Lire cross his one eye "who let you go home to eat so late and later I also …"

It’s even more important to say, "What do I have with you for dinner?"
"… I won’t let you buy rice until you finish eating first!"
"But why do I have to … well, I’m not reluctant to go, but there are servants to cook for you, aren’t there?"
"… how can you come here if you don’t?"
"Will you come if you don’t find something for you to come over?" Li ruo said this sentence quickly and immediately said, "I can’t stand it when you come home with me so late!" "
"What … not you? Find a reason for me to come over?"
Chapter 6
Chestnut if suddenly paused and sat back to the table casually answer "strange, I want to find you to come over and need a reason? Does the master need a reason to call the minion? "
But you just said … Yu can’t keep up. He will become like a train of thought at any time, but think about it and give up arguing.
He is not good at talking since he came, and even worse, he is a sophist who can make fallacies clear.
So Yu finally asked honestly, "I bought the rice noodles now …" Here, it happened that the housekeeper not only replaced the plastic bags with exquisite bowls of stewed eggs and duck feet, but also provided a small dish of cold dishes and a small glass of milk in the small tray, and gave Yu a cup of juice and milk to relieve spicy cold dishes. Likou was very considerate. Yu consciously took the juice and looked at the tray, and then quickly said, "Is there anything else I can do?"
Li ruo had put a chopstick rice noodle in his mouth, and his mouth was full. He took chopsticks and pointed to the chair beside the table. Yu couldn’t do it well. He sat down again. Li ruo didn’t speak, and quickly went on eating Yu. Watching him, although he didn’t wolf down, there was no sound at all, but he felt very hot and didn’t want to put it in his mouth slowly for a second. I knew that he was really hungry.
"Slow down, you eat slowly and be careful. You didn’t eat anything? Cookies or chocolates are good for your stomach. "
If Li had eaten a bowl for a while, it would almost bottom out. Only then did he get back to him. "When I first got home, I ate a piece of chocolate cake made by Aunt Lu, and then I completely lost my appetite for anything."
"Is it caused by that cake?"
"It’s not that I suddenly lost my appetite and didn’t want to eat when I saw the food. It’s just that."
But the appetite thing … "But can’t you eat at all when you are so hungry?"
"Well," he scooped a spoon and finally simply picked up the bowl and drank all the soup in one breath. He put the bowl down with satisfaction and solemnly replied to him again, "You can’t eat a drop at all!"
"Oh, that’s too bad." Yu’s eyes stayed. He put the bowl aside and tried to attack marinated eggs and duck feet. He muttered that he had no appetite. It was really a subjective experience that others understood except the parties.
"Well rice noodles delicious! Duck feet are delicious! Braised eggs are also delicious! " Li Ruo’s face unconsciously shows a satisfied and lazy look like that of a cat after eating.
Yu couldn’t help laughing. "Yes, that rice noodle stall has been used for decades, and many people like it very much. Her soup is said to have a secret recipe that others can’t learn." Just then, I jumped up at the wall clock. "Well, if there is nothing else, I’ll go back first."
Lirezheng bit a duck’s foot and ate it to a half, and quickly grabbed him. "Why are you in such a hurry? Are you busy? "
"Not really …" Yu wanted to think and didn’t know how to answer it. He was very uncomfortable whether facing this person or staying in this room, but he couldn’t tell the truth and could think hard to find a reason. "… I didn’t do a lot of things at home …"
"Go and get the industry."
"What?" Yu was shocked. Although he didn’t do it, he also wanted to find a reason to go.
"Bring it here and I’ll teach you. Isn’t it good to have a ready-made little teacher here?"
"Well, I think," he dared not look directly at the eager eyes and lowered his eyes slightly before crustily skin of head and said, "I can do all those questions without teaching."
If Li realized that he wanted to keep him, he blurted out something that probably embarrassed Yu, and some of them didn’t get up and said, "Then go back to work."
After Yu left, he held his head and hit the table. "You idiot! He can’t even do business? What do you want from yourself? ! I don’t want to think that it would be so bad to be looked at by you? " Speaking of this, he suddenly stopped and seriously thought, "It seems that there is no logical connection. Even if his study is really poor, I may not like him." So he went on to bump into "Although he is a little stupid, you can’t hurt his self-esteem like this! How important a man’s self-esteem is, he hates you even more! Serve you right! Go to hell, you idiot! "
For a while, he was tired and muttered to himself, "Yu, how can you not like me? How can it be? "
Although Yu didn’t say so, he knew that he was bored with his roots when he showed his expression after he confessed at noon.
He is so beautiful and smart, his family is first-class, and he likes countless others since he was a child. Most people will praise him when they see him, as if he was born in the center of the stage to be admired, appreciated and looked up.
But when Tianjiao likes a elm head, it’s so sad.
And the elm head is elm because it is a boy like him.
If he were a woman, the situation would probably be very different, right? Li Ruo thought bitterly and then imagined what kind of treatment Yu would receive if he confessed to Yu as a big beauty. I really don’t imagine and know that this scene will appear in the near future. Although all the girls in the school look down on him, there will still be people who can’t help but look closely at the place where Yu walks. A beautiful teenager will grow up to be a tall, mature and beautiful young man. At that time, if she has eyes, it will be difficult for women not to be attracted to him.
Li Re more think more sad more think more fear stick desktop face almost crumpled up, but if let him give up like this, he will never do it. The Soviet Red Army will kill the outside of Berlin when it passes by. Naturally, it should swear to put the victory red flag at the top of Berlin!
He grabbed the phone, found the number, pressed the call button, and then combatively ordered, "Hey, are you brainy? Give me all your QQ, MSN, Skype, UC…… … often! "
Chapter 7
Yu brain is a stranger. When I changed my new machine the year before last, I replaced it with an old hard disk. Even the CD-ROM drive is small. No matter how many things I can do, I can’t do it. And if the hard disk is small and has a CD-ROM drive, I can borrow some from my classmates. If I can brush the web, it won’t be attractive to him. Besides, he is not very interested in the brain. Usually, he doesn’t have time to surf the internet. However, there is a group in his class who will meet him after school or on holidays. He will go home and hang Helping buddies sometimes get together to chat, but boys are not like girls. If there is no new topic, they often just say a few words and go to their own places, but it is often more like a decoration next to their brains.
Until you are chestnut, if you want to go to QQ number
Just now, he will be harassed, because at present, if they talk about it, he can’t refuse anything, but things have not turned out as he thought.
After passing the verification, if chestnut appears in his list, he hangs silently.
Yu is more wary. If you look at your eyes, you can’t help but take a look at the screen and make sure there is no sudden change. Then you turn back to the room, but after a while, you will go to see the screen again. After a night like this, the next day still has no movement and even words.
He should be very happy to come, but he became more and more aware that on the third day, even he felt that he might collapse first in the long run, so he simply took the initiative to attack.
"Don’t you have anything to see me about?"