"You know" Xuanyuan Tianyue should have a dim eye, and he still insisted on putting his cloak on his shallow body.

Shallow sneer threw his hand and threw the cloak to the ground. "Today, except for your Tiange, who can fabricate your words and marry Sue? Today, except for your Tiange information, I can’t think of anyone who can make Mu Sheng Xiao believe me. Should I thank you for helping me get rid of Mu Sheng Xiao now?"
"Shallow …" Xuanyuan Tianyue frowned slightly and held out his hand to be close to shallow.
Raise your hand lightly and hit him with a cold hand, saying, "Don’t call me that. Do you know how I wish I’d never known you?" Those eyes are as cold as ice and snow in the extreme north, just like her attitude towards him at first sight. She turned around and walked directly outside.
The wind slowly blew through the lavender robe, rolled up and fell, and the tall figure stood for a long time. Looking at the snow-colored figure disappearing direction, the handsome face could not tell the loneliness, and he knew that there would be a day when his cloak trembled gently and was finally forgotten by his master.
Chapter 4 Let’s just let it be.
Back to the residence, Xuanyuan Tianyue was preparing to go to their room. Suddenly, South Sorrow came over and looked at him and said, "What’s going on?" Her face is very bad. "I can’t stop being murderous and cold. It’s very good if I don’t know that she has recently suppressed the heart-eating method. She is really a heart-eating method.
Xuanyuan Tianyue took one look at the direction of the building and said, "I’ll go and see her." And he directly crossed the south sorrow.
South sorrow frowned. What’s wrong with these two people? It’s strange that she ignored him when he talked to him just now.
Before the building, I heard the drumming sound of the floor. Xuanyuan Tianyue looked up at the woman coming from the face. Her light face was cold and cold without any emotion.
Looking at her thin clothes, his heart tightened slightly before she spoke.
But the snowy figure seems to have not seen the person in front of her. Her footsteps are just wrong, and his figure is moving towards the front.
Xuanyuan Tianyue lived in a handsome face, although he didn’t see much anger, but his body breath was freezing. He was used to it, and the more calm he became, the more unusual he became.
"Where are you going?" South sorrow looked shallow and couldn’t help but ask, are you going out as soon as you get back? She just woke up not long ago.
Shallow ignored him going toward outside walk.
South sorrow looked at the shallow distance and felt that something had happened. He couldn’t help looking back at Xuanyuan Tianyue and said, "What the hell is going on?" It is rare to see Yan so angry that she is angry and full of danger and is on the verge of explosion. However, when she looks back, she just touches those pale purple eyes, which are as deep as the sea and have pain.
Sure enough, something happened to them
I don’t know how much wine I drank, but it was already late at night when I returned to my room. Looking at the door, Xuanyuan Tianyue crossed her eyes and went straight into the room, walked to the couch and lay sideways, facing inside.
Xuanyuan Tianyue looked at the side with his back to his own person’s eyes dim and went directly into the clean room behind him. From the inside, he hit a basin of water and went to the couch to twist the handkerchief. Looking at the figure that still turned his back to him, he said in a low voice, "Get up and wipe your face or you will fall asleep late."
However, shallow seems to be asleep and generally breathes evenly without answering.
Xuanyuantianyue wanted to help her wipe it, but the girl just reached out and turned inside.
She resisted him. Xuanyuan Tianyue hung his hand and instantly froze. He smiled bitterly and put his hand away. He went to the next cabinet and took out a bed of cotton from the inside and lay down on the floor.
This night, people sleep on the couch, tossing and turning, and they can’t sleep well
When she woke up, she had already cleaned it up. She touched her head and still had some pain. It seemed that she got up several times in the middle of the night yesterday and vomited, or it was a dream. She got out of bed and was ready to go out when she saw a piece of paper and a bowl of steaming soup on the table.
"Drink this hangover soup in the closet before eating in the noodles."
Shallow threw the paper aside and looked at the table, soup bowl and a pair of eyes. Vision Wei went straight to the cupboard to get clothes and went out.
On the first floor of the hall, Nanxun and others have already sat in the hall. Xuanyuan Tianyue sat in a few people’s eyes, but he didn’t feel that he looked at the door of the building. The whole person was quiet. Surprisingly, the rest of the table was infected with the atmosphere and dared not go out.
It was not long before the shallow people came from the building to feel relieved.
"Xiaoyan son, you can get up and come to dinner." Yi Nanxun greeted him first. He was hungry and stuck his chest on his back.
Shallow invisible nodded and sat opposite Xuanyuan Tianyue.
Xuanyuan Tianyue looked at the light face without any emotion. I don’t know if she was a little pale because of hangover. He directly handed a bowl of bird’s nest porridge to "drink some porridge to warm up first"
Glancing at the porridge bowl in front of me, I picked up a bowl and scooped up a bowl of soybean milk and put it in front of me.
If the people at the table are not white, these two people will be so cold to whom even if they say little about the cold war. It seems that things are really serious.
Yi Nanxun waved his eyes suddenly and smiled and said, "Xiaoyan, did you leave the sleeping floor yesterday? Look at his face. He didn’t sleep all night. Even if he doesn’t like cooking, he wants to teach him a lesson, but you are too hard." These two people have been strange since yesterday. Something must have happened and it seems that he is wrong or away from here.
South sorrow took a look at Yi Nanxun and rolled his eyes in his heart. When can this man be a peacemaker? But he went to make sure it was to help Tai?
Shallow looked up and saw Xuanyuan Tianyue one eye. He looked a little pale last night … Thought of here, she was upset and took a sip of soybean milk on the table. Perhaps because of drinking last night, her appetite was not good. She wanted to vomit when she smelled the beany smell. She frowned and put the bowl on the table.
"If you don’t like the taste, don’t drink it for a while and let people make you some sweet and sour drinks," said Xuanyuan Tianyue, who is opposite.
Did you really sleep on the floor since yesterday? Yi Nanxun took a shallow look at Xuanyuan Tianyue and suddenly gave birth to this idea, because the communication between the two people was so peaceful that they looked like strangers.
Shallow light said, "No, this taste is very good." She picked up the bowl and fought back her discomfort. She drank the bowl of soybean milk, but just after drinking it, there was a surge in her stomach. "Oh …" She retched sideways.
"Shallow …" Xuanyuan Tianyue suddenly got up and walked quickly to the front of the shallow "? Is it very uncomfortable? "
Listening to the eager words of others, I frowned slightly and shook my hands. "I’m fine." I got up directly. "I have something to go out for a trip. You are slow!" Said she don’t look at all strange face directly toward the outside.
Xuanyuan Tianyue stood stiffly in the same place and looked at the decisively left figure with a bitter taste in her eyes.
Yi Nanxun watched and couldn’t help but get up and go to Xuanyuan Tianyue and frown and say, "What happened? I looked at her and looked pale."
"It’s okay" Xuanyuan Tianyue shook his head and followed the shallow and went out.
South sorrow cloud hidden two people glance at each other and say that something in her heart can make it more and more cold war, even if it is too much to make her forbear things, and this change happened after they came back from the government. So is it Wang Shiyou, one end of the dead princes list? !
When I came back in the evening, Xuanyuan Tianyue saw her approaching him in front of the gate and said, "Shallow came back, is it cold?" During the day, he went out with her all the way, but then she didn’t seem to want to see him, and he could follow him far away. Now she just came back here first.