Don’t be greedy! ""Greed is human nature. There are always many people who try to learn the top ten magic skills and recognize themselves as tianjiao. They are the protagonists of heaven and earth. They practice several magic skills at the same time with luck. But how can anyone really go to the extreme for these ten extreme roads? Don’t say you can’t.

Even I dare not practice the second magic skill, and these ten magic skills are not what we really rely on! "
"Cang Lang, remember one sentence: There are no enemies in this world!"
"We cultivate the Ten Magic Skills to temper our mind with the help of magic skills and create a stronger achievement method than the Ten Magic Skills!"
"For the top ten magic skills, we need to practice one of them to the extreme, and then we can learn a few ideas by analogy. Do you know?"
Qingzun big sleeve fluttering mouth said.
Xiao Yu took a deep breath and fuels. "Thank you for waking up!"
"Well, then you can go there."
Qingzun nodded and said
"it’s the devil"
Xiao Yu hold fuels again and fly to the ten pillars in front.
Suddenly Xiao Yu consternation stare big eyes.
Because he found a figure sitting on each side of four columns.
There are four people!
"That’s … Rise of the Legend magic statue, black statue, red dragon magic statue …"
Xiao Yu heart flashing.
There were three pillars, and he recognized them at once!
There was still a column left, and he looked at it carefully for a while and suddenly gasped.
"Long Yan Mo Zun!"
That pillar is the magic statue of Long Yan.
He hasn’t seen this terrible former demon deputy leader since Long Yan joined the battlefield after he got out of trouble from Tianzhaozong!
I didn’t expect the other party to have always been a monty hole!
They all practice?
Xiao Yu eyes puzzled.
But then suddenly behind him came Qingzun’s long and clear voice, "Long Yan Daoyou has something important to discuss with you, but you can’t wait?"
Brush! ? Suddenly, my eyes have been closed, and the dragon’s inflammation magic statue has opened its eyes. Two eyes are dark, and the world seems to have melted into two night beads, which makes people feel uncomfortable. Three souls and seven spirits seem to be directly taken away by this pair of eyes.
The eyes Xiao Yushen glanced at it and looked at the green John Lone efreet behind him, and his body floated.
Xiao Yugen can’t react. A moment ago, Long Yan’s magic statue returned the giant column, and it has completely lost its trace.
Xiao Yu hurriedly looked round.
The two magic statues have appeared tens of millions of feet away.
"What a terrible speed"
Xiao Yu was shocked in his heart.
This is the realm of winning!
You can always be an ant if you don’t win the championship!
He is deeply aware of this truth again.
Xiao Yu took a deep breath and continued to rush toward the front ten pillars.
The black statue and the red dragon demon statue destroyed Yangcheng in World War I, and the flesh was badly damaged. At this moment, they were all wrapped in a hazy light to recover their injuries.
In Rise of the Legend’s magic statue, he was left with a spiritual spirit in his celestial cases, and he has been practicing here since he returned to the magic land.
After such a long time, his physical injury still hasn’t improved at all
"Why did you come here? This is a forbidden area. Did the devil send you here?" ? Suddenly the red dragon magic statue looked at Xiao Yu with shocked eyes.
Chapter two thousand four hundred and thirty-five Watch the magic work
Xiao Yu’s sudden arrival shocked the Red Dragon’s magic statue and black statue with their eyes wide open.
The Monty Cave is no other place. This is a forbidden area of the magic gate. Even their little demon master can’t come in without saying anything. It takes a lot of contributions to get permission from the demon master to enter the Monty Cave for cultivation.
But what makes this Cang Lang? How did he get in?
How long has he only joined?
Why did the devil let him in?
Xiao Yu smiled and stared at the red dragon magic statue and black statue and laughed. "I was brought in by Qingzun. Qingzun asked me to watch the top ten magic skills and choose one to practice by myself."
The red dragon magic statue and the black statue were completely surprised.
Really promised by the devil!
Or the eldest of the four demons, Qingzun!
How come…
What has this Cang Lang done to make an exception for Qingzun and bring him into the Monty Cave? "Small day out manufactory world war I you chickened out and led tens of thousands of people to abandon the city and flee. Did the Lord know about this? You must not dare to tell the demon master that if you know, don’t say that you won’t enter the monty cave and ask you for a big sin, you must have cheated the demon master to let the demon.
It’s so bold of the Lord to bring you to Monty Cave. Come with me to see the Lord, and I’ll expose you! "