Li Xiaosong said, "I have taught myself a little about law. I can make contracts."

Xu laughed, "Very good, the sooner the better."
So Li Xiaosong printed the contract and added terms next to everyone.
Because the annual salary is 350 million, most of the terms are customized, and Xu Shi is a boss. There are very few customized terms, which makes everyone feel even more unbelievable.
The foreigner’s tone is simply to apply for them to be slaves. How can it be like spending money to support them?
However, after the contract is printed, everyone signs it and presses the handprint, Xu can take out his mobile phone directly.
Because it is really high-level transferable, it needs to be confirmed by the guest manager.
A minute later, a series of text messages woke up, making people’s hearts beat violently.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four The breeze Zhai
When seven people saw their mobile phone text messages, their eyes widened instantly.
Everyone has seen the money, everyone has seen the balance figures in the bank card, but these seven people never thought that their bank card balance figures would be like this one day.
Except Hongshanjin, the other six heads are all 5, and the balance figures are all digits before the decimal point!
Numbers. What does this mean?
This means that there is an instant extra 50 million in their bank card!
Is this the concept of equality?
Although there is a family of 120 million in Hongshan Gold Card, although it is also very rich, there is still a father in the family. That is his father’s property, and it is not his place yet. There has never been more than 50 million in his card.
But now his bank card has exceeded 50 million.
This is something that Hongshan Jin did not think of.
Hongshan Jin was suddenly excited because he found that he could make money, too.
My father has never supported him to do science, hoping that he can inherit the huge gold, silver and jewelry empire left by his father a hundred years later, and he has never been able to prove his ability to his father, but now …
He can clap his chest to assure his father that science can make money.
I can make money!
I can not only make money, but also make a lot of money!
I can not only make a lot of money, but also be a great scientist!
I can still go down in history.
The thought of Hongshan Gold here made me tremble with excitement.
Seven people are shaking up now.
As the blade said, they never treat money like dirt, and they were equally excited when 50 million appeared in their account.
They are looking at Xu excitedly at the moment, as if to strip all the clothes and eat them.
They found Xu really a likable guy.
Perilla also shocked than aside.
Although Xu said that he would need an annual salary of 350 million yuan to recruit this team, she always denied that this was true because he probably wanted the East China Sea Seven Monsters to help him finish what he wanted to do.
But it was not until now that Bai Su realized that Xu was really rich!
Xu was able to wave before three point five hundred million these seven guys.
Everyone knows that these seven guys make a profit by short-term root method.
And 3.5 billion is not a joke. Maybe this 3.5 billion is likely to be lost.
Where on earth did this guy get so much money?
Where on earth did he get such great courage?
Perilla is more and more curious about Xu Shi.
This man is full of mystery everywhere, as if even his toes are mysterious.
He has a lazy smile on his face, which is warm and reassuring, and it is like falling into a mysterious bottom hole
Xu xian also laughs.
Xu Xiao is because he calculated the loopholes in the system.
If he used the money to hire several famous scientific experts from a company, then this 350 million can be counted as spending 350 million, but he hasn’t hired a company yet, and he is also a few unknown monsters, and these monsters haven’t been given to other factories yet. He spent this 350 million equivalent to losing 350 million.
Xu lost another five hundred million dollars, and he can start the shopping mall. He has been walking on the road of losing his family. Now he has lost three point five hundred million dollars, and the distance from the goal is getting closer and closer. Now there are one point five hundred million dollars left.
Xu can’t wait to know what’s inside the defeated mall, because he is now very dangerous and has a lot of crash skills. Before Gu Wu, he could rely on limited props to defend himself.
After all, there are too many rivals.
Xu No.1 adversary is, of course, the mysterious family that hindered his Xia Bingqing’s love for Beijing.
Xu No.2 is the international terrorist organization, the devil mantis. After all, it was solved by him. That organization will get the news sooner or later, and Xu will inevitably become the target they want to kill.
Xu No.3 adversary is the East China Sea City Flame Organization.
Xu felt a little surprised when he faced the old flame seven. What about the old flame six and the old flame five?
Xu is very clear that it is very likely that he will be finished when he is facing the third flame. Worse still, there are the second flame and the big BOSS.
None of these three rivals can afford to provoke now.
Xu must open the defeated mall as soon as possible, and he hopes that the defeated mall will bring him surprises.
And these three adversaries are Xu’s biggest three, and I don’t know how many adversaries there are in secret.
Those adversaries are all met in daily life, such as Zhu Zhiyuan and others, such as his humiliated cousin Xu Ruying and others, such as narrow-minded Dr. Zou, such as the member who was kicked by him to fly to wild one …
People can’t live in this world without enemies.
What he has to do now is to improve himself, which is why he behaves so like an outbreak.
"Now you finally believe me?"
Xu laughed.
A few people have become a little embarrassed expression.
Of course, this also represents their meaning.
Xu said, "But I have to arrange one of you first in the early stage of the company’s establishment."
Eating people is soft-spoken and short-handed
Now several people have become full of energy.
Xu said with a smile, "Because in the future, which company will be run by you, I still prefer to be the shopkeeper of cutting. I will give you the address of this company to choose, and the construction team will be given to you to find the decoration company, and you will also come to us. What we need to do is speed, quality and money, not the problem."
Even the company is in our hands?
Seven people feel shortness of breath has become some.
What they want most is to meet a boss, but they didn’t expect to meet the boss to this point today.
They are almost embarrassed.
See a few people are a little ashamed to answer Xu Bai. They immediately laughed. "Well, this matter is done. Don’t refuse. Trust me, your ability is greater than your imagination. I have given you enough letters. I hope you can give me enough feedback."
Xu didn’t say anything about the boss’s speech, but instead of being rude, he also said that they were talking.
They like this conversation, so do they, boss.
Even Hongshanjin has admired Xu to the extreme.
Maybe they didn’t stay for dinner. Maybe there are things to do.