Two minutes later, the men appeared again, surnamed Lu Nan, and said, "Brother Deng, isn’t it true?"

"It’s nice not to hide it. Come out now or I’ll be rude." Deng suddenly raised his head and said coldly.
I heard Fang Zhihan’s eyes open and I was about to move. Suddenly I remembered that Gao Chen was busy talking and closed his eyes.
After another minute, the surname Deng Kou said, "It seems that I was really wrong. How can I survive in the sky if I walk a few small steps now?"
After several people disappeared again, Fang Zhihan didn’t move or look at Gao Chen this time. He made up his mind to pay attention to Gao Chen. He wouldn’t move until he told him to sit for half an hour. After half an hour, Gao Chen said, "Shit, finally left!"
Chapter one hundred and twelve Straight to the third floor
"Big Brother, have they left?" Seeing Gao Chen talking, Fang Zhihan is busy saying that this half hour is not really sitting still, so it is not so good. Seeing Gao Chen talking, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.
"I really don’t know who these people are when they finally leave." Gao Chen was concerned. Although they didn’t say what to find Gao Chen, they came and went several times to test and knew that these people were definitely not kind!
"Eldest brother, they may be robbers" Fang Zhihan is also a full face of fear at this time.
"Robber? What robber?" Know something about the science of uniting the world. Where did Gao Chen come from? A hundred thousand years in the science of uniting the world. He doesn’t know what other robbers there are in this science of uniting the world. It’s hard to imagine!
"It’s robbers. They don’t seem to have sects haunting all the training venues to rob the big sects to come out and train their younger brothers." Fang Zhihan recalled and then said!
"Is there such a thing? Don’t the masters of the major factions care?" Gao Chen wondered what suddenly occurred to him and then said, "Don’t look at them in uniform. Isn’t it unorganized?"
"I don’t know about this, but it may be true. After all, these people have always robbed and they don’t hurt their lives. In this way, in addition to facing the aliens in the training ground, we should guard against these robbers, so the experience effect may be better." Fang Zhihan said while recalling these things, the roots of major sects are no secret, but it is just like this that Gao Chen didn’t know that after all, he came out to practice, and his knowledge of the practice world came from a book "One Hundred Thousand Years of Practice"!
"Well, don’t worry about them. You have entered the realm of harmony between man and nature. Now check how you are recovering." Gao Chen thought for a moment and then said.
"I really entered the realm of harmony between man and nature. This feeling is really great, eldest brother. I feel that I am about to break through the order and I can go to the fourth floor with my eldest brother." Fang Zhihan closed his eyes and felt a heart.
"It’s not a day or two to break through. They have already gone to the second floor. Will we meet them when we go to the second floor? I don’t know. Forget it. Let’s go to the second floor first." I thought for a moment.
"Big Brother, shall we go to the second floor now?" Fang Zhihan looks like Gao Chen.
"Let’s go now" Gao Chen said and rushed forward.
"Eldest brother, wait for me" Fang Zhihan shouted and chased him!
The speed of both of them is not slow, but it’s a far cry from the level of Zuma on the vast side. All the way, Gao Chen is no longer as relieved as when he thinks about it. When he meets an experienced person, he will be careful not to think about it as before. After all, this is a strong practitioner like a cloud, and there are some unscrupulous practitioners. How long has it been before? The ninth-order strong people appear one after another.
Chu Zhengnan finally broke out and let Gao Chen completely put away his contempt for the order of the strong. After recovering two day order Warcraft, Gao Chen had the order of the strong, but now Gao Chen knows that he is all wet!
Another day passed, and Gao Chen finally saw the door going to the second floor. At this time, Gao Chen’s map can show that the area has reached several million kilometers in Fiona Fang, which is not small, but it is nothing compared with the whole Zuma floor. In fact, there are not Zuma soldiers living in the Zuma floor. There are also some Warcraft who are not very different from Zuma soldiers.
But Gao Chen is on his way all the way. It’s not much different from the time when he went to the second floor. It’s still a temple, and at this time there are already several people waiting outside the temple
Seeing the arrival of Gao Chen Fang Zhihan, a young man said, "Finally, when people come to see the two of us, we are from Yunxiao Pavilion. Do you want to go in together?"
The top ten sects in Yunxiao Pavilion’s cultivation circle are collectively referred to as the top ten sects. There is no ranking, but if we really want to rank, then the order is Shentongmen Fengshen Valley Yunxiao Pavilion Wuji Mountain Tiandi Gate Tibetan Dao Villa Huafeng Villa Daluomen Immortal Temple Wan Jian Family!
A random reconnaissance trip to Gaochen found that these men are all seven-order and one-star fighters. Obviously, their training goal is the second floor. If they go to the third floor, it will be dangerous to hear Fang Zhihan, who is also one of the top ten factions, beaming and ready to speak. Gaochen said first, "No, our goal is the fourth floor!"
"Ah, the fourth floor" heard Gao Chen’s words, and the younger brother of Yunxiao Pavilion became respectful and busy, saying, "The elder asked us to wait a little longer."
"Well, by the way, have you seen such a few people go in?" I thought for a long time and saw that they were all waiting for a long time, so I will meet those robbers and say one outside.
"I remember this. They went in for almost an hour. Who are they? When they were invited outside, one of them took a look at us and said that there was nothing good in the seventh-order garbage and went in." The younger brother of Yunxiao Pavilion said with a face of grief.
"Fortunately, if you are in the seventh order, it will be troublesome for you to continue waiting for us to go advanced." Gao Chen said that he would no longer pay attention to their puzzled faces and walked into the array with Fang Zhihan.
After contour Chen two people went in, the younger brother of Yunxiao Pavilion murmured, "Fortunately, it is the seventh order. What does he mean? Hey, do you know? "
He has a blank face.
As soon as I stepped into the second floor of Zuma, I suddenly felt that the vitality of the second floor seemed to be much stronger than that of the first floor. This is not an experience, and even this cultivation speed can be much faster. The area of the second floor is much wider than that of the first floor. If this base is more than twice the area of the first floor, it is already larger than the surface area of some small planets.
When he came to this world, especially after he entered the science of uniting, Gao Chen felt that he had forgotten a lot of knowledge in his previous life. It was difficult for him to understand how there could be such a big planet in this universe, so the surface gravity should be much larger, but Gao Chen felt that this gravity was similar to that of the previous earth!
As soon as Fang Zhihan entered the second floor, he said, "Brother, what shall we do if they are really on the second floor?"
"It’s not as wide as this second floor. You may not be able to touch it. Even if you touch me, is there any way to avoid asking you to listen to me?" See Fang Zhihan face fear expression Gao Chen light mouth way
"Yes, the eldest brother method is really effective. So where are we going now? Go directly to the third floor? " When I heard Gao Chen’s words, I thought about it for a while. At that time, they couldn’t find themselves and Gao Chen thought that Fang Zhihan’s face was worried and receded, and he looked at Gao Chen with a kind of worship eyes.
This is really a child. Gao Chen thinks that he is really not suitable for coming out to experience, at least not for a person to come out to experience. It is better to meet himself and then say, "Go directly to the third floor, then stop at the third floor for a while and then go to the fourth floor" …
Of course, there is a reason for staying on the third floor. That is to lure pets to this world for so long. The pets that Gao Chen lured were wolves of dozens or twenties. At that time, although he could kill fourth-order or fifth-order Warcraft, the level of temptation was too low. But now that his level is 78, he can lure a lot of 77-level pets, and the third floor in Zuma is obviously the best place to lure them!
Lu killed several Zuma warriors. Although the sixth-order Zuma warriors say that wisdom can not reach the general human standard at the sixth order like Warcraft outside, it is also better than the fifth-order Zuma Shiqiang Zhan. Of course, this is not wisdom and strength, but Gao Chen’s hand can still solve the problem with just a few skills!