"Is the master after them?" Stealth state Sharla Cheung asked

"No, someone will pick them up naturally." Duanmuming looked back at Wu Yueer and Beigongxue. The two women were really frightened. When Duanmuming looked back at them, their eyes showed fear and took a step back.
Duanmu Ming knows that this is because he just frightened them with his cruel performance, but this is what they have to go through. If they want to follow their bloody scenes, there will definitely be more and more. If they can’t accept it, they’d better leave early.
Shi Duanmu Ming didn’t realize that he unconsciously showed cold habits, as if the nature in his bones was more like a coat than the brand in his soul.
Duanmuming’s crossing the branch naturally caused a lot of dissatisfaction among "just people", and three or four people came out immediately.
"Young man, your hands are a little too hard. The other party didn’t return and molested the two ladies behind you. It was not malicious or intentional. How could you break his limbs so much!" This is an old man who said it was a bit of a lesson to the younger generation.
"Don’t be so fat when you do things. You should definitely leave yourself a way out. Don’t rely on yourself to have a little thing and you don’t know how to do it!" This is a young man talking and looking at my woman with jealousy in her eyes.
"Dead fat … you … I didn’t expect you to be such a person!" Listen to the sound to find three daughters of the Gongsun family, Lin Su ‘e and her escort. Her master brother not only joined their admirers, but also ran here. Several women saw Duanmu Ming’s expression and crushed the limbs of a living person without any hesitation or pity. A convulsive chill surged from the bottom of my heart. All the people seemed to have a lot of expressions, but their eyes flashed and stared at Duanmu Ming.
Duanmuming ignored these people’s noise, but planned to pull two women away from here. I didn’t expect that my hands had just touched Wu Yueer and Beigongxue, and the two women immediately retracted their arms and took a step back at the same time.
Duanmu Ming’s face sank, his brow wrinkled, and his anger in his chest was pressed again, but he heard the handsome boy slowly wake up behind him and roar, "Duanmu Ming, I will spare you! I must make your life worse than death! "
Duanmuming? The man who claim to have defeated that bloody evil spirit? Is to be recognized as a genius by the world power organization?
Most people’s first reaction is impossible. In their eyes, Duanmu Ming should be a handsome young hero rather than cold-blooded and cruel. Then they realize that if this person is Duanmu Ming, they will be famous immediately if they want to beat each other. This is a great opportunity!
If it weren’t for public, these people would probably hug Duanmu Ming and tear him to pieces. Even so, their green eyes made Duanmu Ming uncomfortable.
Duanmuming doesn’t care about their reaction, but it’s strange. Isn’t this guy afraid of death? How dare you say that in front of yourself? Duanmu Ming immediately understood his thoughts as soon as his eyes rolled.
"Well, since you are so similar, I will be you." Duanmu Ming turned around and walked to the handsome guy lying on the ground again
Just when Duanmu Ming had just moved two steps, two people stood in front of me and didn’t say that these two blind guys couldn’t have other ideas except to show off.
"What do you want?"
"What are you doing? I know you want to kill him, but this is a meeting place. No, you Hu Fei "spoke to that young man just now." The people in the health room are also your hands, right? I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless at your young age. What hatred does the other party have with you that deserves your cruel hand? You are not allowed to run wild here! "
Duan Muming flipped his eyelids. "What’s your name?"
"Oh … flying at such a time"
"Good name. I can tell you that these people have provoked me. If a woman dares to say no three no four words to my woman, she will be prepared by me."
"Young man, your thoughts are too extreme …" Another old guy in front of Duanmu Ming said earnestly to Duanmu Ming only to find that there was no figure in front of him and Duanmu Ming sounded behind them.
"Don’t you want to die? I’ll be you. "Duanmu Ming raised his right foot high and stepped on the handsome head of the handsome guy.
"Don’t!" I don’t want to watch Duanmu Ming turn into a murderous maniac. Several women shouted out together. Even Gongsun Re and Lin Su ‘e are no exception. The only thing that didn’t come out is Sharla Cheung and Duo Duo Duo, a hero. Those two people just turned around and Duanmu Ming’s feet have been stepped on.
It happened that when Duanmu Ming’s foot was about to fall on this guy’s face, this guy actually rolled on the spot and deftly avoided Duanmu Ming’s foot, but he never thought that Duanmu Ming had already prepared for his reaction. He rolled and Duanmu Ming kicked him flexibly.
Bang! The heavy sound rang again. This guy was kicked by Duanmu Ming and spilled some bright blood. It is impossible for people to stand by and watch Duanmu Ming kill so much, but they were horrified to find that it seemed too slow. Everyone seemed to move slowly. Duanmu Ming and the guy he kicked were normal. They didn’t stop it!
However, the change happened again when everyone recognized that the unlucky guy suddenly grew several tentacles. For a moment, everyone loved the handsome guy and became a monster with tentacles. In the center of the tentacles were a pair of eyes shining with green light and a big mouth full of sharp teeth.
Just now, the women who were fascinated by the handsome boy’s demeanor immediately screamed. Just now, they directly contacted Wu Yueer and Beigong Snow, and they were shocked. They realized that Duanmu Ming didn’t let this person go, and the cold feeling was because this person was a monster pretending to be Gongsun Re and Lin Suee, and looked at Duanmu Ming with complicated eyes.
Duan Muming stared at the monster beast Lvses (;
Chapter 22 Contest ()
"Duanmu Ming, you forced me!" In the middle, the monster was suspended and roared for a few times. The tentacles stretched straight and straight, and Duan Muming was still afraid.

"Ray?" Ji Dong’s eyes suddenly contracted. What does a ray represent? If it’s not a thunderbolt, then he can only make such a sound in his memory. It’s also a top-level killing skill, and the sound generated by the release is even more than the top-level killing skill. How can a senior brother do this if he doesn’t meet a strong opponent?

"Is a brother met a nemesis.
Let’s hurry. "At this time, Ji Dong has been unable to take care of many blue Bao Er’s hands and body instantaneous acceleration. With Teng snake becoming super flexible, the body releases explosive force like arrows and rushes into the first floor of the sacred island.
Blue Bao Er can clearly feel that Ji Dong is anxious at the moment, and there is not much to ask. Quickly gather magic to reduce Ji Dong’s burden as much as possible. It is a pity in her heart that Ji Dong was injured and had a metallic texture, but it was not half a point. It really felt like the sun, the moon, the double glow gloves and the monarch, the demon and the yin and yang armored armguards wrapped his own palm.
In a flash, the two men have reached the opposite mountain. Ji Dong paused a little and directly chose to climb the mountain. The mountain peak here is so high and the fighting there is so fierce. From the top of the mountain, it should be easier to determine the position of Frey and get there at the best. With the ultimate double fire and his own five-line array, Ji Dong is confident that he can help Frey.
Ji Dong Basket Bao Er’s two figures are just like a star pill jumping on that mountain, which is two kilometers long and shouting. For ordinary people, it will take several hours to climb it, but for magicians like Ji Dong and Lan Bao Er, they have gone beyond the mountainside to the clouds for a quarter of an hour, but at this time, they suddenly changed.
The whole mountain suddenly shuddered for a while, followed by a rumbling noise. Ji Dong and Lan Bao Er watched it not far from the top of their heads until the white at the top of the mountain suddenly shook, and tens of millions of tons of ice and snow crashed.
"Bad avalanche" The previous storm was too loud to shake the snow and ice roots of this mountain. It didn’t collapse until now. The dog’s natural force was exhausted. Bao Er couldn’t help but be shocked to see the snow and ice falling from the sky
Ji Dong’s reaction was faster than a fierce pull, and Bao Er put her in his arms and Suzaku became instantly released. At the same time, his body generate flapped into the sky with a strong golden red flame, and he suddenly rushed to this time when the avalanche was not finished. He did not want to hide his body.
From a distance, at this time, Ji Dong is like a big bird with wings soaring, spreading its wings like a rosefinch arrival, soaring into the sky with a golden red flame. At that distance, when the ice and snow came into contact with the extreme hot magic of Yang fire recently, it suddenly melted and directly transformed into withering steam. Before more ice and snow fell, the two men had already appeared behind Ji Dong, but at this time, the inscription had been replaced by Yang fire flying array.
Ji Dong’s arms are somewhat overbearing and make blue Bao Er uncomfortable and hot, but at this moment, it is such a hug that makes her full of security. Listening to the rumbling noise of her feet, blue Bao Er feels that her heart is trembling. If she is herself, she may have died in this ice and snow. Even the water demon master can’t stand such a terrible ice and snow arrival.
Ji Dong naturally don’t know what’s going on in Blue Bao Er’s mind at this time. His wings flap like a flaming meteor, pointing directly at the top of the mountain. Yang Huo’s soaring array increases. His flying speed is not inferior to that of flying class. The blink of an eye husband of Warcraft has reached the top of the mountain.
Until now, the avalanche power has been fully displayed, and it can be clearly seen that the mountain call has become a world of ice and snow. A large number of ice fog rises and rumbles, and the amazing power is endless.
Ji firmly landed on the top of the mountain with a broken ice. She looked at Blue Bao Er’s face in a loose embrace and whispered, "It’s okay." Blue Bao Er quickly nodded her delicate and charming sample and the panic in her purple eyes made people fall in love. She took a look at her slightly messy silver hair and whispered, "You saved me again."
Ji Dong shook his head and looked into the distance. At this time, he didn’t pay too much attention to the safety of Brother Lan Bao Er, which is the most important thing.
At this moment, there was another violent thunder and a huge noise. You can see from the high mountain where you are at this time that a blue-purple Lei Guang rose from the sky outside their three peaks, and the dark clouds in the middle of the school also lit up and flashed, as if Wan Lei’s prison rescue community had been bowed.
"Brother, we should hurry over there." Ji Dong pointed to the direction where Lei Guang appeared and was about to fly with blue Bao Er again when he was held by blue Bao Er.
"Ji Dong, you wait a moment. What do you think that is? … as he spoke, Blue Bao Er pointed sideways.
Ji Dong paused and looked in the direction of her finger. It was seven meters away from them. The solid ice on the top of the mountain seemed to have a person, a frozen ice middleman
The two people’s glances will be frozen. It’s obviously already a dead person here. It’s only exposed after the avalanche. I’m afraid I don’t know how long it’s been frozen here.
Ji Dong’s figure flashed before he came to the ice. He was surprised to find that the frozen ice turned out to be a woman wearing a dazzling golden body armor, and even her face was covered. Only a blonde hair flew in the air, and her right hand was raised in the frozen ice, but she couldn’t see the palm of her hand. There was a two-meter-long golden sword pointing forward, which seemed to be attacking.
This woman is slender and her height is even more than one meter, which is a little higher than that of Ji Dong now. Although she can’t see her appearance, there is no doubt that she is an outstanding female warrior. She should be Yin Jin, that is, Xin Jin Magic Division II. "What a beautiful armor!" Blue Bao Er can’t help but admire that gold, silver and jewelry are always the most attractive things for women, with few exceptions.
The armor of the female warrior in this frozen body is indeed dazzling. Although it is frozen, it still shines brightly. There are arc lines on the surface, showing dark golden golden body. Plus the flying blonde hair gives people a very strong sense of oppression.
Blue Bao Er said, "She’s poor. I don’t know how long she’s been frozen here."
Ji Dong said, "If you like this suit of armor, I will melt it out and give it to you."
Blue Bao Er quickly shook his head and said, "No, she’s Xin Jin and I don’t have the property."
Now that she has been buried here, don’t disturb her. "
Ji Dong smiled and said, "The avalanche has exposed her ice and snow. If we don’t make moves for someone else, I’m afraid we will directly smash her out of the ice. I’m afraid it will be even more miserable. Anyway, she is also a powerful magic teacher. Although we don’t covet anything, we will melt her out and wait until she is buried outside."
Blue Bao Er nodded. "That would be great. I really want to see what she looks like."
Ji Dong smiled slightly. "It’s easy for you to hide a little." It seems to him that melting the ice together is just a matter of lifting your hand and sticking it on the ice with your left hand. The Yin and Yang Corona transforms into a black Yin Corona, and the extreme Yin fire quietly puts a thick black flame on the floor and quickly covers the ice.

Er … Three men in Ji Dong’s room couldn’t help smiling. This little girl is so interesting.

If the water is cold, he mused, "It’s no wonder that Luo Qingfeng is likely to be restrained if he is full of water. No wonder he was attacked by Ji Dong in the front, but even so, the damage should not be so great!"
"Wait a minute" Long Tianyuan was a chair. Suddenly, he jumped up directly and almost touched the roof. He grabbed the water if it was cold on the shoulder. He suddenly moved and scared the water if it was cold, but it also made the water if it was cold and clever. They had a cold war together for many years. If the water was cold, they would have understood dragon day’s meaning.
"No?" If the water is cold murmured
The dragon * * releases the exciting light. "In addition to that, nothing can explain the three-combination skill and the three-body combination skill of the three-body combination skill. Oh, my God! This is definitely a brand-new topic. "
Ji Dong wondered, "What did you say? How can I not understand? "
Long Tiandao: "Don’t say that you are not white. None of us are very white. I can vaguely guess the situation at that time. When the combination skill of C-D and D-D broke out, Luo Qingfeng’s magical power of decyl water was not completely expelled. Thus, the three magical powers of C-D, Ding Huo and decyl water collided with each other in a special way and also produced a mutation, which is what we normally call the combination skill change. When the terrorist energy broke out, it completely destroyed him, causing almost spike damage. This should be the truth."
Shui Ruohan added, "And I’m sure it’s impossible if it’s in vitro. We’ve already tried it. It’s impossible for you two little guys to complete the combination technique. This discovery is so important that we must report it to the face immediately."
Dragon day nodded. "You go directly to the college board of directors. You should learn from the directors. You are Renshui. I know better than I do that I am here to play with these two talented junior and junior. Haha, I’m afraid this will shock the College. Chapter 45 School of Yin and Yang ().
At Ji Dong and Leng Yue, if the water is cold, he nodded and hurried away.
Leng Yue to nothing is still a little girl should be naive, but Ji Dong lost in thought. Moreover, it is the property of mutual respect. After listening to Leng Yue’s description of Ji Dong Bai, this little girl said that she would not drag her feet. It is by no means an empty talk. It can also be seen from the cold performance that the cold family of the North Water Empire is by no means an ordinary family. It is really more and more interesting. For the Ten Magicians, his cognitive doubts have increased a few minutes through today’s events.
"Teacher, did you also graduate from Tiangan College?" Ji Dong asked.
Dragon day laughed. "Who told you I was a teacher?"
"Ah?" Ji Dong was taken aback. "Are you not teachers?"
Dragon day shook his head and smiled. "Of course, we are not students like you, but our qualifications are older."
Cadet? Five champions? Ji Dong immediately thought of the previous wish to Yin and Yang School.
Long Tiandao: "Of course, there is nothing wrong with saying that we are teachers. Sometimes we will perform some teacher duties. We are a special kind of people in the college."
Ji Dong said, "You belong to the School of Yin and Yang."
Dragon day paused. "Do you also know the Yin and Yang School?"
Ji Dong said, "When I signed up before, I heard that a former senior had been there. He was also a formal student of Tiangan College."
Dragon day smiled. "He knows that it’s just skin deep, but you said it’s true that we do belong to Yin and Yang School. I rank fifth if it’s cold. I rank sixth. There is no age limit in Yin and Yang School of our college. If you want to go to college, you don’t want to rush to graduate. Besides, our students in Yin and Yang School in the college are also the loosest primary school brothers. This time, your freshman assessment can be said to be a surprise! Maybe you will be admitted to the school. In that case, you will be the lowest-ranking students who have entered the school. "
Leng Yue blinked his eyes. "What are the benefits of joining the Yin and Yang School?"
Dragon day said with a smile, "The benefits are much more, but the competition in Yin and Yang School is also fierce. Although we enjoy the highest standard treatment in the college, we also have to face the dangers that ordinary students will not face. Only when you really become a member of the school can we know."
Ji Dong said, "There is a student named Ji Yeyi at the Senior Yin and Yang School. Where is he ranked?" From dragon day’s words, he has recognized that the students of Yin and Yang School are ranked, and from the point of view that Long Tianhe and Shui Ruohan rank fifth and sixth respectively, this ranking must be based on strength.
Dragon day surprised way "do you know her night wounds that small? Are you from Ji’s family? Not right! Her family is full of dirt, but you are double fire. "
Ji Dong smiled indifferently. "It’s just an understanding."
Long Tiandao said, "Ji Yeyi is indeed the most outstanding genius in the past ten years. At the end of last year, he ranked among the top ten schools and ranked tenth."
"How many students are there in the Yin and Yang School?" Ji Dong then asked.
Ji’s questioning is an urgent issue, and dragon day has not concealed that "there are 40 students in the Yin and Yang School. If you can be admitted to the school, you will just make up 50. There have been no newcomers for several years."
If the water is cold, it will leave the residence in a hurry and come to a deeper place. It has passed several cards and stopped in front of a five-meter-high five-color giant door. It is disguised to embed the token with the special six characters in its hand in the depression next to the door.
"Don’t bother if there is nothing urgent for the directors." From the inside, a slender woman of about twenty-five or six years old comes out, and her charming body is full of mystery, purple short hair and purple pupils. The whole person looks like a mysterious spokesperson.
If the water is cold and low, "Third Sister, if it’s okay, I won’t bother you directors. That’s the case …" When he leaned into the female ear, he whispered something.
With a flash of surprise, Nv Jiao Yan, the third sister, nodded and said, "Come in with me."
If the water is cold, I will follow the girl in purple clothes into the door and walk through a wide tunnel to a room with a foot of 200 square meters. The walls of this room have strange five-color textures, and I can clearly feel that the walls contain huge magic fluctuations.
There are nine people sitting at the oval long table in the room, most of whom are over 50 years old, but the first one looks like 30 Xu, but his black eyes are full of vicissitudes of life and his appearance is somewhat out of place.
Nine people all sit in characteristic big chairs, and each has a round table with different colors. At the other end, there is a blue chair. Except for the color difference, each chair is carved with a totem, which is made of different materials but absolutely precious.
The five-crowned Renshui Grand Master entered this room with his head down all the time, and even dared not take a breath of the atmosphere and was taken to the side by the purple girl.
The first middle-aged man’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and his eyes showed a light of inquiry. The purple woman walked quickly to his side and whispered something in his ear.
"oh? Is there such a thing? If it’s cold, you can tell us about the situation. "Middle-aged people’s voices are more different from others’ appearances. They are old and deep, and there is a breathtaking magnetism.
"Yes" If the water is cold and respectful, a few steps ago, I came to the oval long table with two meters to stop and bow down. "I have seen the dean’s adult and seen the directors. This is the case …" When he assessed Ji Dong and Leng Yue, he and Longtian judged it in detail.
After listening to his story, everyone’s face was somewhat surprised. The old man in red smiled and said, "Bing Ding’s double fire is interesting. It’s really interesting. Let’s not talk about the three-combination technique, such as this double fire. I’ve heard that I want to see Chapter 45 Yin and Yang School ()
Sitting in the first middle-aged man, he smiled and said, "Congratulations, brother. You know this guy?"
The old man in red nodded his head. "He’s Bing Tian, the college away from fire. According to Bing Tian, he’s not white. This child is like a successful practice of balancing Yin and Yang. This body also created a precedent. I propose to break the rules and let the school of Yin and Yang focus on training."
"I’m afraid it’s not right to be old." Sitting opposite the old man in red is a big black chair. A black-robed old man sneers at one. "After all, he is only 14 and he is fourteen years old. If he can’t be promoted to the level of two crowns before he is sixteen, he won’t join the Yin and Yang School. If none of us know that it should be luck to achieve the Yin and Yang crown, who knows if he can achieve the second crown? If his practice is stagnant in the near future, wouldn’t it be a wave? The rules can’t be broken casually. I don’t approve of the old toast. I still have to wait until he can finish the two crowns before he is sixteen. It’s a cold girl. I don’t think it’s a big problem to break into the school of Yin and Yang. At the age of ten, she can finish one crown. At the age of sixteen, she can easily reach the realm of two crowns. I heard that this girl is your cold palm. "
The old man sitting in black is surrounded by a purple man who nodded lightly. "The moon is one of the rare geniuses in a century. This time, I also got the college recommendation qualification to apply for our Tiangan College. I have confidence in this great granddaughter."
Bang-the old man in red slapped the oval console table in front of him. The whole 200-square-meter room suddenly became fiery. "You two don’t want to talk to echo each other here. You can be admitted to our fire without exception." Don’t forget that the chief of Yin and Yang School is our fire. "
The old man in black snorted a chill and suddenly spread from his body, and the blazing heat disappeared. "Old Zhu Frey is not finished. It’s your fire. Don’t brag and stare at me. Are you sure this little fire is another Frey?"
"Okay, okay, don’t hurt the gas." The first middle-aged man motioned for the two to stop quarreling and sink a way. "From the conditions of these two children alone, they are not qualified to join the Yin and Yang School. Their own talents have not been fully displayed. It was originally impossible to destroy the admission rules of the Yin and Yang School, but don’t the directors think it is interesting for them to form a trio? We’ve studied the skill of heavenly stem magic for so many years and it’s never been realized. I’ve decided to set up a new research institute. I’m in favor of making an exception to admit these two children to the Yin and Yang School. Of course, if they can’t reach the two championships at the age of sixteen, they will also be cleared up by the school. I wonder what the directors think? "
In addition to wishing the old man, the old man and the cold man, all five of his directors nodded successively. The first middle-aged man smiled. "Well, that’s settled. You and Ruohan go to help these two little guys go through the formalities together."
Purple clothes female respectful way "yes" this just went out with water if cold.

Lotus Yan jiing eyes across a bit cold and gentle all over no longer become bloody and violent.

Dong Yuling followed Lian Yan Jing’s servant to Wangfu and went straight to the courtyard.
When entering the courtyard, it is said that Dong Yuling went to check Nan’s situation for the first time.
However, it is shocking to see Nan Dong-yong’s spirit again. Is this chubby figure in front of Emma the first time to see Nan, a thin bamboo worm? This image is too subversive, okay?
I haven’t seen Nan since I handed him over to the world to take care of Dong Yuling. I have been waiting for him to be ready to treat Lian Yan Jiing.
But who’s going to tell her how the world raises people? At the beginning, the thin bamboo pole became a big fat in just a few months, and its weight doubled. She wouldn’t have been recognized if someone hadn’t brought her.
I’m sorry, but Dong Yuling naturally didn’t think that this was because she had said that it would be more beneficial to treat the world in the future if she raised the king of the method well. This kind of words is like raising a bodhisattva, and all kinds of medicinal materials such as delicious food and tonic food have entered Nan’s belly, and someone is watching him at any time, even his eyes are good, for fear that he will bump into it.
Even so, some people actually hurt Nan at the bottom of their eyelids, and a group of genera were directly blown up.
After a quick inspection, Dong Yuling’s eyebrows wrinkled, and he reached out to help Fat Nan. He slapped a few silver needles on his back and "sou". The tail of the needle flew out of Nan’s body and the nail was still quivering.
Looked at Dong Fengling and left no force to give Nan a few more. This time, three silver needles flew out of Nan’s head and nailed the beams in the astonished eyes of all.
After these, Dong Yuling felt some pain, took out a blood lotus Dan and fed it into Nan’s mouth.
For blood lotus Dan, because it is a standing medicine for lotus Yan Jiing, all the members know that it is more painful than Dong Yuling. Unfortunately, at the same time, it is unforgivable to protect people who have made Nan like this for several months than to protect their eyes angrily. Finally, it is necessary to send a good medicine to Langlingxin County.
There is no doubt that the effect of blood lotus Dan is that the entrance melts at once, and the king of Nanti Jiafa felt the benefits and immediately took action to absorb some of the medicine, which accelerated the process of medicine throughout the body and promoted absorption.
Nan Yuan Qing Wu’s face slowly returned to normal, and he could not feel his breathing and changed.
The field was full of ears and eyes, and although the breathing was slightly inaudible, everyone still found it and could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.
If anything happens to Nan, they can’t redeem the crime even if they are buried with their bodies, because the main leg still doesn’t know if we can find another way …
Seeing that Nan was in a stable situation, they didn’t speak. After leaving a person to watch, they went out of the house with Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jiing.
Lotus Yan jiing don’t look very well but didn’t blame is calm ordered "see who has seen nan recently? Not today, but all the people who have seen it since Nan entered the government. "
The "Lord" families have been ordered to act in a planned way.
Looking at this scene, Dong Yuling’s heart is also embarrassed. What does it mean to know from the master to the subordinate that it is to verify the performance? Do the servants and servants know who the murderer is?
"Do you know who did it?" Dong hong ling asked.
Lotus Yan Jiing’s eyes narrowed to cover up the cold light and clarity in the eyes. "Nan was brought into the mansion and went to the Wangfu dungeon, but there was no one else."
Dong Yuling leng leng immediately thought that the world refers to ordinary lotus envy?
As if Xi Changlian Yan Jiing had confided, she said, "It’s a secret for the royal family in scenic area that Nan made the stab-hole turtle breathe heavily. When the royal family in scenic area was broken, almost all of them committed suicide, and others found out that they had no breath."
"At that time, in order to appease the local generals, the royal family held a grand funeral and buried everyone. They had already prepared the royal mausoleum."
"Later, it was said that a group of royal family members did not die, but they lost their lives, so that people could not check out flaws. Naturally, there were secret passages in the mausoleum where all the people escaped."
Lotus Yan Jiing suddenly looked at Dong Yuling and said, "Later, the royal family of Shenglian Dynasty was furious, but there was no evidence to secretly let people go back to find out, which confirmed that the secret passage in the mausoleum was true. The royal family in scenic areas would indeed have a method of suspended animation, but …185 Chapter 185 I wouldn’t do that."
Lian Yan Jing’s pause made Dong Ling look askance. She was hearing the key!
Lotus Yan Jiing chuckled, "But I heard that this turtle breath solution needs the assistance of a silver needle, but no one has ever seen it. That is to say, at the beginning, the physician also studied the unacceptable method, but now it is true at first sight."
Dong Yuling was dazed before he realized, "So Nan just made that look by himself?"
No secret. no wonder …
There are always some things in the world that I don’t know. Dong Yongling would have died if he hadn’t had the knowledge of God and couldn’t find out the strange body.
It is absolutely a miracle to put this method aside in modern times. Usually, medical means can’t find anything at all.
"hmm!" Lotus Yan jiing nodded, "It should be that he tried to feign death to escape from the palace."
"Said this silver needle is someone else to him? Maybe there are any deals between the two? " Dong Lu realized that Nan had been caught and taken good care of his family. He would definitely search his things and leave nothing dangerous.
"That’s true." Lotus Yan Jing’s forehead is the first to prevent thieves from still appearing. His palace is really not decent

Two minutes later, the men appeared again, surnamed Lu Nan, and said, "Brother Deng, isn’t it true?"

"It’s nice not to hide it. Come out now or I’ll be rude." Deng suddenly raised his head and said coldly.
I heard Fang Zhihan’s eyes open and I was about to move. Suddenly I remembered that Gao Chen was busy talking and closed his eyes.
After another minute, the surname Deng Kou said, "It seems that I was really wrong. How can I survive in the sky if I walk a few small steps now?"
After several people disappeared again, Fang Zhihan didn’t move or look at Gao Chen this time. He made up his mind to pay attention to Gao Chen. He wouldn’t move until he told him to sit for half an hour. After half an hour, Gao Chen said, "Shit, finally left!"
Chapter one hundred and twelve Straight to the third floor
"Big Brother, have they left?" Seeing Gao Chen talking, Fang Zhihan is busy saying that this half hour is not really sitting still, so it is not so good. Seeing Gao Chen talking, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.
"I really don’t know who these people are when they finally leave." Gao Chen was concerned. Although they didn’t say what to find Gao Chen, they came and went several times to test and knew that these people were definitely not kind!
"Eldest brother, they may be robbers" Fang Zhihan is also a full face of fear at this time.
"Robber? What robber?" Know something about the science of uniting the world. Where did Gao Chen come from? A hundred thousand years in the science of uniting the world. He doesn’t know what other robbers there are in this science of uniting the world. It’s hard to imagine!
"It’s robbers. They don’t seem to have sects haunting all the training venues to rob the big sects to come out and train their younger brothers." Fang Zhihan recalled and then said!
"Is there such a thing? Don’t the masters of the major factions care?" Gao Chen wondered what suddenly occurred to him and then said, "Don’t look at them in uniform. Isn’t it unorganized?"
"I don’t know about this, but it may be true. After all, these people have always robbed and they don’t hurt their lives. In this way, in addition to facing the aliens in the training ground, we should guard against these robbers, so the experience effect may be better." Fang Zhihan said while recalling these things, the roots of major sects are no secret, but it is just like this that Gao Chen didn’t know that after all, he came out to practice, and his knowledge of the practice world came from a book "One Hundred Thousand Years of Practice"!
"Well, don’t worry about them. You have entered the realm of harmony between man and nature. Now check how you are recovering." Gao Chen thought for a moment and then said.
"I really entered the realm of harmony between man and nature. This feeling is really great, eldest brother. I feel that I am about to break through the order and I can go to the fourth floor with my eldest brother." Fang Zhihan closed his eyes and felt a heart.
"It’s not a day or two to break through. They have already gone to the second floor. Will we meet them when we go to the second floor? I don’t know. Forget it. Let’s go to the second floor first." I thought for a moment.
"Big Brother, shall we go to the second floor now?" Fang Zhihan looks like Gao Chen.
"Let’s go now" Gao Chen said and rushed forward.
"Eldest brother, wait for me" Fang Zhihan shouted and chased him!
The speed of both of them is not slow, but it’s a far cry from the level of Zuma on the vast side. All the way, Gao Chen is no longer as relieved as when he thinks about it. When he meets an experienced person, he will be careful not to think about it as before. After all, this is a strong practitioner like a cloud, and there are some unscrupulous practitioners. How long has it been before? The ninth-order strong people appear one after another.
Chu Zhengnan finally broke out and let Gao Chen completely put away his contempt for the order of the strong. After recovering two day order Warcraft, Gao Chen had the order of the strong, but now Gao Chen knows that he is all wet!
Another day passed, and Gao Chen finally saw the door going to the second floor. At this time, Gao Chen’s map can show that the area has reached several million kilometers in Fiona Fang, which is not small, but it is nothing compared with the whole Zuma floor. In fact, there are not Zuma soldiers living in the Zuma floor. There are also some Warcraft who are not very different from Zuma soldiers.
But Gao Chen is on his way all the way. It’s not much different from the time when he went to the second floor. It’s still a temple, and at this time there are already several people waiting outside the temple
Seeing the arrival of Gao Chen Fang Zhihan, a young man said, "Finally, when people come to see the two of us, we are from Yunxiao Pavilion. Do you want to go in together?"
The top ten sects in Yunxiao Pavilion’s cultivation circle are collectively referred to as the top ten sects. There is no ranking, but if we really want to rank, then the order is Shentongmen Fengshen Valley Yunxiao Pavilion Wuji Mountain Tiandi Gate Tibetan Dao Villa Huafeng Villa Daluomen Immortal Temple Wan Jian Family!
A random reconnaissance trip to Gaochen found that these men are all seven-order and one-star fighters. Obviously, their training goal is the second floor. If they go to the third floor, it will be dangerous to hear Fang Zhihan, who is also one of the top ten factions, beaming and ready to speak. Gaochen said first, "No, our goal is the fourth floor!"
"Ah, the fourth floor" heard Gao Chen’s words, and the younger brother of Yunxiao Pavilion became respectful and busy, saying, "The elder asked us to wait a little longer."
"Well, by the way, have you seen such a few people go in?" I thought for a long time and saw that they were all waiting for a long time, so I will meet those robbers and say one outside.
"I remember this. They went in for almost an hour. Who are they? When they were invited outside, one of them took a look at us and said that there was nothing good in the seventh-order garbage and went in." The younger brother of Yunxiao Pavilion said with a face of grief.
"Fortunately, if you are in the seventh order, it will be troublesome for you to continue waiting for us to go advanced." Gao Chen said that he would no longer pay attention to their puzzled faces and walked into the array with Fang Zhihan.
After contour Chen two people went in, the younger brother of Yunxiao Pavilion murmured, "Fortunately, it is the seventh order. What does he mean? Hey, do you know? "
He has a blank face.
As soon as I stepped into the second floor of Zuma, I suddenly felt that the vitality of the second floor seemed to be much stronger than that of the first floor. This is not an experience, and even this cultivation speed can be much faster. The area of the second floor is much wider than that of the first floor. If this base is more than twice the area of the first floor, it is already larger than the surface area of some small planets.
When he came to this world, especially after he entered the science of uniting, Gao Chen felt that he had forgotten a lot of knowledge in his previous life. It was difficult for him to understand how there could be such a big planet in this universe, so the surface gravity should be much larger, but Gao Chen felt that this gravity was similar to that of the previous earth!
As soon as Fang Zhihan entered the second floor, he said, "Brother, what shall we do if they are really on the second floor?"
"It’s not as wide as this second floor. You may not be able to touch it. Even if you touch me, is there any way to avoid asking you to listen to me?" See Fang Zhihan face fear expression Gao Chen light mouth way
"Yes, the eldest brother method is really effective. So where are we going now? Go directly to the third floor? " When I heard Gao Chen’s words, I thought about it for a while. At that time, they couldn’t find themselves and Gao Chen thought that Fang Zhihan’s face was worried and receded, and he looked at Gao Chen with a kind of worship eyes.
This is really a child. Gao Chen thinks that he is really not suitable for coming out to experience, at least not for a person to come out to experience. It is better to meet himself and then say, "Go directly to the third floor, then stop at the third floor for a while and then go to the fourth floor" …
Of course, there is a reason for staying on the third floor. That is to lure pets to this world for so long. The pets that Gao Chen lured were wolves of dozens or twenties. At that time, although he could kill fourth-order or fifth-order Warcraft, the level of temptation was too low. But now that his level is 78, he can lure a lot of 77-level pets, and the third floor in Zuma is obviously the best place to lure them!
Lu killed several Zuma warriors. Although the sixth-order Zuma warriors say that wisdom can not reach the general human standard at the sixth order like Warcraft outside, it is also better than the fifth-order Zuma Shiqiang Zhan. Of course, this is not wisdom and strength, but Gao Chen’s hand can still solve the problem with just a few skills!