His strength can definitely easily kill Xiao You’s personal enemy, but in this case, he certainly can’t completely dissolve the hatred in his heart. Only after dissolving the hatred in his heart can he become a Ma Pingchuan in practice, or there will be problems when he breaks through.

Since we have decided to help him, we must make him strong in all aspects. After that, his bloody body will definitely be discovered, and then he will definitely be encircled by the major powers in the mainland. If he has no self-protection power, he will definitely die miserably. It is impossible for him to protect him for a long time. Everything depends on himself.
Small deep and remote for suspection.i Zhantian at this time is already very believe in the death of relatives, so that he has no dependence in his heart now, and suspection.i Zhantian appeared at his most critical moment. He has not simply believed in suspection.i Zhantian, and he has no objection to it.
"Xiaoyou, look at what else needs to be taken away here. Maybe we won’t come back here for a long time." Huangfu Zhantian vs Xiaoyou Section 83: Auction 5
Small deep and remote listened to the words of suspection.i Zhantian, but the room turned a circle with a sad face. It was just a moment, and he looked cold and cheerless before he recovered again, as if he was not at ease with everything in the world. He returned to suspection.i Zhantian and shook his head at it.
"In that case, let’s leave now and go directly to the auction. Jinyu, you stay around and ask what people are, and then come directly to the auction to find us." Say that finish, Huangfu Zhantian took Henaan Xiaoyou and they left this sadly.
After leaving here, Henaan will go with Xiao You to comfort Xiao You. After Henaan’s careful comfort, Xiao You’s mood has stabilized a lot, and I’m relieved to see that Xiao You’s mood has stabilized, so I shouldn’t let others notice his bloody body.
A line of people came to Wanzhen auction house, but the manager Sun was waiting at the door of the auction house. It seems that the owner of Wanzhen auction house still attaches great importance to Huangfu Zhantian.
"Holy one, please." Manager Sun has been waiting at the door since they left Huangfu Zhantian. After a line of people came, he recognized it at a glance and quickly greeted him. Since the landlord asked me to treat him well, I must treat him well, even if those trivial workers in Wanzhen Building were pushed away [
"Manager Sun, have you been waiting here?" Suspection.i war days surprised that he didn’t believe himself and others had just arrived, so he came to the door. I want to come here. Manager Sun must have been waiting to think of this suspection.i war days. As a result, I can’t help but sigh that this is the strength benefit. If I am a gold fighter, I’m afraid I can’t get the attention of the owner of Wanzhen auction house.
After listening to the words of suspection.i Zhantian, the manager Sun didn’t have much embarrassment. "The saint asked for the auction here and asked for the VIP room here. You are ready," he said as he bowed in front of the way.
Any suspection.i Zhantian also didn’t mention it when he walked past.
The group did not go with the ordinary guests in the auction store, but went directly to the VIP room through special channels.
"Holy one, if you have any orders, this thing is called small, so you won’t disturb adults’ rest." After they lead Huangfu Zhantian to the VIP room, the manager Sun is not good at disturbing him here. He knows that the strong among human beings don’t like others to disturb him very consciously.
Any suspection.i Zhantian waved his hand to show that he can leave the manager Sun respectfully and walk backwards out of the goalkeeper door and gently guard him at the door. "This is the landlord and distinguished guests. Don’t let other people enter here. You know, if people here need anything, you should try your best to meet them. If they can’t, just call me."
As soon as the guard at the door heard the look, he quickly responded to Section 831: Auction 6.
HuangFuZhanTian with a pendulum, saying, "All right, the auction is over. Just sit down." Say that finish, HuangFuZhanTian looked up. This VIP room is really luxurious. I’m afraid this VIP room will cost tens of thousands of gold coins or hundreds of thousands of gold coins. And looking from this VIP room, you can just finish the whole auction and it is impossible for people to see the scene inside the VIP room.
Huangfu Zhantian secretly nodded. This Wanzhen auction house is indeed larger than its own war alliance.
A golden bell came to the end of the chaos, and the scene suddenly became quiet. I’m afraid I’m afraid I’ll take this auction when I come to Huangfu Zhantian.
Sure enough, an old man in white flew directly to the auction tower. I didn’t expect this auction to be hosted by blade master. It seems that the background of Wanzhen auction house is not simple [
"Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t have to talk about those scenes, so I don’t bother you. I hope everyone can abide by the rules of Wanzhen auction house and don’t do anything out of line, otherwise everyone should know the consequences." Although the old man in white is not loud, he doesn’t know what auction house everyone can hear, and it seems that the old man in white is not weak. Some people have some ideas. At this time, when they see that Wanzhen auction house is so powerful, they secretly press these ideas.
"The first treasure is a six-Dan medicine, green cream Dan. This green cream Dan can be said to be the most suitable one among the six-Dan medicines. It is a wind magician or a fighter who makes this green cream Dan work. I think everyone knows that I didn’t do much to introduce the green cream Dan. The reserve price of 1,000 gold coins should not be less than 300 gold coins each time." The white man waved a jade box and appeared on the auction table. There is a green energy Dan medicine all over his body. This must be the green cream Dan.
With the appearance of the first thing, the auction has gradually entered a hot stage. Anyway, if necessary, it will bid hard. The quality of the things auctioned in this auction is much higher than that in the auction, and these strong human beings who heard the news are not stingy to walk on the mainland. If there is no one or two life-saving things, it is very dangerous. Once those healing medicines or defensive armor appear, they will be hot shot.
These things in front of Huangfu Zhantian didn’t make any moves. There were two relatively good herbs, and he was not interested in them.
"This one is the penultimate thing in this auction. Maybe some people already know what this thing is. Yes, this thing is a flying skill." After saying this sentence, the old man in white stopped smiling and looked at the bottom of the crowd.
When I heard the words of the old man in white, the scene suddenly fell into a strange silence. There was no accident for the old man in silver. He smiled and looked at the bottom. Section 83: Auction 7
After a silence, everyone reacted, and what was this auction suddenly went crazy.
"Oh, my God, did I hear you right? This is flying fighting skill."
"I also heard him say it was flying fighting skill."
"No, I’m going crazy. I must get this skill."
"Mom knew there was flying fighting skill, and I had to raise enough money even if I was selling iron in a saucepan." [
"Yes, what is money compared with your own life? With this skill, you will be able to escape if you don’t meet the strong in blade master."
The old man in white didn’t stop the reaction to the bottom of the crowd, but they talked about it as hot as possible.
After about half a column of incense, everyone gradually stopped talking and stared at the old man in white as if to eat him.
"Now that it’s quiet, this flying fighting skill auction is now." With the words of the old man in white, a square energy shield rose from the ground, and this energy shield was covered with a golden yellow book, but I don’t know what it was made of, not ordinary paper.
See the bottom of this flying fighting skill suddenly appeared a stir. Some people’s eyes were red and stared at the flying fighting skill, and quarrelling was a little unstable. Looking at the bottom of the white man, he snorted from his nose and a faint coercion appeared in the auction.
By this old man in white, some hot-headed people woke up, and their necks shrank to get rid of those thoughts in their heads. This is Wanzhen Auction House. If you really dare to start work, you don’t know how to die.
Looking at the bottom to stop the commotion crowd, the old man in white was very satisfied, but he didn’t drag his feet again. "This flying skill comes from the ninth-order flight of Warcraft, and it’s a good idea that it takes a lot of effort to catch this off-fire Kunpeng, and it takes a special method to print his wings into flying skills. You should know how hard this process is, but this flying skill comes from the off-fire Kunpeng’s rubbing. This flying skill is most suitable for fire attributes, of course, and it can’t be without fire attributes.
Speaking of the old man in white, he said slowly, "Everyone knows the value of this flying skill, so there is no limit to the reserve price of one gold coin in the auction, and there is no limit to the price increase every time. Please bid!"
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the alternate domain name.
After the old man in white shouted, no one stood there asking for the price, but his eyes were fixed on the flying skill. The old man in white didn’t care that such things were not afraid of no one buying them. He knew that there was a lack of a fuse now, so he secretly made a wink at the auction. After receiving the hint from the old man in white, the man nodded slightly at the old man in white.
"Ten thousand gold coins Section 833: Auction 8
The man quoted a price directly. After the man quoted the price, the whole venue was like a frying pan. It seemed that the silence before was gone.
"fifty thousand gold coins"
"Hundreds …"
Huangfu Zhantian calmly looked at the bidder. He was not in a hurry to bid, because he knew that the current bidding was all those people in the small family, and these people just followed in front and won’t follow again until later. At that time, it was the real bidding time.
Huangfu Zhantian didn’t expect this auction house to really have such a fighting skill, but he still wanted to try his luck. But he didn’t expect it to really meet Fang Jinyu, and this flying fighting skill is just suitable for Fang Jinyu. He is a fire attribute, and this flying fighting skill is also a fire attribute. When Huangfu Zhantian appeared, he made up his mind to get this fighting skill. No matter how much it costs, there should be more than 30 million amethyst coins in his magic crystal card, in addition to giving gold for more than 10 million. If it is converted into gold coins, it will be more than 30 billion.