As he cursed, there was an earth-shattering noise, and the earth trembled with this heartbreaking explosion. The 166 th division commander stumbled and sat down at the bottom of the trench. He was frightened and fell from the wall to his helmet.

"What the hell happened? What exploded? " The Soviet officer who fell down with the 166th division commander was even more flustered. He watched in horror as huge black smoke rose from a forest outside the trench and asked incoherently.
"damn it! That’s our ammunition depot! Someone blew up our ammunition! " The division commander of 166 was so angry that his voice trembled a little. If his troops did not replenish, they could last for several hours. If his troops ran out of ammunition, everything would be finished.
Thought of this, the teacher of the 166th Division quickly got up from the ground and went back to his bunker. It was necessary to get through the nearest field hospital to the ammunition depot. Then there came a sound. He immediately asked, "Did the ammunition depot explode?" What the hell happened? Say it quickly! "
"report! Comrade teacher! We saw that the 16 troops were on fire around the ammunition depot. They were on fire in the direction of the ammunition depot! " The person in charge of the field hospital said that the incident made the 166 division commander confused again. He had to hang up again and then skillfully arrested him to get through the 16 division headquarters.
"hello? The 16th division? I ….. "Before he finished speaking, the other end came to the busy tone. I don’t know why the lines arranged in the two forces were so dropped without any warning.
What’s going on in the 16th Division? What’s the problem? Why did they attack the ammunition storage site? What does all this have to do with the Germans? Why has the German army been shelling the 166th Division since just now, but it has not fired a shot at the 16th Division next to it?
"Boom!" This explosion was different from his explosion. As soon as the commander of the 166 th division knew his weapon, he knew that it was not the German cannon but the Soviet army standard 122 mm howitzer. This shell stabbed the commander of the 166 th division like a sharp knife.
The 16th Division defected? This kind of urgency has fallen to the Germans? Impossible, right? The 16 th division commander is an old comrade. How can such a funny thing happen at this time? The brain is full of confusion. The 166 th division commander has no idea to hold his ground because he is worried about his flank and was once considered as an impregnable flank.
There was no way to tell which direction the 122-mm artillery gun that had fallen into its position came from, but the 166th division commander decided to contact the 16th division headquarters to confirm what was wrong.
"You! Take people! Go to the 16th Division HQ in person! Make it clear to the people over there what we have encountered and ask them why they attacked us! " A trusted officer was called, and the commander of the 166th division frowned and told him that he wanted to send a telegram to confirm, but unfortunately, there was no reply from the 166th division.
"yes! Comrade teacher! " The officer also knew the seriousness of the matter, and quickly ran through the trench with a dozen guards from the division to the junction of the two divisions. They bent forward carefully and soon came to the place next to the 16th division.
However, when he saw the position clearly, the officer couldn’t believe his eyes, some arms wrapped in white cloth, and the Soviet soldiers were in a fierce fire, shouting to surrender their guns without killing while approaching the position of the 166 th Division.
I didn’t think much about this officer, so I found the nearest telephone and reported everything he saw to my teacher. "The 16th Division is attacking us! The 16 th Division is attacking us! "
Actually, he came to report the funeral, and the 166th division commander also knew what was happening there. Soon after he sent the liaison troops, he came to the joint department of the two armies to fight and report. Now he has to believe the fact that some front-line troops defected.
Chaos filled the entire Soviet front, and the commander of the 166 th division finally reached a forced instruction "hit the fire!" Attack the 16th Division position! Hit hard! Send a message to the remaining troops! Tell them that the 16th Division has defected! They are German associates! "
Then the commander who reached the attack order once again grabbed the words and tried to contact General rokossovsky of the general headquarters, only to find that the line from the front line to the general headquarters was also cut off.
"Damn it! Damn it! What the hell happened today? Why is everything so evil? " Thumping the receiver in his hand on the table, the division commander of the 166th division bitterly scolded him. When he swore, a round of 122-mm artillery shells landed around his headquarters, and a piece of black soil was raised. Just now, he may not be sure that this time he really set the direction of these 122-mm artillery shells-it was the artillery position of the 16th division.
In the headquarters of rokossovsky near Stalingrad, he was looking shocked and listening to some officers report this information, which made the war-hardened general unbelievable.
He heard that some generals at the front had defected and had already shelled each other; He heard that some anti-aircraft gun positions stopped fighting back and let German paratroopers land safely on a large scale; He heard that a special train supporting the front line was bombed and attacked. This train was the Soviet Union’s own troops.
There are rumors everywhere. A military headquarters in the front line has lost its alliance, and even some troops have attacked their own people. The whole front line has become a mess, and there is no way to take effective measures to end this strange riot.
What makes rokossovsky laugh and cry even more is that many places have heard that the Soviet general rokossovsky has been killed and the Germans are about to surround Stalingrad-in some places, there are really German shadows. These German "forward troops" attack villages, killing people and setting fires everywhere, telling people that they are coming to Stalingrad.
"How did they do it?" If you can’t guess that all this is German mischief, rokossovsky can find a crooked neck tree to hang himself. He looked up and stared at the map and said to himself.
Chapter 9 Winning in Chaos
"Drop height! Play the skydiving indicator to let the people behind prepare for skydiving! " A German pilot in the cockpit said to his co-pilot
The co-pilot beside him immediately nodded, and then stretched out his hand to turn the overhead plane from the closed position to the playing position. The plane kept bumping and shining, and outside the driving glass, you could see the dense German planes flying in the sky.
This is because they rarely perform general health in broad daylight except for training, which reduces paratroopers’ casualties. Most of the time, they fly at night. This time, they are bold and healthy during the day, which is somewhat unexpected.
However, from the very beginning, it was very unexpected. For example, in broad daylight, they did not encounter large-scale shelling after they crossed the actual control line of the Soviet and German armies.
"Prepare for skydiving!" Seeing that the indicator light has turned green, the plane cabin is waiting for this moment. German paratroopers battalion commander Borrell woke up his hands. They are now the best paratroopers in the world, with the world’s richest health experience and ground combat experience.
At night, they can get together in the shortest time, not to mention it’s so bright during the day. The cabin door is pulled by Borrell’s hand, and the cold wind is poured into the cabin from the outside. Everyone can’t help but squint their eyes and check that the parachute equipment is finished, shouting one after another.
"all right! Gentlemen! No matter what happened last night, it’s our turn now! " Borl took a look at his hands and didn’t deliberately raise his voice. After that, he patted Donna on the shoulder and hung his parachute hook on the fixed rod of the aircraft cabin.
"Damanhur!" When jumping out of the cabin, Bourroul shouted the slogan of paratroopers, which was their saddest place and the place where they experienced the fire test and became demons. Now this place is their belief and their general will to inherit steel.
Then he saw the whole day and saw the number of people jumping out of the plane and being pulled by parachutes. What made him even more excited was that he saw a huge glider hanging from a paratrooper chariot rushing to a distant place. This spectacular sight is really rare at ordinary times.
Two escort FW-19D fighter jets swooped down at a normalized Soviet anti-aircraft gun, and the fire-tight shells hit the anti-aircraft gun position with white smoke, which eventually dispersed, and it became a pile of scrap iron and corpses lying in ruins.
What shocked Bourroul even more was that a new type of helicopter was hovering around the battlefield, saying that it was new. It might be a bit excessive because it was an improved Odin helicopter at first glance, but this kind of aircraft was more powerful than Odin’s firepower, with rocket launching slots on both sides and two large-caliber machine guns on the nose. The whole plane was like a flying gunboat, carrying ammunition everywhere in the battlefield.
These planes are hiding in all directions. It seems that they have just swept the whole area. Now German paratroopers are dropping them, but they have escaped safely, but still left a few circling trees.
It seems that the main reason for suppressing the ground is that these planes have made great contributions to ensuring that there will be no heavy casualties during the paratroopers’ descent. This time, the Germans have really saved blood, not only the special forces, but also produced a set of classic special forces assault tactics from later generations.
Just concealed the ground, the colored smoke bombs of German special forces indicated the target of attack. First, the Stuka-2 attack aircraft carried out a large-scale attack, and then the helicopters were fixed to eliminate it. The whole process cost the Germans 14 Stuka-2 attack aircraft, and 17 helicopters were shot down before the Soviet anti-aircraft gun position near the German landing zone was cleared.
If the German special forces, who were responsible for clearing the positions of Soviet anti-aircraft guns, had not killed some positions of large-caliber anti-aircraft guns last night, the German attacks and attacks today would have paid a heavier price.
In order to speed up the deployment of paratroopers, the Germans used a large number of gliders, including some big ones that could take three soldiers. These gliders were put on the battlefield before the paratroopers, and now a defensive position has been established on the ground. General Studente, the paratroopers commander, hoped to make the battlefield more chaotic because he felt that his soldiers were more suitable for the chaotic fighting state than the enemy, so he did the same thing again, playing tricks in Holland and Belgium.
He threw a large number of dummies with burning devices and threw them to the periphery of the battlefield. These dummies had the same effect as in those years. They caused a lot of confusion and made the Soviets overestimate the scale of reduction. At one time, the Soviets rumored that the Germans had occupied Stalingrad and burned almost half of the Caucasus by fire.
The extremely chaotic scene also caused the Germans a lot of trouble. Two paratroopers just hit a helicopter propeller because of the wind direction. The cruel picture frightened all the paratroopers who saw this scene. A plane crashed and seven people died. This accident made the Germans reach the no-landing zone, and even Studente submitted the matter in detail.
The German side was in chaos because of the cooperation of multiple arms, and the Soviet army was also in chaos because of various kinds of chaos created by people. They didn’t know what the Germans were doing, and they didn’t even get the exact size report of the German paratroopers because of communication confusion and mutual suspicion.
Many barracks and rear reserve areas were destroyed by attack planes and helicopters guided by special forces, but the rest were hard to organize, but the German paratroopers’ assault collapsed again. These "temporary workers" of the Soviet Red Army in the rear sent an alarm to delay the attack of some German paratroopers. It is purely self-deception to expect them to do something.
These Soviet second-line troops finally fought back, only to find that German paratroopers were everywhere in all directions. The telephone line was cut off, and the channel was full of German troops reporting that the main forces had attacked each other in a mess, and they were unable to take care of the paratroopers behind them. Everyone knew what the situation was.