The past is like dust flowing from the fingers.

Acacia string dust edge shallow red dust a dream flick
Reincarnation for fate, looking back at the old fate
It is difficult to travel in the cold ancient road of Tianshan Mountain.
Flashy lost soul broken edge is a dream!
At that moment, the music score composed of sand and stone, which was destroyed by Ziyun proudly, actually solidified again in that instant.
The staff stone pieced together by finely divided sand is like a note staff constantly beating and changing its position.
These sand stones were once again attracted by the magic flute!
This is a prehistoric case.
There are so many sand stones, but none of them go wrong. After the neat formation is broken up, it reunites quickly and then falls apart one by one. Chapter 59 Can I take this as your admission of defeat?
"Xuan Bing is frozen-"Ziyun proudly sets her eyebrows, and she doesn’t believe that there is anyone who can be worse than controlling the gas!
Xuanbing sword is sharp, and the light radiates from its whole body.
There is only one speed to stab Ryutsuki!
However, those flying sand and stones suddenly turned into a wall, which quickly blocked the fire. Before Ryutsuki, the Xuanbing sword froze the sand and stone wall, which naturally penetrated itself to freeze the ice.
Ziyun proudly looked at her eyebrows and frowned, so she didn’t believe that she couldn’t play other songs!
Sand and gravel in her hand seem to have the power of total annihilation, and she actually plucked the strings made of sand and gravel like a fiddle!
The sound of collision between fine sand and fine sand is like the sound of nature beating the magic flute of Ryutsuki.
Qing feng Jian cong
Falling flowers are meeting.
Beauty smiles and heroes.
Moon knife doesn’t understand people’s dreams
Red dust and glitz are fleeting.
Strong and dedicated, Qian Shan alone.
How can Zhu Yan be as short as the years go by?
Carved cage, green silk, old friend snuggling up to Liu Meng
Words choked and tears poured into the smoke.
The sword is sharp and the shadow is cold, and the rivers and lakes are hurting.
Who pities the Iraqis for dressing alone?
Qingfeng sword is meeting from the fallen petal.
Bang bang-
The manipulated sand and gravel seemed to have magic, and changed notes with the proud tune of Ziyun.
This scene makes some people in the place not shocked!
Who can play the flute and resist the sand stone! Who can play such a beautiful tune by fiddling with a piano made of sand and stones with his bare hands?
It’s like a musical clash and a staggered melody.
I can’t tell who fiddled with who’s ears and who moved the strings!
She sings—
The long yearning for water flowing east in Baishou is endless.
Look at the sky and don’t break off your hatred with a sword.
He plays-
Too one round becomes floating for thousands of years without leaving a trace.
In the dead of night, I left the piano to remember my enmity alone
She fiddled with sand to make strings.
Carved cage, green silk, old friend snuggling up to Liu Meng