Er … Three men in Ji Dong’s room couldn’t help smiling. This little girl is so interesting.

If the water is cold, he mused, "It’s no wonder that Luo Qingfeng is likely to be restrained if he is full of water. No wonder he was attacked by Ji Dong in the front, but even so, the damage should not be so great!"
"Wait a minute" Long Tianyuan was a chair. Suddenly, he jumped up directly and almost touched the roof. He grabbed the water if it was cold on the shoulder. He suddenly moved and scared the water if it was cold, but it also made the water if it was cold and clever. They had a cold war together for many years. If the water was cold, they would have understood dragon day’s meaning.
"No?" If the water is cold murmured
The dragon * * releases the exciting light. "In addition to that, nothing can explain the three-combination skill and the three-body combination skill of the three-body combination skill. Oh, my God! This is definitely a brand-new topic. "
Ji Dong wondered, "What did you say? How can I not understand? "
Long Tiandao: "Don’t say that you are not white. None of us are very white. I can vaguely guess the situation at that time. When the combination skill of C-D and D-D broke out, Luo Qingfeng’s magical power of decyl water was not completely expelled. Thus, the three magical powers of C-D, Ding Huo and decyl water collided with each other in a special way and also produced a mutation, which is what we normally call the combination skill change. When the terrorist energy broke out, it completely destroyed him, causing almost spike damage. This should be the truth."
Shui Ruohan added, "And I’m sure it’s impossible if it’s in vitro. We’ve already tried it. It’s impossible for you two little guys to complete the combination technique. This discovery is so important that we must report it to the face immediately."
Dragon day nodded. "You go directly to the college board of directors. You should learn from the directors. You are Renshui. I know better than I do that I am here to play with these two talented junior and junior. Haha, I’m afraid this will shock the College. Chapter 45 School of Yin and Yang ().
At Ji Dong and Leng Yue, if the water is cold, he nodded and hurried away.
Leng Yue to nothing is still a little girl should be naive, but Ji Dong lost in thought. Moreover, it is the property of mutual respect. After listening to Leng Yue’s description of Ji Dong Bai, this little girl said that she would not drag her feet. It is by no means an empty talk. It can also be seen from the cold performance that the cold family of the North Water Empire is by no means an ordinary family. It is really more and more interesting. For the Ten Magicians, his cognitive doubts have increased a few minutes through today’s events.
"Teacher, did you also graduate from Tiangan College?" Ji Dong asked.
Dragon day laughed. "Who told you I was a teacher?"
"Ah?" Ji Dong was taken aback. "Are you not teachers?"
Dragon day shook his head and smiled. "Of course, we are not students like you, but our qualifications are older."
Cadet? Five champions? Ji Dong immediately thought of the previous wish to Yin and Yang School.
Long Tiandao: "Of course, there is nothing wrong with saying that we are teachers. Sometimes we will perform some teacher duties. We are a special kind of people in the college."
Ji Dong said, "You belong to the School of Yin and Yang."
Dragon day paused. "Do you also know the Yin and Yang School?"
Ji Dong said, "When I signed up before, I heard that a former senior had been there. He was also a formal student of Tiangan College."
Dragon day smiled. "He knows that it’s just skin deep, but you said it’s true that we do belong to Yin and Yang School. I rank fifth if it’s cold. I rank sixth. There is no age limit in Yin and Yang School of our college. If you want to go to college, you don’t want to rush to graduate. Besides, our students in Yin and Yang School in the college are also the loosest primary school brothers. This time, your freshman assessment can be said to be a surprise! Maybe you will be admitted to the school. In that case, you will be the lowest-ranking students who have entered the school. "
Leng Yue blinked his eyes. "What are the benefits of joining the Yin and Yang School?"
Dragon day said with a smile, "The benefits are much more, but the competition in Yin and Yang School is also fierce. Although we enjoy the highest standard treatment in the college, we also have to face the dangers that ordinary students will not face. Only when you really become a member of the school can we know."
Ji Dong said, "There is a student named Ji Yeyi at the Senior Yin and Yang School. Where is he ranked?" From dragon day’s words, he has recognized that the students of Yin and Yang School are ranked, and from the point of view that Long Tianhe and Shui Ruohan rank fifth and sixth respectively, this ranking must be based on strength.
Dragon day surprised way "do you know her night wounds that small? Are you from Ji’s family? Not right! Her family is full of dirt, but you are double fire. "
Ji Dong smiled indifferently. "It’s just an understanding."
Long Tiandao said, "Ji Yeyi is indeed the most outstanding genius in the past ten years. At the end of last year, he ranked among the top ten schools and ranked tenth."
"How many students are there in the Yin and Yang School?" Ji Dong then asked.
Ji’s questioning is an urgent issue, and dragon day has not concealed that "there are 40 students in the Yin and Yang School. If you can be admitted to the school, you will just make up 50. There have been no newcomers for several years."
If the water is cold, it will leave the residence in a hurry and come to a deeper place. It has passed several cards and stopped in front of a five-meter-high five-color giant door. It is disguised to embed the token with the special six characters in its hand in the depression next to the door.
"Don’t bother if there is nothing urgent for the directors." From the inside, a slender woman of about twenty-five or six years old comes out, and her charming body is full of mystery, purple short hair and purple pupils. The whole person looks like a mysterious spokesperson.
If the water is cold and low, "Third Sister, if it’s okay, I won’t bother you directors. That’s the case …" When he leaned into the female ear, he whispered something.
With a flash of surprise, Nv Jiao Yan, the third sister, nodded and said, "Come in with me."
If the water is cold, I will follow the girl in purple clothes into the door and walk through a wide tunnel to a room with a foot of 200 square meters. The walls of this room have strange five-color textures, and I can clearly feel that the walls contain huge magic fluctuations.
There are nine people sitting at the oval long table in the room, most of whom are over 50 years old, but the first one looks like 30 Xu, but his black eyes are full of vicissitudes of life and his appearance is somewhat out of place.
Nine people all sit in characteristic big chairs, and each has a round table with different colors. At the other end, there is a blue chair. Except for the color difference, each chair is carved with a totem, which is made of different materials but absolutely precious.
The five-crowned Renshui Grand Master entered this room with his head down all the time, and even dared not take a breath of the atmosphere and was taken to the side by the purple girl.
The first middle-aged man’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and his eyes showed a light of inquiry. The purple woman walked quickly to his side and whispered something in his ear.
"oh? Is there such a thing? If it’s cold, you can tell us about the situation. "Middle-aged people’s voices are more different from others’ appearances. They are old and deep, and there is a breathtaking magnetism.
"Yes" If the water is cold and respectful, a few steps ago, I came to the oval long table with two meters to stop and bow down. "I have seen the dean’s adult and seen the directors. This is the case …" When he assessed Ji Dong and Leng Yue, he and Longtian judged it in detail.
After listening to his story, everyone’s face was somewhat surprised. The old man in red smiled and said, "Bing Ding’s double fire is interesting. It’s really interesting. Let’s not talk about the three-combination technique, such as this double fire. I’ve heard that I want to see Chapter 45 Yin and Yang School ()
Sitting in the first middle-aged man, he smiled and said, "Congratulations, brother. You know this guy?"
The old man in red nodded his head. "He’s Bing Tian, the college away from fire. According to Bing Tian, he’s not white. This child is like a successful practice of balancing Yin and Yang. This body also created a precedent. I propose to break the rules and let the school of Yin and Yang focus on training."
"I’m afraid it’s not right to be old." Sitting opposite the old man in red is a big black chair. A black-robed old man sneers at one. "After all, he is only 14 and he is fourteen years old. If he can’t be promoted to the level of two crowns before he is sixteen, he won’t join the Yin and Yang School. If none of us know that it should be luck to achieve the Yin and Yang crown, who knows if he can achieve the second crown? If his practice is stagnant in the near future, wouldn’t it be a wave? The rules can’t be broken casually. I don’t approve of the old toast. I still have to wait until he can finish the two crowns before he is sixteen. It’s a cold girl. I don’t think it’s a big problem to break into the school of Yin and Yang. At the age of ten, she can finish one crown. At the age of sixteen, she can easily reach the realm of two crowns. I heard that this girl is your cold palm. "
The old man sitting in black is surrounded by a purple man who nodded lightly. "The moon is one of the rare geniuses in a century. This time, I also got the college recommendation qualification to apply for our Tiangan College. I have confidence in this great granddaughter."
Bang-the old man in red slapped the oval console table in front of him. The whole 200-square-meter room suddenly became fiery. "You two don’t want to talk to echo each other here. You can be admitted to our fire without exception." Don’t forget that the chief of Yin and Yang School is our fire. "
The old man in black snorted a chill and suddenly spread from his body, and the blazing heat disappeared. "Old Zhu Frey is not finished. It’s your fire. Don’t brag and stare at me. Are you sure this little fire is another Frey?"
"Okay, okay, don’t hurt the gas." The first middle-aged man motioned for the two to stop quarreling and sink a way. "From the conditions of these two children alone, they are not qualified to join the Yin and Yang School. Their own talents have not been fully displayed. It was originally impossible to destroy the admission rules of the Yin and Yang School, but don’t the directors think it is interesting for them to form a trio? We’ve studied the skill of heavenly stem magic for so many years and it’s never been realized. I’ve decided to set up a new research institute. I’m in favor of making an exception to admit these two children to the Yin and Yang School. Of course, if they can’t reach the two championships at the age of sixteen, they will also be cleared up by the school. I wonder what the directors think? "
In addition to wishing the old man, the old man and the cold man, all five of his directors nodded successively. The first middle-aged man smiled. "Well, that’s settled. You and Ruohan go to help these two little guys go through the formalities together."
Purple clothes female respectful way "yes" this just went out with water if cold.