Lotus Yan jiing eyes across a bit cold and gentle all over no longer become bloody and violent.

Dong Yuling followed Lian Yan Jing’s servant to Wangfu and went straight to the courtyard.
When entering the courtyard, it is said that Dong Yuling went to check Nan’s situation for the first time.
However, it is shocking to see Nan Dong-yong’s spirit again. Is this chubby figure in front of Emma the first time to see Nan, a thin bamboo worm? This image is too subversive, okay?
I haven’t seen Nan since I handed him over to the world to take care of Dong Yuling. I have been waiting for him to be ready to treat Lian Yan Jiing.
But who’s going to tell her how the world raises people? At the beginning, the thin bamboo pole became a big fat in just a few months, and its weight doubled. She wouldn’t have been recognized if someone hadn’t brought her.
I’m sorry, but Dong Yuling naturally didn’t think that this was because she had said that it would be more beneficial to treat the world in the future if she raised the king of the method well. This kind of words is like raising a bodhisattva, and all kinds of medicinal materials such as delicious food and tonic food have entered Nan’s belly, and someone is watching him at any time, even his eyes are good, for fear that he will bump into it.
Even so, some people actually hurt Nan at the bottom of their eyelids, and a group of genera were directly blown up.
After a quick inspection, Dong Yuling’s eyebrows wrinkled, and he reached out to help Fat Nan. He slapped a few silver needles on his back and "sou". The tail of the needle flew out of Nan’s body and the nail was still quivering.
Looked at Dong Fengling and left no force to give Nan a few more. This time, three silver needles flew out of Nan’s head and nailed the beams in the astonished eyes of all.
After these, Dong Yuling felt some pain, took out a blood lotus Dan and fed it into Nan’s mouth.
For blood lotus Dan, because it is a standing medicine for lotus Yan Jiing, all the members know that it is more painful than Dong Yuling. Unfortunately, at the same time, it is unforgivable to protect people who have made Nan like this for several months than to protect their eyes angrily. Finally, it is necessary to send a good medicine to Langlingxin County.
There is no doubt that the effect of blood lotus Dan is that the entrance melts at once, and the king of Nanti Jiafa felt the benefits and immediately took action to absorb some of the medicine, which accelerated the process of medicine throughout the body and promoted absorption.
Nan Yuan Qing Wu’s face slowly returned to normal, and he could not feel his breathing and changed.
The field was full of ears and eyes, and although the breathing was slightly inaudible, everyone still found it and could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.
If anything happens to Nan, they can’t redeem the crime even if they are buried with their bodies, because the main leg still doesn’t know if we can find another way …
Seeing that Nan was in a stable situation, they didn’t speak. After leaving a person to watch, they went out of the house with Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jiing.
Lotus Yan jiing don’t look very well but didn’t blame is calm ordered "see who has seen nan recently? Not today, but all the people who have seen it since Nan entered the government. "
The "Lord" families have been ordered to act in a planned way.
Looking at this scene, Dong Yuling’s heart is also embarrassed. What does it mean to know from the master to the subordinate that it is to verify the performance? Do the servants and servants know who the murderer is?
"Do you know who did it?" Dong hong ling asked.
Lotus Yan Jiing’s eyes narrowed to cover up the cold light and clarity in the eyes. "Nan was brought into the mansion and went to the Wangfu dungeon, but there was no one else."
Dong Yuling leng leng immediately thought that the world refers to ordinary lotus envy?
As if Xi Changlian Yan Jiing had confided, she said, "It’s a secret for the royal family in scenic area that Nan made the stab-hole turtle breathe heavily. When the royal family in scenic area was broken, almost all of them committed suicide, and others found out that they had no breath."
"At that time, in order to appease the local generals, the royal family held a grand funeral and buried everyone. They had already prepared the royal mausoleum."
"Later, it was said that a group of royal family members did not die, but they lost their lives, so that people could not check out flaws. Naturally, there were secret passages in the mausoleum where all the people escaped."
Lotus Yan Jiing suddenly looked at Dong Yuling and said, "Later, the royal family of Shenglian Dynasty was furious, but there was no evidence to secretly let people go back to find out, which confirmed that the secret passage in the mausoleum was true. The royal family in scenic areas would indeed have a method of suspended animation, but …185 Chapter 185 I wouldn’t do that."
Lian Yan Jing’s pause made Dong Ling look askance. She was hearing the key!
Lotus Yan Jiing chuckled, "But I heard that this turtle breath solution needs the assistance of a silver needle, but no one has ever seen it. That is to say, at the beginning, the physician also studied the unacceptable method, but now it is true at first sight."
Dong Yuling was dazed before he realized, "So Nan just made that look by himself?"
No secret. no wonder …
There are always some things in the world that I don’t know. Dong Yongling would have died if he hadn’t had the knowledge of God and couldn’t find out the strange body.
It is absolutely a miracle to put this method aside in modern times. Usually, medical means can’t find anything at all.
"hmm!" Lotus Yan jiing nodded, "It should be that he tried to feign death to escape from the palace."
"Said this silver needle is someone else to him? Maybe there are any deals between the two? " Dong Lu realized that Nan had been caught and taken good care of his family. He would definitely search his things and leave nothing dangerous.
"That’s true." Lotus Yan Jing’s forehead is the first to prevent thieves from still appearing. His palace is really not decent