See you later. Huang Sao is more and more beautiful. It is said that women’s happiness is to write their faces. From her charming smiling face, we can see how much her brother hurts. She has become a woman. She has faded from her first marriage, and she is a little more gentle and feminine, but she will always be as noble and elegant as a fairy. Kunyang can’t dream day and night.

Who knows that Kunyang wouldn’t have planned himself if it weren’t for this woman’s coldness? Ten years ago, he wanted to force his father to abdicate when he was old, so that he could make him take his place. But in order to get his wife, he had to kill his brother and then force his father to abdicate and get his own genes. He didn’t want to hide his favorite woman in the golden house. He wanted to give her a fair identity and let her be his own woman beside him in the commons.
However, the woman who killed her brother never laughed again. The elegant smiles appealed deeply. Although he got her as he wished, she never laughed again. She has no heart any more. Every day, she is as dead as a walking corpse. No matter how cold Kunyang is to her, Yan Guifei’s beauty is still lost.
But at the moment, Su Yiming’s swaying posture and walking slowly make Leng Kunyang shine at the moment, as if she had come back to life in her memory many years ago. The two figures overlapped and were so different! Leng Kunyang felt that his mind was out of control.
There has been no sound in the half-ring imperial room. The cold rain Chen felt something was wrong. He took a look at the cold Kunyang secretly. From Su Yiming, he was taken to the door of the imperial room by the little eunuch. He felt that his father was a little strange. It seemed that his father’s eyes had been falling on Su Yiming, but he didn’t know what to think.
Just as at this moment, Leng Kunyang silently stared at Su Yiming crawling on his feet, but he didn’t let him stand up. Leng Yu Chen felt something was wrong in his heart, but he couldn’t tell if it was a "father?"
"Oh, the Sumen Lord stood flat and gave a seat to watch tea!" Cold Kunyang seems to have a flash of light in his eyes, and his face has been restored to calm.
"thank you!" Su Yiming got up smartly and charmingly, turned around and walked to a chair near Lengyuchen, and fell down in front of the chair. It was like soft bones, gently leaning on the chair and slender fingers, gently playing a garment without pleating, and the eyes were full of charm.
Cold rain Chen Rao is used to Su Yiming’s evil spirit. I also think that he is still a little different today. Not only does he exude his usual laziness and evil spirits from his bones, but he also deliberately hides his charm and blooms out to make people forget it.
"Master Su, I am very grateful to you for doing everything. I’ve always wanted to meet you. It’s really lovely to see the Yushu in Zhilan today!" At first glance, there is nothing to listen to in cold Kunyang dialect, but it is still sensitive to find that my father, who has always been proud, actually liked the word "like" as soon as he came. Is this to win over Su Yiming?
"Pursuit goes to praise! Seat and Chen Tai are friends, and what they do is also a trivial matter. "Su Yiming waved his hand slightly and the flowers were dizzy, which made people feel excited."
"Master Su’s medical skills are extraordinary. If it weren’t for your help this time, I’m afraid I would still be in the dark. Both the Leng family and I would like to thank you!" Leng Kunyang said and raised his hand. "This is the Su door owner who just paid tribute to Snow Mountain tea this year. Try it and see what it tastes like?"
"thank you!" Su Yiming brought the little eunuch a cup of tea, just put his hand on it, gently slid the lid and pouted his lips, gently blew a light mist, and his brow was shining. Seeing that he slightly lowered his head and sniffed the tea, there was a flash of light in his eyes, and he took a sip and a half before saying, "Good tea! The faint scent of tea and the snowy rhyme are really elegant! "
"Su Menzhu is also a tea lover. I wonder where you come from?" Leng Kunyang changed his old majesty and faced Su Yiming with a rare soft color.
"Back to the seat is a snowy Wuxi person." Su Yiming put a tea lamp and looked up at Leng Kunyang. With one hand holding his head and the tip of his tongue, he passed the corner of his mouth from his thin lips with a touch of iconic evil spirits. There was a layer of fascinating water mist in his eyes, as if his thoughts were immersed in memories.
"When my adoptive father went to Wuxi Mountain to collect herbs, he met his parents. On their way home, they were robbed by thieves. The thieves not only robbed all the baggage, but also wanted to fight against my mother. Dad stood up and was killed by thieves. My mother didn’t want to be humiliated and wiped her neck with a sword."
"Adoptive father just saw that he saved his mother, who was only three years old, from a thief, and saw that adoptive father was a good man. Before he died, he had to kneel and kowtow, and he recognized his adoptive father on the spot. Later, he was taken back to Xiaoyao Gate by his adoptive father, and he always followed his adoptive father to study medicine. Before his death, his adoptive father gave him the throne."
Su Yiming gave a brief account of his life story in a few words, and the meaning was very clear. He became an orphan because of the death of his parents and thieves. This was also the time when the old master avoided people’s eyes and ears and fabricated his life story for him since childhood. Although he was sent to Xiaoyao Gate at birth, he did not appear in front of everyone until he was three years old. No matter how Leng Yuchen and Leng Kunyang checked these words, there was no flaw.
"I didn’t expect the life experience of Su’s master to be so miserable …" Leng Yu Chen sighed with a sigh. He had already sent someone to inquire about it and found out that the result was exactly the same as Su Yiming’s. At this time, it was just a disguise for the first time.
"It’s not really a bitter adoptive father who has never married or treated a woman for life. Although strict, he is also like his own. If he hadn’t taught the seat so strictly, how could he have today’s medical skills and cultivation?" Su Yiming smiled and eclipsed the sun and the moon in an instant.
"Sue door Lord is a transparent person, and he will be big in the future." Leng Kunyang nodded a few times. "But the more I look at it, the more I think you look like an old friend."
"Who does father think he looks like?" After Yan Guifei was occupied by Leng Kunyang, she first hid in the other hospital. Although she entered the palace and sealed the imperial concubine, she was always sick and never left her palace. Over the years, Leng Kunyang "spoiled" Yan Guifei to the extreme, saying that she was weak and chartered. She did not pay her respects to the queen every day and did not attend the banquet. Although Leng Yuchen was the most important person in Leng Kunyang, she had never seen the mysterious Yan Guifei.
"Have you ever met a family member?" Su Yiming’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light when he heard the news. He looked a little excited. He stared straight at the cold Kunyang, and his speech speed became slightly faster. "My adoptive father said that when I saved the seat, my mother couldn’t say anything. I begged him to accept the seat. When I looked at the seat, my mother swallowed her breath. My adoptive father didn’t even ask if there were any other relatives. Could it be a blood relative?"
Leng Kunyang felt that Su Yiming was very similar to Yan Guifei from the moment he first saw him, but Yan Guifei was fresh and free from vulgarity, and the beauty was just like a fairy, elegant and Su Yiming was full of evil spirits, which was very different. Although he had doubts, he was not sure that one of them was enchanting, while the other was elegant and dignified. At first glance, it was noble, charming and inviolable. Are these two extreme people really mothers?
When the child was secretly carried out of Taifu by a girl, but was stabbed to death by others on the spot, the little body was also brought back to Leng Kunyang to confirm that she had worn it herself. It was her father who gave her a life lock. Leng Kunyang always believed that his nephew had been uprooted by himself. Suddenly, he saw a face so similar to Yan Guifei. Leng Kunyang did not doubt that someone would change the civet cats to make the child live.
But listening to Su Yiming’s accent is obviously a snowy accent, and it is a language habit that has been formed for many years. It is not deliberately imitated. There are still many doubts before saying cold Kunyang. When Su Yiming eagerly shows that he wants to find relatives, the suspicion of cold Kunyang will be reduced a few minutes. If this person is really Yan Guifei’s own brother, then he must have been secretly protected. He will know his life experience and find what to kiss. Chapter 412 Hold him in his arms!
Is this a small act in front of yourself? Suddenly thought of such a possibility that Kunyang’s face was cold and cold, and he was suspicious by nature. Since childhood, he has developed a habit of not trusting people easily. At this moment, when he thought of this possibility, his eyes darkened and his emotions were well hidden.
"When I was young, I traveled many places in a trance. I remember seeing a woman who was so beautiful that I really felt a little similar to Su’s door master." Leng Kunyang deliberately sold one.
When Leng Yuchen heard it, he was not at ease when his father was young.
"Didn’t you see a mother in those days?" Su Yiming, on the other hand, asks what comes next, which shows that he is eager to find his relatives.
"I learned that" Leng Kunyang shook his head with a little chuckle on the corners of his mouth. "I was young at that time, and I remembered her appearance in my mind, but after so many years, I really can’t remember where I saw her, and I can’t even remember where she was. I can’t remember whether I talked to her or not, but I remember that looking back and smiling …"
Leng Yuchen was secretly funny. My father did the same when he was young. I wish I could not collect all the beautiful women in the palace. He must be so impressed!
"So that’s it …" Su Yiming sighed with a deep loss in his words. Although there is still something evil in the eyebrow eye, there is also a shallow sadness floating, which makes people feel pity.
Leng Kunyang secretly noted that when he saw him bow his head and sigh, there was an impulse to hold him in his arms. Leng Kunyang had never felt more beautiful for many years. Su Yiming was also a man. He was surprised by his inexplicable rush.
Although many emperors like women and men at the same time, he has never felt this way about any man himself. At one time, it was cold and Kunyang was a little shocked, especially when he felt that his body changed somewhere. He was even more surprised and afraid, and there was an inexplicable expectation.
Only he knows that Yan Guifei is the one who will never get out of love in this life. Even if he gets this day and gets this woman, he will feel incomplete in his heart because he has never got Yan Guifei’s heart and her smile. He blooms.