Although the old river boy’s beard is white, he walks very steadily, even the clear water in the groove of his head is motionless, while the clear water is still a little swaying when the former three young river boys walk.

I know this is the performance of the river boy’s strength. The stronger the river boy is, the better he can control the clear water in his head. From this point, it is not difficult to imagine why three young river boys will behave in front of the old river boy.
The old river boy was so fast that he almost reached me in the blink of an eye. He leaned out his head and stirred up his nose like the three young river boys. Soon he smelled my smell and his face showed a ferocious expression. The difference was that he didn’t go backwards like the former three river boys after smelling my smell.
Well, he seems to have a fear of the leaves, although his performance is not as strong as that of the three young people, but he has never dared to roar in front of the cave
Seeing this, I have almost confirmed that all this is because I have two leaves in my hand, and my heart is restless. Many people want me to have something to restrain the river boy, so I still have a chance to escape.
Take out a leaf and tentatively push it forward. The white-bearded river boy really shouted and stepped back and stamped his feet.
It’s a good idea to see me. I’m finally relieved, but I still can’t be careless. Who can tell? Didn’t the former silver python still pretend to be dead to cheat the black master?
I know that I can’t wait any longer and I have to retreat into the cave before I can find a way out. I will hold that strange leaf high above my head and I will slowly lie down and prepare to retreat into the cave like this.
At this moment, the old river boy seems to have discovered my move, raised the single hair in his hand and poked it at me, so I was alert and suddenly retreated to hide the stick.
As soon as that stick was inserted into the face of the stone I just saw, the stone was directly inserted into a big hole about three or four centimeters deep by that stick like a piece of tofu.
I looked at the hole in the stone in front of me and I couldn’t help shivering. What would happen if this stick poked me? I feel numb when I think about it
This hole * * Homo habilis is smaller than people by more than one time. Of course, it can also come in, but it is impossible to wave the stick in its hand without fear when it comes in.
I now believe that the river boy is afraid of the leaves in my hand, but I also know that the stick in his hand is not afraid of this strange leaf.
I can be beaten passively outside. If I am not careful, I will definitely be hit by a river boy’s stick. I have to climb into the cave before I can settle down.
I drove the river boy back a few steps with a fan outside the leaf in my hand, and then I took this opportunity to suddenly retreat.
Chapter 167 Hunter’s prey
The cave is very crowded, the height is not more than 60 centimeters, and the width is almost the same. If I hadn’t practiced this skill and special physique since I was a child, it would be really difficult to crawl. If I were a big one like Batu, I would definitely be unable to move.
Sure enough, as I expected, after seeing me retreat into the cave, the river boy did not intend to let me go, but led by the old river boy, who went into the cave one after another and was very alert and chased me.
It’s not impossible for a river boy to walk in the cave because of his short stature, but it’s not easy to wave the stick that is close to one meter in his hand. He can poke it directly in front of wait for a while, but the power doubt is much smaller. Plus, the cave is not full of raised stones, and it’s not that simple to poke it.
And I have to drive them away with that leaf every few steps back, so it’s not easy for them to walk
Every time I walk with my hand waving, the old river boy at the front will retreat, but the road behind me is blocked by three young river boys, making them cry.
I don’t know what this leaf is in my hand, but now I have regarded it as my life-saving charm. Because if I had this leaf, the river boy wouldn’t dare to rush. If it weren’t for this leaf, I would have become a river boy’s food. I am very glad that I picked two leaves at that time.
In this way, I played against Sihetong in this narrow passage for almost ten minutes, and I also stepped back for about 100 meters.
Suddenly, I felt my body, and then a cool breeze blew through my heart. After driving the river children away again, I looked back and found that the original narrow passage behind me had disappeared, but it had become a cave with a height of four or five meters and a width of one meter.
In the small cave, I still have an advantage in dealing with the river boy, but if I get bigger, my advantage will not be over.
I’m a river boy, but I’m four. Although they are very afraid of the leaves in my hand, if they surround me and attack me from four directions at the same time, I’ll be unable to compete with four hands with both fists. I believe that if I want to destroy the leaves in my hand, the four river boys will definitely dismember me and eat me immediately.
River children are a greedy species, and they will never give up their food, and once they find it, it is difficult to get rid of it because they are between creatures and objects. They have the ability to track their prey thousands of miles away. What is even more frightening is that they are not afraid of the sun. Although their defense is not as abnormal as that of silver pythons, they don’t know how powerful they are compared with silver pythons in strength and speed.
That is to say, once they stare at it, it is difficult to get out, and even if they return to the ground, they may chase it.
However, in general, the reason why things rarely happen on the banks of rivers and children is that they are too cunning. They know that human beings are powerful almost as well as mandrills, but they dare not go to human society openly. They know that human weapons can easily harm their food supply. Who would want to take the risk?
Now that I have become their prey, they will never let me go easily if possible. I am now in an extremely dangerous moment.
And once I retreat to the open place, their chance will come, and my end will come.
I kept waving my leaves and looking around, hoping to find a better way. I searched carefully and finally found one thing, that is, this open cave is not long, it is only more than ten meters. After that, the cave becomes as narrow as it is now.
That is to say, if I can get through this distance of more than ten meters, things will not be as bad as I thought. It is simple to say, but it is actually very difficult. The river boy is almost pressing for me. This distance of more than ten meters is simply a natural barrier for me now, no matter how hard I try, I can step over it.
River children are really smart things. When they see me, they keep standing still and waving their leaves. They probably guessed that I am now in a situation where I am no longer afraid. I will poke the bachelor from time to time more than one meter away from me.
It’s a rugged rock. I blocked its stick, but I’m not happy at all because I know I’ll still be in danger if I return it to the cave.
Just when I was anxious, something that made me extremely excited happened. The old river boy kept poking at me with his stick, but it was blocked by the protruding stones. It didn’t stop. Almost every time, he poked at the rock wall. The river boy had great strength. Some of the protruding stones were not very strong. The river boy directly poked the stones and collapsed. I was blocked by the collapsed stones after a distance with the river boy.
"God help me!" At this time, I can think so in my heart. Given this opportunity, I will never get up and run at the moment when the waves and rocks collapse.
More than ten meters away, I ran into that small cave in the blink of an eye. When I looked back, I found that the old river boy had broken through the rubble and was running towards me.
I cursed in my heart and turned my head again to prepare the leaves in my hand to deal with the river boy’s body and quickly receded into the cave.
This time, the three young river boys didn’t chase the old river boys through the rubble pile, and then the rubble pile slipped down again to seal the intersection.
Seeing this situation makes me happy, because it is much easier to deal with one river boy than three at the same time. Even if this old river boy is the strongest among them, I can deal with it by virtue of the terrain and strange leaves in my hands. If I find a way out, I will be safe.
However, things were not as beautiful as I expected. The old river boy chased me alone, and it became more flexible without the three young river boys standing in the way. On several occasions, I was almost stabbed by it.
This cave is so long that I don’t even know how long I’ve been dealing with the river children in it. At this time, how can I escape when I think about it? Where is the concept of time and distance?
There was a loud noise and the old river boy smashed a prominent stone again.
I took this opportunity to quickly retreat a little bit from the river boy, and I knew in my heart that it was all in vain. It won’t be long before the river boy will come back to this narrow place again, which occupies a congenital advantage. Even though I have been trained in this field since I was a child, it is simply a drop in the bucket compared with it.
"Mom, why are you so patient? Isn’t that big piece of snake meat enough for you? You have to chase after the old! It’s really unlucky! " Looking at the old river boy who is close to me again, I waved the leaves in my hand and spat at it, cursing loudly.
The old river boy seems to understand what I said, beating the surrounding rock wall with his stick, stomping his feet and making shrill and strange calls.
"If you can understand the old saying, get out of here or you won’t be able to run away if you want to!" Maybe it’s because I’ve been running away for too long, and I may have a little despair in my heart, and I’m not so afraid of this river boy anymore.
After listening to my words, the river boy paused a little, but soon it became more urgent and roared, and its feet and sticks became stronger.
"Mom can really understand the old saying?" I took a step back and said to myself.
If the old river boy can really understand me, he must have a high IQ, maybe it is just as he said, but I am even more dangerous if he has a high IQ.
Suddenly, I felt a cool breeze blowing behind me, with a hint of soil and vegetation fragrance, and at the same time, there was a faint sound of running water hitting the water surface
I’m glad that all this is a signal that I’m about to reach the ground. If I get to the ground, there will be many river boys in this cave. Although agile and powerful, the ground is dominated by us human beings after all. If I’m lucky, this river boy will pose almost no threat to me.
Thinking of this, I sped up and retreated back, and at the same time I was very alert to the old river boy.
I was a little desperate before, and I was not afraid of the old river boy, but now everything is different. Now I hope that if I were killed by the river boy at this time, it would be a great loss.
Once again, the cave withdrew for hundreds of kilometers and turned a corner along the cave, finally seeing the exit position.
But after seeing the exit, I was not happy, but I felt like crying, because this cave is indeed an exit and I can already see the original forest outside, but this exit is not as beautiful as I thought.
The cliff face of this cave is a river, and the water in front of it is not far from this cave. There is a cave next to it that flows out and hits the river.
I have made a visual observation that it is at least 40 to 50 meters away from the surface river, and the surface water should not be shallow, but I dare not jump now.
Because the surrounding scene tells me that it is still in the original forest, how can anyone haunt this original forest?
Now in the cave, I can still play against the river boy with my hands and leaves, and I can guarantee that I won’t be killed by the river boy, but if I jump, everything will be hard to say.
The river boy knows that it is an aquatic creature by its name. In water, it is more powerful than land, and water has always been our human weakness. Even if I hold this kind of water in my hand, I will never be its opponent.
If I dare to jump for less than a minute, I will definitely be killed by the river boy.
16 Chapter 16 Death? Health?
I feel desperate again, and I feel that I can’t walk this time. I have two choices before me, either jumping from here or going back, but no matter which one I choose, it will not have a good result, and the old river boy can’t let me go easily.
Although I still have two leaves in my hand, who knows how long these two leaves will last? When this leaf is no longer effective, the river boy will definitely come and tear me to pieces at the first time.
It’s not a good choice to jump from here, regardless of the height and whether I can master the balance. The water is the main battlefield of the river children, and I can still pull some distance from it with the leaves in my hand. If I don’t have all the advantages in the water, maybe I will be killed if I can’t even see it in the water.
After hesitating for a moment, I decided to wait here, pick up little wood blade, the black grandfather, and resist the leaves from the river boy to keep him at an safe distance from me.
Sitting in the cave and staring out, I hope that a miracle will appear and let me see the figure. If someone appears, I can call for help. When a large number of people arrive here, I will not be afraid of the river boy anymore.
But this time, God didn’t help me sit for three or four hours, and I never saw anything.
The sky in the east has slowly turned out a trace of a fish-belly grey, and it’s another day. After sitting here for so long, my stomach growled. When we started to count, we had something to eat early that day to look for Hiderigami, and we haven’t eaten for more than forty hours now.
Some things don’t want to be okay, and the more I think about it, the more I think about it. When I endure hunger, my body reacts, my limbs become strong, and my forehead slowly appears fine cold sweat.
I cried out in my heart that it was not good to know that I had no chance of survival until I dragged on like this.
The old river boy also seems to have to wait a little anxious. Two hands as small as monkeys are clutching the hair bachelor, constantly banging on some loose gravel around the surrounding rock cave. I am very alert and look at it. Holding the black master in his hand, wood blade’s strength is not increased a few minutes.