Outside this hillside and Fenggu Village, there are still two miles away from the long tunnel that entered the territory. It is the tunnel hidden in the mountain that separates the Fenggu from the outside world. The cold winter wind is as gentle as the wind. Outsiders can’t find it here. The high-risk mountains are soaring, and all kinds of strange trees are naturally sheltered. It is also difficult to find this vast valley similar to the plain.

This enchantment is called-"barrier"!
Feathering is too lazy to think about what this enchantment is about. He enjoys lying down and feels that he has no worries now. His father will be fine because he is cared for by the master. He will be fine because the frozen spring water has been sent out. How can it be sent to Tianshan Mountain? He has always felt magical because Xiaoxuan said that she sent a pack of rats to transport a hundred kilograms of frozen spring water, which haunted the mountains at night and then changed hands to Tianshan Mountain through various rivers. This is a wonderful thing, even though it almost crossed the whole eastern land from Beimang Mountain to Tianshan Mountain.
There are so many strange things in the river network. lun thought with his eyes closed, and then he thought of something. "Even their kids here are very strange." He muttered something, and his right hand pressed the Manglietia ring on the ground, and the green S light faintly dripped out. Then several vines broke through the ground and surrounded him.
"ah! You uncle! "
Ringing in the crisp ring is still so vulgar, not that this is vulgar, but that nv child’s mouth is vulgar when he says it. He leans to his side and goes back to sleep frustrated. Of course, he knows that his enchantment has tied that annoying river girl.
"hey! Peach son let me come. "
Little Xuan was tied by vines, so depressed that she couldn’t touch the ground. She could still move her wrist and shake her. The bell hammer wanted to demonstrate, but Feather Root didn’t look at her.
"Who let you call me" peach "? Have something to yourself "feather should be a lazily.
"Peach! Peach! Peach! You are a peach! "
Feathering rope ng is good at covering her ears and she calls.
The river network is less nv du’s mouth and eyes keep turning, and in an instant there is a dispute about the silver bell hammer, which shakes the sharp spike of the hammer head and touches the vine wrapped around the forearm, which suddenly catches fire
Feather suddenly smelled the smell of burning and turned to sit up. I saw half a few flames spread and burned out the winding rivers and less nv bondage. What kind of star power does this strange hammer contain? He hasn’t thought about it yet, but he’s crying and screaming, and nv earned the binding force and smashed it with a hammer.
The hammer didn’t start with a sucking force, and it emerged. I’ve already seen this hammer filled with rotten stars. With a genial smile, I quickly bounced up my body and turned out of the house. I just slowed down to the front of me, and the speed was extremely fast. This time, the feather didn’t retreat. jish pointed at her. In the past, he obviously didn’t move because of the lack of rivers. nv expected to turn around, and Xiao Xuan was so scared that his face became a lot less imposing.
Feather directly to the front of the little nv face ha ha a smile from her head turned his hands together, according to her shoulders two ui straight into the sky from a distance looks like juggling fun.
Turn Xiaoxuan blinked blankly. I don’t know how he did it. Suddenly, his shoulders were pressed to gravity, and his body involuntarily became short. He smiled and jumped away from her. Turn Xiaoxuan found himself buried alive, leaving half of his body on the ground.
"how about it? Still dare to call me’ peach’? " Feather crouched in front of her and laughed her teeth out, and there were leek leaves last night.
Turn a little dear and shake her arm lun for a while, but she can’t touch the feathering body. She is so anxious that she breaks her mouth and scolds "Peach! Maybe if you let me out, it’s a Han. Let’s fight. "
Feathering reached out and pinched her nose. "I can’t get married after a nv child."
"Want you to tube! Pull me out. "
"Know what you will be found by me?" Feather to pinch her face again.
Turn a little dear mercilessly stared at him and asked, "what? You sleep. "
"You don’t know convergence breath! I am a martial artist. Do you know the difference between martial artists and ordinary fighters? "
"One has a’ home’ and one has no’ home’?"
"I was so angry that I pinched her face with both hands." The breath of ordinary fighters is that lun roots don’t know how to converge. Any Taoist can sense it. If you want to become a Taoist, you must first learn to breathe! "
"Breathing? Haven’t I been breathing? "
Feather a smile "watch"
He got up, closed his eyes, raised his face upwards, and put his hands back.
Turn a little grace suddenly frightened. This person is just in front of him. It happened that the eyebrows were still as still as water, and she seemed to have no human breath. She closed her eyes consciously, but she was even more frightened. This person seemed to have disappeared, and nv was so scared that she quickly opened her eyes again. This person still seems to have melted into the air.
"This is the breathing blood gas operation itself is a regulating breathing system."
Turn a little grace was really scared. After a light sound itself, it was Cenlai who turned around.
Feather exhaled breath and laughed. "That’s it. Breathe."
Turn your eyes wide and suddenly shout, "Monster, monster!" "
Suddenly, the pain in her cheeks turned to tears in her eyes. Cen and Yu Hua pulled her face by hand.
"Dead girl, we don’t have time to play with you all day." Feather let go and looked at the clouds flowing through the sky and suddenly stepped on the ground
Cen knows how to jump to one side and see that the river network is less nv’s body is suddenly shaken out of the soil, bringing up a suit of dirt and flying to the sky. The corners of her mouth are turned up and sneering, and there is a flash of cold light in her eyes. This strange expression makes Cen slightly stunned and makes her heart cool. She has never seen this ruthless expression of Terran boy.
Network less nv body is still half feathering elastic body swoop in the past, the right hand leaned out a grabbed her neck and conveniently turned her from the middle pressure to the ground, and she lost her resistance, and her back hit with pain. She stared at her eyes and wanted to call but the cold murderous look hit her face at this moment. She saw this Terran teenager’s sneer.
With your back to the sun, you’re stupid. The hand that buckled your throat is not strong, but it’s as cold as feathered eyes.
"There are still 16 days before the graduation ceremony. If you can’t learn breathing in this period, you will die!"