Even if the 33-year-old Su Yonglin is not as energetic as the 23-year-old himself, the 33-year-old Su Yonglin is far more experienced and capable as a handler than the 23-year-old himself.

Su Yonglin needs to distribute these energies and abilities evenly in the whole process of decision-making and implementation.
He needs to arrange a list of departments of civil affairs, finance, justice, diplomacy, military affairs, science and technology, etc. He is so busy that he is tired of illness at last.
It is difficult for him to lead the country with absolute power from beginning to end.
Such talents are hard to meet in a thousand years.
Now Su Yonglin’s assignment to himself is the final policy veto for military and R&D workers.
He is super capable of handling about one-sixth of the original workload, which is equivalent to the world’s strongest 100-meter flying man participating in the 100-meter race league for high school students.
Highlight a relaxed hanging field
Compared with the rest of the nine-member decision-making group, he felt unprecedented pressure.
Originally, this country was actually an imperial emperor, and Su Yonglin mastered the Ministry and actually assumed the responsibility of carrying the pot on his back to protect others from the wind and rain.
Officials of other departments need Su Yonglin to make decisions and do specific things regardless of their status.
Su Yonglin is a good leader. When there is a problem, he will first blame himself. People who make mistakes in the Ministry are often more disciplinary than disciplinary measures.
Now, it is up to them to decide and be responsible from the problem generation to the discussion to the decision-making to the specific implementation department.
They need this responsibility and no one can help them.
Only then did they find that these things, which used to be Su Yonglin’s one-sixth workload, suddenly overwhelmed them.
Tian Jue, who is the best among several people and has the strongest pressure resistance, has only finished three-fifths of his own work.
Everyone else has almost finished half of the work, and there is still a lot of work to be done. It’s dark, the sun and the moon are all Su Yonglin.
In this tense moment, they just keep making some low-level mistakes, which makes everyone more busy.
What number is wrong, what noun is wrong, and what is wrong?
Then there was a flurry.
So they couldn’t help sighing what kind of work monster Su Yonglin was.
So complicated, heavy work and heavy pressure were shouldered by one shoulder. In the past eleven years, I was disconnected once and rarely made mistakes. I took the big country through the ghost gate several times and built a huge empire.
Oh, my God. It’s really a god. It’s a god.
This is really more different from people and pigs.
While sighing, they crustily skin of head threw themselves into heavier work and continued to deal with the seemingly endless politics.
Chapter 1527 Internal heat is so big, be careful not to hurt yourself.
Su Yonglin was completely idle after finishing the work here.
He went back to the palace to rest for a few days, eating, drinking and reading, and it was nothing to do every day. He even helped Zhao Xirui to take care of children.
While teaching children to read Chinese characters, he took out his long-neglected exercise plan to exercise and rebuild his strong body and perfect figure.
During that time, even Su Zeying, the eldest son who had just finished his primary school degree and was preparing to sprint for a higher degree, was busier than him.
He is not used to living like this. After more than ten years of hard work, he can’t change his habit in just a few days. After a period of leisure, he really can’t hold back, so he runs around.
The first thing to go is definitely the R&D department of the Ministry of Industry.
In the R&D department, Su Yonglin watched the technical workers improve the steam drainage machine according to the news from Datong Coal Mine, and watched the technical workers sum up all kinds of theoretical knowledge and tried to deduce some important scientific laws based on these theoretical knowledge.
Su Yonglin doesn’t really remember these physical and chemical things clearly, but he also remembers gravity and Newton’s first and second laws, which are of little help to the technical workers at present.
But he did his best to tell them what he could remember, hoping that they could find some solutions to their current problems from the products accumulated by the inspiration and sweat of these geniuses.
Su Yonglin, who has forgotten or doesn’t know anything at all, can also do whatever he can, and he has not stinted in investing money in them, so that they can not worry about their own brains.
At the same time, adhering to the idea that the people are the root force to promote historical progress, Su Yonglin also issued a letter of encouragement to the Chinese people from the beginning of the first month of the twelfth year of Hongwu.
He announced that the types of hair creation can be rewarded, and so on, with rich material rewards and spiritual rewards, and vigorously mobilized the people’s brains, hoping to find a real grassroots king like Edison from the vast sea of people.
At present, the foundation of science and engineering in China is still weak, and it is still of great significance for grassroots to become a king. They can create a new discipline with any inspiration or creativity for the imperial science and engineering school to study for a long time.
Everything is created without rules, identity, bondage and results.
What Su Yonglin can do is to wait and then become the "golden father" behind all the creators with strong financial resources, and create the best environment for them so that all geniuses can live up to their expectations and give full play to their talents.
After visiting the Ministry of Industry, Su Yonglin wandered around.
He went to see the situation of Tian Jue.
Tian Jue is in charge of the Douchayuan and the daily operation of the Renaissance Association. Although he has many hands, many things need him to decide and take responsibility. The pressure is much greater.
When Su Yonglin went to Duchayuan for a stroll, he saw Tian Jue’s face flushed and scolded a department for accusing it of making a mistake, so that everyone should spend more time cleaning his ass.
The young official of Douchayuan was scolded and depressed, and he was very depressed without saying a word.
Because Tian Jue was so angry, all the officials in Douchayuan bowed their heads and looked bad. The whole scene was quite depressing.
Su Yonglin quickly stopped Tian Xuan before seeing this scene.
"Chairman? Why are you here? "
"Everything is done. Let’s see what’s going on here."
Su Yonglin walked over and patted Tian Jue. "Be careful not to hurt yourself when you are so angry."
"I’m not … not this thing is mainly he … he …"
Tian Jue’s constipation expression with a face of anger and I don’t know where to tilt provoked Su Yonglin to laugh.
"Good good deal with politicians is calm is angry? In most cases, getting angry can make things worse. When I get angry, I say it’s time for a rectification movement. "
Listen to Su Yonglin’s warm language and utter horrible words. Looking at his expression, it seems that this is a cold joke, so Tian Jue’s heart is well-deserved, and a cool breeze blows through his heart, so he is so light and dissipated.
So he pulled a smile that was uglier than crying and said, "You’re exaggerating …"
Su Yonglin ha ha a smile
"Come on, don’t get angry. Dealing with the problem when you get angry is enough for you to do one more thing. If the Ministry makes a mistake, you won’t be punished by law."
"White …"
Tian Jue turned off the fire.
Su Yonglin turned and looked at the grateful young official, then stretched out his hand and patted the young official on the shoulder and smiled.
"Go to work. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, and I will know that mistakes can improve a lot."
"Chairman …"
The young official’s eyes turned red, and big tears fell away. Then he took a sniff and wiped his eyes, saluted Su Yonglin, and left Douchayuan to handle affairs.
Get up as soon as you have a head start.
After calming down the situation, Su Yonglin pulled Tian Jue out of his mental state and said he wanted to take a walk with him.
Tian Jue refused to say that she had a lot of things to do, and Su Yonglin dragged him out for a walk.
"I remember that you have always been calm and wise, whether you belong or whether your colleagues are calm and indifferent to you. How has it changed now?"
Tian Jue smell speech a sigh followed by a wry smile.
"Chairman, I never hide anything from you. To be honest, I was very excited when you decided to set up a nine-member decision-making group. I was very excited when you were calm. I was very excited when you pretended to be practical.
But until now, I didn’t realize that I was a little too early to be happy. I just felt great pressure when I was given such a part of the work to deal with, and I hit my head all at once.
When dealing with things these days, I sometimes get the illusion that some things need to be asked for instructions from you before I deal with them several times. I got up with the documents and walked to the door before suddenly remembering that this is my job. "
Chapter 152 Tian Jue no longer anxious
Su Yonglin is not surprised that Tian Jue is honest.
Rather, it is really strange not to feel this way.
Besides Tian Xuan, several of him should be the same.
Su Yonglin looked at Tian Jue and smiling.
Tian Jue nodding.