It is also because of the slow pace of cultivation that Dongyan put more energy into exercising his body, which made his body reach a new level of strength and martial arts, and also rose to the peak of the small master’s territory.

Han Yuer’s practice is not bad, and the physical strength is not bad, but the overall combat effectiveness is still inferior to that of Xiao Yaobao Molin.
Zhu Yuque Zhu Zhu situation chilling Han Yuer almost they are now fighting capacity of four people and three demons is at the bottom, but if these two guys work together, even if Xu Ren doesn’t move some life-saving means, they may not be able to pick it up.
Xu Ren is fairly satisfied with their rising strength. Although they will be stronger in the face of the enemy in the future, it is really impossible to pursue speed excessively in uniting this thing, so as not to be vain.
In addition to Xu Renshou’s four men and three demons, his brother’s combat effectiveness has also improved, especially Xu Ren’s earlier contact with Brother Qianyue Xianzong.
Nowadays, everyone in Qianyue Xianzong practices martial arts and is Xu Ren. They have carefully prepared the martial arts institute, and their martial arts realm has also risen quickly. Like Jiangyang, the patriarch of Qianyue Xianzong, the martial arts realm has now reached the realm of a small master.
Yan Fang, the elder, is even worse than Jiang Yang, and has reached the realm of great master.
With the foundation of martial arts realm, the strength of these thousand-month immortals naturally grows rapidly.
Of course, their martial arts realm rose so fast because Xu Ren released all his feelings in those martial arts schools. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing so because those people don’t need to touch the stones to cross the river to practice faster. It is because they practice according to Xu Ren’s perception that they can walk behind Xu Ren. They have no experience in Xu Ren and naturally realize that Xu Ren’s enlightenment is hard to surpass in this life.
Of course, it’s difficult, but it doesn’t mean that there is no chance. If someone is extremely talented and surpasses Xu Ren, there is still a chance to go up a storey still higher.
As far as it’s concerned, this result is the best, because the fighting capacity of Brother Qianyue Xianzong has really increased a lot after practicing martial arts.
His brother saw this and was also influenced by Brother Qianyue Xianzong to practice martial arts.
I’m afraid it’s not easy for them to chase brother Qian Yue Xian Zong later when they practice martial arts.
Take Marco, the patriarch of Zhenyang Xianzong in Japan, for example. He didn’t practice martial arts until he came to Beixuan Prefecture. Now the realm has reached the hard rock boundary, but the gap is very obvious compared with Jiang Yang, the patriarch of Qianyuan Xianzong who practiced martial arts earlier.
Yu said that his monks from other States had earlier contact with Xu Renwu Dian and later contact with Xu Ren Wudian Dian, but on the whole, the strength of these monks has been greatly improved compared with that before martial arts.
Ge Shu was also busy making plans to attack the pick empire during this period, and when Ge Shu smoothed the general situation, he took the girder imperial army to the direction of the pick empire
Xu Ren naturally accompanied all the way to deal with inferno. This kind of thing can’t be done without him.
Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun, Dong Yan, Xiao Yaobao Molin, Han Yuer and Zhu Yuque Zhu Zhu naturally have to accompany them.
All the way, the girder imperial army soon came to the edge of the pick empire.
The Daluo Empire has always coveted the title of the first empire in China. They have always been eyeing the Girder Empire, but at the same time they are also afraid of the Girder Empire. Because of their fear of the Girder Empire, they have built the border of the Girder Empire very firmly.
The meaning of Liang, a famous town on the border of Liang Empire, is very obvious, that is, to shock Liang Empire.
After the Imperial Army of Girder arrived outside the town beam, it camped on the spot and built fortifications.
Of course, Liang Shoujun, the town of Daluo Empire, couldn’t just watch, so Liang Shoujun, the town, also set out when the Liang Imperial Army set up camp to build fortifications.
This time, it was the pick empire that took the lead in provoking the war, and it was also defeated. Liang Shoujun of the town has also been paying attention to the situation here.
Town Liang Shoujun also knew that indefensible also don’t talk to girder imperial army penis directly to the girder imperial army launched an attack.
The imperial army of girder has long been on guard against the so-called "the enemy will have means to block the water", and it has never been afraid of this kind of fighting between the two armies.
The military god’s skill arrangement is very clever. The beam imperial army is resisting and harassing the beam army in the town of Daluo Empire while building fortifications.
Seeing that the fortifications of the imperial army were built day by day, Liang Shoujun of the imperial town of Luo was in a hurry, so he could send more military forces and monks to fight before, and even the demon king appeared in the later period.
However, even if the town beam demon king was out, it still failed to delay the speed of building fortifications by the army of the pick empire.
Moreover, another feature of the fortifications built by the Imperial Army of Girder is that after the fortifications are built, they can pose a threat to Liang Shoujun of Daluo Imperial Town.
As a result, Liang Shoujun, the town of Daluo Empire, fought more and more hard. By the end of the period, they had all returned to the middle of the pass, and the gates were closed. After the suspension bridge was raised, it was not necessary to beam the imperial army.
Xu Ren knew that this was Liang Shoujun’s procrastination in the town of Luo Empire, and the reinforcements of Luo Empire should have gone.
Geshu didn’t want to give the town beam of Luo Empire a chance, so he directly ordered the army to attack the city.
Girder empire army has been holding on for a long time. If it weren’t for the pick empire, Girder Empire wouldn’t have killed so many people.
There are a large population in one of the nine cities of the Girder Empire, and many of them are relatives of this Girder Empire Army. This time, the Girder Empire Army attacked Zhenliang very hard, which can be said to be regardless of life and death.
As a result, Liang Shoujun, who picked up the imperial town, can’t stay up a bit. Please come out and help the demons quickly.
Chapter one thousand and twenty Benefits
The town beam gate is closed, the suspension bridge is high, and the battle card is still hanging from the head of the city.
However, the Imperial Army of Girder can’t care about these undeclared wars. Now, can you stop the Imperial Army of Girder with only one battle card?
As the girder imperial soldiers will shout and kill, the girder imperial army attacked the town beam exhibition.
Although Liang Shoujun in this town hung up the battle card, in fact, they were ready to guard against the attack of the big beam imperial army. When Liang Dajun in Daluo Imperial Town also fought back.
However, when the soldiers of Daliang Empire fought against each other, they were very brave. At one time, Liang Dajun, the town of Daliang Empire, was beaten without temper.
In particular, the siege equipment of the Girder Empire is simply too powerful. The army of the Girder Empire has absolutely suppressed the town beam of the Daluo Empire from the moment it moved the siege equipment.
I feel that the pressure is getting bigger and bigger, but I can’t hold on. Please come out and help the inferno.
There are many demons in Zhenliang, and there are also many Three Demons.
Town beam inferno has appeared, and the brothers in the army of the girder empire can’t look at it any more, so they have also flown towards Liangchengtou, the town of Luo Empire.
Xu Ren is directly to draw up the stars on Sunday to cover the whole town of Liangchengtou.
Xu Ren was also very careful when he experienced the edge of the girder empire. He not only drew up the stars on Sunday, but also arranged a law that could resist the mixed poisonous fog.
Xu Ren’s array contains a lot of vitality. In this array, Shen Tengyun and Dong Yan can get a lot of increase in their own strength.
In fact, this time, the Imperial Army of Girder was also very careful to attack the city with that unique gas mask.
Many monks also wear those gas masks.
As soon as Xu Rencai appeared, he was directly surrounded by three blood demons.
It seems that those demons also know that Xu Ren is terrible and have long paid attention to him.
In fact, not only Xu Ren, Xiao Dong ‘er, Shen Tengyun, Dong Yan, Xiao Yao Bao Mo Lin, Han Yuer, and Zhu Yuqiu Zhu Zhu were also specially taken care of. They fought against three kings of The Hunger more than others against three kings of The Hunger
This situation is beyond Xu Ren’s expectation, so they came here for nothing. It turns out that they have become targets of demons.
In the face of three Three Blood Demons attacking Xu Ren, although they are not afraid, but their faces are full of dignified colors, Xu Ren did not think about it. However, judging from the situation, infernos are not all impulsive and reckless. They also study human monks and make different coping strategies for different human monks.
This is not good news for human beings in China. The smarter the inferno brain, the greater the threat to human beings.
Of course, although Xu Ren was worried in his heart, he didn’t dare to be careless about the confrontation between the three kings of The Hunger. He saw that his firm but gentle spirit condensed out three swords, while those three swords attacked the three three blood lords respectively.
The three Three Blood Demons know that Xu Ren’s sword shadow is fierce and naturally dare not let Xu Ren’s sword shadow be close.
And the three three blood devil attack power is not weak, three dozen one situation also let Xu Ren feel very headache.
However, even if Xu Ren felt a headache again, he had to continue the collision between the three three blood lords. His figure flashed and he had rushed to a three blood lords near.
The three blood demon king saw Xu Ren rushed to his crowd and immediately waved his bloody magic knife and cut it to Xu Ren Xu Ren, who also dare not neglect the Xinghai sword in his direct hand.
There was a loud noise, followed by Xu Ren’s rapid retreat.
However, Xu Ren’s retreat is not blind retreat. His retreat position is very objective, which is exactly where another Three Blood Demon is located.
Not to be outdone, the three kings of The Hunger waved their bloody swords directly towards Xu Ren to meet them.
There is another loud noise. Xu Ren’s figure is backward again, but the figure of the Three Blood Demons, which makes the bloody sword, is even more fierce than that of Xu Ren, and it seems to be out of control.