The square in front of the temple has been neatly arranged with a few pens, paper and ink.

Although the sun is hot, there is a circle of law to protect the whole square, and there is even a cool breeze to cool people’s minds.
Xia Huang stands behind the high-ranking officials in the main hall, and there is a big drum next to them, which is very eye-catching
The first time I saw the appearance of Xia Huang, Baiyun Tower, I couldn’t help but look at it. My eyes were really handsome and extraordinary.
All the students saluted and saw this year’s academic temperament. Xia Huang was very satisfied and replied, "Li!"
"The time limit for taking a seat is two hours …" A minister dequeued and read out the palace examination rules and commandments.
Scholars have been looking for cases for several times, and the Emperor Xia seems to be interested in it. "Now the country of Daxia is in a prosperous time. It is the responsibility of all of us to let Daxia continue its glory."
"palace examination’s policy has been printed on your desk. Before writing, the emperor had a saying that you should learn from each other."
"The question of today’s policy is not only that the emperor asks you, but also that the ministers ask each other on behalf of all the people."
Hearing this, I couldn’t help but feel heroic in my chest.
Suddenly Baiyun Tower got up before the case and bowed down again. All the students got up because of this infection.
This gift is sincere.
The Lord of the country deserves this gift.
Gaotai Xia Huangchang smiled and picked up the drumstick from one side, saying, "Your ambition to bang drums."
"Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.
As soon as the drums fell, the scholars took their seats and put pen to paper.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Writing
Just now, I chatted with three senior brothers and sisters in the hospital and said a few words about Baiyun Tower, and I felt this group of learning style briefly.
It’s even more important to look at the billowing and lucky light beam.
As the saying goes, literature is the first martial art, and the second martial art is full of poems and profound knowledge, and some of them are not sure about the depth of these studies.
At this time, where will Baiyun Tower be afraid to be the top scholar in high school or the ability to explore flowers to deal with palace examination’s policy?
The problem of spreading the book policy jumps into the eye, and hundreds of words describe the current summer situation in detail
The strategies asked are also how to treat and respond to the current situation.
Think carefully about Baiyun Tower, an article about the hidden line of the Terran mainline from Kyushu.
When you think highly of transparency, you have your own momentum.
When I put away the last stroke of Baiyun Tower and looked back, I couldn’t help but be shocked by this article.
All things are born to support people, and terran and all things have their own cycles, so they should depend on each other and transform together.
Terrans are the masters of everything, and they have the responsibility to take care of everything.
Summer is now prosperous, so we should take care of Kyushu spirits.
The so-called attendance is not to help the troops, but to guide the Kyushu people to live a peaceful life.
People are peaceful all the time. This is the idea of Baiyun Tower article.
When I put pen to paper, Baiyun Tower didn’t expect to receive it so much.
The writing is comfortable, profound and transparent, and the brushwork is full of true meaning.
Tianyantong’s article is ten percent self-angry, and a white gas comes out through the volume. Although there is no royal mirror to escape from the soul-splitting Baiyun Tower, you can feel that the fate on your head must have added a lot.
This palace examination is not allowed to leave before the volume is sealed. It is sensed that there is still an hour when Baiyun Tower simply uses the platform to get busy.
Through the powerful sub-divine power, I can hide my soul and walk through the palace examination field to observe all kinds of writing.
Sure enough, it’s the most talented group in the summer. Their ideas are different, and many novel ideas make Baiyun Tower feel amazed and carefree.
Most of the students finished their articles half an hour ago, and the Baiyun Tower immediately put away the soul knowledge and fled into the sea of memory to continue to watch.
These articles are excellent things for you to learn about current events and sharpen your mood.
A trance and a golden gong sound awakened Baiyun Tower from observation, and the palace examination poetry field ended
Several columns of imperial city guards entered the hall and came to the front of all the schools to seal the volumes. The official of the national prison reading volume was already in place, and they were reviewed at the same time when they received the seals.
The scholars outside the main hall were given a banquet by the Lord of the country, and it was convenient to entertain them before the case was removed.
The Lord of the stone steps in the main hall has even set up a case for several students to eat at the same time.
The food is also exquisite, and the taste of cakes is very familiar. Careful induction turns out to be a small Chaoyang craft.
I didn’t expect Xiao Chaoyang to miss Baiyun Tower so much this half-day and find Xia Shimei in the hall of Qi Qi.
Just concentrate on the article and watch the same school. It is also inconvenient to find out what Xiao Chaoyang is.
At present, the main hall is densely covered with qi, which should be protected by heaven, and it is difficult to see through the eye.
However, it is easy to find Xia Shimei in Baiyun Building, which is connected with Xiao Chaoyang.
"Brother and sister hall? Father won’t let out of the temple at the moment … but it’s just right to see those old gentlemen marking articles …" Xia Chaoyang immediately responded to the fluctuation of master and brother’s qi activity.
"Just look at it, don’t talk nonsense." Although I know Xia Shimei’s Baiyun Building, I still told 1.
"Brother, don’t worry. Youngsters don’t dare to get close and won’t interfere."
Hearing this, Baiyunlou was relieved. After a moment’s reflection, he couldn’t help but ask, "What did you write?"
"That a few old gentlemen look too carefully to the senior articles ….. Yi see senior handwriting is this volume haha …"