"Now I’m the leader," Doomhammer replied. He smiled even more.

The troll thought for a moment. "Do your tribe still want to levy this world?" He finally asked
Destruction hammer nodded and said nothing.
"We will help you," Jin Zu announced after a while. "Just like you help us, ally." He held out his hand.
The "Allies" destruction hammer tightly holds Jin Zu’s hand, and his thoughts keep flashing with all kinds of possibilities. Troll tribes and Zulu Sid are about to bring new forces to unite together, and nothing can stop them from moving forward. Chapter 5
Two days after the first meeting, Lothar found himself with the mainland rulers. Khadga was also with him in the throne room of Lordaeron. Lothar was very happy for this young man to attend. Although Terenas was a friendly host and some kings were very good people, this young wizard was known by Lothar from Azeroth. Although he was not a resident of Storm Kingdom, he reminded Lothar of his hometown.
His hometown is a place that is no longer there. Lothar knows that he must admit it in many ways, but it still looks so unreal. He still hopes to turn around and see Ryan laughing, or see a pair of Griffins flying in the sky, or hear the sound of his soldiers fighting, but everything is gone. His friends are dead and his home has fallen. He vows that he will save his home from the darkness, even if it takes him a lifetime.
It seems that what he needs now is to keep his head cool. Lothar has never been patient with politics. He has been surprised by what Ryan has done all these years, comforting the aristocrat, and then launching another war to solve the dispute. These things help each other and must avoid being influenced by personal preferences. Ryan once told him again and again that these things are just a game, a strategy game that affects status. No one is the real winner. The strongest guy will always try his best to maintain his achievements.
As far as Lothar is concerned, these mainland rulers are very skilled in playing this game, and it will be a headache for him to deal with these problems with these people.
After lunch on the first day, they came back to the throne room for more discussion. It seems that everyone agrees with the idea that the tribe is coming, even the very sleek Perez Nord needs to deal with it now.
He spent the rest of the day telling everyone that unifying the army was the only way. Terenas immediately agreed. Fortunately, Torbern and Proudmoore also agreed soon. Although it took some time to talk about the latter, it was more difficult for Perez Nord and Grey Bones. Lothar was barely surprised at Perez Nord. He was as tactful and hostile as some Storm City guys before, and he always liked to stay out of the crowd. Perhaps Perez Nord was personally afraid of this war, so he was implicated. When it comes to this topic, others are undoubtedly braver than him. However, Ashby’s decision was an accident. This man’s strong body and heavy armor show that he is a soldier. He did not say that he did not want to fight, but whenever the topic was about this war, he quickly made other suggestions. Of course, Perez Nord always stressed that all possible suggestions should be investigated in detail. Only when Proudmoore and Torbern accused Ashby cowardice did this stout man say that a joint army was their only way to save themselves.
The next day, they were still discussing the topic of war, but few topics turned to thinking about logistics issues, such as which troops will be settled, where they will be placed and where they will be replenished-Lothar has been solving these problems for years, but he has only dealt with one national army, and now they are discussing the problems of five countries, but they have not calculated that he may call the lucky ones in Storm Kingdom. All kings have their own ideas and methods.
Of course, the biggest question is who will rule this army commander.
It seems that all kings feel that they should lead this joint army themselves. Terenas stressed that Lordaeron is the largest country with the largest number of troops, and this time he called all of them, while Torbern said that he had the most actual combat experience, so he trusted Lothar, the king of this rude mountain kingdom. These words made Proudmoore have his naval strength, and the ship was also a key point in transporting troops and supplying. He thought this showed that he should rule this army because if the tribe came from the southernmost kingdom. Lu’s March into his kingdom will be the first to face an attack-although this is not true, Riptide Castle is really at the forefront of the tribal March route. A country will come to this kingdom when the tribe passes through Danmaud from Katz Mo Dan, while Perez Nord suggested that although his troops are not many, a commander should have wisdom and foresight. He thinks he has these abilities fully.
Then there are two people who are not kings, but are still leaders as far as their personal interests are concerned. Alonso Sfao has followers all over the kingdom. Although antonidas, the great mage, manages only one city in quality, the people he rules are the most powerful among all the troops they can summon. Fortunately, one is short and friendly, and the other is tall and strict. These two people are not interested in commanding the army, and they are always aware of their own influence. The kings pay attention to the fact that tribes will not be linked. Whether the allied troops are ready or not, they may come here to attack at any time, and they have always stressed that if an army does not have a unique leader, it will be impossible to discuss the size of this army, such as
Lothar looked at these discussions with entertainment and respect, and he was often dragged into these debates involuntarily. Some of them were regarded as an orc who was familiar with them. Sometimes they wanted him to give some advice as a bystander. Sometimes they found out that his family was the earliest ruler of this continent. He should have ancestors to make some decisions. Most of the time Lothar couldn’t tell whether they laughed at him or respected him everywhere, but he was very white. Most kings wanted to learn from him. What did he get from this? He hoped that these discussions would be concluded as soon as possible, so that he could come back to those refugees in Storm Kingdom and try to gather a few troops to join this joint army.
While he was waiting for King Terenas to organize the morning meeting, Lothar felt that all these kings were paying attention to him. Some people here, such as Torbern, were quite obvious, while others, such as Perez Nord and Ashby, were more hidden. Lothar was not sure what would happen, but he didn’t like it very much.
"We’re all here, right?" Terenas said, although he was obviously sure that King Lordaeron was not forgetful. "Good. So did we all agree that we would call our troops to fight the coming tribe? Did we all agree to our action plan?" All the rulers nodded, which surprised Lothar. When they gave up yesterday and went back to their rooms, they were still arguing about when they reached an agreement. And what on earth is this? But the king answered his question clearly and he was extremely shocked when Lothar heard it clearly. "Then I declare the Lordaeron Alliance established! We will fight side by side, just as our ancestors did in the Arashi Empire. "Others nodded, and then Terenas continued." Now the only one suitable for our commanders to obey is the one who inherits the ancestral blood. We, the kings of the alliance, therefore declare that Sir Andulosa and General Stormwind will be our supreme commander! "
Lothar stared at Terenas. He blinked at him. "This is the only choice." The ruler of Lordaeron explained quietly. His voice made Lothar sure that he was the only one who could hear these words. "All of them want to handle it by themselves. They are very reluctant to see another king enter their territory. You are not a king. They don’t think you can benefit from it, but your blood is noble enough for them to deny being despised by others." The king leaned forward a little. "I am white." I apologize for asking too much of you, but I wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t really affected our lives and you came to warn us. Are you willing to accept this life? " The last sentence was very loud, and Terenas became very polite. The whole room was filled with silence, and everyone was waiting for Lothar to answer.
It didn’t take him long to think about the fact that he didn’t choose Terenas, which made it impossible for him to walk away from these things and experience them less. "I accept this fate," he replied, "I will lead the allied troops to meet the tribe."
"Good," Terenas applauded. "All of us should prepare military equipment supplies now. I suggest that we report these situations to Sir Lothar again once a week so that he can know what kind of troops he has and deploy his plans."
These kings whispered or nodded their heads to show that they agreed to this proposal. Each of them came to Lothar to congratulate him and assure him that they would try their best to support this matter. Although Perez Nord and Grey Bones were slightly lacking in sincerity, the kings left the room, leaving only four people. Lothar looked at Khadga, who was staring at him and smiling.
"Did you escape?" The young and old mage shook his head and said, "They dragged you in, you sly bastards! I think they will exchange their kingdom for even an acre of land and not hesitate to sell their children! I really appreciate the way they make you bear all this, but that’s what you do when you have high profits-you don’t think about what others think and don’t listen to what they say. "
"Uh-huh!" On what the young wizard wanted to continue to say, this cough interrupted his speech. When he looked in the direction of the sound, his face suddenly showed shame. "Not all rulers are corrupt and take care of their young people," Archbishop Fao pointed out that his usual smile revealed a sternness. "Those are the things that we are called to serve, just as your friend once did."
"… of course, Father, please forgive me. I didn’t mean to say … I meant to say those ordinary rulers … of course, you …" This was the first time Lothar saw the talkative Khadga organizing language in such a panic. He couldn’t help laughing at himself. Fao also laughed at the plight of his young companion. A more friendly smile made Khadga calm down faster.
That’s enough, young man, Fao raised his hand and finally said, I don’t want to blame you. Sir Lerosa obviously fell into this neat trap. I must apologize, but it’s also the only thing I can do about this decision. You are a very good man, sir, and I believe you are the best one chosen by many people in our alliance. Personally, I am very satisfied to hear that you will lead our army and lead us to war.
"Thank you very much, Father." Lothar is not a devout man, but he has always respected the people of Everbright Church. Hearing the archbishop praise him like this made Lothar feel very conceited but very proud.
"Both of you will gain experience in this conflict," Fao warned. His voice suddenly became low and it felt like reading something from a height. "You will be pushed to your limits, not only in terms of talents, but also in terms of your courage and determination. I believe that you all have the ability to pass these challenges, but I pray that the light will give you strength and purity, and you will find those joy and unity that you were born with." He gave a blessing gesture. So he saw a vague reddish light around his arm, and those lights extended to Khadga and himself. He suddenly felt a sense of peace and tranquility, and a sense of happiness filled his body.
"Now let’s talk about other topics." Faw suddenly turned back into a mortal and a wise old man. "First of all, can you tell me what happened in North County, especially the monasteries there?"
"I’m sorry, Father, but I think …" Lothar replied, "The monastery has been destroyed and torn to pieces by the tribe. A few monks are alive. They are now with us refugees in the South China Sea …" He shook his head.
"I’m white." Faw turned pale but remained calm. "I’ll pray for them." He became very quiet and could see that Lothar and Khadga were absorbed in thinking. After a while, the Archbishop looked up at them and revealed a new determination in his eyes.
"I think you’ll need some adjutants," he announced. "I think it’s best that some of these people are not from the kingdom but from the church. I have some ideas in my mind now. This new decision will bring great help to the alliance. I need some time to think about specific problems and then choose the right person. Can you meet me after lunch in four days?" He nodded politely, then turned around and left with a steady and unflappable pace.
There is still one antonidas who has been watching them without saying a word. Now the old exorcist is coming to them. "kirin tor’s strength and wisdom are at your disposal, sir." He said to Lothar, "I think you are familiar with our fellow wizards in Storm Kingdom. You should also have an idea of our ability. I will arrange one of us to help you and keep in touch with us." The powerful mage suddenly stopped. He almost didn’t notice Lothar’s eyes and glanced at Lothar’s side. Lothar tried not to let himself laugh.
"I hope Khadga will play this role, sir," said Lothar, who caught the smile on exorcist’s lips. "He is a trustworthy companion and has faced the orcs with me many times."
"Of course," antonidas turned to the young man and was surprised. He raised his hand to hold Khadga Ba, and then raised his head slightly so that he could observe his face clearly and carefully. "You really experienced a lot," the exorcist said softly. "Rosa saw sympathy and sadness in the old man’s eyes." Your experience has deeply imprinted on your body, which is far more than your appearance shows. "
Khadga gently turned his head. "I did what I should do." His novel was absent-minded. He rubbed antonidas’s hand just now and could see that the fluffy white beard was touched, which made Khadga feel very angry.
Antonidas frowned. "That’s what we have to do." He sighed. It seems that something heavy is impacting his thoughts. Soon he returned to the current topic. "You need to keep us informed of the battlefield situation and keep us informed of Sir Lothar’s latest request at any time. At the same time, you should try your best to finish his problems. I believe these are all beyond your ability." Card nodded. "Good. I hope Dalaran can meet you as soon as possible. We need to discuss some other problems so that we can help better. The jewel on the head of exorcist’s staff suddenly gave off a dazzling light, which danced at the top of his hat in front of his eyes, and then antonidas looked blurred and disappeared, and he left here in an instant.
"He wants to know about Medivh," Khadga suddenly said shortly after exorcist disappeared.
"Of course," Lothar turned around and led the young man out of the throne room. He walked to the rest of the palace and then he walked to the road through the restaurant.
"What should I tell them?" The young wizard followed closely.
"Tell them the truth," Lothar replied. He shrugged his shoulders and tried to show that he was relaxed, but the truth shook his heart. "They need to know what happened."
Card nodded a little, although it seemed reluctant, "I’ll tell them," he finally said, "but those can wait until after lunch." He smiled and said that if he ignored the hair and wrinkles, it would show his real age. "Even the tribe can’t let me eat now."