appeared in the stone with a thick thumb. Everyone could not help but marvel at such a large piece of jade with such good color, which was absolutely priceless.
After the competition, the three people ranked Lu Yong, Song Hui and Zhou Fu in turn.
The fourth person is Teng Guoyuan. Unlike the first three candidates, he didn’t even look at everyone’s birthday, but walked around everyone and finally chose the thinnest one among the remaining people.
Gu Anqi told me that Teng Guoyuan is famous in Hong Kong’s metaphysical circle. Today, it is really remarkable to see his candidate. He views the five elements!
The reader first wants to distinguish the five shapes and five elements, which are Jin Mu fire, water, soil, gold, vajrayana, deep wood, wood resources, wealth and water. The article "Expensive fire, opportunity, fruit, soil, thick soil, rich soil, rich and rich treasury, white wood, thin white wood, green water, fat, black fire, not too sharp, red soil, thick today’s color, and yellow".
Wood-shaped people are thin, but their bones are straight and thin, but they are not withered. They are fresh and energetic, and the young people are upright and unscrupulous. The trick is admirable. Just now, Teng Guoyuan was selected just like this.
I just finished thinking that the man had chosen a stone, and the so-called gambling expert was even worse. None of the basic tools were ordinary, and the stone was solved. At that time, it shocked the place. Some people were even more than the stone Teng Guoyuan by Lu Yongcai just now. Even people who don’t understand it can see that it is more than enough to make two jade bracelets.