Stay with the ninth-order Wu and see that Situhao has broken through the five elements to generate a sword all over the sky. Others are protecting the patriarch. He looks horrified and attacks the last wave of elemental swords. After that, he jumps back and flies with his sword in his hand. He wants to flee to Fengyun Jianzong.

However, at this instant, Situhao even sprayed three mouths of blood, and his forehead was pale and sweaty like beans. He looked hard to hide his painful expression, and his eyes and hair had recovered their normal color.
A nine-rank Wu is Bai Situhao, who is already a spent force. He must have suffered from the evil achievement method. The old man immediately flew the sword back to his hand from the ground with a long sword. His face was exposed and he smiled grimly. It seems that it is my turn to chop off your limbs and slowly torture you. I don’t need any ancient remnants. I want you to teach you ancient remnants, which is enough.
Laughing and talking crazily, the ninth-order Wu took the sword in his hand and forced it to Situhao step by step.
At this time, Situhao’s body was subjected to a powerful anti-itself force, which made his skin surface fluctuate greatly. Tianyuan magic tactic anti-itself force was crazy in his body, and his body bulged up one big bag after another, which could break through his skin and explode at any time.
Seeing that the ninth-order martial force forced itself to Stuart Hao to endure severe pain, the soul-taking technique was secretly put into use in an instant, and the sky cracked, the thunder blade and the halberd pointed to the sky, and the consciousness shouted loudly to the soul soldiers.
Situhao’s boss was taken aback when he raised his hand to crack the thunder blade. He was still dying and trying to get closer to his body. He couldn’t help but stagnate for a moment, but the strange scene of his footsteps was even more shocking.
Hundreds of swaying figures appeared around his body in an instant, and it was more horrible in the bright moon Yin Hui.
Kill SiTuHao reached such an order in consciousness. Hundreds of ghosts rushed at the ninth-order Wu Ben crazily.
At this time, the ninth-order martial arts was only white. Situhao’s display was the soul-absorbing technique, and the soul-absorbing technique had reached a very profound level. What surprised him most was that Situhao could summon hundreds of soul soldiers.
Hundreds of soul soldiers can’t reach this level even if they are the guardians of the evil spirit castle.
When the soul soldiers rushed into the ninth order Wu, he immediately waved his sword and made the fastest attack on the whole soul soldiers.
Nine-order Wu wielded a sword impenetrable, and those ghosts who were summoned rushed to the silver awning circle at the command of Situhao, regardless of life and death. One by one, the soul soldiers were killed and disappeared in the middle.
However, among these ghosts, they are also powerful. Although they can play half of their strength before their death, their opinions on various powerful techniques are not discounted at all. In that impenetrable sword waving, more than a dozen powerful soul soldiers actually found a sword waving and went straight into the sword awn to attack the ninth-order Wujin crazily.
Nine-order Wu waved the same round sword in a melee attack by more than a dozen powerful ghosts, and finally slowed down. Some ghosts took advantage of it to enter his melee and launch the fastest attack on him. Moments later, Nine-order Wu was torn to pieces by dozens of melee ghosts.
The ghost got the order from Situhao to kill the Ninth Order Wu. At this time, their life was completed and they immediately disappeared back to Situhao and became his soul guardian.
Hundreds of ghosts killed the Ninth Order Wu regardless of their lives. Although dozens of ghosts were lost in this attack, the number of ghost soldiers was more than 200, but when they desperately attacked the Ninth Order Wu, they were only killed in a moment and didn’t even arrive for two minutes.
Although the process of killing the Ninth Order Wu by the Soul Soldiers is very short, it is very long for Situhao. His body is experiencing the most powerful force to bite him. At this time, body form’s bag is getting bigger and bigger, and his blood is running very fast. Situhao can feel that his blood is boiling.
Situhao has been cross-legged on the ground at this time and wants egoistic force to suppress the huge self-eating force. However, his humble force is just some cannon fodder in front of the powerful self-eating force, and he has been defeated several times, and because of the force conflict, those self-eating forces have become more intense.
Longitudinal SiTuHao with very strong endurance at this time also don’t send a huge scream.
Tianyuan magic tactic itself is more powerful than when he was tortured by the method of insect jumping up. I don’t know how many times he screamed, and his body fell on the ground and struggled wildly.
The powerful self-eating force is getting stronger and stronger, and Situ Hao’s body is bulging and his bag is getting bigger and bigger, especially in his belly, which encourages Situ Hao to be pregnant with a pregnant woman in October.
Situhao’s clothes are bulging in his body, and he has collapsed into pieces of rags. He didn’t want a few Situhao’s body was already naked.
Situhao screamed again and again to vent his unbearable torture.
Arm muscles are the tightest. A giant bag encouraged Situ Hao’s right arm bag to burst, which made a loud noise. Blood was sprayed and shot straight. One of the broken flesh was shot to Lixu, and the ancient tree that hit a huge old tree kept swaying in the night.
The physical suffering did not make Situ Hao’s consciousness half blurred. On the contrary, his consciousness was unusually awake, which made him clearly feel that he was suffering from subtle pain.
Situhao witnessed his right arm bulging with a big bag and bursting into pieces, looking at the blood in a powerful self-repulsion, and he actually shot out a hundred feet away. This time, Bai Ji will die. Chapter 1 Advance to the sixth order.
The right arm was stirred up, and the big bag was smashed. Situhao had a split thunder blade in his hand and wanted to drop it. Although it was worth living and dying, Situhao didn’t want to lose this artifact. When the split thunder blade was about to fall to the ground, he immediately sacrificed it to his own knowledge.
At this time, it can be said that it is life and death. In Stuart’s mind, many people also flashed a lot of ideas.
Mother’s ghost is still in the abyss, and she hasn’t been repaid to her father yet. Now, although my grandfather is not as bad as before, his anger against him has not been dispelled, and several girls’ figures are rapidly emerging in his mind.
In fact, death is not terrible, people will be afraid of death, because death will make a person lose everything in the world, even if reincarnation, everything before will be annihilated in memory.
After these flashes in my mind, Situ Hao is full of longing for life, and there are still too many worries in his heart. He can’t bear to part with everything in this world.

"Elder brother, aren’t you going back to gian? Why are you still here? " Cheng Yuyang nothing good face asked.

"It’s me pestering my brother in Dongyang! I want to come to Xiuwen’s brother’s birthday party, but my mother won’t let me act alone unless Dongyang’s brother comes with me. "Si Tong was embarrassed to explain.
"Yuanyuan University, when the ancient professor said a word, how do you put it? Everything about my brother can’t affect other jobs. I didn’t expect to accompany the beautiful woman even to work," Cheng Yuyang said with a slightly sharp voice.
Silk tong leng a she is again silly also recognized Cheng Yuyang HuaLiYouHua.
"What are you talking about?" His eyes swept to the dance floor, Meng Yudong and Zhan Longhai talked intimately, and his mood was even worse.
"What am I talking nonsense about?" Cheng Yuyang looked at the silk tung looked at this koo expression for chapter 119 is not qualified.
"Your jokes are too serious. You see Tong Tong is scared by you." Song Yuanyuan grabbed Yu Yu and said, "Tong Tong, are you kidding your sister?"
"Let’s stop here and go in!" Jiang Xiuwen see atmosphere wrong horse said
Cheng Dongyang hugged Sitong’s waist and went in. Sitong didn’t say anything to Cheng Dongyang. "Brother Dongyang, I want to dance. Let’s go dancing!"
Cheng Dongyang spoiled her with a smile. "Let’s go dancing."
When he slipped into the dance floor with his arm around Si Tong, it happened that a new song ended. Meng Yudong was very tired when he came to dance with Yuanyuan and them. After dancing, he took a rest.
"Are you hungry? Let me get you something to eat! " Zhan Longhai asked very carefully.
Meng Yudong also not hungry nodded his head.
In a short time, Song Yuanyuan and Cheng Liuyu Yang also came to Song Yuanyuan to look for self-help. Zhan Longhai laughed. "Brother Aaron was quite careful. Why didn’t you find it before?"
"It’s not the case that men catch up with women like this." Cheng Yuyang looked at Meng Yudong’s reaction brother and came out with such a woman. She didn’t respond. "Dongdong, aren’t you angry? My brother is scared to think about it. What does my brother do?
"What qualifications do I have? Yu Yu, your brother and I don’t know at the moment. It’s a little late today and I have to work. I want to go back. "
"Eat something first!" Song Yuanyuan grabbed her. "You don’t need to be afraid of others in winter and winter. We are guests of Brother Arvino, regardless of others."
"Just watch Brother Lung bring you something to eat." Cheng Yuyang also held her down. She looked at her brother on the dance floor. The silk tong looked at how the underage brother got his hand!
"Brother Aaron, you won’t just take Dongdong alone, will you?" Song Yuanyuan came to ZhanLonghai laughed.
"Of course not. You know that I took three sets of tableware. You will eat first and then I will go to the endpoint." Zhan Longhai saw that they were together. It is good to chase Meng Yudong and win over Song Yuanyuan and Cheng Yuyang.
"That’s more like it." Cheng Yuyang divided the tableware for them. "How about eating first and then renewing the stall?"
"Come to my place. I live alone now," Song Yuanyuan said. "We can buy something to eat and be as crazy as we want."
"Dongdong, you must agree. Don’t forget that you still have a lot of things to tell us." Cheng Yuyang said before she could answer Qiangbai.
Dongdong smiled and agreed.
Three people talked and laughed and ate, and then Zhan Longhai joined in.
"Brother Lung, I asked you if you like winter and winter." Cheng Yuyang asked him directly when he sat down.
When asked, Meng Yudong blushed and said, "Yu Yu, stop joking."
Cheng Yuyang think Zhan Longhai is not much better than her brother. I don’t know how many women are not suitable for winter and winter.
"I’m going to wash my hands." Meng Yudong got up and said, feeling this strange atmosphere.
Do you know where to wash your hands? Zhanlonghai worried that she was strange here and asked.
"Aaron, maybe you have to wash your hands with Dongdong!" Cheng Yuyang hostile said
Meng Yudong really hurried away when he heard this.
When it’s time to wash her hands and look at herself in the mirror, she seldom wears makeup, let alone dresses like this. At this time, she feels a little strange in the mirror.
She washed her face and let herself look refreshed. I still can’t get rid of Cheng Dongyang and the girl together. That girl should be the Tong Tong in his words!
Such a beautiful girl is young, bright and moving.
She said to herself, don’t think that she is just a mistress from his wallet. She is not qualified to care who he came out of washing her hands with. She took her wrist by the other hand without taking a few steps.
"Come with me" Cheng Dongyang black face pulled her to the side lounge.
She consciously wants to open it and refuses to cooperate with "I’m going in"
"Meng Yudong, don’t challenge my patience." Cheng Dongyang said with one hand, and put her in her arms and looked at her beautiful little face. He suppressed the fire and burned more.
She has to compromise. Someone will come here at any time. She doesn’t want to be caught in such an embarrassing situation.
Cheng Dongyang took her to the lounge, locked the door and pressed the door panel. "I asked you how did you come?"
Somehow, she felt a little guilty and decided to answer honestly, "Aaron said to ask me to do him a favor and be his date."
"Aaron!" Cheng Dongyang is almost grind out this two word "when did you get so close to him Meng Yudong didn’t I warn you? I told you to stay away from him! "
Meng Yudong thought that he was so close and hugged another woman, and the two of them just danced with each other so tacitly. Her heart also said angrily, "Aaron saved me that night. He asked me to do him a favor and I couldn’t refuse."
"You can’t refuse to dress like this and let the whole world know that you are his girlfriend, can you?" Cheng Dongyang a listen to angry.
"This is just a misunderstanding. Aaron and I are ordinary friends." Meng Yudong didn’t want to talk to him again. "I have to go. Yuanyuan and Yuyu are waiting for me."
"Why didn’t you say Zhan Longhai was waiting for you?" Cheng Dongyang was so angry with her that he did not allow her to move according to her hand. "Meng Yudong, I repeat, you are not allowed to tell Zhan Longhai, do you hear me? I’ll call the driver to come and get your horse back. "
"I’m going to sleep at Yuanyuan’s tonight." Although she is so oppressed by him, she is in an absolute weakness, but Meng Yudong’s expression is still light and not afraid of his anger.
"Have you made up with Yu Yu?" He didn’t miss the three of them performing on stage, and she laughed at her songs, which made him move at this moment.
"Mayor cheng, would you please let me go? I think your partner will be looking for you everywhere if you disappear for so long. "Meng Yudong didn’t answer and wanted to earn him a bundle of chapter 1 lounge humiliation.

Don’t go anywhere, Ye Fanhe said, concentrating his attention and calming his fingers. Soon a box came out of the void.

This wooden box is not big. Fan He beat the wooden box with two pills, one red and one green.
You choose a kite to eat.
The kite woebegone and said, Brother Ye, help me choose.
Ye Fan River is a faint tunnel. Only when you choose it will it suit you. If I choose it for you, others will calculate your attack mode during the post-battle, and it will be traced.
Well, Feiyuan fingered two pills in that box for a long time before choosing the red one, Ye Fanhe sighed, but let Feiyuan swallow it.
He has already taken the green pills and adjusted his breath on the spot.
The horn of heaven is still blowing, and the emperor of heaven is the general of the Emperor of Heaven and commands the magic weapon. The horn of heaven can summon more than one billion magic weapons, and I’m afraid the Luofu disaster will come this time.
Ye Fanhe thought that the red pill taken by the flying kite had changed in her body.
The crimson flame flew from every pore of her body, and the kite suddenly became a burning man.
After Ye Fanhe’s green pill went away, his eyes gradually turned green, but he didn’t suffer as much as flying kites.
Flying kites endure the pain of burning with flames. It’s really rare for Brother Ye to suffer like this.
Then enjoy it. Ye Fanhe closes her eyes and the girl dances gently in the flame, and she doesn’t care about Ye Fanhe’s attitude. She knows that every moving Ye Fanhe can feel it, otherwise there is no need to build herself.
One day you will look at me with your eyes open and look straight at your cowardice.
The girl’s lips are micro-moving, and Ye Fanhe doesn’t know what she is talking about.
Leitian and others heard the horn of heaven, and the sense of crisis in their hearts became stronger. How much can Leitian mobilize Jin Xian for the cloud Mo Ran Road Luofu School?
In the cave, I know that seven Jin Xianyun Mo Ran answered
How long will the seven fairies last if the Heaven King conflicts?
Enough to come to other caves.
How do you know it
Because of Luo Fu Jin Xian deduction, I’m afraid Luo Fu is trying to force Li Bihu to rise in strength this time, otherwise Jin Xian would have come to help.
Leitian didn’t ask what the deduction was, but Luo Fu’s move to send a hundred days of land was shocking enough, and a cave was enough to prop up a famous faction, so it was given to the night emperor
Although this is equivalent to making the night emperor’s door at the forefront, the cost is not huge. The other three sects don’t know that this matter is not linked.
Luo Xiu stand hand way I have no news about this matter.
Leitian mind move she will know, but although she is the core brother didn’t achieve true fairy before such an important thing is certainly not to tell her, mainly for fear that she will be accused of telling secrets by magic.
Rain also said that Louvre wouldn’t send such a cave by itself, otherwise, Louvre’s plot would be quite huge.
The rain just came up with another aspect, Luo Fu. What if you calculate even the other three sects?
It’s not impossible for one orthodoxy to continue. Jin Xian, the predecessor of Louvre, got twice as much luck. It’s nothing unacceptable for Louvre to destroy the other three sects.
In order to finally withstand the pressure of heaven, nothing will be lost in the heart of the Louvre fairy.
What benefits can Qing Di Gate get from it?
No, it has to be agreed in Qingcheng Mountain as soon as possible. Jin Xian, the Qingcheng Mountain Sect, will show his kindness to himself. It would be ungrateful if he doesn’t even send back the news.

His strength can definitely easily kill Xiao You’s personal enemy, but in this case, he certainly can’t completely dissolve the hatred in his heart. Only after dissolving the hatred in his heart can he become a Ma Pingchuan in practice, or there will be problems when he breaks through.

Since we have decided to help him, we must make him strong in all aspects. After that, his bloody body will definitely be discovered, and then he will definitely be encircled by the major powers in the mainland. If he has no self-protection power, he will definitely die miserably. It is impossible for him to protect him for a long time. Everything depends on himself.
Small deep and remote for suspection.i Zhantian at this time is already very believe in the death of relatives, so that he has no dependence in his heart now, and suspection.i Zhantian appeared at his most critical moment. He has not simply believed in suspection.i Zhantian, and he has no objection to it.
"Xiaoyou, look at what else needs to be taken away here. Maybe we won’t come back here for a long time." Huangfu Zhantian vs Xiaoyou Section 83: Auction 5
Small deep and remote listened to the words of suspection.i Zhantian, but the room turned a circle with a sad face. It was just a moment, and he looked cold and cheerless before he recovered again, as if he was not at ease with everything in the world. He returned to suspection.i Zhantian and shook his head at it.
"In that case, let’s leave now and go directly to the auction. Jinyu, you stay around and ask what people are, and then come directly to the auction to find us." Say that finish, Huangfu Zhantian took Henaan Xiaoyou and they left this sadly.
After leaving here, Henaan will go with Xiao You to comfort Xiao You. After Henaan’s careful comfort, Xiao You’s mood has stabilized a lot, and I’m relieved to see that Xiao You’s mood has stabilized, so I shouldn’t let others notice his bloody body.
A line of people came to Wanzhen auction house, but the manager Sun was waiting at the door of the auction house. It seems that the owner of Wanzhen auction house still attaches great importance to Huangfu Zhantian.
"Holy one, please." Manager Sun has been waiting at the door since they left Huangfu Zhantian. After a line of people came, he recognized it at a glance and quickly greeted him. Since the landlord asked me to treat him well, I must treat him well, even if those trivial workers in Wanzhen Building were pushed away [
"Manager Sun, have you been waiting here?" Suspection.i war days surprised that he didn’t believe himself and others had just arrived, so he came to the door. I want to come here. Manager Sun must have been waiting to think of this suspection.i war days. As a result, I can’t help but sigh that this is the strength benefit. If I am a gold fighter, I’m afraid I can’t get the attention of the owner of Wanzhen auction house.
After listening to the words of suspection.i Zhantian, the manager Sun didn’t have much embarrassment. "The saint asked for the auction here and asked for the VIP room here. You are ready," he said as he bowed in front of the way.
Any suspection.i Zhantian also didn’t mention it when he walked past.
The group did not go with the ordinary guests in the auction store, but went directly to the VIP room through special channels.
"Holy one, if you have any orders, this thing is called small, so you won’t disturb adults’ rest." After they lead Huangfu Zhantian to the VIP room, the manager Sun is not good at disturbing him here. He knows that the strong among human beings don’t like others to disturb him very consciously.
Any suspection.i Zhantian waved his hand to show that he can leave the manager Sun respectfully and walk backwards out of the goalkeeper door and gently guard him at the door. "This is the landlord and distinguished guests. Don’t let other people enter here. You know, if people here need anything, you should try your best to meet them. If they can’t, just call me."
As soon as the guard at the door heard the look, he quickly responded to Section 831: Auction 6.
HuangFuZhanTian with a pendulum, saying, "All right, the auction is over. Just sit down." Say that finish, HuangFuZhanTian looked up. This VIP room is really luxurious. I’m afraid this VIP room will cost tens of thousands of gold coins or hundreds of thousands of gold coins. And looking from this VIP room, you can just finish the whole auction and it is impossible for people to see the scene inside the VIP room.
Huangfu Zhantian secretly nodded. This Wanzhen auction house is indeed larger than its own war alliance.
A golden bell came to the end of the chaos, and the scene suddenly became quiet. I’m afraid I’m afraid I’ll take this auction when I come to Huangfu Zhantian.
Sure enough, an old man in white flew directly to the auction tower. I didn’t expect this auction to be hosted by blade master. It seems that the background of Wanzhen auction house is not simple [
"Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t have to talk about those scenes, so I don’t bother you. I hope everyone can abide by the rules of Wanzhen auction house and don’t do anything out of line, otherwise everyone should know the consequences." Although the old man in white is not loud, he doesn’t know what auction house everyone can hear, and it seems that the old man in white is not weak. Some people have some ideas. At this time, when they see that Wanzhen auction house is so powerful, they secretly press these ideas.
"The first treasure is a six-Dan medicine, green cream Dan. This green cream Dan can be said to be the most suitable one among the six-Dan medicines. It is a wind magician or a fighter who makes this green cream Dan work. I think everyone knows that I didn’t do much to introduce the green cream Dan. The reserve price of 1,000 gold coins should not be less than 300 gold coins each time." The white man waved a jade box and appeared on the auction table. There is a green energy Dan medicine all over his body. This must be the green cream Dan.
With the appearance of the first thing, the auction has gradually entered a hot stage. Anyway, if necessary, it will bid hard. The quality of the things auctioned in this auction is much higher than that in the auction, and these strong human beings who heard the news are not stingy to walk on the mainland. If there is no one or two life-saving things, it is very dangerous. Once those healing medicines or defensive armor appear, they will be hot shot.
These things in front of Huangfu Zhantian didn’t make any moves. There were two relatively good herbs, and he was not interested in them.
"This one is the penultimate thing in this auction. Maybe some people already know what this thing is. Yes, this thing is a flying skill." After saying this sentence, the old man in white stopped smiling and looked at the bottom of the crowd.
When I heard the words of the old man in white, the scene suddenly fell into a strange silence. There was no accident for the old man in silver. He smiled and looked at the bottom. Section 83: Auction 7
After a silence, everyone reacted, and what was this auction suddenly went crazy.
"Oh, my God, did I hear you right? This is flying fighting skill."
"I also heard him say it was flying fighting skill."
"No, I’m going crazy. I must get this skill."
"Mom knew there was flying fighting skill, and I had to raise enough money even if I was selling iron in a saucepan." [
"Yes, what is money compared with your own life? With this skill, you will be able to escape if you don’t meet the strong in blade master."
The old man in white didn’t stop the reaction to the bottom of the crowd, but they talked about it as hot as possible.
After about half a column of incense, everyone gradually stopped talking and stared at the old man in white as if to eat him.
"Now that it’s quiet, this flying fighting skill auction is now." With the words of the old man in white, a square energy shield rose from the ground, and this energy shield was covered with a golden yellow book, but I don’t know what it was made of, not ordinary paper.
See the bottom of this flying fighting skill suddenly appeared a stir. Some people’s eyes were red and stared at the flying fighting skill, and quarrelling was a little unstable. Looking at the bottom of the white man, he snorted from his nose and a faint coercion appeared in the auction.
By this old man in white, some hot-headed people woke up, and their necks shrank to get rid of those thoughts in their heads. This is Wanzhen Auction House. If you really dare to start work, you don’t know how to die.
Looking at the bottom to stop the commotion crowd, the old man in white was very satisfied, but he didn’t drag his feet again. "This flying skill comes from the ninth-order flight of Warcraft, and it’s a good idea that it takes a lot of effort to catch this off-fire Kunpeng, and it takes a special method to print his wings into flying skills. You should know how hard this process is, but this flying skill comes from the off-fire Kunpeng’s rubbing. This flying skill is most suitable for fire attributes, of course, and it can’t be without fire attributes.
Speaking of the old man in white, he said slowly, "Everyone knows the value of this flying skill, so there is no limit to the reserve price of one gold coin in the auction, and there is no limit to the price increase every time. Please bid!"
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the alternate domain name.
After the old man in white shouted, no one stood there asking for the price, but his eyes were fixed on the flying skill. The old man in white didn’t care that such things were not afraid of no one buying them. He knew that there was a lack of a fuse now, so he secretly made a wink at the auction. After receiving the hint from the old man in white, the man nodded slightly at the old man in white.
"Ten thousand gold coins Section 833: Auction 8
The man quoted a price directly. After the man quoted the price, the whole venue was like a frying pan. It seemed that the silence before was gone.
"fifty thousand gold coins"
"Hundreds …"
Huangfu Zhantian calmly looked at the bidder. He was not in a hurry to bid, because he knew that the current bidding was all those people in the small family, and these people just followed in front and won’t follow again until later. At that time, it was the real bidding time.
Huangfu Zhantian didn’t expect this auction house to really have such a fighting skill, but he still wanted to try his luck. But he didn’t expect it to really meet Fang Jinyu, and this flying fighting skill is just suitable for Fang Jinyu. He is a fire attribute, and this flying fighting skill is also a fire attribute. When Huangfu Zhantian appeared, he made up his mind to get this fighting skill. No matter how much it costs, there should be more than 30 million amethyst coins in his magic crystal card, in addition to giving gold for more than 10 million. If it is converted into gold coins, it will be more than 30 billion.

See you later. Huang Sao is more and more beautiful. It is said that women’s happiness is to write their faces. From her charming smiling face, we can see how much her brother hurts. She has become a woman. She has faded from her first marriage, and she is a little more gentle and feminine, but she will always be as noble and elegant as a fairy. Kunyang can’t dream day and night.

Who knows that Kunyang wouldn’t have planned himself if it weren’t for this woman’s coldness? Ten years ago, he wanted to force his father to abdicate when he was old, so that he could make him take his place. But in order to get his wife, he had to kill his brother and then force his father to abdicate and get his own genes. He didn’t want to hide his favorite woman in the golden house. He wanted to give her a fair identity and let her be his own woman beside him in the commons.
However, the woman who killed her brother never laughed again. The elegant smiles appealed deeply. Although he got her as he wished, she never laughed again. She has no heart any more. Every day, she is as dead as a walking corpse. No matter how cold Kunyang is to her, Yan Guifei’s beauty is still lost.
But at the moment, Su Yiming’s swaying posture and walking slowly make Leng Kunyang shine at the moment, as if she had come back to life in her memory many years ago. The two figures overlapped and were so different! Leng Kunyang felt that his mind was out of control.
There has been no sound in the half-ring imperial room. The cold rain Chen felt something was wrong. He took a look at the cold Kunyang secretly. From Su Yiming, he was taken to the door of the imperial room by the little eunuch. He felt that his father was a little strange. It seemed that his father’s eyes had been falling on Su Yiming, but he didn’t know what to think.
Just as at this moment, Leng Kunyang silently stared at Su Yiming crawling on his feet, but he didn’t let him stand up. Leng Yu Chen felt something was wrong in his heart, but he couldn’t tell if it was a "father?"
"Oh, the Sumen Lord stood flat and gave a seat to watch tea!" Cold Kunyang seems to have a flash of light in his eyes, and his face has been restored to calm.
"thank you!" Su Yiming got up smartly and charmingly, turned around and walked to a chair near Lengyuchen, and fell down in front of the chair. It was like soft bones, gently leaning on the chair and slender fingers, gently playing a garment without pleating, and the eyes were full of charm.
Cold rain Chen Rao is used to Su Yiming’s evil spirit. I also think that he is still a little different today. Not only does he exude his usual laziness and evil spirits from his bones, but he also deliberately hides his charm and blooms out to make people forget it.
"Master Su, I am very grateful to you for doing everything. I’ve always wanted to meet you. It’s really lovely to see the Yushu in Zhilan today!" At first glance, there is nothing to listen to in cold Kunyang dialect, but it is still sensitive to find that my father, who has always been proud, actually liked the word "like" as soon as he came. Is this to win over Su Yiming?
"Pursuit goes to praise! Seat and Chen Tai are friends, and what they do is also a trivial matter. "Su Yiming waved his hand slightly and the flowers were dizzy, which made people feel excited."
"Master Su’s medical skills are extraordinary. If it weren’t for your help this time, I’m afraid I would still be in the dark. Both the Leng family and I would like to thank you!" Leng Kunyang said and raised his hand. "This is the Su door owner who just paid tribute to Snow Mountain tea this year. Try it and see what it tastes like?"
"thank you!" Su Yiming brought the little eunuch a cup of tea, just put his hand on it, gently slid the lid and pouted his lips, gently blew a light mist, and his brow was shining. Seeing that he slightly lowered his head and sniffed the tea, there was a flash of light in his eyes, and he took a sip and a half before saying, "Good tea! The faint scent of tea and the snowy rhyme are really elegant! "
"Su Menzhu is also a tea lover. I wonder where you come from?" Leng Kunyang changed his old majesty and faced Su Yiming with a rare soft color.
"Back to the seat is a snowy Wuxi person." Su Yiming put a tea lamp and looked up at Leng Kunyang. With one hand holding his head and the tip of his tongue, he passed the corner of his mouth from his thin lips with a touch of iconic evil spirits. There was a layer of fascinating water mist in his eyes, as if his thoughts were immersed in memories.
"When my adoptive father went to Wuxi Mountain to collect herbs, he met his parents. On their way home, they were robbed by thieves. The thieves not only robbed all the baggage, but also wanted to fight against my mother. Dad stood up and was killed by thieves. My mother didn’t want to be humiliated and wiped her neck with a sword."
"Adoptive father just saw that he saved his mother, who was only three years old, from a thief, and saw that adoptive father was a good man. Before he died, he had to kneel and kowtow, and he recognized his adoptive father on the spot. Later, he was taken back to Xiaoyao Gate by his adoptive father, and he always followed his adoptive father to study medicine. Before his death, his adoptive father gave him the throne."
Su Yiming gave a brief account of his life story in a few words, and the meaning was very clear. He became an orphan because of the death of his parents and thieves. This was also the time when the old master avoided people’s eyes and ears and fabricated his life story for him since childhood. Although he was sent to Xiaoyao Gate at birth, he did not appear in front of everyone until he was three years old. No matter how Leng Yuchen and Leng Kunyang checked these words, there was no flaw.
"I didn’t expect the life experience of Su’s master to be so miserable …" Leng Yu Chen sighed with a sigh. He had already sent someone to inquire about it and found out that the result was exactly the same as Su Yiming’s. At this time, it was just a disguise for the first time.
"It’s not really a bitter adoptive father who has never married or treated a woman for life. Although strict, he is also like his own. If he hadn’t taught the seat so strictly, how could he have today’s medical skills and cultivation?" Su Yiming smiled and eclipsed the sun and the moon in an instant.
"Sue door Lord is a transparent person, and he will be big in the future." Leng Kunyang nodded a few times. "But the more I look at it, the more I think you look like an old friend."
"Who does father think he looks like?" After Yan Guifei was occupied by Leng Kunyang, she first hid in the other hospital. Although she entered the palace and sealed the imperial concubine, she was always sick and never left her palace. Over the years, Leng Kunyang "spoiled" Yan Guifei to the extreme, saying that she was weak and chartered. She did not pay her respects to the queen every day and did not attend the banquet. Although Leng Yuchen was the most important person in Leng Kunyang, she had never seen the mysterious Yan Guifei.
"Have you ever met a family member?" Su Yiming’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light when he heard the news. He looked a little excited. He stared straight at the cold Kunyang, and his speech speed became slightly faster. "My adoptive father said that when I saved the seat, my mother couldn’t say anything. I begged him to accept the seat. When I looked at the seat, my mother swallowed her breath. My adoptive father didn’t even ask if there were any other relatives. Could it be a blood relative?"
Leng Kunyang felt that Su Yiming was very similar to Yan Guifei from the moment he first saw him, but Yan Guifei was fresh and free from vulgarity, and the beauty was just like a fairy, elegant and Su Yiming was full of evil spirits, which was very different. Although he had doubts, he was not sure that one of them was enchanting, while the other was elegant and dignified. At first glance, it was noble, charming and inviolable. Are these two extreme people really mothers?
When the child was secretly carried out of Taifu by a girl, but was stabbed to death by others on the spot, the little body was also brought back to Leng Kunyang to confirm that she had worn it herself. It was her father who gave her a life lock. Leng Kunyang always believed that his nephew had been uprooted by himself. Suddenly, he saw a face so similar to Yan Guifei. Leng Kunyang did not doubt that someone would change the civet cats to make the child live.
But listening to Su Yiming’s accent is obviously a snowy accent, and it is a language habit that has been formed for many years. It is not deliberately imitated. There are still many doubts before saying cold Kunyang. When Su Yiming eagerly shows that he wants to find relatives, the suspicion of cold Kunyang will be reduced a few minutes. If this person is really Yan Guifei’s own brother, then he must have been secretly protected. He will know his life experience and find what to kiss. Chapter 412 Hold him in his arms!
Is this a small act in front of yourself? Suddenly thought of such a possibility that Kunyang’s face was cold and cold, and he was suspicious by nature. Since childhood, he has developed a habit of not trusting people easily. At this moment, when he thought of this possibility, his eyes darkened and his emotions were well hidden.
"When I was young, I traveled many places in a trance. I remember seeing a woman who was so beautiful that I really felt a little similar to Su’s door master." Leng Kunyang deliberately sold one.
When Leng Yuchen heard it, he was not at ease when his father was young.
"Didn’t you see a mother in those days?" Su Yiming, on the other hand, asks what comes next, which shows that he is eager to find his relatives.
"I learned that" Leng Kunyang shook his head with a little chuckle on the corners of his mouth. "I was young at that time, and I remembered her appearance in my mind, but after so many years, I really can’t remember where I saw her, and I can’t even remember where she was. I can’t remember whether I talked to her or not, but I remember that looking back and smiling …"
Leng Yuchen was secretly funny. My father did the same when he was young. I wish I could not collect all the beautiful women in the palace. He must be so impressed!
"So that’s it …" Su Yiming sighed with a deep loss in his words. Although there is still something evil in the eyebrow eye, there is also a shallow sadness floating, which makes people feel pity.
Leng Kunyang secretly noted that when he saw him bow his head and sigh, there was an impulse to hold him in his arms. Leng Kunyang had never felt more beautiful for many years. Su Yiming was also a man. He was surprised by his inexplicable rush.
Although many emperors like women and men at the same time, he has never felt this way about any man himself. At one time, it was cold and Kunyang was a little shocked, especially when he felt that his body changed somewhere. He was even more surprised and afraid, and there was an inexplicable expectation.
Only he knows that Yan Guifei is the one who will never get out of love in this life. Even if he gets this day and gets this woman, he will feel incomplete in his heart because he has never got Yan Guifei’s heart and her smile. He blooms.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “