Tang Rou jumped with a face of dust and became a face of Zhang Hu.

Meng Chen first saw a strange look in Tang Rou’s eyes, but as usual.
"This girl doesn’t know that Meng has offended you somewhere and made you so angry. This poisonous hand attacked me?"
Meng Chen a face of koo very some injustice.
At this time, you must never expose the title of "Yan Fei Shuang Thief". Otherwise, you will be thrown into the spaceship. Then he will even become the first person who has been dashed to death …
"It’s time to test a wave of acting skills!"
Meng Chen drums in his heart.
But Meng Chen is not guilty of those blood Dan. He paid a price to get it. Some teams would have suffered casualties if it weren’t for him and Liu Fei.
At this time, it is enough to see that Meng Chen is thick-skinned
"ah! You liar! You are a big liar! Ah! "
Tang Rou is going crazy. This man should act for him. How can there be such a shameless person in the world? !
"all right! Have you had enough trouble? If Meng Chen is really a’ swallow of double thieves’, will Mu Ya come out safely? This matter is not allowed after this! "
At this time, sitting in a plush chair and witnessing a drama, Yan Shuang stopped and said
It doesn’t matter whether Meng Chen is a "double thief" in his heart. What matters is that this young man rescued Mu Ya.
Moreover, Yan Shuang is another important identity of Meng Chen.
Protect the country Hou Meng Zhantian!
"like! It’s like when he was young, but at that time he didn’t have such a big deal as you … "
Brilliant double beautiful eyes staring at Meng Chen eyes have a little tenderness seems to be said to himself.
At this time, even if Meng Chen is as thick-skinned as a wall, he can’t help but be slightly red and gorgeous. Sitting in a plush chair, his enchanting posture is full of curves and exquisite charm of a mature woman.
"This pair of cabinet owners don’t ever know dad? Look at this situation seems very unusual! It seems that Dad, you are also a temperament person! "
Meng Chen eyebrows slightly drooping heart annoys.
"I want you to come here this time to tell you that we can reach the imperial city in the next day. You can visit your friends at Luoxian Pavilion at any time. What difficulties you encounter after holding this symbol may help you. After all, I still have some words in the East Spirit World."
In the beautiful eyes, there are some Xu Jingying flashing and looking at Meng Chen, which seems to be very anxious to hug her in her arms.
"I didn’t expect it to be more than ten years since" farewell to General Meng ".Things have changed, but his son is so big …"
Yan Shuang said that he personally handed the operator to Meng Chen, and the sound was hoarse.
"Two predecessors, when the Battle of the Tiger Gate was destroyed, my father died. I wonder if my predecessors ever heard any news?"
Meng Chen is very urgent. He wants to know more about what happened in those days. He wants to know whether Dad is alive or dead.
Li Xuan once said that the collapse of the Zhantian Legion was due to someone secretly leaking military secrets in the imperial city.
Even from Li Xuan’s mouth, I learned many times that people behind the scenes manipulated the emperor’s affairs and avoided it.
As far as we know, Meng Chen knew that Xuanyin Sect also participated in the encirclement and suppression of Zhantian Legion, but little was known about ginseng in the imperial city.
The reason why Meng Chen went to the imperial city this time was partly because he wanted to see his mother Li Kui, and the other half was naturally to find out who was behind it.
"Your father must still be alive! I don’t know how much he has suffered when he should have been imprisoned for more than ten years! "
When Meng Zhantian was imprisoned, her bright eyes changed and there was a cold mans in her eyes.
"Over the years, I have been secretly investigating your father’s fall, but I have gained nothing. The opponent is very powerful and the means are secret. It is certain that it will be in the imperial city!"
At this time, there is a piece of jet with bright hands for no reason. There is a touch of purple flame jumping in the big jade with a cold light.
"Soul jade? Is this my father-"
"Yes, this is the only thing your father left me in those days. If you want to see this soul jade still on, I will know that your father is still alive, no matter where he is … with whom …"
Yan Shuang beautiful eyes faint looking at the hands of the soul jade.
"Today I give him to you! Even if it finally goes out, you should return it! Can you promise me? "
"I won’t let it go out."
Chapter 154 Mysterious old man
Outside the spaceship, Meng Chen looked at Lang Lang’s star by boat alone and was in a trance.
"It’s all so real but like a dream."
It’s almost three months since I came to this world. In the past three months, Meng Chen has experienced adventure, family repression, life and death test, parting from his lover and witnessing the strangeness of this world.
Only the faith in my heart has not changed.
He wants to live here, he has a family, a beloved woman, brothers and friends, and he wants to protect everything here.
"hey! There is still a long way to go! "
After a moment of trance, the boy couldn’t help grinning

Although Wang Feng didn’t understand the Manchu spoken by the Tatars, he saw that the wall Tatars had bent their bows and arrows, and then Ma Bai’s intentions were met.

Glancing at the arduous task of the two armies, Wang Feng decisively ordered that "the soldiers should speed up the pursuit, and the Tatar archers who follow the wall behind the Tatar can’t stand us".
"Speed up to kill into the three tunpu … rush …"
"Kill …"
Keep your strength up for a hundred days, and it’s like a wild horse suddenly getting out of control and rushing forward
Full of murderous look, more than a dozen Tatars just showed the expression of survivors after shouting to Tatars’ ears. The Tatars were shocked by this roar loud.
Relax your nerves, tighten up again, and try your best to run to the city gate.
The wall saw that the captains were chasing faster and faster, although I didn’t know what was going on outside the city but what left more than 10 people in front of them.
But a very simple truth is that the wall Dalai still knows that the army should never be allowed to approach the wall or the gate.
So the only thing on the wall is to raise the broadsword in his hand quickly and growl at the infantry who have bowed their bows and arrows around them.
"Arrow archer Ma put an arrow to stop the captains from being sought after …"
"Swish swish …"
More than a dozen arrows, he ordered to fly out of the city wall to pursue the long-sought-after at an increasing speed.
The city wall swung its teeth and saw with its own eyes that the arrows fell into the long-sought-after, five captains fell to the ground after being sought-after.
However, the loss of five people is obviously not as big as the three bunkers.
Attacked by arrows and rain, the captains were sought after. Instead of retreating, Wang Feng led them to rush faster, faster and braver.
After three rounds of arrows and rain interception, the three tunpu were open and the gate finally appeared ten paces away from Wang Feng.
But what makes Wang Feng feel anxious is that more than a dozen Tatars have rushed into the gate by themselves, and two thick wooden gates are being pushed by several Tatars to change and close together.
After a close call, Wang Fengmeng rushed out a few steps forward, and then he made a pike and stabbed it. He inserted the pike into the city gate along the unclosed door, which happened to be stuck and was about to close the city gate.
The gate is stuck by a pike, and the most worrying thing is that it has just rushed into the gate.
When a few red-eyed Tatars raised their broadswords and wanted to cut off the pike and close the gate early.
Following behind Wang Feng, several long-sought-after men followed suit and quickly inserted their pike into the door.
See the gate temporarily closed Wang Feng consciousness long breath a sigh of relief to the behind have dared to order.
"Brothers, just behind the gate, more than a dozen Tatars rushed into Santunpu with me …"
No matter how big the Tatar’s strength is, he can’t hold dozens of long-sought-after people at the same time
Just now, there was a crack in the door, and dozens of soldiers pushed the gate together to grow bigger and bigger until one person could enter. They had long been standing next to the pike and quickly showed their figure to the gate hole, and they stabbed the pike.
After a string of spears pierced the body and sounded before, a large amount of blood flowed out of three blood holes in the Tatar body and then fell to the ground and became a corpse.
It’s even more difficult to suddenly lose three people’s strength to block the Tatar behind the city gate.
Although we tried our best to open two wooden doors, the joint efforts of dozens of soldiers of Tiger and Leopard Army are getting bigger and bigger.
Until the pike platoon can rush in, the same department pushed the door together and Wang Feng roared
"Three long-sought-after Ma Chong went in and killed all the Tatars in the city gate cave."
Three spears and three long gunmen thrust forward round after round.
Hiding behind the city gate, the Tatars fought back desperately, but their weapons were too short, waving broadswords and not touching the long-sought-after guns, which had pierced their chests.
After several rounds, we never saw a living Tatar in Chengmen Cave.
After more than a dozen people were lying in various postures covered in blood, a strong scent of blood quickly spread to the city gate hole.
"Here’s the gate …"
Wang Feng’s heart was excited and shouted, and then he was still immersed in shock at the side. The central big order said, "What are you doing here? The first row of spearmen attacked the wall to eliminate the remains of the wall."
"The remaining two pike platoon units are scattered to eliminate the remnants of the fort and the whole three bunkers are under martial law …"
"Is the captain …"
Three platoon leaders shouted with their own dissatisfaction and rushed into the three bunkers.
Then all kinds of screaming and killing screams … Three tunpu rings in succession.
Chapter 45 Dourgen anger
After half an hour, the Dalai Lama stayed behind in Santunpu, and dozens of infantry followed the service department to grow up.
At the same time, all kinds of results were quickly remitted to Wang Feng like snowflakes.
When Wei Zheng took the artillery platoon into Santunpu and walked to Wang Feng, Wang Feng’s mouth was already smiling from ear to ear because of various gains.
Seeing Wei Zheng Wang Feng quickly converging and smiling, he reported that "the general pike team successfully occupied Santunpu and eliminated all the Tatar defenders in Santunpu …"
"This is the general who has counted all kinds of results so far …"
A material storage point of the main force of Dalai has overestimated the possibility of various seizures as much as possible.
But when Wei Zheng really saw Wang Feng handing himself the list, he didn’t know why Wang Feng kept smiling from ear to ear, because there were too many materials hoarded in the Three Tunpu of Tatar …
If you don’t say goodbye, the Tiger and Leopard Army is in urgent need at present, and the number of troops is small, so more than 2,500 young and middle-aged people are put in a bunker.
Besides, there are 1 million Jin of grain, 252,000 Jin of silver, 32,000 Jin of gold, 4 guns, 145 guns, 5,000 Jin of lead bullets, 5,000 Jin of pig iron …
Plus, he captured the word Wei Zhengneng at this moment to form this harvest, which is’ countless’
Take a deep breath and calm down the excitement and excitement in my heart. The defender asked Wang Feng with a firm tone and ordered, "Mr. Wang, all the captured departments should be taken back once. If we can’t go back once, we will always pull a word twice. A grain of grain, a catty of gunpowder and a lead bullet can’t be left for the Tatars."
"In particular, all kinds of firearms and gunpowder seized from the Tatar arsenal must be ensured to be transported back to the barracks in case of loss. These equipment are the foundation for the future development and growth of our butch army …"
General Wang Feng brought life way "please rest assured that we have a total of three tunpu seized all kinds of horses and xu thousand horses plus all kinds of carts to transport these captured department back absolutely no problem …"

The woman held back her fear and stared at the sky before her.

Imperial heaven is to look at the female in her twenties and hold the proud hand tightly. This man is the proud lady, that is, the proud mother, and Demonbane is the peeping object.
Yutian smiled coldly and watched the Chiyou sword turn into mummified body after drinking all the blood. Demonbane said indifferently, "My sword is like this!"
Proud lady held back her fear in one leng. "This is a magic weapon, and it’s a peerless magic weapon."
In a word, the human-god sword has disappeared with a wave of his hand.
Chiyou sword disappears, and the vision of heaven and earth disappears.
Yutian steps forward and goes directly to the sword worship villa in front of him.
Proud lady one leng has emerged in the heart of panic against the sky, so proud lady dare not stop a Demonbane has scruples about a sky is even more reckless.
A shocking war disappeared and several people recovered their momentum for a change.
Several people feel that this battle, especially those who have the sword, seems to feel a change in one move and one type.
Blade master is one of them.
Blade master closed his eyes with a hint of excitement. "The sword prison has passed through a good sword prison, and the emperor has honored to kill the sword and gave birth to the world. This is a master sword haha …"
Blade master exultation bowed down in the distance is exclaimed "uncle as today …"
Blade master went straight into the cottage without saying anything, "Go back!"
Blade master walked into the cottage and realized that the sword was twenty-three. blade master felt that the people in the Imperial Sword Prison felt that there was still room for growth in their’ Holy Spirit Sword’.
Blade master closed his sword name, but here he is galloping.
The name is heavenly sword, understanding heavenly sword, and perceiving this world war I in the heart. "The emperor respects killing this man. It’s really a day. The wizard’s killing sword is powerful, but it’s hard to control it. It’s not good to directly enter the magic road. This man understands the emperor’s sword. It’s a pity that this man is still in danger, especially the peerless magic soldier."
Ming said driving a fast horse to worship the sword villa.
Baijian mountain villa
Proud lady’s heart is bumpy and she stares at the main throne.
Proud lady is under the control of Demonbane, and now Demonbane has been killed by the Imperial Heaven, but the Imperial Heaven has come to worship the sword villa.
Proud lady said that she would take a sip of green tea carefully. "Proud lady, rest assured that I am not Demonbane. I came to worship the sword villa just to cast weapons and slay Demonbane, which is also a reward."
In a word, the proud lady was surprised. "The public casting weapon is the best in the world!"
A proud lady said that the Imperial Heaven shook her head. "The casting technology of the Sword Worship Villa is also famous. In recent years, it has cast a peerless sword, and it is also called the first sword of the day. I am also admired for coming here."
At first glance, Mrs. Luo Ao has said that the Sword Worship Villa is casting a beautiful sword, and the beautiful sword is about to succeed. Now there are more people in the Imperial Heaven who have changed somewhat.
The Imperial Heaven shook his head. "There are some things that I still want to talk to the swordsmen. Please ask the proud lady to take me there."
Proud lady said that the purpose of Bai Yutian could not be stopped, so she smiled, "Please come."
Baijian Mountain Villa builds a sword-casting place by the mountain and then goes to the back hill.
Proud lady led one side with proud days.
The proud lady looked at the side of the Imperial Heaven and couldn’t help asking, "The public casting magic weapon worships the sword villa. It’s famous for casting magic weapons. Now a peerless sword is about to be born. You can come and win it!"
Said the proud lady, with a sense of expectation, knowing that this Jianghu is going to be in chaos. If there is no strong martial arts generation sitting in the Sword Worship Villa, how much can Demonbane deter the gangster and the like? Once Demonbane dies, the Sword Worship Villa will also be bullied.
In the original work, Demonbane died and a beautiful sword was taken away. It was death that directly destroyed the sword worship villa.
Now Mrs. Ao expects everything in her heart, and wants to give a beautiful sword to ask for help.
With magic weapons in his hand and more peerless swords, Imperial Heaven won’t have much to gain, and his son will still have a chance then.
Proud lady thinks about Imperial Heaven in this way, but she just nodded her head. "A peerless sword is a rare magic weapon."
A proud lady doesn’t know what Imperial Heaven means.
At this moment, a hot gas emerges from the Imperial Heaven and goes directly into the grottoes.
The grottoes are hot, but they are places for casting swords.
At the moment, an old man with a bridled eyebrow has a hint of surprise. "This man is armed with magic weapons."
A word with a surprise.
The swordsmen like to watch the magic weapon, and even more like to cast the magic weapon. Now the magic weapon comes to the swordsmen, so it’s natural to be happy …
Chapter 533 Casting swords
Sword worship villa is a casting family.
The Zhong family is a foundry family. The Zhong family has forged peerless swords for generations, and now the peerless swords are about to succeed.
The Zhong Mei Zhong Shi clan is also a peerless sword caster, and now Zhong Mei comes to meet him in person from the Imperial Heaven.
Imperial step to stare at the old Zhong Mei Zhong Mei suddenly a turbidity eyes send out sharp meaning.
"It’s like the Lord of Wan Jian surrounded by magic soldiers."
Zhong Mei has a natural eye, and a pair of eyes can see the sword.
Imperial heaven smiled and walked into Jianlu, even though it looked like a sword of light.
The dark giant sword is surrounded by chains, and the poor flame keeps burning. This sword is a peerless sword, and it is contained in the soul of peerless sword. This towering giant sword is the breeding ground of peerless sword and soul.
Even though there are several peerless swords erected, this is a sea of swords. Each handle of these swords is a sword. Once these swords are injected into the soul of the sword, they immediately become peerless swords.
Imperial day smiled and stared aside Zhong Mei "peerless good sword really deserves to be peerless good sword"
In a word, Zhong Mei shook her head and chuckled, "The peerless sword that you came here has not yet been born. If you come here, please wait a few years!"
Zhong Mei is a sword maker. The sword maker only casts weapons, and eventually he is made to find a master for the magic soldier. This is also the wish of the foundry.

In this way, after meeting Wang Yuyao and others, Liu Xuan found a solid elixir. Because of the dream simulation institute, the success rate of Liu Xuan’s refining fixed elixir is much higher than that of ordinary alchemist plus the yin and yang fruit in his hand. He has refined three furnaces of elixir, two furnaces of elixir and three in each furnace, a total of six solid elixirs. Otherwise, Wang Yuyao and Gale are both high-order gas condensate. I’m afraid he would have made them two advanced.

He will go back to Taiji Gate camp because he has four solid magic pills left in his hand, that is, four, even Liu Xuan. However, the first one can’t be guaranteed to be advanced there, and he swallowed the second one directly, but fortunately, he was lucky and didn’t even advance three like Ram Xueqing.
This is not true at all. Although tamarix chinensis lour Xuan and Ram Xueqing are both peaks of gas coagulation order, they are also peaks. Compared with Zhuhang, Li Zhi and Yang Yiteng, their repair is not enough. These three people are old-fashioned Tianjiao brothers. Five years ago, the peak repair of gas coagulation order was already carried out. If it weren’t for ten wars, they would have impacted the pulse order, and the only difference between them is this solid magic bullet.
Liu Xuan’s three solid magic pills created three teams to create a strong pulse, which saved Taiji Gate’s losing game, but they didn’t know that the external situation was much more tragic than they thought. Taiji Gate and the secret door had entered a white-hot stage, and all Xuanmen forces had paid attention to them and joined the war. On the contrary, the ten wars, which were called the first prosperity of Tianqin Xuanmen, lacked the attention of most people.
79, and war I.
If the Taiji Gate and the Tianji Gate merge in a big battle, choose the Taiji Gate Mountain Gate. If the Tianji Gate wins, this is the Tianji Gate, the new Shanmen Taiji Gate. All the power maps will be drawn to the Tianji Gate Map. If the Tianji Gate fails, it will be just the opposite. It will be fine if Taiji Gate needs to receive the power and clan property of the Tianji Gate.
Compared with Tai Chi Gate, the biggest weakness of a thousand-year-old secret door lies in the number of people in the top ten Xuanmen, and the number of a disciple is 10,000. There is absolutely no way to compare with the secret door. Just because the number of main personnel is far less than that of Tai Chi Gate does not mean that they are not opponents of Tai Chi Gate.
The top ten Xuanmen have sent their own teams to watch the battle. The opportunity like this is really rare for Tianqin Xuanmen. Fighting like this has also touched some people, whether it is for the gas coagulation stage or the pulse-changing stage, that is, Xuandan territory.
Gankun Cave, Ghost Valley and Taizong, the three clans closely related to Taiji Gate, have come from Duogankun Cave, and the name Xuandan Mountain Ghost Valley has also come. Although there are three Xuandan Mountain monks, the pulse order has come to more than a dozen. It can be seen that the importance attached to this joint war is not weaker than that of Gankun Cave and Ghost Valley.
Gankun Cave is both a war-watching and a war-facing. Because of Gankun Cave and its clan doors, neither side has engaged in any tricks such as sneak attack, but directly played the gongs and drums face to face, and they will play normally as soon as they arrive.
Tai Chi Gate is a standard monk versus formation, and the ground is a conation. There are ten teams, and each team is less than 500 people, just like fighting the Danes. Among these 500 people, there are some people who focus on defense, long-range and maneuvering, which is equivalent to shield soldiers, archers and cavalry among ordinary people.
In the sky, there is a gas condensation order. The gas condensation order is not as neat as the intentional order. After all, the gas condensation order can be used by the imperial sword, and the flight maneuverability far exceeds the intentional order. These gas condensation orders are gathered in twos and threes and also cooperate with each other. Generally, they are the main fighters.
The secret door is not. With the high-level gesture of the secret door, a robot soldier and a robot beast are placed at the Taiji Gate Mountain Gate. Almost every cat’s younger brother controls his own strength. At that time, Taiji Gate is crowded with people, but when you look closely, they are robots made of some iron wood.
Huangfuxing’s expression is quite dignified. In the Great Patriotic War, this battle became famous because it was an infant-level machine beast. The machine beast is not the same as a spiritual practice. I am afraid it will take hundreds of years from an ordinary person to an infant-level, but the machine beast is different. Since the cat door has the strength to manufacture the first machine beast, it is not impossible to allow the third and fourth machines.
However, it’s just resources that are needed for the secret door. In recent years, the secret door has been filled with big machines and beasts all over the world. Similarly, the secret door has collected a lot of money. If the resources allow the secret door to become a baby, I’m afraid it will far exceed the number of babies in Taiji door.
It’s even more so when you’re a baby. Others don’t know that in recent years, the top management of Taiji Gate can deal with the secret. The secret door Xuandan has twice as many machines and animals as the big monk of Taiji Gate Xuandan.
At noon, a melodious drum came from Taiji Gate Mountain, which means that it has already meant that Taiji Gate is a bit stiff. Since the secret door came out and fought, it is natural that they are sure that they will come from Taiji Gate Mountain with a shout of war drums.
"get ready!"
Hearing the roar of the mountain, some senior brothers in charge of commanding the battle have ordered that the master of the mountain can be seen through the layers of fog at this time, but he saw chariots driven to the mountain by him.
"No, it’s a siege gun!"
My brother, who practiced eye surgery, immediately saw what the secret chariot was. After those chariots, it turned out to be a siege cannon.
Looking around, there are so many chariots, and there are so many chariots.
You should know how powerful the siege cannon is. If it is attacked by siege artillery, it is absolutely not weaker than the gas condensation force. A blow is very comparable to the pulse-stepping attack.
"Bad can’t let them gun gas condensate order brother attack to stop the cat door gun"
I heard the high-rise Taiji Gate make my brothers take off one after another and fly towards the siege cannon of Shantianji Gate.
However, before they flew into the melee chariot, huge crossbows suddenly appeared, and a bowstring sounded. The younger brother of Taiji Gate immediately turned into a rain of blood. An uncle’s bolt came and hundreds of Taiji brothers were killed in the disorderly arrows, and they were all brothers of Taiji Gate.
This is a modern science and technology ancient cold soldier against Taiji Gate. Although it is snobbish, it didn’t play out at all. My brother who just attacked Qi Ning was immediately beaten back by the other side.
However, before the Tai Chi Gate can stabilize the array angle, a siege cannon exploded, and the whole Tai Chi Gate immediately turned into a sea of fire.
Because they live side by side in the Tai Chi Gate of the Great War, there is no guardian mountain array all over the mountain. Even if they are good at defending shield soldiers, they can’t bear the bombardment of siege artillery, which is equivalent to the power of gas condensation force.
As a result, the secret door spewed fire, and the Taichi gate immediately became a human hell. Although there were nearly ten thousand brothers in the mountains and plains, they could not withstand the siege fire attack.
"There is no problem with these people who control the giant guns."
Although the cat door fire disrupted the condition of Taiji door, the sneer at Erxian soon found out that something was wrong. Siege cannon, a heavy firepower weapon, was not much throughout Tianqin, not because it could not be built, but because it was not well controlled.
Generally speaking, it is good to have a dozen siege cannons in a ten thousand-man army. It takes more than a dozen ordinary people to control each siege cannon. This thing is not only heavy, but also extremely difficult to load. It often takes two or three people to complete a shell.
But the secret door is different. Look at the mountain siege cannon, and you can see that each siege cannon can be controlled by only three people, and it is also a chariot control, which means that there are only two people who actually control the siege cannon.
And live in World War II
"No, these people are not ordinary people, neither spiritual nor martial arts, and it seems that there are still some problems in their minds."
The top management of Taiji Gate soon found out that it was wrong. Only after paying a tragic price did they find that there were a lot of secret masters. These manipulative siege cannons and crossbows add up to five or six thousand people. Is this still a small clan gate outside the top ten Xuanmen? When did the secret door get so many people?
Seeing that Taiji’s younger brother was brutally murdered by the secret door, the top of Taiji’s door also changed his face. Even the always steady sneer at Erxian was impatient. The old man smiled at Huangfuhang. "Report to the owner that a large number of people have disappeared in Tianqin in recent two years because of Yanbei. Afterwards, it was verified that these things were related to the invasion of the northern army of the evil Hyderabad Shinto, but in the end the clues were broken. According to our verification, these missing people were catalyzed by some powerful drugs, which made them lack of spiritual catalysis. Although these catalytic people, However, there are some amazing strengths that can reach the strength of the martial arts. I think the ordinary people who control the siege cannon and the crossbow should also belong to the catalyst. It seems that these people should all be missing. The secret door is also involved in this matter. This time, the secret door dares to challenge me. Taiji door is to help them control the machine with the help of these ordinary people. Please ask the head to make a complaint to its top ten mysterious doors! "
Huangfuxing frowned and pondered for a long time. "This is an important matter. I can express my feelings to Gankun Cave in the future, but don’t expect too much. After all, it’s not because we find some special forces and personnel that we can cancel it. The most likely thing is that Gankun Cave agrees to investigate the secret door afterwards. At that time, let’s not think about these things in Taiji Gate. Tell Zongmendi that he will bravely move forward and kill the deserters!"
Huangfuhang’s order was quickly implemented and he fought back at Taiji Gate. Seeing that there was blood in Qianshan, there were some loneliness in his heart.
With the high-level command of Taiji Gate, many younger brothers who have deep feelings for Taiji Gate have been inspired. Some of them have poor spiritual strength. Seeing that ordinary attacks can’t produce big ones for siege cannons or destroying crossbows, they brazenly blew themselves up and exploded in the big secret door camp, which stopped the mechanical offensive of the secret door.
Seeing that the situation is slightly stable, the scar-faced old man waved his hand and moved the pulse steps on the mountainside of Taiji Gate. These pulse steps are the main strength of Taiji Gate. Compared with Xuandan’s pulse steps, it may not be enough to see, but the hundred-person pulse steps team is a force that dare not underestimate the pulse steps of Taiji Gate. When put together, there are more than 300 people, including the pulse steps of Taiji Gate, which are attached to the major families of Taiji Gate. The strength of the pulse steps of three hundred people is absolutely far beyond the damage caused by the thousand-name coagulation steps.
These pulse steps were immediately suppressed when they were attacked by the secret door. The strong ones in these pulse steps often went to a few siege cannons. In a short time, the siege cannons of the secret door had already been damaged. Nearly half of them saw the situation in front of the mountain gate stand firm and meet the peak of the day. The top of Taiji Gate felt a sigh of relief. If the pulse steps were dispatched and the secret door could not be suppressed again, then Taiji Gate might really be finished.
They breathed a sigh of relief here, but the secret door was not in a hurry. It seems that they really don’t care about the life and death of these catalytic people until these catalytic people disappeared and the secret door didn’t move again.
"This is the first wave of attacks …"
Taiji Gate just breathed a sigh of relief here, but a word from Huangfuhang changed everyone’s face.
Yes, this is the first wave of attack on the secret door, and it seems that the secret door has not even been dispatched by the real brother. Although the secret door has always been the mechanical owner, these catalytic people alone have consumed nearly one-third of the combat power of Taiji Gate, and the death toll alone has exceeded 1,000.
After waiting for more than half an hour, the drums rang again, and with the drums knocking on the earth, waves shook slightly, and huge black shadows slowly appeared from the horizon.
The main fighting force of the machine beast’s secret door has finally appeared. The so-called machine beast is a combination of mechanical puppet beasts. However, the puppet beasts are transformed from monster beasts, but the parts of the machine beast are all transformed from spiritual materials. Some of the main parts of the body of the machine beast are replaced by spiritual materials. The fighting power of the machine beast is not worse than that of the puppet beast, and the cost is cheap. However, the manufacturing process is too cumbersome and it is actually involved in several techniques such as runes, refining devices and array methods. Although the cost is low, it is not common spiritual practice.
There is a wide range of machine-beast refining, which requires not only refiners, runes, magic arrays and even a lot of manual assembly. Although it is not difficult to take these things out alone, it is quite difficult for a single spiritual practice to do it.

See Sarah with a wave of his arm suddenly there was a dark shadow energy thrown out.

Shadow energy gives the impression that it is cold, but Sarah throws it out, but this energy is mixed with rage and hot feeling. The black energy mass keeps churning and rolling, and it is thrown into the middle and directly shot at the leader of the nine faces.
Visible to the naked eye, the speed of the nine leaders is not small, and their bodies have become bigger on the spot. Their height has increased by one meter, but the biggest increase is their tentacles. If they used to be octopus-shaped tentacles, they are now unicorn arms.
The increase in physical attack power from whip to hammer is simply terrible.
Several paladins were startled when they went to be paladins, and the paladins all hurriedly flashed when they saw Kirin’s arm hitting them.
Only when Magny forced [God Fan] to become bigger, he became agile and greatly reduced his roots. He couldn’t escape with a shield and punched hard, even his arm was broken.
"Damn it!" The dwarf king swore.
The enemy attack suddenly increased. Duke certainly knows what is going on. This is [Sarah’s anger]. Although the deputy is quite big, cannon fodder is also called burning life.
Fortunately, [Sarah’s anger] will not enhance the vitality of the leaders.
But this is also very troublesome.
Duke really wants to promote Magny now.
Because the league is now entering this pile of demigods, he meows that there is no melee.
It’s not that he can’t let the sword emperor into the stadium, but now is not the time, and the sword emperor is not.
Duke’s face sank and shouted, "Chodil! Cooperate with me! "
Duke of armband field is naturally strong.
It’s hard for Duke to link up with Chodil, the guardian of winter, just to make the frost element magic in Azeroth. Don’t forget that Duke, a big mouse, was protected by alexstrasza and Kalecgos, which belongs to the Titan rune of Malygos magic!
In an instant, two guardians, Duke and Chodil, representing the original frost Titan rune, danced around.
Titan energy, which symbolizes the most original world law, stirs up in just one tenth of a second. Even if it is not specifically aimed at the alliance strong, the absolute level of freezing gas in the whole hall still makes the alliance strong feel a little unbearable.
"Come near me!" Kael’thas, the former elf king, shouted, and then he released five golden flames that kept spinning around him. The seemingly small flames kept circling ten meters away from Kay to draw an area that was enough to resist the cold outside.
Onyxia also knows that Duke winked at the Longan, which was taken care of by the strong alliance. After all, the whole dragon lay prostrate and mortals blocked the cold current shock wave.
"Drink" Duke drank a lot and suddenly stretched out his right hand "absolutely frozen!"
An imaginary iceberg suddenly appeared in the east, south, west and north directions.
Four icebergs collapsed in no particular order and set off a terrible ice wave that reached the top wall of the temple. It was formed by the polymerization of several frost elements. The icebergs were crushed into dust, frozen instantly, shattered again and frozen again.
This combination of physical elements and double damage has pushed the leader of the remaining face to the wall.
There was no room for resistance, and they directly collided with each other and were forced to Sarah’s side in a messy posture.
Sarah didn’t easily pass through Azeroth’s body and hurt her.
However, nine face leaders piled up beside her, which seemed strange.
What makes her livid is that Duke has obviously found her death hole.
Let these guys die next to Sarah, and when they blow themselves up, Sarah’s avatar will be destroyed with them, and then Yogger Salon will be forced out.
"Hit him to death! My hammer "Lei Guang flashes in Torim’s hand, and he once again uses his hammer to hoard thunder power.
Not only he, but also his guardians, Queen Xi and Vaschi, and other strong people are making concerted efforts.
"No" to see something bad Sarah issued a piercing scream.
The body of the Chapter 163 Ahriman arrival
The real leader also has the ability to make people mentally retarded.
Yes, if you are brainwashed by IQ reduction so early, then when Yogsalon comes out, don’t beat the powerful oppression of the ancient gods and just retire from the group to protect your IQ
Duke’s front hand is also the leader of the direct ice wave gathering face with this in mind
On the output of the attack, Duke hasn’t been empty, but those four guards can’t get close, so it’s a little painful. Duke doesn’t want a group of people who will shout 666 eat melons
Give Torim a few damage output.
"Save your strength," Duke ordered in his magic circuit.
The element boundary in unit area can send limited elements. If we limit the expansion of the element channel for minutes, it will lead to the instability of the current boundary.
What is the absolute attack of thunder force? The high instantaneous damage is far superior to the magic of fire element. Unfortunately, everyone knows that fire magic is notorious for consuming magic and explosive power, but it is more exaggerated to attack without thunder.
Charge three small fashions for three seconds!
Fortunately, Torim’s elements are not pure elements, but tend to be converted from Arcane Titan’s energy. Plus, they are half home, which does not lead to the imbalance of elements in this hall.
The scene is still gorgeous.
Torim Thunder, Freya Sunlight, Chodil Ice, Mimiron Laser, four colors of Guanghua, mixed together to form a terrorist destruction energy group.
If these big moves are released elsewhere, it is estimated that there will be a mushroom cloud on the spot, and then passers-by can drink tea and say,’ Today is another day of nuclear peace.’
But the scene is weird.
Don’t say that the rubble is splashing.
There was no explosion!
It didn’t ring!
There is very little light!
Sarah’s place seems to have a black hole invisible to the naked eye, which absorbs all the destructive energy.
Every strong man clearly saw Sarah’s twisted face.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
It was Sarah’s eyes that spewed crimson flames, and then those flames turned into thick slurry. In a second, the so-called slurry turned into some seemingly sacred energy.
Suddenly, a pair of bright wings burst the exhibition of Sarah’s back leather coat.
Sarah has become a Viku fighting angel!
I saw this scene in Duke’s game n times before, but I didn’t think there was any problem. After entering the world of Azeroth, Duke couldn’t help but wonder that the Meow Viku people had nothing to do with Yugoslavian!
Perhaps the incarnation of Yogsalon sneaked out of Audoul 10,000 years ago and spread nightmares everywhere.
Think about the fact that 10,000 years ago, ancient wars were also caused by several ancient gods who should have been suppressed. Enzos certainly had a part in it, and Yogsalon might have mind control or induced it to add fuel to the flames. That’s why Duke didn’t feel strange when he thought about it.
The semi-transparent battle angel hall circled, and the guardians only glanced at it and knew that this incarnation had not yet entered Azeroth. She was still an illusory projection.
As Viku’s fighting angel waved his arms at the central floor of the hall, he finally responded.
"scattered!" No, Duke drank hard and saw that the heroes of this experienced alliance had already dispersed.
Suddenly, all the strong people felt a strange fright in their hearts.
No one can move their eyes, and everyone’s eyes have been firmly locked by this rapid distortion.
When the hall is still, whether it’s just when fighting, it will raise dust or diffuse the smell of blood, and everything will be locked in place.
The glory full of terror surge out from that ground of the battle angel hanging in the semi-dimensional library.

It stands to reason that this kind of crossing Alsace and directly asking him for strength is not allowed.

When he heard the name Duke, the name Duke deeply stung his heart and reminded him of the last memory in his soul.
If Duke hadn’t stopped him, maybe he would have succeeded when he cracked the secret door for the second time, and he could have fled to a place where Kilgardan didn’t feel it.
Maybe it’s a corner of the universe or a planet in bad shape.
Either way, it is much better than it is now!
After all, Kilgardan is not an almighty god. If I had stepped earlier … Maybe … I wouldn’t have become this embarrassing appearance. After suffering, even my soul was extremely hard to ban an ice skeleton and become a puppet of the Burning Legion.
Naiozu hates it!
He changed his mind.
Joined the army of the high elves, the undead poured down in large tracts, as if they had been drained of blood by vampires and then carbonized and dissipated in the wind after thousands of years of weathering and erosion …
Mograine and sylvanas windrunner were dumbfounded, and they suddenly had a very bad feeling.
Immortal creatures will not die. They will’ die’ themselves, which can prove one thing. Their masters want them to be destroyed.
This is not an easy price to pay, even for the soldiers who don’t want money.
Nerazu did just that.
In exchange for that horrible figure in the middle school.
A quarter of an hour ago, antonidas attacked Youzi.
In a second, antonidas’s magic around him skyrocketed in several series.
It’s a dark force squeezed from the undead of hundreds of thousands of undead.
This terrible force is so heavy that it dyed the sky with a diameter of more than 10 kilometers in the center of the Great Lich into dark black. At first glance, it was a mass of black mud that was tumbling more than the huge Youzi.
Humans, elves, dwarves … Everyone who witnessed this scene showed fear.
When the air sinks, people try their best to suppress the cold air pumping sound.
Is this still a mortal against the enemy?
Suddenly, sylvanas windrunner lifted the reins, and Chocobo gave a loud scream.
"What are you doing?" Mograine immediately asked
"attack!" Sylvanas windrunner proudly replied.
"Wait! Duke told us to … "
"That’s right! He’s the commander in chief! But he’s playing antonidas, not Alsace! The Sunwell is being threatened and we … because we refuse to die! So we are here! "
Mograine and Abidis were speechless and immediately relieved.
Duke’s’ old problem’ has been committed again!
A commander-in-chief, he is almost perfect and picky, but there is a saying in the league that Duke always likes to strive for the greatest victory before the minimum cost.
A leader who cherishes the Ministry is easily loved by the Ministry.
Many times, you can’t just cherish the Ministry to win.
It was a terrorist opponent who destroyed the alliance and swept across most of the continent.
It’s a way to destroy your opponent forever by simply consuming.
Mograine and Abidis smiled at each other, and then Mograine held high the huge Ashbringer in his hand. "Brothers! What brought us here? Isn’t that it? isn’t it to punish Arthas, the fallen devil who killed our beloved king Terenas? Guy who don’t have that courage to face death, get your ass back to the boat now! Yu and I "
Sylvanas windrunner gave Mograine an admiring look, and she also raised the bow in her hand, "We have lost the sun, Quel Dore."
With a brave battle, 200,000 troops rolled north and chased Arthas back with momentum.
I feel that the surrounding army is moving towards Duke’s heart. "Those guys … but only in this way can I be the queen who is deeply loved by me."
It’s always a bit difficult for Duke to face an Azeroth world that is getting better and better.
Do not interfere!
He couldn’t bear to see that tragic scene repeated again.
It often leads to all kinds of unpredictable events, always worrying about whether those famous heroes in the past will grow old and become waste residue.
I am also afraid that because of the changes,’ he is no longer him’ and’ she’ is not that’ she’. When the best idea in my heart is different from reality, I will adapt myself.
Now, with the help of unified farsightedness, Duke saw the evil, rode a horse forward, Mograine saw the defense of the country, and held a bow and blond hair flying. sylvanas windrunner Duke suddenly really felt a spirit
What is a hero?
Heroes are abstract and die.
Heroes never have an accurate definition.

"The car! The car is on! Dear Gao Cai, don’t miss the hour. "The chief of Jixian County is also dispatched around the carriage, and there are even armored soldiers escorted."

Zhou Zhou’s congratulatory letter was also packed in a carriage, and six scholars were crowded together.
"Sit tight." As soon as the coachman shook his whip, the car jolted and started.
The assistant of the shopkeeper in Zhaoxian Building outside the car is holding a fist in front of the door and saying, "I hope a few high talents can jump into Longmen once in high school!"
Zhou Zhou’s congratulatory letter, two people’s faces are floating and smiling, and the drivers are cheering each other up and saying that they will definitely go to high school.
The carriage went all the way, and the people on the street suddenly stopped pointing and talking.
And when we got to the front of Fangmen, Fangding was also afraid to stop the door, but the people who were going out stopped the car.
Hundreds of government soldiers marched slowly along the Kuangguang Street in Youzhou City, guarding more than a dozen carriages.
The street patrol saw that not only did it not stop before, but it also removed the wooden fence to let the taxi team pass quickly.
Soon after, more than a dozen carriages stopped in front of the county magistrate’s house. It is said that the Houxian County Trial Gongyuan is still under construction, so Zhuoxian County first tried to choose the county magistrate’s house.
Looking at the mighty stone lion in front of the sheriff’s office, most of the candidates held their breath.
There are also people whispering that the examiner is a person this time?
"It is reasonable to say that the most qualified examiner should be Zhou Ji Bar, but it is impossible to avoid suspicion."
"I don’t know if I’m here, but the most respected person in the Chief Mansion is Wei Chief. This imperial examination in Youzhou is the first of its kind in a county. Wei Chief should come to the abbot even if he has a lot of work to do."
"If Wei Chief invigilates, then we will not play twelve times to be careful about this person’s law enforcement. If anything goes wrong, I’m afraid it will be a promising life."
Speaking of which, several candidates all turned white.
"You are all wrong. As far as I know, we are all candidates of Zhuojun County, Wei Chief. Of course, we should also avoid suspicion. Therefore, it is most likely that the secretariat of the government is Wen Changshi or Chen Sima."
Others said, "It’s more than enough for him to learn to take the examiner when he was awarded the post of Wen Lin Lang, because he recruited four imperial examiners in the country in those days."
"So my father’s several official documents about Wen Changshi are concise and neatly described, and the layout is very delicate. There is quite a style of writing in the Wen Lin Pavilion in the Northern Qi Dynasty. We can greatly increase our hopes in the exam by imitating this style."
"It’s a good word. I’ll remember the articles in the Wen Lin Pavilion that year. The teacher made me recite a lot. Let me think about it. I still remember a few songs."
Just talking, the left, middle and right gates of the Chief Mansion are slowly opened when everyone stops.
Out of the gate, the official ranks let the candidates queue up to enter the venue, check the candidates’ quotations one by one, check the appearance, and then search the test basket and test box before letting the candidates in.
The search was very careful and took a long time. By the time the sun was high, it was already a bit hot.
After this search for the prosecution, all the candidates entered the gate together
Stop in front of Houyuanmen and wait to enter the examination room.
"It’s Wei Junshou!"
"Look at Wen Changshi!"
Youzhoucheng said it was not big or small, but many of the candidates had seen two people drinking with their parents and recognized them at a glance.
The two men came together, so who is the examiner?
Everyone speculated.
Aside the chief government officials drink loudly way
At this time, Wei Zhi Wenyanbo retreated to one side and raised his hand to yi Yuanmen. Another person came to see this person, and many candidates were excited.
Their heart andao didn’t expect the examiner to be Li Secretariat.
See Li Chongjiu came to the field and said to everyone, "Do you know or not? It’s Li Chongjiu, the secretariat of Youzhou."
The outstanding candidates were all low-pitched and immediately quarreled. One side official hurriedly shouted, "Those who talk nonsense again will be disqualified from the county examination."
All the examinees just kept their mouths shut. Li Chongjiu smiled and said, "The county test is a grand ceremony for judging talents in a county. Youzhou County Sheriff’s Office takes five scholars from the rural virtuous county school, and a total of ten people enter the county magistrate’s office. The best one is awarded with seven positions, and the second one is awarded with seven positions, and the remaining seven people are awarded with six Cao officials in the county magistrate’s office for three years before releasing the place outside."
Although all the candidates already know it, they are all excited to hear Li Chongjiu say it lightly.
It is rare to go to the gentry’s younger brother to be an official, saying that brown can be interpreted from seven to seven, and all officials have first-class brothers, but it is rare to learn from the facts.
All eyes can’t help but give birth to hope.
Chapter four hundred and four When you get fish
How can you recommend an official if you want to monopolize everything from the humble gentry to the noble gentry
However, today’s imperial examinations give people equal opportunities to study, and people are somewhat proud of themselves. Who denies that they have no hope of passing the exam?

The square in front of the temple has been neatly arranged with a few pens, paper and ink.

Although the sun is hot, there is a circle of law to protect the whole square, and there is even a cool breeze to cool people’s minds.
Xia Huang stands behind the high-ranking officials in the main hall, and there is a big drum next to them, which is very eye-catching
The first time I saw the appearance of Xia Huang, Baiyun Tower, I couldn’t help but look at it. My eyes were really handsome and extraordinary.
All the students saluted and saw this year’s academic temperament. Xia Huang was very satisfied and replied, "Li!"
"The time limit for taking a seat is two hours …" A minister dequeued and read out the palace examination rules and commandments.
Scholars have been looking for cases for several times, and the Emperor Xia seems to be interested in it. "Now the country of Daxia is in a prosperous time. It is the responsibility of all of us to let Daxia continue its glory."
"palace examination’s policy has been printed on your desk. Before writing, the emperor had a saying that you should learn from each other."
"The question of today’s policy is not only that the emperor asks you, but also that the ministers ask each other on behalf of all the people."
Hearing this, I couldn’t help but feel heroic in my chest.
Suddenly Baiyun Tower got up before the case and bowed down again. All the students got up because of this infection.
This gift is sincere.
The Lord of the country deserves this gift.
Gaotai Xia Huangchang smiled and picked up the drumstick from one side, saying, "Your ambition to bang drums."
"Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.
As soon as the drums fell, the scholars took their seats and put pen to paper.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Writing
Just now, I chatted with three senior brothers and sisters in the hospital and said a few words about Baiyun Tower, and I felt this group of learning style briefly.
It’s even more important to look at the billowing and lucky light beam.
As the saying goes, literature is the first martial art, and the second martial art is full of poems and profound knowledge, and some of them are not sure about the depth of these studies.
At this time, where will Baiyun Tower be afraid to be the top scholar in high school or the ability to explore flowers to deal with palace examination’s policy?
The problem of spreading the book policy jumps into the eye, and hundreds of words describe the current summer situation in detail
The strategies asked are also how to treat and respond to the current situation.
Think carefully about Baiyun Tower, an article about the hidden line of the Terran mainline from Kyushu.
When you think highly of transparency, you have your own momentum.
When I put away the last stroke of Baiyun Tower and looked back, I couldn’t help but be shocked by this article.
All things are born to support people, and terran and all things have their own cycles, so they should depend on each other and transform together.
Terrans are the masters of everything, and they have the responsibility to take care of everything.
Summer is now prosperous, so we should take care of Kyushu spirits.
The so-called attendance is not to help the troops, but to guide the Kyushu people to live a peaceful life.
People are peaceful all the time. This is the idea of Baiyun Tower article.
When I put pen to paper, Baiyun Tower didn’t expect to receive it so much.
The writing is comfortable, profound and transparent, and the brushwork is full of true meaning.
Tianyantong’s article is ten percent self-angry, and a white gas comes out through the volume. Although there is no royal mirror to escape from the soul-splitting Baiyun Tower, you can feel that the fate on your head must have added a lot.
This palace examination is not allowed to leave before the volume is sealed. It is sensed that there is still an hour when Baiyun Tower simply uses the platform to get busy.
Through the powerful sub-divine power, I can hide my soul and walk through the palace examination field to observe all kinds of writing.
Sure enough, it’s the most talented group in the summer. Their ideas are different, and many novel ideas make Baiyun Tower feel amazed and carefree.
Most of the students finished their articles half an hour ago, and the Baiyun Tower immediately put away the soul knowledge and fled into the sea of memory to continue to watch.
These articles are excellent things for you to learn about current events and sharpen your mood.
A trance and a golden gong sound awakened Baiyun Tower from observation, and the palace examination poetry field ended
Several columns of imperial city guards entered the hall and came to the front of all the schools to seal the volumes. The official of the national prison reading volume was already in place, and they were reviewed at the same time when they received the seals.
The scholars outside the main hall were given a banquet by the Lord of the country, and it was convenient to entertain them before the case was removed.
The Lord of the stone steps in the main hall has even set up a case for several students to eat at the same time.
The food is also exquisite, and the taste of cakes is very familiar. Careful induction turns out to be a small Chaoyang craft.
I didn’t expect Xiao Chaoyang to miss Baiyun Tower so much this half-day and find Xia Shimei in the hall of Qi Qi.
Just concentrate on the article and watch the same school. It is also inconvenient to find out what Xiao Chaoyang is.
At present, the main hall is densely covered with qi, which should be protected by heaven, and it is difficult to see through the eye.
However, it is easy to find Xia Shimei in Baiyun Building, which is connected with Xiao Chaoyang.
"Brother and sister hall? Father won’t let out of the temple at the moment … but it’s just right to see those old gentlemen marking articles …" Xia Chaoyang immediately responded to the fluctuation of master and brother’s qi activity.
"Just look at it, don’t talk nonsense." Although I know Xia Shimei’s Baiyun Building, I still told 1.
"Brother, don’t worry. Youngsters don’t dare to get close and won’t interfere."
Hearing this, Baiyunlou was relieved. After a moment’s reflection, he couldn’t help but ask, "What did you write?"
"That a few old gentlemen look too carefully to the senior articles ….. Yi see senior handwriting is this volume haha …"

Although the old river boy’s beard is white, he walks very steadily, even the clear water in the groove of his head is motionless, while the clear water is still a little swaying when the former three young river boys walk.

I know this is the performance of the river boy’s strength. The stronger the river boy is, the better he can control the clear water in his head. From this point, it is not difficult to imagine why three young river boys will behave in front of the old river boy.
The old river boy was so fast that he almost reached me in the blink of an eye. He leaned out his head and stirred up his nose like the three young river boys. Soon he smelled my smell and his face showed a ferocious expression. The difference was that he didn’t go backwards like the former three river boys after smelling my smell.
Well, he seems to have a fear of the leaves, although his performance is not as strong as that of the three young people, but he has never dared to roar in front of the cave
Seeing this, I have almost confirmed that all this is because I have two leaves in my hand, and my heart is restless. Many people want me to have something to restrain the river boy, so I still have a chance to escape.
Take out a leaf and tentatively push it forward. The white-bearded river boy really shouted and stepped back and stamped his feet.
It’s a good idea to see me. I’m finally relieved, but I still can’t be careless. Who can tell? Didn’t the former silver python still pretend to be dead to cheat the black master?
I know that I can’t wait any longer and I have to retreat into the cave before I can find a way out. I will hold that strange leaf high above my head and I will slowly lie down and prepare to retreat into the cave like this.
At this moment, the old river boy seems to have discovered my move, raised the single hair in his hand and poked it at me, so I was alert and suddenly retreated to hide the stick.
As soon as that stick was inserted into the face of the stone I just saw, the stone was directly inserted into a big hole about three or four centimeters deep by that stick like a piece of tofu.
I looked at the hole in the stone in front of me and I couldn’t help shivering. What would happen if this stick poked me? I feel numb when I think about it
This hole * * Homo habilis is smaller than people by more than one time. Of course, it can also come in, but it is impossible to wave the stick in its hand without fear when it comes in.
I now believe that the river boy is afraid of the leaves in my hand, but I also know that the stick in his hand is not afraid of this strange leaf.
I can be beaten passively outside. If I am not careful, I will definitely be hit by a river boy’s stick. I have to climb into the cave before I can settle down.
I drove the river boy back a few steps with a fan outside the leaf in my hand, and then I took this opportunity to suddenly retreat.
Chapter 167 Hunter’s prey
The cave is very crowded, the height is not more than 60 centimeters, and the width is almost the same. If I hadn’t practiced this skill and special physique since I was a child, it would be really difficult to crawl. If I were a big one like Batu, I would definitely be unable to move.
Sure enough, as I expected, after seeing me retreat into the cave, the river boy did not intend to let me go, but led by the old river boy, who went into the cave one after another and was very alert and chased me.
It’s not impossible for a river boy to walk in the cave because of his short stature, but it’s not easy to wave the stick that is close to one meter in his hand. He can poke it directly in front of wait for a while, but the power doubt is much smaller. Plus, the cave is not full of raised stones, and it’s not that simple to poke it.
And I have to drive them away with that leaf every few steps back, so it’s not easy for them to walk
Every time I walk with my hand waving, the old river boy at the front will retreat, but the road behind me is blocked by three young river boys, making them cry.
I don’t know what this leaf is in my hand, but now I have regarded it as my life-saving charm. Because if I had this leaf, the river boy wouldn’t dare to rush. If it weren’t for this leaf, I would have become a river boy’s food. I am very glad that I picked two leaves at that time.
In this way, I played against Sihetong in this narrow passage for almost ten minutes, and I also stepped back for about 100 meters.
Suddenly, I felt my body, and then a cool breeze blew through my heart. After driving the river children away again, I looked back and found that the original narrow passage behind me had disappeared, but it had become a cave with a height of four or five meters and a width of one meter.
In the small cave, I still have an advantage in dealing with the river boy, but if I get bigger, my advantage will not be over.
I’m a river boy, but I’m four. Although they are very afraid of the leaves in my hand, if they surround me and attack me from four directions at the same time, I’ll be unable to compete with four hands with both fists. I believe that if I want to destroy the leaves in my hand, the four river boys will definitely dismember me and eat me immediately.
River children are a greedy species, and they will never give up their food, and once they find it, it is difficult to get rid of it because they are between creatures and objects. They have the ability to track their prey thousands of miles away. What is even more frightening is that they are not afraid of the sun. Although their defense is not as abnormal as that of silver pythons, they don’t know how powerful they are compared with silver pythons in strength and speed.
That is to say, once they stare at it, it is difficult to get out, and even if they return to the ground, they may chase it.
However, in general, the reason why things rarely happen on the banks of rivers and children is that they are too cunning. They know that human beings are powerful almost as well as mandrills, but they dare not go to human society openly. They know that human weapons can easily harm their food supply. Who would want to take the risk?
Now that I have become their prey, they will never let me go easily if possible. I am now in an extremely dangerous moment.
And once I retreat to the open place, their chance will come, and my end will come.
I kept waving my leaves and looking around, hoping to find a better way. I searched carefully and finally found one thing, that is, this open cave is not long, it is only more than ten meters. After that, the cave becomes as narrow as it is now.
That is to say, if I can get through this distance of more than ten meters, things will not be as bad as I thought. It is simple to say, but it is actually very difficult. The river boy is almost pressing for me. This distance of more than ten meters is simply a natural barrier for me now, no matter how hard I try, I can step over it.
River children are really smart things. When they see me, they keep standing still and waving their leaves. They probably guessed that I am now in a situation where I am no longer afraid. I will poke the bachelor from time to time more than one meter away from me.
It’s a rugged rock. I blocked its stick, but I’m not happy at all because I know I’ll still be in danger if I return it to the cave.
Just when I was anxious, something that made me extremely excited happened. The old river boy kept poking at me with his stick, but it was blocked by the protruding stones. It didn’t stop. Almost every time, he poked at the rock wall. The river boy had great strength. Some of the protruding stones were not very strong. The river boy directly poked the stones and collapsed. I was blocked by the collapsed stones after a distance with the river boy.
"God help me!" At this time, I can think so in my heart. Given this opportunity, I will never get up and run at the moment when the waves and rocks collapse.
More than ten meters away, I ran into that small cave in the blink of an eye. When I looked back, I found that the old river boy had broken through the rubble and was running towards me.
I cursed in my heart and turned my head again to prepare the leaves in my hand to deal with the river boy’s body and quickly receded into the cave.
This time, the three young river boys didn’t chase the old river boys through the rubble pile, and then the rubble pile slipped down again to seal the intersection.
Seeing this situation makes me happy, because it is much easier to deal with one river boy than three at the same time. Even if this old river boy is the strongest among them, I can deal with it by virtue of the terrain and strange leaves in my hands. If I find a way out, I will be safe.
However, things were not as beautiful as I expected. The old river boy chased me alone, and it became more flexible without the three young river boys standing in the way. On several occasions, I was almost stabbed by it.
This cave is so long that I don’t even know how long I’ve been dealing with the river children in it. At this time, how can I escape when I think about it? Where is the concept of time and distance?
There was a loud noise and the old river boy smashed a prominent stone again.
I took this opportunity to quickly retreat a little bit from the river boy, and I knew in my heart that it was all in vain. It won’t be long before the river boy will come back to this narrow place again, which occupies a congenital advantage. Even though I have been trained in this field since I was a child, it is simply a drop in the bucket compared with it.
"Mom, why are you so patient? Isn’t that big piece of snake meat enough for you? You have to chase after the old! It’s really unlucky! " Looking at the old river boy who is close to me again, I waved the leaves in my hand and spat at it, cursing loudly.
The old river boy seems to understand what I said, beating the surrounding rock wall with his stick, stomping his feet and making shrill and strange calls.
"If you can understand the old saying, get out of here or you won’t be able to run away if you want to!" Maybe it’s because I’ve been running away for too long, and I may have a little despair in my heart, and I’m not so afraid of this river boy anymore.
After listening to my words, the river boy paused a little, but soon it became more urgent and roared, and its feet and sticks became stronger.
"Mom can really understand the old saying?" I took a step back and said to myself.
If the old river boy can really understand me, he must have a high IQ, maybe it is just as he said, but I am even more dangerous if he has a high IQ.
Suddenly, I felt a cool breeze blowing behind me, with a hint of soil and vegetation fragrance, and at the same time, there was a faint sound of running water hitting the water surface
I’m glad that all this is a signal that I’m about to reach the ground. If I get to the ground, there will be many river boys in this cave. Although agile and powerful, the ground is dominated by us human beings after all. If I’m lucky, this river boy will pose almost no threat to me.
Thinking of this, I sped up and retreated back, and at the same time I was very alert to the old river boy.
I was a little desperate before, and I was not afraid of the old river boy, but now everything is different. Now I hope that if I were killed by the river boy at this time, it would be a great loss.
Once again, the cave withdrew for hundreds of kilometers and turned a corner along the cave, finally seeing the exit position.
But after seeing the exit, I was not happy, but I felt like crying, because this cave is indeed an exit and I can already see the original forest outside, but this exit is not as beautiful as I thought.
The cliff face of this cave is a river, and the water in front of it is not far from this cave. There is a cave next to it that flows out and hits the river.
I have made a visual observation that it is at least 40 to 50 meters away from the surface river, and the surface water should not be shallow, but I dare not jump now.
Because the surrounding scene tells me that it is still in the original forest, how can anyone haunt this original forest?
Now in the cave, I can still play against the river boy with my hands and leaves, and I can guarantee that I won’t be killed by the river boy, but if I jump, everything will be hard to say.
The river boy knows that it is an aquatic creature by its name. In water, it is more powerful than land, and water has always been our human weakness. Even if I hold this kind of water in my hand, I will never be its opponent.
If I dare to jump for less than a minute, I will definitely be killed by the river boy.
16 Chapter 16 Death? Health?
I feel desperate again, and I feel that I can’t walk this time. I have two choices before me, either jumping from here or going back, but no matter which one I choose, it will not have a good result, and the old river boy can’t let me go easily.
Although I still have two leaves in my hand, who knows how long these two leaves will last? When this leaf is no longer effective, the river boy will definitely come and tear me to pieces at the first time.
It’s not a good choice to jump from here, regardless of the height and whether I can master the balance. The water is the main battlefield of the river children, and I can still pull some distance from it with the leaves in my hand. If I don’t have all the advantages in the water, maybe I will be killed if I can’t even see it in the water.
After hesitating for a moment, I decided to wait here, pick up little wood blade, the black grandfather, and resist the leaves from the river boy to keep him at an safe distance from me.
Sitting in the cave and staring out, I hope that a miracle will appear and let me see the figure. If someone appears, I can call for help. When a large number of people arrive here, I will not be afraid of the river boy anymore.
But this time, God didn’t help me sit for three or four hours, and I never saw anything.
The sky in the east has slowly turned out a trace of a fish-belly grey, and it’s another day. After sitting here for so long, my stomach growled. When we started to count, we had something to eat early that day to look for Hiderigami, and we haven’t eaten for more than forty hours now.
Some things don’t want to be okay, and the more I think about it, the more I think about it. When I endure hunger, my body reacts, my limbs become strong, and my forehead slowly appears fine cold sweat.
I cried out in my heart that it was not good to know that I had no chance of survival until I dragged on like this.
The old river boy also seems to have to wait a little anxious. Two hands as small as monkeys are clutching the hair bachelor, constantly banging on some loose gravel around the surrounding rock cave. I am very alert and look at it. Holding the black master in his hand, wood blade’s strength is not increased a few minutes.

Even if the 33-year-old Su Yonglin is not as energetic as the 23-year-old himself, the 33-year-old Su Yonglin is far more experienced and capable as a handler than the 23-year-old himself.

Su Yonglin needs to distribute these energies and abilities evenly in the whole process of decision-making and implementation.
He needs to arrange a list of departments of civil affairs, finance, justice, diplomacy, military affairs, science and technology, etc. He is so busy that he is tired of illness at last.
It is difficult for him to lead the country with absolute power from beginning to end.
Such talents are hard to meet in a thousand years.
Now Su Yonglin’s assignment to himself is the final policy veto for military and R&D workers.
He is super capable of handling about one-sixth of the original workload, which is equivalent to the world’s strongest 100-meter flying man participating in the 100-meter race league for high school students.
Highlight a relaxed hanging field
Compared with the rest of the nine-member decision-making group, he felt unprecedented pressure.
Originally, this country was actually an imperial emperor, and Su Yonglin mastered the Ministry and actually assumed the responsibility of carrying the pot on his back to protect others from the wind and rain.
Officials of other departments need Su Yonglin to make decisions and do specific things regardless of their status.
Su Yonglin is a good leader. When there is a problem, he will first blame himself. People who make mistakes in the Ministry are often more disciplinary than disciplinary measures.
Now, it is up to them to decide and be responsible from the problem generation to the discussion to the decision-making to the specific implementation department.
They need this responsibility and no one can help them.
Only then did they find that these things, which used to be Su Yonglin’s one-sixth workload, suddenly overwhelmed them.
Tian Jue, who is the best among several people and has the strongest pressure resistance, has only finished three-fifths of his own work.
Everyone else has almost finished half of the work, and there is still a lot of work to be done. It’s dark, the sun and the moon are all Su Yonglin.
In this tense moment, they just keep making some low-level mistakes, which makes everyone more busy.
What number is wrong, what noun is wrong, and what is wrong?
Then there was a flurry.
So they couldn’t help sighing what kind of work monster Su Yonglin was.
So complicated, heavy work and heavy pressure were shouldered by one shoulder. In the past eleven years, I was disconnected once and rarely made mistakes. I took the big country through the ghost gate several times and built a huge empire.
Oh, my God. It’s really a god. It’s a god.
This is really more different from people and pigs.
While sighing, they crustily skin of head threw themselves into heavier work and continued to deal with the seemingly endless politics.
Chapter 1527 Internal heat is so big, be careful not to hurt yourself.
Su Yonglin was completely idle after finishing the work here.
He went back to the palace to rest for a few days, eating, drinking and reading, and it was nothing to do every day. He even helped Zhao Xirui to take care of children.
While teaching children to read Chinese characters, he took out his long-neglected exercise plan to exercise and rebuild his strong body and perfect figure.
During that time, even Su Zeying, the eldest son who had just finished his primary school degree and was preparing to sprint for a higher degree, was busier than him.
He is not used to living like this. After more than ten years of hard work, he can’t change his habit in just a few days. After a period of leisure, he really can’t hold back, so he runs around.
The first thing to go is definitely the R&D department of the Ministry of Industry.
In the R&D department, Su Yonglin watched the technical workers improve the steam drainage machine according to the news from Datong Coal Mine, and watched the technical workers sum up all kinds of theoretical knowledge and tried to deduce some important scientific laws based on these theoretical knowledge.
Su Yonglin doesn’t really remember these physical and chemical things clearly, but he also remembers gravity and Newton’s first and second laws, which are of little help to the technical workers at present.
But he did his best to tell them what he could remember, hoping that they could find some solutions to their current problems from the products accumulated by the inspiration and sweat of these geniuses.
Su Yonglin, who has forgotten or doesn’t know anything at all, can also do whatever he can, and he has not stinted in investing money in them, so that they can not worry about their own brains.
At the same time, adhering to the idea that the people are the root force to promote historical progress, Su Yonglin also issued a letter of encouragement to the Chinese people from the beginning of the first month of the twelfth year of Hongwu.
He announced that the types of hair creation can be rewarded, and so on, with rich material rewards and spiritual rewards, and vigorously mobilized the people’s brains, hoping to find a real grassroots king like Edison from the vast sea of people.
At present, the foundation of science and engineering in China is still weak, and it is still of great significance for grassroots to become a king. They can create a new discipline with any inspiration or creativity for the imperial science and engineering school to study for a long time.
Everything is created without rules, identity, bondage and results.
What Su Yonglin can do is to wait and then become the "golden father" behind all the creators with strong financial resources, and create the best environment for them so that all geniuses can live up to their expectations and give full play to their talents.
After visiting the Ministry of Industry, Su Yonglin wandered around.
He went to see the situation of Tian Jue.
Tian Jue is in charge of the Douchayuan and the daily operation of the Renaissance Association. Although he has many hands, many things need him to decide and take responsibility. The pressure is much greater.
When Su Yonglin went to Duchayuan for a stroll, he saw Tian Jue’s face flushed and scolded a department for accusing it of making a mistake, so that everyone should spend more time cleaning his ass.
The young official of Douchayuan was scolded and depressed, and he was very depressed without saying a word.
Because Tian Jue was so angry, all the officials in Douchayuan bowed their heads and looked bad. The whole scene was quite depressing.
Su Yonglin quickly stopped Tian Xuan before seeing this scene.
"Chairman? Why are you here? "
"Everything is done. Let’s see what’s going on here."
Su Yonglin walked over and patted Tian Jue. "Be careful not to hurt yourself when you are so angry."
"I’m not … not this thing is mainly he … he …"
Tian Jue’s constipation expression with a face of anger and I don’t know where to tilt provoked Su Yonglin to laugh.
"Good good deal with politicians is calm is angry? In most cases, getting angry can make things worse. When I get angry, I say it’s time for a rectification movement. "
Listen to Su Yonglin’s warm language and utter horrible words. Looking at his expression, it seems that this is a cold joke, so Tian Jue’s heart is well-deserved, and a cool breeze blows through his heart, so he is so light and dissipated.
So he pulled a smile that was uglier than crying and said, "You’re exaggerating …"
Su Yonglin ha ha a smile
"Come on, don’t get angry. Dealing with the problem when you get angry is enough for you to do one more thing. If the Ministry makes a mistake, you won’t be punished by law."
"White …"
Tian Jue turned off the fire.
Su Yonglin turned and looked at the grateful young official, then stretched out his hand and patted the young official on the shoulder and smiled.
"Go to work. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, and I will know that mistakes can improve a lot."
"Chairman …"
The young official’s eyes turned red, and big tears fell away. Then he took a sniff and wiped his eyes, saluted Su Yonglin, and left Douchayuan to handle affairs.
Get up as soon as you have a head start.
After calming down the situation, Su Yonglin pulled Tian Jue out of his mental state and said he wanted to take a walk with him.
Tian Jue refused to say that she had a lot of things to do, and Su Yonglin dragged him out for a walk.
"I remember that you have always been calm and wise, whether you belong or whether your colleagues are calm and indifferent to you. How has it changed now?"
Tian Jue smell speech a sigh followed by a wry smile.
"Chairman, I never hide anything from you. To be honest, I was very excited when you decided to set up a nine-member decision-making group. I was very excited when you were calm. I was very excited when you pretended to be practical.
But until now, I didn’t realize that I was a little too early to be happy. I just felt great pressure when I was given such a part of the work to deal with, and I hit my head all at once.
When dealing with things these days, I sometimes get the illusion that some things need to be asked for instructions from you before I deal with them several times. I got up with the documents and walked to the door before suddenly remembering that this is my job. "
Chapter 152 Tian Jue no longer anxious
Su Yonglin is not surprised that Tian Jue is honest.
Rather, it is really strange not to feel this way.
Besides Tian Xuan, several of him should be the same.
Su Yonglin looked at Tian Jue and smiling.
Tian Jue nodding.