Said the black dress person came to the front of Shimen and pushed the door.

Jun Xuan saw that there was nothing inside except a very big tripod furnace.
When I saw this tripod furnace, Jun Xuan crossed a little uneasy in his heart.
I always feel that this man in black will put him in.
Sure enough, as soon as he came up with this idea, he heard the man in black say, "Thyme Haoran said that he had found a person who decided to take good medicine, and it seems that you are the little devil. It seems that riki can be refined successfully tonight."
Said, and will lift your porch higher to put him in the furnace tripod "advanced to wash chapter 499, 499 must save him.
Jun Xuan struggled desperately and wrapped his arms around the men in black, hanging his arms like a tail bear, but refused to come.
"Come on!" Black dress person sink said
But if you listen carefully, you can still hear a slight smile in his voice.
Jun Xuan sipped his lips, although it was funny, but his face was stiff.
Jun Xuan knew at a glance that this cauldron was coming to refine medicine, but a living person came to refine medicine, and that person was himself, which made him if he was not afraid.
The man in black sneered at him. At last, his conscience found that he no longer teased him, but took a dress and put it on him to set him free.
At this time, there was a sudden "bang"
With this loud noise, an abrupt wall with a high hole for one person appeared.
A handsome figure appeared in front of two people after the choking smoke dispersed.
Jun Xuan cried out in surprise at the sight of her.
Shen Qiqi looked at Jun Xuan’s sparkling eyes when he followed the sound.
At that moment, all the memories poured out from the depths of Shen Qiqi’s mind.
"Dabao!" Shen Qiqi exclaimed at the sight of the black dress person wearing Jun Xuan’s face, and he rushed away without thinking much.
Black dress person kept your porch moving like a ghost and then drifted out of the room.
Shen Qiqi followed after the past and found that the black dress person was not far from the door but was looking at her with his head cocked.
While Jun Xuan danced and wanted to pounce on Nai in her direction. He was carried by a black dress person and could not move at all.
"Dabao, are you all right?" Shen Qiqi is in a hurry to come, but he is afraid of angering the black dress person and dare not get too close. He can glare at him. "You let him go or I will be impolite."
"I wonder if the virgin will be rude to me?"
Hear Shen Qiqi say that men in black don’t anger the smile asks with interest.
"Cut the crap and let the children go"
Shen Qiqi directly deceives his body, but when his fingers become claws, he will catch his hand.
The black dress person was surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect Shen Qiqi to move so fast that he would flash away from Jun Xuan. However, Shen Qiqi stopped him first as if he saw his intention, and at the same time, he grabbed Jun Xuan’s arm with the other hand and took him away.
Men in black naturally won’t let Shen Qiqi take Jun Xuan away so easily. When he sees Shen Qiqi pulling Jun Xuan, he will carry him to another direction and force him to pull.
Shen Qiqi is afraid of pulling and hurting the child so that he can let go.
Jun Xuan returned to the hands of men in black.
Shen Qiqi is short of breath, brandishing Emei thorn and flying, while the men in black take their time to avoid Shen Qiqi’s offensive and don’t attack. However, as for Shen Qiqi, he hasn’t even touched a corner of his clothes, which is like teasing her.
And Shen Qiqi didn’t dare to make efforts to fight physical strength with men in black because he was concerned about children.
It’s a pity that Shen Qiqi’s physical strength is far from that of men in black. Seeing that he is getting harder and harder, the men in black still easily know that he is not his opponent. Shen Qiqi’s heart is anxious to drag it away, but it is bad for him. She gritted her teeth and decided to cross the rubicon. Chapter 5 He finally became like her.
Seeing Shen Qiqi’s sharp angle, the black dress person was secretly surprised and took it seriously at the same time.
Shen Qiqi’s choice of angle is really tricky, but it is also very dangerous. If she fails to strike, it will be her own injury.
Seeing that Shen Qiqi is getting closer and closer, he is also dodging the men in black.

Then he slammed the door and left.

Xuan Ming Xin sighed.
The Black Gate From Sarah, he knew that the so-called black gate was the place where prisoners were detained or the place where the demon king dealt with people who didn’t like him.
The whole castle is divided into nine floors, and there are three floors. The top floor is black area, gray area and brown area. The fifth floor is white area, the third floor is orange area, and the first floor is pink area, which is the private area of Lord Sarah.
The demon clan in the orange area or the white area where the guests live has been demonized successfully by the demon king warrior wizard. The stronger the ranking power, the higher the residence.
And that brown area are the temporary experimental fields of those demonize human beings.
Finally, the gray area and the black area are all human beings who failed to demonize in exile, but the black area is directly connected with the fault. Anyone who failed to demonize in exile to the black area was either swallowed up by the violent flow and left his soul, or ate his companions alive and mutated into ugly monsters.
On which result Xuan Ming will become, the lich king is very willing to see it, but he didn’t expect to kill a Sarah halfway.
If it weren’t for Sarah’s special status, the lich king would have killed Sarah and thrown the Xuan name into the black area.
However, it is not clear what Sarah is. Sarah means that she is special, but she is always vague about it.
Suddenly there was a door sound. It turned out that Sarah had gone and returned to see her. She vomitted to stick out her tongue. Hey, hey, smiled and took the bowl to persuade Xuan Ming to eat.
Xuan Ming seems that this girl named Sarah is sometimes just like a child, simply terrible.
When the last ray of afterglow of the sun sets and dusk falls on Xuanming, his door is knocked again.
It was Sarah who poked her head out of the door, but Xuanming frowned uncontrollably.
Whether to come or not, he closed his eyes tightly
Sarah’s fingers slowly caressed Xuan Ming’s chest, moving slowly from his collarbone to his lower abdomen, and deliberately lingered for a while.
Laugh in a low voice but cover up the sound. The owner is deliberately depressed and excited.
Her fingers slowly picked out the mysterious clothes.
Xuan Ming endured Sarah’s fingers with closed eyes to tease the smiling face of Night Feather, trying to ignore the disgusting touch brought to him by her wandering fingers.
Yes, it is, but every day when the sun goes down, Sarah seems to be a different person. Generally, she is no longer so naive. At night, she is synonymous with debauchery and charm!
"Hehehe, don’t be so tight."
Sarah’s finger poked at Xuan’s chest maliciously and then she bowed her head and licked her tongue.
Xuanming shuddered. Don’t misunderstand that it was goose bumps …
"Mmm … it tastes good."
Sarah licked the corners of her mouth. "I have a good eye. You are really delicious."
"I just don’t know if it will be as delicious later?"
She picked the Xuan robe with her fingers and bent down to lick it.
This mysterious name doesn’t panic. Sarah has been playing with his body with her fingers the other day, but this time …
"Well …"
I don’t know what she bought that made him feel cold and excited.
Xuan Ming bit his teeth so hard that he wouldn’t make a shameful sound
"It’s so cute."

Feather anchor took Fluttershy and got up the courage to enter the "Liuxiang Pavilion" stairs.

All the way, the fragrance of singing and dancing is fragrant, and I feel as if I have really entered a dreamland.
A few coquettish girls surrounded the feather contact and Fluttershy, and kept greeting the feather contact, and Fluttershy reluctantly agreed with a smile and hid behind the feather contact with a blue face.
How to find the phoenix flying smoke? Feather Zhen secretly worried.
Just then, the madam came over and saw these two beautiful strange boys laughing like flowers. "Is this the first time for the two young men?" Do you want me to introduce you to a good girl? "
Feather beard brushed off the pimp and put on her slender fingers. Although feather beard came to the 21st century, it’s really strange to meet this situation for the first time.
Take a closer look at this pimp in her forties, dressed like a peony in full bloom, with a graceful figure. I think she was also a beautiful and charming woman when she was young. Seeing a big mole on her mouth in front of her, the image of a gaudy old lady is quite different. It seems that when she goes back, she must give advice to the director of costume drama. The characters can’t be made into faces.
Madam didn’t care at all and still smiled like a flower. "Don’t you already have a lover?"
Feather Zhen crustily skin of head and said, "I want to find Miss Feng Fei Yan."
The procuress looked at a feather and Fluttershy smiled and said, "Do you know how much gold you have to pay to see the phoenix flying smoke? And I think you two seem to be females? "
Feather and Fluttershy were taken aback. The procuress was so experienced that she saw through that they were disguised as men, but Feather stood up without weakness. "Why can’t a girl come to Liuxiangge?"
There was a stalemate when a little girl came upstairs and said to the procuress gently, "Mother Feiyan wants to see these two gentlemen."
It’s not good for the procuress to say that when she sees her baby cash cow. Throw a handkerchief and let my girl lead Feather Ao and Fluttershy upstairs.
My little girl led them into a quiet house and noticed that there was a signboard hanging on the door.
Walking into the refined house is like walking into a well-bred embroidered room. The room is elegant, exquisite and not tacky. On the south half of the wall, there is a huge shelf filled with various nationalities. By the window, it is an antique piano. A beautiful woman with graceful purple gauze is singing on the piano.
The melodious strings of the strings flow from the fingertips, sometimes high and sometimes sad, sometimes confused and beautiful, and the sound of the piano deeply attracts the ears of the feathers.
See feather Zhen and Fluttershy came in, purple beauty hands a stringed piano to a screeching halt, Tingting led the way, and the little girl closed the door and quit.
Feather gazed at the purple girl in front of her, her figure was light for ten years, and her eyes were as gentle as water and as pure and misty as the West Lake, which really made me pity.
I can’t believe that this fireworks field can produce such a stunning beauty.
Yu Zhen secretly thought, "If it is such a beautiful young woman with excellent piano and chess paintings in modern life, she must have been a sensational beauty and fashionable girl, but it is really sad that she has fallen into the mire in this era!"
Feng Feiyan also looked at her and Fluttershy carefully when Yu Zhen looked at Feng Feiyan.
Although both of them are now dressed in men’s clothes, the makeup and jade carving make them sharp-eyed and see through them at a glance. Both of them are girls.
Phoenix flies and smoke gently opens Zhu’s lips. "Are you looking for me?"
Feather Zhen was interrupted and smiled shyly. "You must be sister Feng Feiyan. I’m here for a long time, but I also want to find someone through you."
Feng Feiyan rushed to Feather and Fluttershy smiled and pointed to the chair. "Two girls please sit down."
She saw through her identity. Feather Zhen smiled awkwardly. She pulled up a chair and sat down with Fluttershy.
Feng Feiyan herself is as light as a cloud, and she sits opposite them, and the micro side of her face seems to wait for the feather.
After a silence in the house, the feather could not help but break the silence and she cleared her throat.
"Let me introduce myself first-my name is Lan Yuqian, and this is my sister Zhuang Fluttershy, Feng Feiyan. I wonder if you know a man named Mu Chenxing?" See the mountain from the feather gate.
Feng Fei, smoke, light eyebrows and slight frowning eyes, she smiled and nodded. "Yes, I do know Mu Gong?"
Feather is excited. This phoenix is really very frank. "Is he you …?" Suddenly realized that it’s hard to say things in person. Feather stopped the car quickly.
However, Feng Feiyan didn’t mind that she got up and walked gracefully to the window and looked at the moon and said, "He is not my guest, but he is my confidant."
Feather Qian said seriously, "Sister Feng, how can you be friends with such a person? Is he a thief or a pervert?"
Feng Feiyan "sloped" and smiled. She turned her head. "Sister Feather, you may have prejudice against Mu Gongyou. He is a gentleman and a good man."
Feathers pout angrily. Good guy? Hum!
This phoenix flying smoke looks really likable and gives people a very cordial feeling, but what about Mu Chenxing? Dare not compliment
Feather Zhen angrily thinking about face expression is very obvious.
"For the phoenix elder sister where can I find Mu Morningstar? He stole something very important from us, and I’m looking for him just to ask for my things back. "Feather Qi angrily.
"oh? Is this it? " Feng Feiyan turned around and took out a bag from the bed closet to put Lan Yuqiao and Fluttershy in front of him. At first glance, it turned out that he was really lost. The bag full of silver and silver tickets was full of those possessions.
"Mu Gong knew that you would come and specifically asked me to give it to you when you came. Anyway, this money is also for you to help the poor people. He is just joking with you." Feng Feiyan said airily.
Feather Qian happily wrapped up her bag, and she couldn’t help but sit up and take notice of Feng Feiyan. Such a large sum of property seems to be unworthy in her eyes. This famous prostitute in brothel really has something to offer.

Stay with the ninth-order Wu and see that Situhao has broken through the five elements to generate a sword all over the sky. Others are protecting the patriarch. He looks horrified and attacks the last wave of elemental swords. After that, he jumps back and flies with his sword in his hand. He wants to flee to Fengyun Jianzong.

However, at this instant, Situhao even sprayed three mouths of blood, and his forehead was pale and sweaty like beans. He looked hard to hide his painful expression, and his eyes and hair had recovered their normal color.
A nine-rank Wu is Bai Situhao, who is already a spent force. He must have suffered from the evil achievement method. The old man immediately flew the sword back to his hand from the ground with a long sword. His face was exposed and he smiled grimly. It seems that it is my turn to chop off your limbs and slowly torture you. I don’t need any ancient remnants. I want you to teach you ancient remnants, which is enough.
Laughing and talking crazily, the ninth-order Wu took the sword in his hand and forced it to Situhao step by step.
At this time, Situhao’s body was subjected to a powerful anti-itself force, which made his skin surface fluctuate greatly. Tianyuan magic tactic anti-itself force was crazy in his body, and his body bulged up one big bag after another, which could break through his skin and explode at any time.
Seeing that the ninth-order martial force forced itself to Stuart Hao to endure severe pain, the soul-taking technique was secretly put into use in an instant, and the sky cracked, the thunder blade and the halberd pointed to the sky, and the consciousness shouted loudly to the soul soldiers.
Situhao’s boss was taken aback when he raised his hand to crack the thunder blade. He was still dying and trying to get closer to his body. He couldn’t help but stagnate for a moment, but the strange scene of his footsteps was even more shocking.
Hundreds of swaying figures appeared around his body in an instant, and it was more horrible in the bright moon Yin Hui.
Kill SiTuHao reached such an order in consciousness. Hundreds of ghosts rushed at the ninth-order Wu Ben crazily.
At this time, the ninth-order martial arts was only white. Situhao’s display was the soul-absorbing technique, and the soul-absorbing technique had reached a very profound level. What surprised him most was that Situhao could summon hundreds of soul soldiers.
Hundreds of soul soldiers can’t reach this level even if they are the guardians of the evil spirit castle.
When the soul soldiers rushed into the ninth order Wu, he immediately waved his sword and made the fastest attack on the whole soul soldiers.
Nine-order Wu wielded a sword impenetrable, and those ghosts who were summoned rushed to the silver awning circle at the command of Situhao, regardless of life and death. One by one, the soul soldiers were killed and disappeared in the middle.
However, among these ghosts, they are also powerful. Although they can play half of their strength before their death, their opinions on various powerful techniques are not discounted at all. In that impenetrable sword waving, more than a dozen powerful soul soldiers actually found a sword waving and went straight into the sword awn to attack the ninth-order Wujin crazily.
Nine-order Wu waved the same round sword in a melee attack by more than a dozen powerful ghosts, and finally slowed down. Some ghosts took advantage of it to enter his melee and launch the fastest attack on him. Moments later, Nine-order Wu was torn to pieces by dozens of melee ghosts.
The ghost got the order from Situhao to kill the Ninth Order Wu. At this time, their life was completed and they immediately disappeared back to Situhao and became his soul guardian.
Hundreds of ghosts killed the Ninth Order Wu regardless of their lives. Although dozens of ghosts were lost in this attack, the number of ghost soldiers was more than 200, but when they desperately attacked the Ninth Order Wu, they were only killed in a moment and didn’t even arrive for two minutes.
Although the process of killing the Ninth Order Wu by the Soul Soldiers is very short, it is very long for Situhao. His body is experiencing the most powerful force to bite him. At this time, body form’s bag is getting bigger and bigger, and his blood is running very fast. Situhao can feel that his blood is boiling.
Situhao has been cross-legged on the ground at this time and wants egoistic force to suppress the huge self-eating force. However, his humble force is just some cannon fodder in front of the powerful self-eating force, and he has been defeated several times, and because of the force conflict, those self-eating forces have become more intense.
Longitudinal SiTuHao with very strong endurance at this time also don’t send a huge scream.
Tianyuan magic tactic itself is more powerful than when he was tortured by the method of insect jumping up. I don’t know how many times he screamed, and his body fell on the ground and struggled wildly.
The powerful self-eating force is getting stronger and stronger, and Situ Hao’s body is bulging and his bag is getting bigger and bigger, especially in his belly, which encourages Situ Hao to be pregnant with a pregnant woman in October.
Situhao’s clothes are bulging in his body, and he has collapsed into pieces of rags. He didn’t want a few Situhao’s body was already naked.
Situhao screamed again and again to vent his unbearable torture.
Arm muscles are the tightest. A giant bag encouraged Situ Hao’s right arm bag to burst, which made a loud noise. Blood was sprayed and shot straight. One of the broken flesh was shot to Lixu, and the ancient tree that hit a huge old tree kept swaying in the night.
The physical suffering did not make Situ Hao’s consciousness half blurred. On the contrary, his consciousness was unusually awake, which made him clearly feel that he was suffering from subtle pain.
Situhao witnessed his right arm bulging with a big bag and bursting into pieces, looking at the blood in a powerful self-repulsion, and he actually shot out a hundred feet away. This time, Bai Ji will die. Chapter 1 Advance to the sixth order.
The right arm was stirred up, and the big bag was smashed. Situhao had a split thunder blade in his hand and wanted to drop it. Although it was worth living and dying, Situhao didn’t want to lose this artifact. When the split thunder blade was about to fall to the ground, he immediately sacrificed it to his own knowledge.
At this time, it can be said that it is life and death. In Stuart’s mind, many people also flashed a lot of ideas.
Mother’s ghost is still in the abyss, and she hasn’t been repaid to her father yet. Now, although my grandfather is not as bad as before, his anger against him has not been dispelled, and several girls’ figures are rapidly emerging in his mind.
In fact, death is not terrible, people will be afraid of death, because death will make a person lose everything in the world, even if reincarnation, everything before will be annihilated in memory.
After these flashes in my mind, Situ Hao is full of longing for life, and there are still too many worries in his heart. He can’t bear to part with everything in this world.

"Is the master after them?" Stealth state Sharla Cheung asked

"No, someone will pick them up naturally." Duanmuming looked back at Wu Yueer and Beigongxue. The two women were really frightened. When Duanmuming looked back at them, their eyes showed fear and took a step back.
Duanmu Ming knows that this is because he just frightened them with his cruel performance, but this is what they have to go through. If they want to follow their bloody scenes, there will definitely be more and more. If they can’t accept it, they’d better leave early.
Shi Duanmu Ming didn’t realize that he unconsciously showed cold habits, as if the nature in his bones was more like a coat than the brand in his soul.
Duanmuming’s crossing the branch naturally caused a lot of dissatisfaction among "just people", and three or four people came out immediately.
"Young man, your hands are a little too hard. The other party didn’t return and molested the two ladies behind you. It was not malicious or intentional. How could you break his limbs so much!" This is an old man who said it was a bit of a lesson to the younger generation.
"Don’t be so fat when you do things. You should definitely leave yourself a way out. Don’t rely on yourself to have a little thing and you don’t know how to do it!" This is a young man talking and looking at my woman with jealousy in her eyes.
"Dead fat … you … I didn’t expect you to be such a person!" Listen to the sound to find three daughters of the Gongsun family, Lin Su ‘e and her escort. Her master brother not only joined their admirers, but also ran here. Several women saw Duanmu Ming’s expression and crushed the limbs of a living person without any hesitation or pity. A convulsive chill surged from the bottom of my heart. All the people seemed to have a lot of expressions, but their eyes flashed and stared at Duanmu Ming.
Duanmuming ignored these people’s noise, but planned to pull two women away from here. I didn’t expect that my hands had just touched Wu Yueer and Beigongxue, and the two women immediately retracted their arms and took a step back at the same time.
Duanmu Ming’s face sank, his brow wrinkled, and his anger in his chest was pressed again, but he heard the handsome boy slowly wake up behind him and roar, "Duanmu Ming, I will spare you! I must make your life worse than death! "
Duanmuming? The man who claim to have defeated that bloody evil spirit? Is to be recognized as a genius by the world power organization?
Most people’s first reaction is impossible. In their eyes, Duanmu Ming should be a handsome young hero rather than cold-blooded and cruel. Then they realize that if this person is Duanmu Ming, they will be famous immediately if they want to beat each other. This is a great opportunity!
If it weren’t for public, these people would probably hug Duanmu Ming and tear him to pieces. Even so, their green eyes made Duanmu Ming uncomfortable.
Duanmuming doesn’t care about their reaction, but it’s strange. Isn’t this guy afraid of death? How dare you say that in front of yourself? Duanmu Ming immediately understood his thoughts as soon as his eyes rolled.
"Well, since you are so similar, I will be you." Duanmu Ming turned around and walked to the handsome guy lying on the ground again
Just when Duanmu Ming had just moved two steps, two people stood in front of me and didn’t say that these two blind guys couldn’t have other ideas except to show off.
"What do you want?"
"What are you doing? I know you want to kill him, but this is a meeting place. No, you Hu Fei "spoke to that young man just now." The people in the health room are also your hands, right? I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless at your young age. What hatred does the other party have with you that deserves your cruel hand? You are not allowed to run wild here! "
Duan Muming flipped his eyelids. "What’s your name?"
"Oh … flying at such a time"
"Good name. I can tell you that these people have provoked me. If a woman dares to say no three no four words to my woman, she will be prepared by me."
"Young man, your thoughts are too extreme …" Another old guy in front of Duanmu Ming said earnestly to Duanmu Ming only to find that there was no figure in front of him and Duanmu Ming sounded behind them.
"Don’t you want to die? I’ll be you. "Duanmu Ming raised his right foot high and stepped on the handsome head of the handsome guy.
"Don’t!" I don’t want to watch Duanmu Ming turn into a murderous maniac. Several women shouted out together. Even Gongsun Re and Lin Su ‘e are no exception. The only thing that didn’t come out is Sharla Cheung and Duo Duo Duo, a hero. Those two people just turned around and Duanmu Ming’s feet have been stepped on.
It happened that when Duanmu Ming’s foot was about to fall on this guy’s face, this guy actually rolled on the spot and deftly avoided Duanmu Ming’s foot, but he never thought that Duanmu Ming had already prepared for his reaction. He rolled and Duanmu Ming kicked him flexibly.
Bang! The heavy sound rang again. This guy was kicked by Duanmu Ming and spilled some bright blood. It is impossible for people to stand by and watch Duanmu Ming kill so much, but they were horrified to find that it seemed too slow. Everyone seemed to move slowly. Duanmu Ming and the guy he kicked were normal. They didn’t stop it!
However, the change happened again when everyone recognized that the unlucky guy suddenly grew several tentacles. For a moment, everyone loved the handsome guy and became a monster with tentacles. In the center of the tentacles were a pair of eyes shining with green light and a big mouth full of sharp teeth.
Just now, the women who were fascinated by the handsome boy’s demeanor immediately screamed. Just now, they directly contacted Wu Yueer and Beigong Snow, and they were shocked. They realized that Duanmu Ming didn’t let this person go, and the cold feeling was because this person was a monster pretending to be Gongsun Re and Lin Suee, and looked at Duanmu Ming with complicated eyes.
Duan Muming stared at the monster beast Lvses (;
Chapter 22 Contest ()
"Duanmu Ming, you forced me!" In the middle, the monster was suspended and roared for a few times. The tentacles stretched straight and straight, and Duan Muming was still afraid.

Yuan Gungun picked up the glass and sent it to his mouth. He drank glug upside down and handed it to Yan Yanche.

Yan Yan Che took the glass and put it on the bed. She looked at her lips, and a funny milk stain reminded her of something …
"Why don’t you lick it?" he asked
Yuan Gungun paused. "Won’t you help me wipe my mouth?"
"What?" Yan Yanche provoked the knife-shaped eyebrows, not sure what she heard. What did she take him for? Who the hell is the servant?
Yuan Gungun held out small tongue and licked the milk stains into his mouth. He was so strange. He seemed unhappy when she licked it herself. This time she left it for him to wipe, he was still unhappy …
Yan Yanche got up and went to a nearby table to smoke a paper towel, then sat back and wiped her mouth rudely.
Yuan Gungun wrinkled her eyebrow because he was not gentle.
"Tell me how you got yourself into the water." Yan Yanche threw a paper towel and accurately entered the Hello Kitty doll trash can.
Yuan Gungun Leng Leng cried, "I went to get your watch, and on the way back, I met Sister Yao. We talked while walking, and then Sister Yao fell over me when she was unstable. I fell into the swimming pool when I was unstable. Later, Brother Ya saved me, and then you came."
Yan Yan looked at her coldly and shouted, "Why are you crying?"
Yuan Gungun got a fright, and his tears fell even more fiercely.
"Still crying?" He frowned with displeasure.
"Yes … I’m sorry I can’t do anything well … blare, you … your watch fell into the water with me … blare, I didn’t mean to … you let me go home … blare, I’ll let daddy compensate you … for you, okay?" Yuan Gungun suddenly burst into tears and said that tears were falling drop by drop.
Yan Yanche looked at her and reached out to wipe away her tears after half a ring. "You are so ugly."
Yuan Gungun cried and didn’t speak.
"I’m warning you to shut up. It’s noisy." Yan Yan frowned and put her in his arms.
"Blare … master … the water is so cold … and it keeps drilling into my body … blare … nose, ears, eyes and mouth … blare … I remember, but I can’t step on it … it’s terrible … it’s so uncomfortable … master … blare .. I’m dying … blare … I haven’t given birth to a baby yet and I haven’t eaten a lot of delicious food …
Yan Yanche didn’t speak but held her in silence.
I don’t know how long it took to cry less and less, leaving a little sob. Yan Che gently pulled them apart and looked at her face with tears and closed her eyes. Is this asleep? Crying yourself to sleep? Reach out and wipe away her tears, slowly help her lie down, help her cover up, and just watch her quietly.
In his sleep, Yuan Gungun took a nose and rubbed his eyes to continue his beautiful sleep.
Yan Yanche reached out and touched her white and tender face gently, so that he didn’t want to let go and stroked it back and forth.
Yuan Gungun, like feeling something, gently dawdled with his big hand like a coquetry kitten and gently called out "Master …"
Yan Yan was fascinated by her little face, and she gently kissed her mouth, and then quietly looked at her. The sunshine gently sprinkled on them, and the atmosphere was very warm for a while.
"Master Tyrannosaurus Rex …" Yuan Gungun, who slept in a daze, didn’t know what he dreamed of, and murmured a little.
Yan Yanche provoked the knife-shaped eyebrows to raise her hand and wanted to wake her up. Did she raise her hand and stop halfway? Finally, she let it go and wake her up. She was going to cry again.
In this way, Yuan fell asleep and watched quietly until it was dark, and someone got up and left.
The reason why the swimming pool was filled is that it drowned the watch. Everyone has confirmed the sentence, that is, "If you want to add a crime, just fill it in."
Yuan Gungun’s resilience is very strong, and she belongs to the type that she was "domestic violence" yesterday and forgot the day today, and she can continue to "domestic violence". If you want to say what impact this incident has brought to her, it is that she no longer dares to take a bath.
Let’s talk about Yuan Gungun’s four little babies, whose hobby is pestering beautiful women. Because they are very cute, maids are very popular. Every morning, they go out for a walk with their bellies flat, and at night, they drag their bulging bellies and come back with food taken late at night, which is very popular.
Little squirrel, little B, loves to eat like a pig, and likes to pester Yuan Gungun. Every time he is found out by Yan Yanche and thrown out, he never forgets to hold his hand tightly, Marie Laure Gigon.
A little white snake and a little white mother’s love depends on whether she likes going out.
Little Hedgehog Ball loves a mother’s love and steals money. Er … This hobby is a bit weird, but it does like stealing money. It likes to stab money and then wander around with’ Zhanli’ on its back. Finally, it hides them under the bed to see how caring and family-oriented it is.
Yan Yan Che is indifferent to the fact that they are jumping around, that is, if they don’t go into his room and don’t get tired of Yuan rolling, he will regard them as invisible, but once they get tired of Yuan rolling, he will get angry … According to Yas’s analysis, this psychology is called jealousy.
"Yuan Gungun!" There was a roar in the restaurant, followed by a miserable cry.
"Ah …"
Yan Yan Che Li grabbed Yuan Gungun’s ear and shouted, "Do you ignore my words? Isn’t it? "
Yuan Gungun stretched out his hand and gently pulled his arm with a bitter face. "I didn’t. It was Xiao B who got into his pocket. It was really not me."
Yan Yan put her ear and grabbed her tail in her pocket and threw it out.

"Pa" A Luo Baguio suddenly earned a slap in Jingxiang’s arms and slammed her face. "Nothing would be so ridiculed by Tianyue if it weren’t for your princess?"

"Princess forgives princess forgives!" Shizuka felt a tingle in her heart, and her heart beat like a drum.
Luo Baguio, who is in the mood to pay attention to Shizuka, remembers that she was humiliated just now, and she couldn’t wait to drink Jun Yan’s blood and beat him! What is wrong with her, Princess Nangan, that he should be so disgusted with her! As everyone knows, she never thought of marrying Jun Yan, but it was altruistic to achieve her goal. As a result, marrying Xuanyuan Tianyue was unsuccessful, and she finally chose to marry Jun Yan as a last resort. Unfortunately, she became angry from embarrassment when Jun Yan refused to buy her account.
"You said that I, Luo Baguio, vowed not to report this revenge!" Luo Baguio looked at Haoyuelou in hatred, and the snowy figure had already passed several times in my mind.
Shizuka knelt down and didn’t dare to give a thought, but she thought that the more the day was, the more she helped Jun Yan. Is the princess going to let him go? But she dare not say it now.
I didn’t expect this to be too bad. Just now, there was quite an atmosphere in which they fought against the enemy together.
Chapter 64 Vast Mountain Covenant
On the second floor of Haoyue Building, a "man" in a snowsuit stands on the railing. His face is slightly dignified with one hand. If the stars are deep as the sea, it seems to be thinking about something.
I don’t know how long it took before a black figure approached and looked at the thin figure in front. A complex color passed through his dark eyes.
"It’s getting late, don’t rest!" The light sound suddenly came, and the snow-colored robe made a slight movement.’ He’ suddenly turned around and looked at the black brocade robe man behind him. He could not see the emotional change because she had already hidden it in her pupils.
Feng Jiuyou’s footsteps were slightly indifferent and said, "Didn’t you have a rest?"
"I just can’t sleep, maybe I’m not used to sleeping here for a while, but you don’t have to do your duty like this, and nothing will happen to me this big night. You should rest early," said shallow indifferently.
Not used to sleeping on the couch here? Feng Jiuyou looked at the beautiful face in front of him, which was the most beautiful face he had ever seen and the most camouflage face. From this face, she never saw any unnecessary emotions. She expressed her thoughts over and over again like a puppet without feelings.
But her words betrayed her. In the early years, they traveled all the way to the north and south to fight for the country. Most of the time, even in the cold winter, it was no exception. At that time, she never said that she was not used to it. She was never a coquettish person. Among them, she had the highest martial arts but the most injuries.
She has something on her mind-
She is more silent than before when she comes back from Yueguo. Sometimes he can see her alone in a daze. Her mood seems to be a little more than before. It should be said that she has never been so absent-minded. Is that person really so important?
"I just can’t sleep and walk around, but the full moon is coming again. Will it be okay this time?" Feng Jiu-you suddenly gathered his eyebrows, and a trace of worry passed under his eyes. Staying in a place like this on a full moon is easy to expose his identity, and things beyond their control may happen if he is not careful.
The shallow corners of the mouth smiled with confidence. "It’s just a full moon night. Don’t worry. Since I will come here, I am naturally prepared for everything. Now that the mountain appointment has arrived, those two people should also show up."
Looking at her face, she was confident and radiant, and her heart suddenly gave birth to some relief. At last, she was still angry. He was afraid that in the end, she was not like her. If he wanted to continue …
"Well, it’s getting late. I’ll go back and have a rest. You also have a rest early." Phoenix Nine You gave a gift and then turned away from the snowy figure and walked forward.
"Nine you come to me if there are other things? You’ve become more and more concerned about me recently. "Shallow look at the departing figure and suddenly say with a smile.
Chicken nine deep and remote footsteps don’t things … There are more heart for her? There was a panic in his eyes, and his hands could not help but hold on to this moment. The silence was beating like a drum.
"I know that although you are worried about Nan, you treat him as your own brother, even if you are afraid that I will blame him for advocating bringing your heart and being good at making decisions. I also want to thank Nan for being worried and showing up in front of others. It’s time for him to show up and let them show up today. It’s just a matter of trying to train them. Only when they are strong, Haotiancheng can go all the time and not be embezzled by other countries." Looking at Feng Jiu You indifferently, she said that it is impossible to be careful after all. She has been sheltered and grown up, and now she will train him into an eagle to spread its wings and fly to protect the land of Haotiancheng, so that even if she dies one day, she can rest assured.
Phoenix nine deep and remote eyes closed and suddenly turned around. The dark and keen eyes suddenly looked at the opposite figure and said, "What about you … are you ignoring this vast city?"
She? Shallow corners of the mouth slightly took indifferently and said, "Where is it that regardless of me, I will naturally watch carefully and carry forward this vast city. I am relieved that the four of you can not keep this vast city peaceful for a hundred years?"
"Don’t forget that my promise was aimed at you. If you die, I promise to automatically lift Haotiancheng. I naturally have no more work." Feng Jiu you snorted coldly.
Shallow silence means that she naturally knows that they have been risking their lives together for many years. However, if she wants to live, she must have such an opportunity. Recently, her health is getting worse and worse …
These days, she always dreams about what happened in the past, but it’s all a silhouette. Since the injury increased, the activities of heart-eating methods have become more frequent than before, and she is afraid that she will go crazy before the full moon night.
"After all, the heart is a child and needs your care. You are the most trusted people in my life. I will give him to you. I have already made arrangements here in Haotiancheng. If you really don’t want to pay attention to these trivial things, it doesn’t matter. You are a unruly person because you have been trapped by me for years. You are still the brightest when you leave Haotiancheng!" Suddenly, she turned around and looked at the horizon, and there was a trace of sadness in her eyes. Recently, I don’t know what happened. She was always depressed, perhaps because she knew where she was going to return … Does this mean that she is still nostalgic for this world?
A child’s heart is a child. What about you? You are only ten years old and one year older than your heart …
Phoenix nine you look dim and look at the lonely and thin figure in front of her. Over the years, she has resisted too many things and taken on too many responsibilities. Even now, she has planned them.
What she doesn’t know is that he always shines because of her. If it weren’t for her, he would just be an unnoticed young master of the Phoenix family. Maybe he would have died long ago. She became his place and he vowed to protect her all his life.
If you leave her, no matter how bright the phoenix is, it will fall instantly. It is like an oil lamp without a wick, even if there is more oil, it will not last long.
"I see …"
If it is true that he is here for anything tonight, he just wants to see her, hoping to see her more in that limited time, that’s all!
After a night’s rest, this boundless mountain appointment is finally coming.

Mo Yan clung to her lips to prevent herself from crying. She really had a bad time these days, but the road was to choose a day by herself, no matter how difficult it was, she had to grit her teeth and stick to it. She also wanted to go back to the past and spend a worrying day with Mo Yu, but she couldn’t go back. She couldn’t go back.

Just let her bear her grief! She doesn’t want Mo Yu to feel sad again! Therefore, she would rather be indifferent and hurt Mo Yu once and for all. She would rather let Mo Yu recognize that she is such a cold lover than let Mo Yu know her current situation and then worry about her day and night.
Mo Yu followed Shen Menglu and had a good day. That’s enough. Mo Yan is relieved to know that Mo Yu has a good life.
Mo Yan shed tears in the wing, and Mo Yu outside the wing was also in tears. She knew Mo Yan as if she knew herself. Mo Yan pretended to be strong and indifferent, and it made Mo Yu’s heart ache even more …
When Shen Menglu arrived at Anzhai, the night was already deep.
"Miss, you are here." Mo Yu has calmed down and saw Shen Menglu meet him excitedly.
Shen Menglu frowned when he saw Mo Yu outside the wing. "Where’s Mo Yan?"
"Inside" Mo language pointed to the wing.
"Like a Mo language, you should keep the door palace and talk to Mo Yan alone." Shen Menglu cast a deep glance at Mo language and then stepped into the wing. If she didn’t guess wrong, the former sisters must have left their hearts.
"Mo Yan has seen Mu Fei Niangniang!" As soon as Shen Menglu stepped into the wing, Mo Yan was greeted by her to inquire after her.
"Get up and let you wait!" Shen Menglu chair sit see mo yan so active it seems that she is also very anxious to see her "you also sit down! I asked you to come here today. You should be white, right? "
"It’s the maiden’s handmaiden!" Mo Yan humbly replied to the chair but did not sit down.
"Then tell the palace what happened to Taidian Taifei?" Mo Yan didn’t sit Shen Menglu and didn’t force her to meet the mountain and ask her questions.
"Before the empress handmaiden answered, the handmaiden had an unkind invitation," Mo Yan said and knelt down at Shen Menglu.
"Go ahead!" There is no lunch, and Shen Menglu is waiting for Mo Yan’s request.
"The handmaiden implores the empress to save the temple!" Mo Yan is almost humble with his head down.
"Mo Yan, you can ask Taiwai from the palace" to save Zhu Yinqi, even if Mo Yan doesn’t say Shen Menglu, he will do it.
"Empress wants nothing but the safety of the temple." Mo Yan smiled bitterly. No one understood the meaning of Zhu Yinqi to her. Zhu Yinqi in her heart was her god and her department.
"Mo Yan, if you plead with the Palace, you won’t say any more. Since the Palace intervenes in the Temple, it will help him." Mo Yan is infatuated with Zhu Yinqi and Shen Menglu. "You can tell the Palace what you know so that the Palace can come up with corresponding strategies to help the Temple."
"It’s empress! Thank you, empress! Handmaiden believe empress is narain people will say it "get Shen Menglu affirmative reply mo yan secretly relieved.
Shen Menglu frowned at Mo Yan’s remarks, but Mo Yan gave her a hat that seemed a little big, but Shen Menglu didn’t question it and waited for Mo Yan to speak.
"Empress actually injured Toffee, not the temple, but the handmaiden." The first sentence Mo Yan said surprised Shen Menglu.
"Mo Yan can eat indiscriminately, but he can’t talk nonsense. The palace knows that you are too affectionate, but no matter how you want to maintain it, you shouldn’t tell such a lie. You should know that you can’t afford the consequences." Shen Menglu looked cold, so Mo Yan’s accountability was not credible.
"Empress handmaiden didn’t lie, handmaiden said it was true." Mo Yan’s eyes were lonely and bitter, and all kinds of things happened in Taidong Palace last night were carefully explained.
Before going to bed, Zhu Yinqi, as always, ate the mysterious grass and hired Mo Yan to serve as a bedroom. Mo Yan just waited on Zhu Yinqi to lie down, and Wei Chengou came. Last night, it was particularly strange that Zhu Yinqi turned her away and said that she had disappeared, but she broke in despite the imperial secretary’s stop.
"Did the palace say that you can’t understand people?" The good thing was interrupted. Zhu Yinqi’s face was very ugly, and his attitude towards the captain was also very bad.
"The temple male and female servants have something to say to you." There is a trace of depression, panic and pallor in the face of Wei Da.
"Have something to say at this time? Don’t you see that the palace is inconvenient now? " Zhu Yinqi leans to expose bare Mo Yan to Zhu Yinqi.
"It’s very important for the male and female servants in the temple to speak … please … please give the male and female servants a little." Seeing that Zhu Yinqi was overwhelmed by Mo Yan, her heart was almost broken. She really understood what Zhu Yinqi would rather have an identity than even a maid-in-waiting woman, but refused to have her as a justified toffee.
"You want to listen to you in the palace, but the palace now gives you two choices. Get out and wait outside the temple. When the palace announces you, you can come in and say that you have taken off your clothes. You can say that while serving the palace." Zhu Yinqi looked at the palace, and his eyes were red and despised.
"Temple, if you want male and female servants to serve you, you can let her go!" Wei Lao is really fed up with Zhu Yinqi’s humiliation to himself. Today, if she had something urgent to tell Zhu Yinqi, she wouldn’t run to him again and humiliate herself.
Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu were extremely humiliated by Zhu Yinqi on the day before their wedding. It is clear to me that Zhu Yinqi was naive enough to tolerate and cooperate in exchange for Zhu Yinqi’s pity and attachment, but she was wrong. During that period, Zhu Yinqi was completely ridiculed and indifferent, and Zhu Yinqi’s self-abuse and indulgence also made him feel sorry for himself.
"Will reinvent the wheel! It’s not that you haven’t waited on me with her. You two will enjoy the palace together. "Zhu Yinqi pulled the corners of his mouth with a smile.
"The temple male and female servants today really have something to say to the temple temple you have to do this? Are the servants and concubines really so worthless in the eyes of the temple? " There were tears in Wei’s eyes. Zhu Yinqi’s humiliation embarrassed her and made her feel painful.
"How valuable do you think you are? Go back to your prime minister’s house with grievances! " Zhu Yinqi’s interest has been interrupted by the captain. He rolled over and sat up, and then ruthlessly ordered Mo Yan to "serve the toffee empress take off your coat."
Mo Yan was stupefied, then got up meekly, walked beside Wei Yi and said in a low voice, "The empress has sinned!" He said, he will begin to untie the clothes of the captain.
"unbridled! How dare you! " Wei Wei drank angrily and waved Mo Yan’s hand. "Is the humble maid’s palace untouchable like you!"
You’re a dirty bitch? ! A flash of pain flashed through Mo Yan’s eyes, and she hung her head and said how noble she was. At the beginning, she did things to please Zhu Yinqi a thousand times more than she did.
"Empress, should you touch the handmaiden or not?" Mo Yan’s low-spirited counterattack made his face suddenly change.
"bitch!" Angry from embarrassment, the captain raised his hand and slapped Mo Yan’s face hard.
Mo Yan was hit wide in the head. She buried her face in stupefaction and didn’t cry or cry. Today, the momentum was very different. This made Mo Yan very surprised to change to the captain. Even if she refused to accept Zhu Yinqi’s malicious humiliation, she would leave at best. She never showed her arrogance in front of Zhu Yinqi. Today, the captain is very abnormal.
"Wei Wei, did you come to the palace to run wild today?" The crisp slap made Zhu Yinqi’s face sink. Before he walked three or two steps, he held Wei Chengba without mercy. "What’s the matter? You don’t even care about the palace with the support of the Prime Minister’s Office, do you? Even the palace women dare to fight! "

"Ray?" Ji Dong’s eyes suddenly contracted. What does a ray represent? If it’s not a thunderbolt, then he can only make such a sound in his memory. It’s also a top-level killing skill, and the sound generated by the release is even more than the top-level killing skill. How can a senior brother do this if he doesn’t meet a strong opponent?

"Is a brother met a nemesis.
Let’s hurry. "At this time, Ji Dong has been unable to take care of many blue Bao Er’s hands and body instantaneous acceleration. With Teng snake becoming super flexible, the body releases explosive force like arrows and rushes into the first floor of the sacred island.
Blue Bao Er can clearly feel that Ji Dong is anxious at the moment, and there is not much to ask. Quickly gather magic to reduce Ji Dong’s burden as much as possible. It is a pity in her heart that Ji Dong was injured and had a metallic texture, but it was not half a point. It really felt like the sun, the moon, the double glow gloves and the monarch, the demon and the yin and yang armored armguards wrapped his own palm.
In a flash, the two men have reached the opposite mountain. Ji Dong paused a little and directly chose to climb the mountain. The mountain peak here is so high and the fighting there is so fierce. From the top of the mountain, it should be easier to determine the position of Frey and get there at the best. With the ultimate double fire and his own five-line array, Ji Dong is confident that he can help Frey.
Ji Dong Basket Bao Er’s two figures are just like a star pill jumping on that mountain, which is two kilometers long and shouting. For ordinary people, it will take several hours to climb it, but for magicians like Ji Dong and Lan Bao Er, they have gone beyond the mountainside to the clouds for a quarter of an hour, but at this time, they suddenly changed.
The whole mountain suddenly shuddered for a while, followed by a rumbling noise. Ji Dong and Lan Bao Er watched it not far from the top of their heads until the white at the top of the mountain suddenly shook, and tens of millions of tons of ice and snow crashed.
"Bad avalanche" The previous storm was too loud to shake the snow and ice roots of this mountain. It didn’t collapse until now. The dog’s natural force was exhausted. Bao Er couldn’t help but be shocked to see the snow and ice falling from the sky
Ji Dong’s reaction was faster than a fierce pull, and Bao Er put her in his arms and Suzaku became instantly released. At the same time, his body generate flapped into the sky with a strong golden red flame, and he suddenly rushed to this time when the avalanche was not finished. He did not want to hide his body.
From a distance, at this time, Ji Dong is like a big bird with wings soaring, spreading its wings like a rosefinch arrival, soaring into the sky with a golden red flame. At that distance, when the ice and snow came into contact with the extreme hot magic of Yang fire recently, it suddenly melted and directly transformed into withering steam. Before more ice and snow fell, the two men had already appeared behind Ji Dong, but at this time, the inscription had been replaced by Yang fire flying array.
Ji Dong’s arms are somewhat overbearing and make blue Bao Er uncomfortable and hot, but at this moment, it is such a hug that makes her full of security. Listening to the rumbling noise of her feet, blue Bao Er feels that her heart is trembling. If she is herself, she may have died in this ice and snow. Even the water demon master can’t stand such a terrible ice and snow arrival.
Ji Dong naturally don’t know what’s going on in Blue Bao Er’s mind at this time. His wings flap like a flaming meteor, pointing directly at the top of the mountain. Yang Huo’s soaring array increases. His flying speed is not inferior to that of flying class. The blink of an eye husband of Warcraft has reached the top of the mountain.
Until now, the avalanche power has been fully displayed, and it can be clearly seen that the mountain call has become a world of ice and snow. A large number of ice fog rises and rumbles, and the amazing power is endless.
Ji firmly landed on the top of the mountain with a broken ice. She looked at Blue Bao Er’s face in a loose embrace and whispered, "It’s okay." Blue Bao Er quickly nodded her delicate and charming sample and the panic in her purple eyes made people fall in love. She took a look at her slightly messy silver hair and whispered, "You saved me again."
Ji Dong shook his head and looked into the distance. At this time, he didn’t pay too much attention to the safety of Brother Lan Bao Er, which is the most important thing.
At this moment, there was another violent thunder and a huge noise. You can see from the high mountain where you are at this time that a blue-purple Lei Guang rose from the sky outside their three peaks, and the dark clouds in the middle of the school also lit up and flashed, as if Wan Lei’s prison rescue community had been bowed.
"Brother, we should hurry over there." Ji Dong pointed to the direction where Lei Guang appeared and was about to fly with blue Bao Er again when he was held by blue Bao Er.
"Ji Dong, you wait a moment. What do you think that is? … as he spoke, Blue Bao Er pointed sideways.
Ji Dong paused and looked in the direction of her finger. It was seven meters away from them. The solid ice on the top of the mountain seemed to have a person, a frozen ice middleman
The two people’s glances will be frozen. It’s obviously already a dead person here. It’s only exposed after the avalanche. I’m afraid I don’t know how long it’s been frozen here.
Ji Dong’s figure flashed before he came to the ice. He was surprised to find that the frozen ice turned out to be a woman wearing a dazzling golden body armor, and even her face was covered. Only a blonde hair flew in the air, and her right hand was raised in the frozen ice, but she couldn’t see the palm of her hand. There was a two-meter-long golden sword pointing forward, which seemed to be attacking.
This woman is slender and her height is even more than one meter, which is a little higher than that of Ji Dong now. Although she can’t see her appearance, there is no doubt that she is an outstanding female warrior. She should be Yin Jin, that is, Xin Jin Magic Division II. "What a beautiful armor!" Blue Bao Er can’t help but admire that gold, silver and jewelry are always the most attractive things for women, with few exceptions.
The armor of the female warrior in this frozen body is indeed dazzling. Although it is frozen, it still shines brightly. There are arc lines on the surface, showing dark golden golden body. Plus the flying blonde hair gives people a very strong sense of oppression.
Blue Bao Er said, "She’s poor. I don’t know how long she’s been frozen here."
Ji Dong said, "If you like this suit of armor, I will melt it out and give it to you."
Blue Bao Er quickly shook his head and said, "No, she’s Xin Jin and I don’t have the property."
Now that she has been buried here, don’t disturb her. "
Ji Dong smiled and said, "The avalanche has exposed her ice and snow. If we don’t make moves for someone else, I’m afraid we will directly smash her out of the ice. I’m afraid it will be even more miserable. Anyway, she is also a powerful magic teacher. Although we don’t covet anything, we will melt her out and wait until she is buried outside."
Blue Bao Er nodded. "That would be great. I really want to see what she looks like."
Ji Dong smiled slightly. "It’s easy for you to hide a little." It seems to him that melting the ice together is just a matter of lifting your hand and sticking it on the ice with your left hand. The Yin and Yang Corona transforms into a black Yin Corona, and the extreme Yin fire quietly puts a thick black flame on the floor and quickly covers the ice.

Lian Yan Jing Mo, he knew that the emperor said it was something. Lian Yan Hong ascended the throne for so many years, and the issue of inheritance has always been something for a willing heart. Now the imperial concubine has at least given birth to a big emperor.

But it can also suspend the situation. Once something happens, it is still the emperor’s short board.
Lotus Yan Hong looked at Dong Ling, who was stupefied. "I don’t want anything in my face today. Please show me if it is destiny takes a hand or someone is secretly bad …"
It’s not that the emperor hasn’t checked any clues about this matter.
"I know you’re worried about things like rest assured. I will naturally give you enough benefits to avoid others. Not everyone can ask you to treat you then." Lotus Yan Hong added a chip.
Indeed, what Dong Yuling is most worried about is that she, a civilian with a little power, can order her to see a doctor, seek physical support and have children, so will she refuse?
A child in a big family is a woman. If all the chips are raised by her, it will not be a tragedy!
Since the emperor promised so much, Dong Yuling would no longer refuse to raise his hand and build the emperor’s wrist.
Although it is no good to know much about this royal secret, she is already riding a tiger.
Besides, Dong Hong-ling’s view of the emperor is not like that of history, so he slightly worried about himself.
If she really wants to save her family’s life, she can still do it, even if the other party is an emperor.
This time, Dong Yuling took the pulse for a long time and scanned the emperor several times, and finally let go of frowning and meditation.
See dong ling such emperor and lotus Yan jiing didn’t presume to disturb is slightly worried glances quietly waiting for the verdict.
"What did the imperial doctors say?" Dong ling slightly puzzled mouth asked
"All the doctors say that I am in good health." Lianyan Hongnai Institute can’t find the cause and root of the disease.
Is it difficult to say that you are not sick? It seems that the Lian family didn’t have such a legacy. For example, when the first emperor Lian Yanhong ascended the throne, ten emperors and seven princesses were still alive!
Since all the doctors say that Lian Yan-hong is healthy, is it a woman who has a problem?
If it is modern monogamy, it must be this and that.
But the palace doesn’t make sense. One or two women have problems. Maybe all women in the harem have problems?
No wonder Lian Yan-hong will wonder if there is anyone behind this …
After understanding these things, Dong Yuling was even more puzzled because she diagnosed that the emperor was in good health as the doctors, and he was healthier than ordinary people after practicing martial arts.
However, Dong Yuling knows that the problem may really show the activity of the emperor’s tadpoles, but she can’t know how this is caused by taking the pulse. After all, she doesn’t know much about the emperor
"How is your brother’s health?" See Dong Ling don’t talk Lian Yan Jing can’t help but ask.
In fact, he is more worried about his body than Lian Yuhong.
"The physician is right. The emperor’s health is fine." Dong Yuling said frankly.
Lotus Yan Jiing frowned and glanced at her disappointed brother. "That …"
"Is it really destiny takes a hand?" The emperor’s voice was empty and his expression was sad.
"Since there is no reason for the body, there are many situations that cause this phenomenon." It is really difficult for Dong Yuling to explain to the two big men what the concept of activity and inactivity can be the simplest solution in words. "I hope I can pulse his imperial concubine once if I can."
Seeing that the emperor was somewhat listless, Dong Hong said a key, "In addition, my daughter hopes to observe the emperor’s basic necessities for a while, which means that she has some habits with the emperor on weekdays."
"Your brother has been very disciplined since childhood and has no bad habits!" Lotus Yan jiing said some don’t want to.
Dong Yuling is going to observe the emperor’s food, clothing, housing and transportation, so he can’t be close to his body. The palace can be so close to the emperor, except the maid-in-waiting or the princess-in-waiting. I feel sad to think about it.
There are still some lost emperors who are amused by his brother’s reaction. Although it is not obvious to ordinary people, they grew up together. Can you not know these subtle mood changes?
"You mean there’s still salvation?" When the emperor saw that Dong Yuling didn’t tell the story to death like his healer did, he didn’t falter and couldn’t tell clearly how much his heart was, and he still hoped that Chapter 15 Chapter 15 Chapter 150 hadn’t eaten it, okay?
Dong Fengling nodded. "I think it’s that a little emperor can still make the imperial concubine empress have a big emperor. That representative won’t be unable to observe for a while and maybe find out the reason."
Moreover, in recent years, besides Yu Guifei, there are also palace princesses who are pregnant, but they have not been able to keep them.
That proves that the emperor didn’t die completely, but his activity was too low to be pregnant.
Even the key training of the harem beauty emperor casting a wide net can be seen.
So when the carriage stopped at the entrance of Wangfu, the emperor got the letter from Dong Wei, and somehow relaxed his mood, and anyway, he didn’t expect to be disappointed so much, so he wouldn’t be too hard.
Moreover, the emperor expressed great interest in the rare reaction to the world, and he was still in the mood to ridicule.
"You usually don’t give your back to others, so this girl can help you push the wheelchair?" The emperor raised his eyebrows and smiled thoughtfully.