Dead Gu Liancheng had better be dead here in the desert, so Luo won’t abandon her and ignore her!

Whether she still loves her or not, she doesn’t care at all, because she believes that one day he will like her and love her as much as before!
He will!
When it finally dawned, Liancheng sat stiffly for a night in the desert. The temperature difference between day and night was great. She was frozen for a whole night, but she was still alive. Her lips took a little smile and murmured, "I’m still alive … I’m still alive at dawn …" She was the only living thing in the desert except her …
"Look! Someone in front … "
Yeluchen’s oriental fish-white was gradually revealed, and his shadow was separated from the closed acupoint and he sat back on his hunchback at that moment.
When I heard his words and followed his eyes, I suddenly trembled and said, "It’s Miss Er … it must be Miss Er!" With the sound, she has jumped up and galloped forward.
"Second young lady …" Liancheng’s side was full of black gas, and she sat there motionless. She slowly squatted down. "Second young lady, what’s wrong with you?" Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably, and she gently pulled Liancheng’s sleeve and choked.
"Am I hearing voices?" Liancheng eyes closed and dark I feel "I must be hearing voices, otherwise how could I hear the video? Dump that stubborn girl, I’m hurtling along at night, she … She won’t find me, she won’t … "
From the shadow over your mouth and wept bitterly, "Miss Er, I am from the shadow, I am from the shadow! Open your eyes and look at me. I’m right next to you. What’s wrong with you? Tell me I … "
"What happened to Princess Dingguo?" Yeluchen from the shadow side settled coagulation to Liancheng forehead with black gas frowned and asked from the shadow.
"I … I don’t know I don’t know! What should I do if Miss Er doesn’t talk and she doesn’t talk? " From the shadow shook his head and slowly stopped the tears and looked at Liancheng. "Miss Er, are you poisoned? I’ll take you … "
Before she finished, Liancheng uttered a slight sound "From the shadow …" Is it from the shadow? There is a man beside her. Who can he be?
Slowly open your eyes to see the shadow and squat down beside you. Liancheng smiled slightly. "I’m in the magic shadow method. You’ll be fine if you help me out with luck. Don’t … Don’t worry …" And she looked up and moved her eyes to Yeluchen. "You … you are …"
Yeluchen bowed his hand apologetically and said, "Yeluchen really shouldn’t expect Dingguo Princess to forgive him for hurting her that day!"
"Yeluchen?" Hurt her? Liancheng murmured and looked at the man in front of him for a while and said, "You are the king of Dongxun!"
"Exactly," Yeluchen nodded.
Liancheng chuckled, "It’s my own negligence. I can’t blame what you said for not forgiving." It was also a strategy for him to hurt her in the battlefield. Besides, he could have killed her at that time. After all, she didn’t know his identity at that moment, so she was on guard.
"Princess Dingguo is ashamed to say so!" Yeluchen said and looked at the eyes from the shadow.
Even if he had to, he shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds him!
This woman is really not inferior to men, and she is better than most men in the world, not a little bit!
She is a leader in both wisdom, courage and magnanimity!
From the shadow feel his eyes busy to explain to Liancheng "miss two handmaiden … handmaiden and he are not familiar with …"
With a light smile, Liancheng slowly said, "This is the desert of death. If there were no King Chen, I’m afraid it would be difficult for you to find me here." Liancheng had mastered the situation of royal family members before the Dongxun war, and he knew more about the free and unfettered king.
-very mysterious!
This is her verdict on the free and unfettered king!
"Without him, the handmaiden can find the second young lady on her own!"
From the shadow muttered a word and sat behind Liancheng. "Miss Er, I’ll help you force out the magic shadow method."
"I’ll do it!" Liancheng has not yet come out of Yeluchen’s calm voice and suddenly raised it.
Liancheng eyes he and Liying looked back and forth, holding back the pain and smiled faintly. "King Chen will help me force out the magic shadow method later. You should kill them immediately or the consequences will be unimaginable." What she said was like a white nod. "Good!"
Motivating the true qi, hands reaching Liancheng, then leaving the shadow and concentrating on Liancheng, forcing out the magic shadow method.
In a short time, she and Liancheng were dripping with sweat.
"Come on … come out! King Chen is ready!" Liancheng mouth light overflow sentence
Yeluchen smell speech hand soft sword clenched staring at Liancheng "hmm".
Liancheng spit out a thick black blood with a faint smell, followed by a "buzzing" sound in that black blood.
See a bright mans suddenly flashed that extremely confusing strange sound suddenly disappear.
For a long time, I was so angry that I didn’t want to wipe the sweat on my forehead. I asked Liancheng with my eyes, "Are you better, Miss Er?" The magic shadow method is as famous as a strange magic power, which can make people involuntarily dazed as if their souls were sucked away.
After the transfer of interest, Liancheng was able to move and opened her eyes. She smiled. "I am much better!" "
Relax when you leave the picture.
"Here, this will help you recover your skill." Slowly, Lian Cheng handed Liying an ice fruit to make pills and stuffed a "Quick!" into his mouth. See from the shadow watching pills tybalt slain, she didn’t hurry.
"This pill smells good!" From the shadow put the pill on the tip of the nose and sniffed it before it was sent to the mouth.
Liancheng smile "that fragrance is also one of its effects. If you don’t take pills from time to time, the effect will be halved."
After saying this, she adjusted her breath again.
"Are you … are you okay?"
Far away, I saw Liancheng’s pale face, and Cenluo quickly jumped into Liancheng’s face with flying skill.