See Sarah with a wave of his arm suddenly there was a dark shadow energy thrown out.

Shadow energy gives the impression that it is cold, but Sarah throws it out, but this energy is mixed with rage and hot feeling. The black energy mass keeps churning and rolling, and it is thrown into the middle and directly shot at the leader of the nine faces.
Visible to the naked eye, the speed of the nine leaders is not small, and their bodies have become bigger on the spot. Their height has increased by one meter, but the biggest increase is their tentacles. If they used to be octopus-shaped tentacles, they are now unicorn arms.
The increase in physical attack power from whip to hammer is simply terrible.
Several paladins were startled when they went to be paladins, and the paladins all hurriedly flashed when they saw Kirin’s arm hitting them.
Only when Magny forced [God Fan] to become bigger, he became agile and greatly reduced his roots. He couldn’t escape with a shield and punched hard, even his arm was broken.
"Damn it!" The dwarf king swore.
The enemy attack suddenly increased. Duke certainly knows what is going on. This is [Sarah’s anger]. Although the deputy is quite big, cannon fodder is also called burning life.
Fortunately, [Sarah’s anger] will not enhance the vitality of the leaders.
But this is also very troublesome.
Duke really wants to promote Magny now.
Because the league is now entering this pile of demigods, he meows that there is no melee.
It’s not that he can’t let the sword emperor into the stadium, but now is not the time, and the sword emperor is not.
Duke’s face sank and shouted, "Chodil! Cooperate with me! "
Duke of armband field is naturally strong.
It’s hard for Duke to link up with Chodil, the guardian of winter, just to make the frost element magic in Azeroth. Don’t forget that Duke, a big mouse, was protected by alexstrasza and Kalecgos, which belongs to the Titan rune of Malygos magic!
In an instant, two guardians, Duke and Chodil, representing the original frost Titan rune, danced around.
Titan energy, which symbolizes the most original world law, stirs up in just one tenth of a second. Even if it is not specifically aimed at the alliance strong, the absolute level of freezing gas in the whole hall still makes the alliance strong feel a little unbearable.
"Come near me!" Kael’thas, the former elf king, shouted, and then he released five golden flames that kept spinning around him. The seemingly small flames kept circling ten meters away from Kay to draw an area that was enough to resist the cold outside.
Onyxia also knows that Duke winked at the Longan, which was taken care of by the strong alliance. After all, the whole dragon lay prostrate and mortals blocked the cold current shock wave.
"Drink" Duke drank a lot and suddenly stretched out his right hand "absolutely frozen!"
An imaginary iceberg suddenly appeared in the east, south, west and north directions.
Four icebergs collapsed in no particular order and set off a terrible ice wave that reached the top wall of the temple. It was formed by the polymerization of several frost elements. The icebergs were crushed into dust, frozen instantly, shattered again and frozen again.
This combination of physical elements and double damage has pushed the leader of the remaining face to the wall.
There was no room for resistance, and they directly collided with each other and were forced to Sarah’s side in a messy posture.
Sarah didn’t easily pass through Azeroth’s body and hurt her.
However, nine face leaders piled up beside her, which seemed strange.
What makes her livid is that Duke has obviously found her death hole.
Let these guys die next to Sarah, and when they blow themselves up, Sarah’s avatar will be destroyed with them, and then Yogger Salon will be forced out.
"Hit him to death! My hammer "Lei Guang flashes in Torim’s hand, and he once again uses his hammer to hoard thunder power.
Not only he, but also his guardians, Queen Xi and Vaschi, and other strong people are making concerted efforts.
"No" to see something bad Sarah issued a piercing scream.
The body of the Chapter 163 Ahriman arrival
The real leader also has the ability to make people mentally retarded.
Yes, if you are brainwashed by IQ reduction so early, then when Yogsalon comes out, don’t beat the powerful oppression of the ancient gods and just retire from the group to protect your IQ
Duke’s front hand is also the leader of the direct ice wave gathering face with this in mind
On the output of the attack, Duke hasn’t been empty, but those four guards can’t get close, so it’s a little painful. Duke doesn’t want a group of people who will shout 666 eat melons
Give Torim a few damage output.
"Save your strength," Duke ordered in his magic circuit.
The element boundary in unit area can send limited elements. If we limit the expansion of the element channel for minutes, it will lead to the instability of the current boundary.
What is the absolute attack of thunder force? The high instantaneous damage is far superior to the magic of fire element. Unfortunately, everyone knows that fire magic is notorious for consuming magic and explosive power, but it is more exaggerated to attack without thunder.
Charge three small fashions for three seconds!
Fortunately, Torim’s elements are not pure elements, but tend to be converted from Arcane Titan’s energy. Plus, they are half home, which does not lead to the imbalance of elements in this hall.
The scene is still gorgeous.
Torim Thunder, Freya Sunlight, Chodil Ice, Mimiron Laser, four colors of Guanghua, mixed together to form a terrorist destruction energy group.
If these big moves are released elsewhere, it is estimated that there will be a mushroom cloud on the spot, and then passers-by can drink tea and say,’ Today is another day of nuclear peace.’
But the scene is weird.
Don’t say that the rubble is splashing.
There was no explosion!
It didn’t ring!
There is very little light!
Sarah’s place seems to have a black hole invisible to the naked eye, which absorbs all the destructive energy.
Every strong man clearly saw Sarah’s twisted face.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
It was Sarah’s eyes that spewed crimson flames, and then those flames turned into thick slurry. In a second, the so-called slurry turned into some seemingly sacred energy.
Suddenly, a pair of bright wings burst the exhibition of Sarah’s back leather coat.
Sarah has become a Viku fighting angel!
I saw this scene in Duke’s game n times before, but I didn’t think there was any problem. After entering the world of Azeroth, Duke couldn’t help but wonder that the Meow Viku people had nothing to do with Yugoslavian!
Perhaps the incarnation of Yogsalon sneaked out of Audoul 10,000 years ago and spread nightmares everywhere.
Think about the fact that 10,000 years ago, ancient wars were also caused by several ancient gods who should have been suppressed. Enzos certainly had a part in it, and Yogsalon might have mind control or induced it to add fuel to the flames. That’s why Duke didn’t feel strange when he thought about it.
The semi-transparent battle angel hall circled, and the guardians only glanced at it and knew that this incarnation had not yet entered Azeroth. She was still an illusory projection.
As Viku’s fighting angel waved his arms at the central floor of the hall, he finally responded.
"scattered!" No, Duke drank hard and saw that the heroes of this experienced alliance had already dispersed.
Suddenly, all the strong people felt a strange fright in their hearts.
No one can move their eyes, and everyone’s eyes have been firmly locked by this rapid distortion.
When the hall is still, whether it’s just when fighting, it will raise dust or diffuse the smell of blood, and everything will be locked in place.
The glory full of terror surge out from that ground of the battle angel hanging in the semi-dimensional library.