"Ah, ha, ha, ha, I haven’t warmed up for a long time to see my brother kill him, little girl, so you just follow me." Say that finish, Zhao Tianyou rushed out like a meteor and rushed into the dragon teeth army group to see broken bones flying around like a meat grinder, but it’s not meat but bones.

Looking behind him, I am still stunned by Chen Xi. "Girl, don’t be stunned with a brother!" To return to stupidly, Chen Xi recovered from Zhao Tianyou’s fighting posture. "Oh ~ ~ Oh ~ ~ Here comes ~ ~" In this way, Zhao Tianyou Road girl looked at the raging double swords a few steps later, and the cold mountain was captured by naked eyes, and the dragon teeth soldiers were cut off continuously. If they approached two people for more than ten meters, they would be cut off by invisible double swords. No matter whether you jumped from heaven and earth or left and right, any enemy who wanted to get close to them was killed.
"Zhao Tianyou appeared from time to time, and the girl’s side struck the dragon teeth soldiers to clear the crisis. There was an instant ahead. Looking at the battle and smiling, Zhao Tianyou Chen Xi felt for the first time that the man in front of him was not only an otaku but also a true hero. The battlefield fighting posture fascinated Chen Xi. It is good to walk silently with him. He doesn’t need to worry about anything. He will guard you with double swords in his hands. That’s how Chen Xi feels at this time.
Before you know it, you’re almost at the center of the destination city, and the dragon teeth soldiers have receded. I don’t know how many dragon teeth soldiers have been killed, 12 thousand or more
"That you all right? Is it really possible for me to add magic to you and fight like this? " Chen Xixian is very worried. After all, he is almost a little weak with ordinary people.
"You don’t worry about your brother, but you can reply to the magic brother yourself, but the real man in the spirit is hahaha." Chen Xi can see that Zhao Tianyou seems to be very worried at this time, which means that Chen Xi, a fighting madman, did not think of it.
"Little rabbit cub Hugh rampant whoa! In the ban again! " A figure stopped Zhao Tianyou and Chen Xi in front. "Who is this idiot? Do you know the girl? Are you an acquaintance? " Zhao Tianyou turned to ask Chen Xi Chen Xi behind him and shook his head. "I don’t know him either, but he seems to say that he is forbidden."
"Bath towel? What do you do with slippers and soap? " Zhao Tianyou looked at the bath towel with a bright eye (Yu Jin)
I am forbidden to poof! A 40-year-old spit out "you big ye, you are the bath towel! Your house is full of bath towels, soap and slippers!
Chapter 9
Zhao Tianyou’s face is already dark at this time "you shameless bath towel! How dare you curse! Brother is not a man until he cleans up today! “
Zhao Tianyou figure flash double sword instantaneous cut to the eyes of the forbidden "I gather together" in the forbidden frighten hurriedly posture defense it’s a pity that it’s too late to a cover in the forbidden was hit fly at this time is located in a dozen meters away in the forbidden got up a little embarrassed but didn’t suffer any injuries.
"Who the hell are you? You should not be a famous person, and you are also a hero with two swords. Few people say who you are?" Yu Jin got up and magic restored the injury.
"I am your big ye! Yeah, that’s right. It’s your uncle to me! " Zhao Tianyou gave a serious answer to Yu Ban, saying, "Little rabbit is ok, you wait for the old one to maim you later." Yu Ban has been so angry that this generation, including Cheng Yingling, has never seen such a person. "I’ll beat you up later." Zhao Tianyou also replied.
Yu Jin has a black face and flashed a guy to pose and see Yu Jin unveiling his pike. "Wei Guo is good at Yu Jin." Zhao Tianyou doesn’t say much about gesturing his finger at Yu Jin. "Come on, bath towel" Yu Jin pike picked and instantly played a dozen fireworks. "Small, this is your own death. Don’t blame me." The voice just fell off the gun and Mang has reached "Bang Bang Bang Bang". In the blink of an eye, the number of people is ten, and they attacked Zhao Tianyou like a poisonous snake.
"I didn’t expect this method to be good, but it’s still not enough." Zhao Tianyou thought to himself that after a block, he took a look at the posture and introduced the heroic spirit to the forbidden property, such as:
Name Yu Jin
Tendon force d
Endurance E+
Agile c
Magic d
Xingyun E+
Bao ju yi hei snake gun D+
Bao ju er Fang Jian D+
Two-star spirit star
"Sure enough, the gunner is lucky. Even if you know the sword, you can’t get rid of this stalk. Go to the bath towel with peace of mind!" Zhao Tianyou seems to regret it.
In the forbidden still don’t talk to see at this time in the hands of the forbidden will pike flat your gun to Zhao Tianyou himself instructed bust crouching seems to be to liberate treasures.
"You this is a ghost into the village? I am drunk this modelling! ! !” Zhao Tianyou’s forehead is really empty. This treasure has a liberating posture. Are you a shrine? Would you please tease me?
I just don’t talk. Letting Bao ju kill you can solve my heart. I hate making you mean. "Black snake gun is dark and poisonous." As Bao ju’s real name is released in the forbidden treasure, black poison curses around the black snake gun. An air pressure makes Zhao Tianyou’s body heavy. "Does it curse people’s treasures? It’s a bit interesting to prevent the enemy from escaping because of its magic. "Zhao Tianyou looked at Yu Ban and launched a treasure to attack himself. Looking at the man in front of him, he didn’t seem to have any evasive meaning or put on a defensive posture." This blow from the size will send you back to Yinglingtang. "The black snake gun stabbed Zhao Tianyou in the chest
"Double Star Chop" Zhao Tianyou released his sword trick when the forbidden gun tip hit his chest position. At the same time, with the constant emergence of countless slashes, he chopped himself. The black snake gun rushed to eliminate the dust, flying everywhere, and the buildings around him were covered with sword marks. Finally, in the eyes of the forbidden surprise, his treasure was slowly destroyed. Finally, several slashes were cut to his body, and he flew far away from the forbidden. He still didn’t recover from the surprise just now. "Double Star Chop? This move is that you are an unyielding brave warrior and Zhao Tianyou. "At this time, you are forbidden to sit on the ground and have no idea that you are pointing at Zhao Tianyou.
"Bingo is right, but there is no reward!" Zhao Tianyou will double sword shoulder leisurely answer this to ban "your sister! I don’t play anymore and I have to go home! Always go back to the throne! When I met this malefic, I was really unlucky! Meowed ~ ~ ~ "At this time, Yu Jinhao sat down with his hands beating his chest and crying.
"Hey! You are somehow the five heroes of Wei, which is also too vivid. "Zhao Tianyou has been trying to spit out Zhao Tianyou’s plan to ban him in the past. At this time, he revealed a trick and succeeded in laughing.
"ah!" With a cry, Zhao Tianyou suddenly turned back and found a black shadow attacking Chen Xi. Like flint, Zhao Tianyou threw his double swords at the black shadow. Nai knew that even if the attack was successful, he would die. The black shadow retreated and pulled away. He also wanted to take the opportunity to sneak a look at the situation and gave up.
At this time, Zhao Tianyou came to Chen Xi to take back the double swords. "Oh, hey, this guy, you played well. You planned to fool me by acting, and secretly tried to kill my royal master." Zhao Tianyou applauded.
"It’s worthy to be Zhao Tianyou, an indomitable warrior like a beast, or should I ask you to kill blood?" As the voice fell, a female ghost appeared in public view.
Jade snow skin, hibiscus looks like a natural standard gold armor, brilliant scales, silver infiltration, red forehead, jade hands, slender hands, double swords, heroes, eyes and eyes, ten thousand kinds of enchanting eyes can be picked up, but these words can form the woman in front of you (have you guessed who she is? Look)
Feng Touxie, a charming girl with a cloud on her temples, stepped on the stirrup.
Gold solid armor lined with red yarn lion man belt waist end span
Frost knife slashes the jade fiber of the male soldier and takes it from the fierce soldier.
Natural beauty begonia flowers take the lead.
A woman named herself as "One Hundred Heroes in Liangshan, One Zhang Qing Hu San Niang"
Yingling introduced
Name Hu Sanniang
Jinli E+
Endurance e
Agile d
Magic d
Lucky d
Treasure with double knives? ? ? Red brocade lasso? ? ?
Two-star spirit star
"I’ll go! See the beauty, Haosen! " Zhao Tianyou a face of pig elder brother like "I want to know what will you here? What are you going to do to us? " Zhao Tianyou seems to want to make sure of something.
"We don’t know! We know that anyone who approaches evil holes will be killed! " Tenure San Niang coldly said, "your sister! This is unscientific. You are all located in the seat of God. How can the spirit be controlled by that evil hole here? " Zhao Tianyou couldn’t figure out, "Can’t the seat of the Spirit make people black?" Zhao Tianyou clapped his hands and seemed to think that this might be too much for you.
Chapter 10
"No matter if you can’t go to the evil hole! Even if you beat the two of us, the adult behind you will, after all, make moves. Even you won’t be the adult’s opponent. "When Yu Jin said this sentence, you can feel Yu Jin’s deep fear of the mysterious man.
"No matter what, I will lead my little girl there."
Yu Jin wanted San Niang to look at each other. "In this case, I have long wanted to fight with you. You are among the strongest people in the Three Kingdoms." Yu Jin took the black snake gun and held the gun. The veins stood out suddenly and violently in his arms to prepare for the first world war.
Chen Xi, the "strongest person in the Three Kingdoms", didn’t expect that he summoned the spirit to be such a powerful person.
Tenure "three niang this is my fight in the ban! Please stay out of it. I want my gun and sword to beat him! " In the forbidden rushed this wanted three niang shouted.
"good! No matter what you say, I won’t do it and I won’t do it to that girl. We Liangshan people keep our word! " Hu Sanniang also wants to see this duel between the spirits of the Three Kingdoms.
"Five Liang generals of Wei will be banned from participating in weapons. Shuang Bao has a black snake gun and a fangs sword!" Yu Jin’s body slightly flexed and his gun pointed to the front, and he once again reported his name and the names of two treasures! For Yu Jin, I want to play a fair game now.
Unexpectedly, Zhao Tianyou didn’t get sick, but looked serious and said, "Shu is unyielding and brave, and Zhao Tianyou has a powerful move!" It’s essential to have respect for a respectable opponent.
Yu Jin raised a smile and was recognized and respected by his opponent. This is very worrying. He is a fighter and a famous soldier. Although he was in danger during his lifetime, it will not affect himself. At this time, the two of them are at war!
At this time, when Yu Ban moved, he held a gun at Yu Ban’s point and ran to Zhao Tianyou on the S-line route, shaking his spear like a poisonous snake.
"It seems a little interesting." Zhao Tianyou’s eyes felt that it was dangerous to ban the spear head. Zhao Tianyou took the afternoon mandarin duck sword to his chest. This is the first shot of your gun and went straight to the throat.
Looking at the unhappy spear, Zhao Tianyou tilted his head to avoid this shot, but at this time, he avoided the spear, changed his trajectory and passed by the neck. I didn’t expect that Yu Jin’s right hand suddenly shook a few times, and the spear head and the front section of the gun body of Yu Jin’s black snake gun had an incredible angle to bend over and lock Zhao Tianyou’s neck.
"Magnetic" in the forbidden spear failed to pierce Zhao Tianyou’s neck and left a small mouth, so Zhao Tianyou’s double sword blocked Zhao Tianyou’s neck wound and felt a poisonous spell. Zhao Tianyou felt his body getting heavier and his mind was in a trance, and his reaction slowed down. At this time, he took advantage of the forbidden opportunity to increase his strength, and his hands were the fastest, the most hateful and the most sharp angle.
"Dangdang Dangdang" sword gun fierce confrontation Although Zhao Tianyou received the curse of the black snake gun, the influence was still not weak. The wind continued to attack and defend the body, and the injuries continued to appear. The magic has come and gone, and the injuries have not recovered. The two people have come and gone, and the road has split and the offensive has not diminished.
Beside watching Chen Xi and Hu Sanniang held their breath, or they forgot to breathe because of a battle.
At this time, Zhao Tianyou hit the black snake gun in the forbidden hand. "That’s it, Yu Wenzhe. I’ll let you go back to Yingling Hall! Shuangliu star chop "
Yu Jin summoned the fangs sword and struck again. "I gave you this sentence intact, Zhao Tianyou! The fangs flash! " Bao ju released light and flashed through the center of the two men’s engagement. When Bao ju attacked, it produced an explosion with a diameter of several hundred meters and the dust was flying.
As the smoke dispersed in a huge pit of several tens of meters, Zhao Tianyou’s left hand and right hand stabbed the sword in the forbidden place, and Zhao Tianyou drew out the right hand sword "poof", and a stream of blood gushed out from the forbidden place, spitting blood and slowly hanging his head.
"Yu Wenze, you are very good. Let’s get together again at Yingling Hall!" Zhao Tianyou slowly turned to Chen Xi in the forbidden body slowly dissipate at this time "! It was a great battle! I also have to fight for World War I one day. Haha ~ ~ "Slowly, the sound disappeared in the ban.