Li Fu or say with smile "it’s strange that he has a daughter-in-law don’t deny you this elder sister? I don’t think Azeri is such a fool. He still respects you! "

"I can’t tell you!" Lian Fangzhou shook his head and smiled. "Where do you know men?"
Li Fu laughed. "Because of your sister-in-law? No! It’s not like you’re meddling in the family. It’s just a thing or two. Chapter 153
Even Fang Zhou gave him a white eye. "Isn’t that just stepping in?" They’re married. How can I ask these things? It’s just that if there is anything they can solve by themselves, it will be solved. If you come to discuss it with me, let’s talk about it! "
Li Fu scratched his head and said, "You think it’s too complicated!"
See even fangzhou what to say and then laughed "the day after tomorrow I’m going to three thousand camp aze also want to go, maybe less than forty days to come back! Why don’t I find a chance to ask him? "
Lian Fangzhou, Bai Lianze, and these new Wu Jinshi went to the military camp to train Li Fu. Naturally, they were the one who trained them. "If you can, just ask, oh, no, you can see if he is in good spirits and happy or unhappy!"
Is Li Fu "…" taboo like this!
Three aunts and Lian Fangqing were quickly taken back. Lian Fangzhou ordered Haitang and Lian, plus two sedate middle-aged daughter-in-law to serve three aunts and Lian Fangqing on business trips.
If they want to go out, these four people must follow them everywhere, even if they have two people waiting at the door!
In addition, he ordered Luo Guang to take four Qinbing with him, and followed him where he shouldn’t go. Luo Guang was blocked from seeing people, and of course he was blocked.
Three aunts listened, and even Fang Zhou told them one by one that Fang Qing was not allowed to do this or that, to be obedient, and so on. I couldn’t help patting my chest and heart and plopping. "Is this capital so terrible?" Listen, my heart is pounding, or we’d better just crash out and stay in this house! "
"…" Even Fang Zhou Zheng busy smiled and calmed the three aunts and took a white look at Fang Qing.
Lian Fang spat out her tongue with a "sloped" smile early in the morning.
Well, actually, knowing that she has caused so much trouble in Xiyuan, she is already afraid. Where dare she provoke Zhou Yan? My sister would never go to him without telling her.
Speaking of it, she is too unruly. To be fair, that’s the East Palace, which is not an ordinary family. She shouldn’t have been too close to him.
Even the government over there even Ze and Xu Yiyun went back to the government to comfort her for a while. Looking at her, Mammy Lu and Bing Mei went back to their rooms to rest and couldn’t help secretly sighing.
Think of what happened in Xu Guogong’s house, and feel more pity for her and can’t bear to be strong.
"Sir Zhong" is a gentle and courteous voice of a woman.
Even ze turned to see Sisi and nodded at her.
Sisi gave a ceremony with a smile before a warm heart. Don’t some people think that "the handmaiden asks for the second lady these two days to ask her what to do in the college in the future. The second lady hasn’t seen the handmaiden Sir Zhong …"
Even Ze listened to the steward Niang at home and said that Wu Guanggu, who is in charge of the house, also said that the second lady didn’t see them. The steward Niang asked him what articles of association he would have in the future.
Even ze wanted to think service road "so still according to come! When you tell Wu Guang’s family what it used to be and what it is now, if it’s important or undecided, go back to the second lady and let her make decisions. When the second lady wants to be a housekeeper, you can honestly listen to her arrangement! "
Sisi was relieved to say "Yes", thinking that Lian Ze was so considerate to Xu Yiyun and could not help but feel a little secretly lost.
Where can I compare myself with her in this capacity? Many themselves will be this little sour pressure.
I thought about it and laughed. "I don’t know what to say about handmaiden."
Sisi has always been careful and meticulous. Even Ze was very impressed with her and smiled. "When did you become so hesitant?"
Sisi smiled embarrassedly. "So handmaiden said that there was no mistress in our house. Now that the second lady has entered the door, these should be arranged in her hands! Otherwise, wouldn’t it be bad to say it? And people have a hundred things, and all the minions have that snobbery. If you think that the second lady is not allowed to spoil the high and step on the low-"
Where did Lian Ze not think about this? It was Xu Yiyun who was wronged like that the day she got married, and she was hit so hard today. She doesn’t know how bad her mood is! Where is the spiritual care?
Even Ze is distressed. She wants her to have a good rest. She doesn’t have to worry about these things.
"What you said is similar to what I thought!" Even Ze sighed lightly on the sidewalk "It’s that the second lady is not used to being at home now, and she hasn’t done anything. Maybe she’s not ready yet!" You tell Wu Guanggu and them all to tell them that the second lady is Mr. Zhong, and I finally asked for a wife. If anyone disrespects the second lady, no matter how much credit they have, this house won’t stay! Well, you also have more snacks. If you really have no idea, go to Weining Houfu to find your aunt! "
Sisi’s heart is sour, but she is worried. There is no good excuse to show her face in front of Lian Fangzhou. Smell speech can’t help but smile and agreed in my heart.
Even the family is an "old man". If she doesn’t know how much influence Lian Fangzhou has on Lian Ze? Even Fang Zhou nodded, and even Ze would never refuse!
Even ze si si’s eyebrows and eyes are smiling. When she thinks about herself and finally has the proper housekeeping method, she can’t help but smile and feel more grateful for her loyalty and say a few words before letting her go.
Another day later, Lian Ze went to the 3,000 camp.
Leave early in the morning
Xu Yiyun had not got up when he left.
Even ze’s heart is a little lost, but he still goes.
Lu Mammy, Bing Lv and Bing Mei, together with a housekeeper and slave, sent Lian Ze out. Lian Ze thought about it and gave an account in front of everyone. She said that the second lady was not feeling well these days, and no one was allowed to make her unhappy.
Everyone should be one by one.
Lu mammy and two ice is grateful to see even jersey.
You know, if the second lady doesn’t come to see you off today, it’s hard for anyone to guess whether the second lady has angered Mr. Zhong, and some people will jump out when they leave the government!
With Sir Zhong’s words, it is much stronger.
Back to the hospital, Mammy Lu rushed into the room and opened the brocade account to Xu Yiyun, who was still asleep, and sighed, "Sir Zhong has gone, and the second lady is no longer pretending to sleep. Chapter 154 Cheap aunt visits.
Xu Yiyun’s eyelashes trembled slightly, opened his eyes and sat on the bed with a wry smile. "Nanny, how can you mock me!"
Mammy Lu gently hummed, "The second lady has a big idea, and the old slave dare not!"
"Nanny" Xu Yiyun sighed, "You also think I have gone too far, don’t you?"
Mammy Lu sighed at her pain and felt that she couldn’t bear judo. "The second lady’s nurse is not hello! These days, the old slave is feeling more comfortable and carefree than in the past ten years! You are out of your mind to treat you like this! I dare say that no one in this world treats you better than Sir Zhong! Why don’t you be white! "
Xu Yiyun opened his mouth to refute and closed his mouth.
After half a ring, Fang sighed, "Nanny, please give me some more time! I don’t know-it’s always in my heart … "
Sister Lu is desperate, but she is anxious to get angry. What can she do if she is not in a hurry? Good way "! That’s all! Don’t talk about it again after mother, madam. Do it yourself! I have survived such a difficult day anyway. Sir Zhong is a kind man, and it will be no worse in the future! "
Said and turned and went out.
Xu Yiyun a lag is a sigh all trance.