What! A month? No way. Why do I think it’s been half a day? What about the sky contest? Did you win Mo Zhenyan? Rou Er was surprised and shouted. How could he believe that he had been banned by Jinlong for so long?

It’s already over! I can’t be his opponent! The wind Xiang stand stand hand nai said
So you lost?
No, I won!
What the hell is going on! Rou Er display is driven by the wind xiang vague words jumped up and caught the wind xiang collar big force asked provoked aside Zhao Lanxin and others a snicker.
Okay, okay, you don’t worry, I’ll tell you … Fengxiang looked at Rou Er’s impatient face with a bad smile, which told her what happened before …
Why are you still there? They’re all gone, and I’m scattered. Now you can take back your magic burn!
Don’t really say that finish stretched out his hand and pulled out a emerald Dan medicine from the bosom and stuffed it into the mouth of a lying butterfly night, and then destroyed its own something congenial and slowly dissolved the effect of Dan medicine, helping the badly-hit butterfly night to slowly recover from cultivation, and the wind flying around also saw that the Dan medicine must not be an ordinary thing, but there is still a certain gap compared with those Ziyun treasures in their own hands.
After Mo Zhen-yan woke up, Feng Xiang suddenly woke up. Before Mo Zhen-yan in this array, it was beneficial to control Xiao Huang’s mind by an unknown means, which enabled it to occupy the position of the emperor of beasts.
At the moment, the formation is scattered, and the small burn naturally returns to normal. After slowly returning to its original size, it falls on Fengxiang’s shoulder again, but a pair of eyes are still circulating frequently. Mo Zhen’s body seems to be quite afraid of this inscrutable ghost fairy and finally dare not approach half a point.
The wind Xiang felt relieved when he saw Xiao Huang’s nothing. As soon as he turned around, he saw that Rou Er was being wrapped in layers of golden light. Because he didn’t know what this golden light was, he dared not make a move, but he could try to explore it.
However, I found that this golden light is really an impenetrable and powerful forbidden barrier. As soon as I touched it, my spirit was quickly bounced back like a blow. In this way, after several consecutive times, he made himself numb and itchy. Look at Jin Guangzhong and Rou Er. It seems that there is no pain, so I temporarily gave up trying to return to Mo Zhenyan’s side.
As you can see, this layer of Jinxia seems to be banned, but it doesn’t have any characteristics of all the laws. Even I don’t know what forces are gathered together. I hope Miss Rou Er can save the day! See one side of the mo zhenyan slowly got up and stared at the Jin Guangzhong Rou Er’s face with a look of sympathy. Even a master of law like him has never seen a ban on Fengxiang, which is naturally more difficult to crack.
Excuse me … What happened in those days? The wind Xiang saw Mo Zhen’s words to control the butterfly night injury and then knew that it was also the ability to Rou Er’s state.
At the moment, both Mo Zhenyan and Butterfly Night are seriously injured, and they can’t recover overnight. Several fairies have all left and won’t bring them any trouble. So they don’t want to leave here for the time being, and they want to wait until their physical injuries are slightly stable before thinking about further action.
At this time, I heard Fengxiang ask Mo Zhenyan, and when I thought that it was just the other party, I destroyed the demon flag of all animals to help myself get rid of the crisis, so my attitude towards Fengxiang was also kind, and now I can’t help but tell Fengxiang what happened in that year.
Did you just hear everything that happened before?
How did you know Nello and become sworn brothers after that?
It’s a long story. In those days, those old fools in Yunxiao Horizon indiscriminately blamed Nie Luo for losing Xiangyun Dan, but his brother Nie Ping shirked the responsibility and even ignored his brother’s kindness and accused him of stealing Dan, which directly led Nie Luo to be expelled from Yunxiao Horizon by his fairy and suffered the most severe punishment in Yunxiao Horizon-after being sentenced to Yunya!
Falling on the cliff? What is that place? Is it dangerous? The wind Xiang listened to Mo Zhen’s words and asked involuntarily.
It’s more than danger. It’s horrible! The cloud cliff is full of exhausted thunder and fire, and the cloud cliff is only one foot long and wide. If you dodge, you can’t escape the punishment of heaven and earth. For an immortal, going to the cloud cliff is like killing yourself. If you repair it enough, you will naturally go back.
But Nello is still alive and stronger than ever!
It’s true that Nello spent 749 days in the cliff of punishment by virtue of his own fairy, and the punishment did not kill him every day, but he was also beaten to death until he was finally abandoned by the sky and sky.
You saved him after that? At this moment, Fengxiang has gradually developed a little aversion to the sky and the sky, and gradually understood why Mo Zhen said that he was so resentful to them. If his friends were treated like this, they would certainly do the same.
Yes, at first, I didn’t know that Nello was a fairy in the sky, because at that time, his body was completely annihilated, and I didn’t know the truth until he told his past experience in his delirium. Unfortunately, my practice at that time could not save his life.
So you found the tower pillar and gave him to the goddess sister for treatment?
Mo Zhen-yan’s face flashed a little surprised when he heard this. It seems that no one in the whole Longyuan mainland should have entered the tower column except himself, let alone seen the goddess of Huang Ying, and it is difficult for this little man to call each other the goddess sister to surprise him.
Do you know the goddess? Don’t really suspicious asked
Of course. Not only have I met her, but I’ve also fought with her. Her figure … No, her body repair is really high! The wind Xiang said that she couldn’t help thinking of Huang Ying Goddess’s hazy and attractive body face, and immediately a slanted expression emerged, which made Mo Zhen’s words quite ambiguous.
No wonder Nello came here from the foot of the tower to save you. It seems that you must have been benefited by the goddess. In that case, I don’t have to hide anything. When I arrived at the tower, I happened to meet the goddess and went out to look for a god messenger. It was a coincidence that Nello’s divine power, which was already in danger, helped him to become a god. It can also be seen as every cloud has a silver lining from now on!
Since then, you have become sworn brothers? The wind Xiang learned something, but he didn’t expect to be involved in Huang Ying Goddess. He didn’t know that she appeared, and even she almost died just now, so she couldn’t come to the rescue.
That’s how Nello people want others to be kind to him. He will definitely pay back twice as much. Since I spared no pains to save his life, he naturally became a best friend. It’s because he lives in the sacred tower. Since then, we have rarely seen each other. So this time, he will defend his brother even if he hurts me. I believe he is also very guilty. Unfortunately, Nie Ping, who is stubborn, doesn’t know what disaster he will cause after letting him escape this time! Mo Zhen-yan said angrily that it was obvious that Nie Ping was resentful to the extreme in those years, but he didn’t criticize Nello’s actions too much.
When Mo Zhen finished speaking, these faces were filled with a beautiful expression of memories. It can be seen that this experience made him always remember that it is extremely difficult for him to get a real friend if he is a ghost fairy. Besides the time limit of his life, there are all kinds of scruples. After all, when he comes to a ghost fairy, it always gives people a cold and treacherous influence
When I heard Mo Zhen’s words, I couldn’t help but think of Nie Ping telling myself at that time that both sides would lose. Judging from his understanding of Nie Ping at this moment, this person really is a vicious and vicious person who has ulterior motives. I don’t know what danger this escape will bring to the sky and the mainland of Longyuan …
Then it’s impossible for you to let his four immortals go now and want to win the Hunjing Xuanjia and Juxianzhu again. The wind Xiang looked at Mo Zhenyan’s mouth still stained with blood and could not help but worry and asked, at that time, this extremely heavy kindness ghost fairy has been included in the ranks of friends.
Hey, don’t say it’s the sky. I’m afraid I can’t even beat you in the sky in two days. Maybe this is the so-called providence. The ghost fairy road is doomed to live too long in this world.