"The car! The car is on! Dear Gao Cai, don’t miss the hour. "The chief of Jixian County is also dispatched around the carriage, and there are even armored soldiers escorted."

Zhou Zhou’s congratulatory letter was also packed in a carriage, and six scholars were crowded together.
"Sit tight." As soon as the coachman shook his whip, the car jolted and started.
The assistant of the shopkeeper in Zhaoxian Building outside the car is holding a fist in front of the door and saying, "I hope a few high talents can jump into Longmen once in high school!"
Zhou Zhou’s congratulatory letter, two people’s faces are floating and smiling, and the drivers are cheering each other up and saying that they will definitely go to high school.
The carriage went all the way, and the people on the street suddenly stopped pointing and talking.
And when we got to the front of Fangmen, Fangding was also afraid to stop the door, but the people who were going out stopped the car.
Hundreds of government soldiers marched slowly along the Kuangguang Street in Youzhou City, guarding more than a dozen carriages.
The street patrol saw that not only did it not stop before, but it also removed the wooden fence to let the taxi team pass quickly.
Soon after, more than a dozen carriages stopped in front of the county magistrate’s house. It is said that the Houxian County Trial Gongyuan is still under construction, so Zhuoxian County first tried to choose the county magistrate’s house.
Looking at the mighty stone lion in front of the sheriff’s office, most of the candidates held their breath.
There are also people whispering that the examiner is a person this time?
"It is reasonable to say that the most qualified examiner should be Zhou Ji Bar, but it is impossible to avoid suspicion."
"I don’t know if I’m here, but the most respected person in the Chief Mansion is Wei Chief. This imperial examination in Youzhou is the first of its kind in a county. Wei Chief should come to the abbot even if he has a lot of work to do."
"If Wei Chief invigilates, then we will not play twelve times to be careful about this person’s law enforcement. If anything goes wrong, I’m afraid it will be a promising life."
Speaking of which, several candidates all turned white.
"You are all wrong. As far as I know, we are all candidates of Zhuojun County, Wei Chief. Of course, we should also avoid suspicion. Therefore, it is most likely that the secretariat of the government is Wen Changshi or Chen Sima."
Others said, "It’s more than enough for him to learn to take the examiner when he was awarded the post of Wen Lin Lang, because he recruited four imperial examiners in the country in those days."
"So my father’s several official documents about Wen Changshi are concise and neatly described, and the layout is very delicate. There is quite a style of writing in the Wen Lin Pavilion in the Northern Qi Dynasty. We can greatly increase our hopes in the exam by imitating this style."
"It’s a good word. I’ll remember the articles in the Wen Lin Pavilion that year. The teacher made me recite a lot. Let me think about it. I still remember a few songs."
Just talking, the left, middle and right gates of the Chief Mansion are slowly opened when everyone stops.
Out of the gate, the official ranks let the candidates queue up to enter the venue, check the candidates’ quotations one by one, check the appearance, and then search the test basket and test box before letting the candidates in.
The search was very careful and took a long time. By the time the sun was high, it was already a bit hot.
After this search for the prosecution, all the candidates entered the gate together
Stop in front of Houyuanmen and wait to enter the examination room.
"It’s Wei Junshou!"
"Look at Wen Changshi!"
Youzhoucheng said it was not big or small, but many of the candidates had seen two people drinking with their parents and recognized them at a glance.
The two men came together, so who is the examiner?
Everyone speculated.
Aside the chief government officials drink loudly way
At this time, Wei Zhi Wenyanbo retreated to one side and raised his hand to yi Yuanmen. Another person came to see this person, and many candidates were excited.
Their heart andao didn’t expect the examiner to be Li Secretariat.
See Li Chongjiu came to the field and said to everyone, "Do you know or not? It’s Li Chongjiu, the secretariat of Youzhou."
The outstanding candidates were all low-pitched and immediately quarreled. One side official hurriedly shouted, "Those who talk nonsense again will be disqualified from the county examination."
All the examinees just kept their mouths shut. Li Chongjiu smiled and said, "The county test is a grand ceremony for judging talents in a county. Youzhou County Sheriff’s Office takes five scholars from the rural virtuous county school, and a total of ten people enter the county magistrate’s office. The best one is awarded with seven positions, and the second one is awarded with seven positions, and the remaining seven people are awarded with six Cao officials in the county magistrate’s office for three years before releasing the place outside."
Although all the candidates already know it, they are all excited to hear Li Chongjiu say it lightly.
It is rare to go to the gentry’s younger brother to be an official, saying that brown can be interpreted from seven to seven, and all officials have first-class brothers, but it is rare to learn from the facts.
All eyes can’t help but give birth to hope.
Chapter four hundred and four When you get fish
How can you recommend an official if you want to monopolize everything from the humble gentry to the noble gentry
However, today’s imperial examinations give people equal opportunities to study, and people are somewhat proud of themselves. Who denies that they have no hope of passing the exam?