Xu Ren felt a lot in his heart, but he was more worried that Qianjiang Prefecture was the economic pillar of the girder empire, and if this suddenly supported the six magic sects with the economic pillar, the result could be imagined.

"It seems that we have to investigate the situation of Qin family as soon as possible, otherwise it will make people feel uneasy."
Shen Tengyun is not a girder empire, but he knows that if the six demons plan to regain control of North Xuanzhou, then the whole North Xuanzhou will be in chaos and his hometown will not be very good.
Although Shen Tengyun is indifferent to others at home, he still can’t let go of his father.
Shen Tengyun can’t let people go. Xu Ren and Xiao Xiaoer can’t let people go, so they are more eager to know the main reasons for the Qin family’s misfortune
Chapter six hundred and eleven Incredible
North Xuanzhou said that it was big, but it was not true. It was not too big. The three empires in the middle region were in a tripartite confrontation and temporarily maintained stability. Now the three dynasties in the north are in the period of cooperation, and the two dynasties in the east have been secretly competing, but because of their considerable strength, no one can resist anyone.
Lin Liji, a small country with a chaotic western environment, is controlled by Shanxianmen.
At first glance, North Xuanzhou is prosperous, but if you consider this prosperity carefully, it is very fragile.
Once a force destroys a certain junction, it may cause chaos in the whole northern territory
The best way for the six magic sects to re-enter North Xuanzhou is to gain profits from chaos. The most hope for North Xuanzhou to fall into chaos should be the six magic sects that have been hidden for more than 700 years.
However, it is not a good result for all the monks, Xuanji Xianmen and Xujia if the last six demons can re-enter the North Xuanzhou and the North Xuanzhou falls into chaos.
Xu Ren still hopes that North Xuanzhou is an anchored North Xuanzhou so that Xu Jiacai can grow steadily. At this time, if something happens, it will be very unfavorable for Xu Jiaxian.
"Come to our Jiangxin County to see if Rongzhitang and his Qin family industry sell anything in Guishi."
Xu Ren made up his mind to find out the Guishi of Qin family. If Guishi of Qin family is also controlled by the magic door, then the whole girder empire may face a test.
Into the jiangxin county after Xu Ren Shen Tengyun branch.
When they sneaked into Xianguo, they were acted by two people together. Shen Tengyun also knew that Xu Ren was churning out those things in Xianguo, and he would not have much problem to help Xu Ren confirm them.
Xu Renze inquired about the Qin family’s other industries. Although it was very troublesome, Xu Ren had perseverance and confidence.
After half a month, Xu Ren has found out all the Qin family industries. Some of them are heard from people, while others are from Dongyan.
Qin’s family property is really a great cause. The Dadan drugstore has Rongzhitang multiplier shop, hidden front pavilion and auction house Jubaoge headquarters, all of which are big businesses, and these big business bases in the north are in the hands of the royal family. I didn’t expect the Qin family in the girder empire to have such a family property.
Of course, it is not only the Qin family that can do these businesses in the Girder Empire, but the business of the Qin family is relatively large, and the joint title of Qianyue Xianzong is also louder.
Xu Ren visited several Qin shops in Jiangxin County and found that most of the things sold in Qin shops were involved in Guishi, especially when he came up with tricks to fool the magic monk Dan medicine, multiplier and even law array base in Guishi.
This Xu Ren has been finished. It is certain that the Qin family, the state capital of Jiangzhou, is inextricably linked with Guishi. If these messages are sent back to Qianyue Xianzong, then the Qin family Guishi and the magic door will be connected.
But although now Xu Ren has a result in his heart, he has some hesitation, because all this seems too simple, and it seems that it is not difficult to investigate the Qin family. But soon Xu Ren also realized that this simplicity is also a mystery to him. If the investigator has also been to Guishi, he may be able to see some doorways, but if he has not been to Guishi, he will not see anything. Even if he suspects that Qin Gudan’s medicine is coming, he will never associate it with Guishi’s magic door.
Just in case Xu Ren comes to Jiangzhou again, what he sees in several counties and cities is similar, but everything sold by Qin Jiapu is similar.
So let Xu Ren more sure Qin Guigui magic door is involved.
"What should we do if we take it?"
Shen Tengyun is also very tired these days. He has run so many stores and made a lot of efforts.
"I have sent the information here to Xianzong, and I think it can be counted that we have finished it properly. If we deal with Qin family, we can’t do anything. Anyway, Qin family is also a monster. A few of us alone can’t move Qin family. In case we still have to leave Jiangzhou as soon as possible, it will be difficult for us to leave when the time comes."
Xu Ren has always been cautious. This time, it was also because of the big things involved that he stayed in Jiangzhou for a long time. Now that things have been found out, they should leave earlier.
On this day, Xu Ren took Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun, Xiao Yaobao, Han Chan and Zhu Yuque to the border of Jiangzhou Prefecture. They wanted to rent a boat here and then go to a destination, Nianzhou Prefecture.
Xu Ren, where they are now, is not far from Gun State. It is about 500 miles by water, even if they wander around for a few days, they can arrive.
Even when Xu Ren was preparing to board the ship with little children, Shen Tengyun, little demon leopard, chilling and Zhu Yuque, Xu Ren suddenly felt that there were many smells around him, and those smells were not weak.
"Be careful. Someone may want to hurt us."
Xu Ren frowned, and his mind turned quickly to find out whether those smells were sent by Jiangzhou Qin family or Qianyue Xianzong Yan Hejiang to find trouble.
If it’s Yan Heqiang, if you know them, you need to know that since you met Luo Changsong, the elder of the Qianyue Fairy Sect, their pedestrian line has become low-key, and it’s hard for ordinary people to recognize them and predict their whereabouts. If it’s Jiangzhou Qin family, when will they attract the attention of Qin family? Moreover, the Qin family has to wait until they leave.
Although Xu Ren has a lot of questions in his heart, he has no time to think about them now. No matter which side the breath belongs to, if the forces are coming at them, they have to find a way to resolve it.
Swish swish swish-
Xu Renxiao woke up with a sentence, and dozens of figures have already flown and directly stopped Xu Ren and others near.
Xu Ren didn’t show any surprise, as if he didn’t look at these people at all. He winked at Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun, Xiao Yaobao, Han Xiao and Zhu Yuque, and then everyone adjusted their direction slightly and continued to walk to the dock.
"It’s quite heavy. It’s a pity that you can’t leave Jiangzhou again."
A rich and deep sound appeared.
Xu Ren looked around and found that it was a man who looked about forty years old.
This man is of medium height and looks good, with three moustaches, ruddy face and beautiful eyes, probably in the early days of his creation.