Don’t go anywhere, Ye Fanhe said, concentrating his attention and calming his fingers. Soon a box came out of the void.

This wooden box is not big. Fan He beat the wooden box with two pills, one red and one green.
You choose a kite to eat.
The kite woebegone and said, Brother Ye, help me choose.
Ye Fan River is a faint tunnel. Only when you choose it will it suit you. If I choose it for you, others will calculate your attack mode during the post-battle, and it will be traced.
Well, Feiyuan fingered two pills in that box for a long time before choosing the red one, Ye Fanhe sighed, but let Feiyuan swallow it.
He has already taken the green pills and adjusted his breath on the spot.
The horn of heaven is still blowing, and the emperor of heaven is the general of the Emperor of Heaven and commands the magic weapon. The horn of heaven can summon more than one billion magic weapons, and I’m afraid the Luofu disaster will come this time.
Ye Fanhe thought that the red pill taken by the flying kite had changed in her body.
The crimson flame flew from every pore of her body, and the kite suddenly became a burning man.
After Ye Fanhe’s green pill went away, his eyes gradually turned green, but he didn’t suffer as much as flying kites.
Flying kites endure the pain of burning with flames. It’s really rare for Brother Ye to suffer like this.
Then enjoy it. Ye Fanhe closes her eyes and the girl dances gently in the flame, and she doesn’t care about Ye Fanhe’s attitude. She knows that every moving Ye Fanhe can feel it, otherwise there is no need to build herself.
One day you will look at me with your eyes open and look straight at your cowardice.
The girl’s lips are micro-moving, and Ye Fanhe doesn’t know what she is talking about.
Leitian and others heard the horn of heaven, and the sense of crisis in their hearts became stronger. How much can Leitian mobilize Jin Xian for the cloud Mo Ran Road Luofu School?
In the cave, I know that seven Jin Xianyun Mo Ran answered
How long will the seven fairies last if the Heaven King conflicts?
Enough to come to other caves.
How do you know it
Because of Luo Fu Jin Xian deduction, I’m afraid Luo Fu is trying to force Li Bihu to rise in strength this time, otherwise Jin Xian would have come to help.
Leitian didn’t ask what the deduction was, but Luo Fu’s move to send a hundred days of land was shocking enough, and a cave was enough to prop up a famous faction, so it was given to the night emperor
Although this is equivalent to making the night emperor’s door at the forefront, the cost is not huge. The other three sects don’t know that this matter is not linked.
Luo Xiu stand hand way I have no news about this matter.
Leitian mind move she will know, but although she is the core brother didn’t achieve true fairy before such an important thing is certainly not to tell her, mainly for fear that she will be accused of telling secrets by magic.
Rain also said that Louvre wouldn’t send such a cave by itself, otherwise, Louvre’s plot would be quite huge.
The rain just came up with another aspect, Luo Fu. What if you calculate even the other three sects?
It’s not impossible for one orthodoxy to continue. Jin Xian, the predecessor of Louvre, got twice as much luck. It’s nothing unacceptable for Louvre to destroy the other three sects.
In order to finally withstand the pressure of heaven, nothing will be lost in the heart of the Louvre fairy.
What benefits can Qing Di Gate get from it?
No, it has to be agreed in Qingcheng Mountain as soon as possible. Jin Xian, the Qingcheng Mountain Sect, will show his kindness to himself. It would be ungrateful if he doesn’t even send back the news.