It stands to reason that this kind of crossing Alsace and directly asking him for strength is not allowed.

When he heard the name Duke, the name Duke deeply stung his heart and reminded him of the last memory in his soul.
If Duke hadn’t stopped him, maybe he would have succeeded when he cracked the secret door for the second time, and he could have fled to a place where Kilgardan didn’t feel it.
Maybe it’s a corner of the universe or a planet in bad shape.
Either way, it is much better than it is now!
After all, Kilgardan is not an almighty god. If I had stepped earlier … Maybe … I wouldn’t have become this embarrassing appearance. After suffering, even my soul was extremely hard to ban an ice skeleton and become a puppet of the Burning Legion.
Naiozu hates it!
He changed his mind.
Joined the army of the high elves, the undead poured down in large tracts, as if they had been drained of blood by vampires and then carbonized and dissipated in the wind after thousands of years of weathering and erosion …
Mograine and sylvanas windrunner were dumbfounded, and they suddenly had a very bad feeling.
Immortal creatures will not die. They will’ die’ themselves, which can prove one thing. Their masters want them to be destroyed.
This is not an easy price to pay, even for the soldiers who don’t want money.
Nerazu did just that.
In exchange for that horrible figure in the middle school.
A quarter of an hour ago, antonidas attacked Youzi.
In a second, antonidas’s magic around him skyrocketed in several series.
It’s a dark force squeezed from the undead of hundreds of thousands of undead.
This terrible force is so heavy that it dyed the sky with a diameter of more than 10 kilometers in the center of the Great Lich into dark black. At first glance, it was a mass of black mud that was tumbling more than the huge Youzi.
Humans, elves, dwarves … Everyone who witnessed this scene showed fear.
When the air sinks, people try their best to suppress the cold air pumping sound.
Is this still a mortal against the enemy?
Suddenly, sylvanas windrunner lifted the reins, and Chocobo gave a loud scream.
"What are you doing?" Mograine immediately asked
"attack!" Sylvanas windrunner proudly replied.
"Wait! Duke told us to … "
"That’s right! He’s the commander in chief! But he’s playing antonidas, not Alsace! The Sunwell is being threatened and we … because we refuse to die! So we are here! "
Mograine and Abidis were speechless and immediately relieved.
Duke’s’ old problem’ has been committed again!
A commander-in-chief, he is almost perfect and picky, but there is a saying in the league that Duke always likes to strive for the greatest victory before the minimum cost.
A leader who cherishes the Ministry is easily loved by the Ministry.
Many times, you can’t just cherish the Ministry to win.
It was a terrorist opponent who destroyed the alliance and swept across most of the continent.
It’s a way to destroy your opponent forever by simply consuming.
Mograine and Abidis smiled at each other, and then Mograine held high the huge Ashbringer in his hand. "Brothers! What brought us here? Isn’t that it? isn’t it to punish Arthas, the fallen devil who killed our beloved king Terenas? Guy who don’t have that courage to face death, get your ass back to the boat now! Yu and I "
Sylvanas windrunner gave Mograine an admiring look, and she also raised the bow in her hand, "We have lost the sun, Quel Dore."
With a brave battle, 200,000 troops rolled north and chased Arthas back with momentum.
I feel that the surrounding army is moving towards Duke’s heart. "Those guys … but only in this way can I be the queen who is deeply loved by me."
It’s always a bit difficult for Duke to face an Azeroth world that is getting better and better.
Do not interfere!
He couldn’t bear to see that tragic scene repeated again.
It often leads to all kinds of unpredictable events, always worrying about whether those famous heroes in the past will grow old and become waste residue.
I am also afraid that because of the changes,’ he is no longer him’ and’ she’ is not that’ she’. When the best idea in my heart is different from reality, I will adapt myself.
Now, with the help of unified farsightedness, Duke saw the evil, rode a horse forward, Mograine saw the defense of the country, and held a bow and blond hair flying. sylvanas windrunner Duke suddenly really felt a spirit
What is a hero?
Heroes are abstract and die.
Heroes never have an accurate definition.